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Rhymes and Stories is the first volume of an intended series under the general title, “The Open Road Library of Juvenile Literature.” The object of the series is to provide a consecutive course of reading which shall embrace the lines of children's interests and the requirement for their mental equipment. Fairy and folk lore, myth and legend, history and story, exploration and invention, nature and science, travel and biography, will be given each its share.

Half the present volume has been given to familiar rhymes, many of which have met the ear of the child before he was ready for reading. So extended is the store that we have been obliged to omit many which might well be included in such a collection, but every kind is well represented. For longer stories we have selected the simplest kinds of nonsense tales, such as “Simple Simon," and the cumulative stories, like “The Old Woman and Her Pig.” With these have been combined the easiest drolls, or comic anecdotes, represented by " Lazy Jack," and such nursery tales as “The Three Bears.”


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