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A. in 1867,” but you will observe that St. Louis represented the entire state as far as membership was concerned. Nearly all of the members were also active in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Missouri and the A. Ph. A. in 1867.




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Although G. T. Chamberlain, of St. Louis, joined the A. Ph. A. in 1853 and Hubert Primm in 1855, with others in 1857 and 1858, the State of Missouri did not play an important part in the association affairs up to the year of 1867. At that time, Missouri furnished 2.3% of the total membership, that is, 17 of the 727 members. The list is as follows: Name.

Address. Date of joining.
Chamberlain, G. T.

St. Louis,
Crawford, William H., St. Louis,

Hendel, Samuel D.,

St. Louis,
Jones, Isaac E.,

St. Louis,

1858 Kalb, Theodore,

St. Louis,

1864 Leitch, Alexander,

St. Louis,

1858 Leitch, Arthur,

St. Louis,

Massot, Eugene L.,

St. Louis, 1857
McBride, James,

St. Louis,

1864 Meyer, C. F. G.,

St. Louis,

1860 O'Gallagher, James O., St. Louis,

1858 Primm, Hubert,

St. Louis,

1855 Randals, Evermont,

St. Louis,

1865 Sander, Dr. Enno,

St. Louis,

1858 Scheffer, Henry W.,

St. Louis,

1563 Sennewald, Fred W.

St. Louis,

1865 Tanton, Thomas,

St. Louis,

1865 It is pleasing to note that up to 1867 no Missouri member had resigned or been dropped for non-payment of dues, or even died. On three occasions had Missouri been recognized in

the election of officers. James O'Gallagher was second vice-president in 1858, Eugene L. Massot held the same position in 1862 and Dr. Enno Sander was second vice-president in 1864. It seems the office of second vicepresident was considered the proper recognition for the Commonwealth of Missouri.

At the time of the meet. ing in New York City in

1867, no one responded to the roll call for Missouri nor do we find any one mentioned from Missouri in the list of delegates, nor does the list of new members contain a name from Missouri. It is not surprising that the state failed to receive recognition, either in the election of officers or the appointment of committees.

It is pleasing to note, however, that F. W. Sennewald, of St. Louis, contributed a paper to the Scientific Section. It was entitled: "Crysophanic Acid in Senna.” This seems to have been read by title, probably owing to the absence of the author.

I have entitled this note “Missouri and the A. Ph.

as if

A Game in Human Anatomy for Pharmacists.-At the Florida Association meeting this year the amusements covered quite a range of subjects. Among them was a contest in which those taking part were required to name a part of the human body in answer to each of the following questions.

As might be expected the first prize was won by Dr. George F. Payne.

1. What does the fond father give the love-sick swain? Foot.

2. How does a captain handle his feet? Toes and uses his lights (lungs).

3. What is it that gave the greatest satisfaction to the weary Biblical hobo? Calf.

4. In what are babies carried? Arms. 6. Parts of a stove pipe? Elbows and joints, 6. Two places of worship? The temples. 7. A number, parts of a whip? I-lash. 8. A receptacle for linen? Chest. 9. Two parts of a watch? Hands and face. 10. Something needed by a carpenter? Nails. 11. Part of a wagon? Tongue. 12. What decides a motion in Parliament? Ayes and noes. 13. A number of wild animals? Hares. 14. Fastenings to a door? Locks. 15. In a yard? Feet. 16. Two stately trees? Palms. 17. A conceited man doesn't think. What does he do? Knows. 18. A number, parts of a saw? I-teeth. (Eye teeth) 19. What goes around the face? Head. 20. A number of weather cocks? Veins. 21. They are a special shell fish? Mussels. 22. Two musical instruments? Pair of bones, 23. Part of a knife? Back. 24. A desert place? Waist. 25. Two early spring flowers? Tulips. 26. The edge of a precipice? The brow. 27. To what does she owe her existence? A rib, 28. The capital stock of a drummer? Cheek. 29. The Jetties of the St. John River? Mouth, 30. The object of Materia Medica? Heel.


Pharmaceutical and Chemical Problems and Exercises with ExEDITOR'S TABLE,

planatory Text, including Pharmaceutical and Chemical Arithmetic, Weights and Measures, Specific Density and Specific

Volume and Chemical Notation and Nomenclature, Chemical The Calendar of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.–1908;

Equations, Problems in Oxidation and Reduction, and StoechCorrected to December 16, 1907; Volume XXXII, Dublin:

iometry, Together with the Elementary Theoretical Chemistry Pripted at the University Press by Ponsonby & Gibbs; Pub

Necessary to their Understanding; Intended as Aid 10 Stulished and Sold by the Registrar, 67 Lower Mount Street; Jan- dents, Teachers and Examiners; by Oscar Oldberg, Pharm. D., uary, 1908.

Professor of Pharmacy and Dean of the School of Pharmacy of We again call the attention of our readers of the Northwestern University; Author of Inorganic Chemistry, United States to the very complete calendar furnished

General, Medical and Pharmaceutical, etc. Fourth Edition, by this association. It corresponds in a way to the

Revised and Enlarged. Chicago Medical Book Co., Chicago.

