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HERE was an old woman who lived

in a shoe, She had so many children she did n't

know what to do; She gave them some broth without any

bread, She whipped them all soundly and put

them to bed.

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Hey! diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon;

The little dog laughed

To see such sport, While the dish ran away with the

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HREE wise men of Gotham Went to sea in a bowl; If the bowl had been stronger, My song had been longer.


LITTLE Betty Blue
Lost her holiday shoe;
What shall little Betty do?
Give her another
To match the other,
And then she can walk in two.


One misty, moisty morning,

When cloudy was the weather,
I chanced to meet an old man

Clothed all in leather;
Clothed all in leather,

under his chin, — How do you do, and how do you do, And how do you do again?

My dame has lost her shoe;
My master's lost his fiddling-stick,
And don't know what to do.

My dame has found her shoe,
And master 's found his fiddling-stick,
Sing doodle, doodle, doo.
My dame will dance with
While master fiddles his fiddling-stick
For dame and doodle-doo.


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