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clothes, and food which was left over from their own meals; in short, they vexed her whenever they could.

It happened that Little Two Eyes had to go out into the fields to look after the goat; but she was still quite hungry, because her sisters had given her so little to eat. She sat down on a hillock and began to cry, and she cried so much that two little streams ran down out of each eye. And as she looked up once in her sorrow, a woman stood near her, who asked, “ Little Two Eyes, why do you cry?”

Little Two Eyes answered : “ Have I not need to cry? Because I have two eyes like other people, my sisters and mother cannot bear me; they push me out of one corner into another, they give me shabby clothes, and I have nothing to eat but what they leave. To-day

they have given me so little that I am still hungry.”

The wise woman said: “ Little Two Eyes, dry your eyes, and I will tell you something that will keep you from ever being hungry again. Only say to your goat, Little goat, bleat; little table, rise,' and a neatly laid table will stand before you with the most delicious food on it, so that you can eat as much as you like. And when you are satisfied, and do not want the table any more, only say, "Little goat, bleat; little table away,' and it will all disappear before your eyes.” Then the wise woman went out of sight.

Little Two Eyes thought, “I must try directly if what she has said is true, for I am much too hungry to wait.” So she said, “ Little goat, bleat; little table, rise”; and scarcely had she

uttered the words when there stood before her a little table, covered with a white cloth, on which were laid a plate, knife and fork, and silver spoon. The most delicious food was there also, and smoking hot, as if it had just come from the kitchen. Then Little Two Eyes said the shortest grace that she knew, “Lord God, be our guest at all times, Amen,” began to eat, and found it very good. And when she had had enough, she said, as the wise woman had taught her, “ Little goat, bleat; little table, away.” In an instant the little table and all that had stood on it had disappeared again. “That is a beautiful, easy way of housekeeping,” thought Little Two Eyes, and was quite happy and merry.

In the evening, when she came home with her goat, she found a little earthen

dish with food, which her sisters had put aside for her, but she did not touch anything she had no need. On the next day she went out again with her goat, and let the few crusts that were given her remain uneaten. The first and the second times the sisters took no notice; but when the same thing happened every day, they remarked it, and said: “All is not right with Little Two Eyes; she always leaves her food, and she used formerly to eat up everything that was given her. She must have found other ways of dining."

In order to discover the truth, they resolved that Little One Eye should go with Little Two Eyes when she drove the goat into the meadow, and see what she did there, and whether anybody brought her anything to eat

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