This work was first written as a collection of probreports issued by our State Boards of Pharmacy.

lems to be used in connection with other subject matWindow Display for Druggists, Edited by Harry B. Mason,

ter. The author has found best to entirely re-write Editor of the Bulletin of Pharmacy, and Published by E. G. Swift, Detroit, Mich., Publisher of that Journal; it is a Hand

the text for the fourth edition, so it is complete in somely Illustrated and Interesting Book of 176 Pages With 109 itself. The author has recognized the fact that this Engravings, Which is Sent Post-paid for $1.00.

subject is not given sufficient attention in general text On numerous occasions during several years past books on pharmacy and chemistry to familiarize a the Meyer BROTHERS DRUGGIST has been asked by student to the degree which is desirable. subscribers for some book on the subject of druggists'

The review course in mathematics will prove more window displays. As far as we know this is the first

than a review for many pharmacy students. It is true volume to be placed on the market, and we heartily that they may have had previous training in mathecommend it to our readers.

matics but here the subject is presented in a clear and Charaka-Samhita (Translated into English); Published by concise manner with examples which will appeal to

Pareshnath Sarma, Son of the Late Kaviraj Avinash Chandra the student of pharmacy.
Kaviratna, Editor of Charaka-Samhita and of Susruta-Sam-
hita (in Original) With Commentaries; Bengali and Hindi

We trust the volume will replace quiz compends, so Translator of Charaka-Samhita and of Susruta-Samhita; commonly used by prospective candidates for regisEditor of Chikitsa-Sammilani (Medical Journal in Bengali); tration who are anxious to find something which will Practitioner of the Hindu System of Medicine, etc., etc., etc.

help them out in home study. Calcutta, 200 Cornwallis Street. Printed by B. N. Nandi at the Kaviratna Press, 12 Simla Street, Bye-Lane. 1907. (The right Microscopy, the Construction, Theory and Use of the Microof reproduction is reserved).

scope, by Edmund J. Spitta, L. R. C. P., Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., We have just received parts XLVI and XXLVII, in- F.R.A.S., F.R. M. S.; President of the Quekett Microscopical clusive. The publication has now reached page 1526

Club; Author of Photomicrography and Joiut Author of an

Atlas of Bacteriology; With 47 Hall-tone Reproductions from and, consequently, is drawing towards completion.

Original Negatives and 241 Text Illustrations. New York: E. It in no way loses the charm of interest which began P. Dutton & Co. 1907. Price, $6.00 net. with the first numbers. As we have stated before, the Microscopy is the study of the microscope and its work appeals to the practitioner as well as to the application in the sciences, arts and industries. This student of medical history. It also contains much of broad definition of microscopy must have been in interest to the pharmacist.

mind when the author outlined this volume of 468 Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association at the pages, 55x85 inches in size, accompanied by sixteen

Fifty-fifth Annual Meeting, held at New York, N. Y., Septem- full page plates of half-tones. The arrangement of ber, 1907, also the Constitution, By-Laws and Roll of Members.

the text and the nature of the information, together Baltimore: Published by the American Pharmaceutical Asso

with the excellence of the illustrations, causes any ciation. 1907. Pharmacists are so familiar with the general appear

one at all acquainted with microscopy to desire a copy ance of state association proceedings that the average

of this book after even a casual examination of its retail pharmacist is surprised when he finds that the

pages. The author is thoroughly familiar with his A. Ph. A. issues an annual cloth-bound of nearly 1000 subject and long experiences in microscopical work. pages. The thoughtful pharmacist is pleased when

This is evidenced in each chapter. he finds on inspection that this report contains in ad

The information in this work is of such a nature dition to the discussions and papers a report on the that it appeals to every one working with the microprogress of pharmacy which covers the entire field of scope from the amateur who looks upon the instrupharmacy during the previous twelve months. It

ment as a scientific toy to the professional who uses gives in condensed form just the kind of information

the microscope in original investigations. that is desired by the retail pharmacist, the student,

We desire to particularly commend the chapter dethe teacher, the chemist and the editor. This year,

voted to “Hints to Workers,” which answers in a the report on Progress of Pharmacy, by C. Lewis straightforward manner many of the perplexing probDiehl, occupies pages 603 to 958 inclusive. A few lems which arise as one works with the microscope. years of these annual reports furnish the pharmacist We are pleased to find this book conveniently placed a wonderfully useful reference library.

at the disposal of our American readers and we trust For a number of years past the volume has been that it will find its way into the library of each college bound in a more durable cloth than were the early of pharmacy and to the work table of those of our numbers and it is suitable for the work table.

readers who own their microscope.


Frost, Buffalo; Mary W. Rice, Rome, Pa., and Harry Soper
Theresa, N. Y.

Druggists.-Earle R. Alderman, James R. Bromley, Paul M.

