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Two legs sat upon three legs,
With one leg in his lap;
In comes four legs,
And runs away with one leg.
Up jumps two legs,


three legs, Throws it after four legs, And makes him bring back one leg.

My true love lives far from me, Perrie, Merrie, Dixie, Dominie. Many a rich present he sends to me,

Petrum, Partrum, Paradise, Temporie, Perrie, Merrie, Dixie, Dominie.

He sent me a goose without a bone; He sent me a cherry without a stone.

Petrum, &c.

He sent me a Bible no man could read; He sent me a blanket without a thread.

Petrum, &c.

How could there be a goose without a

bone? How could there be a cherry without

a stone? Petrum, &c.

How could there be a Bible no man

could read? How could there be a blanket without

a thread? Petrum, &c.

When the goose is in the eggshell,

there is no bone; When the cherry is in the blossom,

there is no stone; Petrum, &c.

When the Bible is in the press, no

man it can read; When the wool is on the sheep's back,

there is no thread. Petrum, &c.

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IF I'd as much money as I could

spend, I never would


“Old tubs to mend!”

IF wishes were horses,

Beggars might ride; If turnips were watches,

I'd wear one on my side.

And if « ifs ” and “ands'

Were pots and pans,
There would be no use for tinkers.

If all the world were apple pie,

And all the sea were ink, And all the trees were bread and cheese,

What should we have for drink?



A LITTLE red hen once found a grain of wheat. “Who will plant this wheat ? ” she said. “I won't,” said the rat. “I won't,” said the cat. “I won't,” said the pig

V, V

Then I will myself,” said the little red hen, and she did.

When the wheat was ripe, she said, “Who will gather this wheat?” “I won't," said the rat. “I won't," said the cat. “I won't,” said the

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