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At last she passed by a pool of water, so green that you would have taken it for grass.

As often as she had passed that way she was sure that she had never seen it before. There she saw a huntsman, clad all in green. He stood looking at some birds that flew above his head.

“Good morning, Mr. Huntsman,” said Little Red Riding Hood; “ the water-cress woman sends her respects

and says there is game in the wind.”

The huntsman nodded. He bent his ear to the ground to listen; then he took an arrow, and strung his bow. “What can it mean?” thought the lit

to you,

tle girl.

She came soon to her grandmother's cottage and gave a little tap at the door. “Who's there? ” cried the wolf.

The hoarse voice made Little Red Riding Hood start, but she said to herself, “ Poor grandmother must have a bad cold."

" It's I, your Little Red Riding Hood,” she said. “ I've come to see how you are, and to bring you a pot of butter and a cake from mother.”

“ Pull the bobbin, and the latch will fly up,” called the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood did so, and went inio the cottage.

“ Put the cake and butter on the table,” said the wolf; “then come and help me to rise.” He had turned his face away so that she saw only the grandmother's white cap.

She took off her things, and went to the bed to do as she had been bidden.

Why, grandmother,” she said, “what long arms you have!”

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The better to hug you, my dear,” said the wolf.

“ And, grandmother, what long ears

you have!”

“ The better to hear

you, my dear.” But, grandmother, what great eyes

you have!”

The better to see you, my

dear.” But, grandmother, what big teeth

you have!”

“ The better to eat you with, my dear,” said the wolf; and he was just going to spring upon poor Little Red Riding Hood, when a wasp flew into the room and stung him upon

the nose. The wolf gave a cry, and a little bird outside, a pretty tomtit, said, “Tweat, tweat!” This told the green huntsman it was time to let fly his arrow, and the wolf was killed on the spot.





THERE was a woman who had three daughters. The eldest was called Little One Eye, because she had only one eye in the middle of her forehead; the second, Little Two Eyes, because she had two eyes like other people; and the youngest, Little Three Eyes, because she had three eyes, one of them being also in the middle of the forehead. Because Little Two Eyes looked no different from other people, her sisters and mother could not bear her. They said: “You with your two eyes are no better than anybody else; you do not belong to us." They knocked her about, they gave her shabby

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