Burgdorf, Martin J. Garland, Loren R. Jacobs, Arvid W. Johnson, New Hampshire.—The regular quarterly meeting Fay B. Tenny, Damon W. Walrath, Harold E. Walters and Ger

ald B. Woof, of Buffalo, and William H. McDonald, Niagara Falls of the New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy was held

and Clarence F. Smith, Wyoming. in Concord, January 22, the following were successful:

The following pharmacists have changed ownership: Charles R. Abbott, Hanover, N. H.

James A. Darlington & Co., 563 Clinton Street, Buffalo, now
Wesley 0. Emerson, Groveton, N. H.

T.M. Cunningham.
Hugh F. McDonoueh, Manchester, N. H.

James A. Darlington & Co., 181 William Street, Buffalo, now
The next meeting of the board will be held in Con-

H. P. Hayes. cord, April 22.-[F. H. WINGATE, Secretary, Nashua. J. H. Hilligass, 238 Lexington Avenue, Buffalo, now Bargar Bros.

Salisburg & Bigelow, Wilson, N. Y., now Middleton & Singer. Louisiana Board.-On February 7 and 8, twenty-one

Miller & Hannah, 117 Ridge Road, West Seneca, now T. F. applicants present. Those successful for reg stered

Young. pharmacists certificates were:

Miller & Hannah, 956 Ridge Road, West Seneca, now T. F. A. A. Comeaux, G. G. Griffin, city; C. W. Barnes, McDonogh- Young & Co. ville; D. S. Robinson, Hammond; Sego Ehrlech, city; B. N.

Cole & Merriam, 2201 Main Street, Niagara Falls, now Miller & Walker, Columbia, Miss.; D. C. Morrell, Shreveport; W.F. Cote,

Strong Drug Co. city; J. C. Allin, city; H. J. Bailey, St. Martinsville; D. M. Mayo,

Breckon & Bramen, 124 Chenango Street, Buffalo, now Breckon Coushatta; Gaston Sigur, Franklin; D. C. Moore, city; A. D. Cap.

& Gauger. deaux.

T. L. DeNike, Salmanca, now Frank T. Fay.

James W. Hodson, 1493 Elk Street, Buffalo, now Edward W. Qualified Assistants.-A. M. Nutter, F. S. Rockfort, J. F. Will

Hodson. iams, G. A. Cronan, all of New Orleans.

0. H. Potter & Co., N. Tonawanda, now Potter Eaton Drug Co. Alabama Board.—At a meeting held in Birming- F. H. Fdmunds, Fredonia, now W.R. Coons.

Phillips & Brown, 8 Second Street, Jamestown, now Wellman ham, Ala., June 22, 23, 1908 the following passed:

S. C. Crouch, Andalusia, Ala.; Ewell C. Jones, Andalusia, Ala.;
Geo. W. Goodwin, Thomasville, Ala.; Wm. Q. Harris, Thomas-

The following pharmacists have changed location: ville, Ala.; Albert R. Prince, Atlanta, Ga.; B. B. Freeland, At

F. W. Shaw, 209 Fourteenth Street, to 412 Connecticut Street,

Buffalo. lanta, Ga.; D. W. McCreary, Atlanta, Ga.; F. B. Mitchell, Attalla, Ala.; 0. J. Easberling, Clio, Ala.; I. B. Black, Eosley, Ala.;

J. G. Sayles, 282 Amherst Street, to 12 Military Road, Buffalo. W. E. Manning, Ensley, A la.; E. A. Tillery, Tuscaloosa, Ala.;

E. N. Cable, 437 to 1828 Genesee Street, Buffalo. Sam'l Brown, Florala, Ala.; I. L. Cheney, Hartford, Ala.; J. N.

Floyd L. Bargar, 469 to 472 Normal Avenue, Buffalo. Banks, Mobile, Ala.; I. L. Gibson, Whistler, Ala.; R. G. McGahey,

California State Board.-Below is a list of those who Birmingham, Ala.; Dr. A. L. Norse, Birmingham, Ala.; Maurice Lebaw, Birmingham, Ala.; C. G. Atbery, Birmingham, Ala.; were granted registration at the recent examination Lycurg Johnson (Negro), Birmingham, Ala.; W. L. Sams, Troy, of the Board. We had an exceedingly large class, Ala.; A. H. Leitch, Norcross, Ga.

but the percentage of successful candidates was very Next meeting of the Ala. Board of Pharmacy will

small, being not over one-third of those who applied be held at Blount Springs, June 9, 1908.

for registration by examination: North Dakota Board.—The next meeting of the Licentiates.-Clare C. Abbott, C. L. Carstensen, Win. Elbert Board will be held at Fargo, June 16. Those success- Fox, Adolph Friedenthal, F. H. Hartman, Jno. H. Hudson, Wil. ful in the examinations of February 11, are as follows:

liam A. Lusk, Frank P. McNamara, Wm. L. Pearson, Howard Registered Pharmacists.-G.S. Adams, Bismarck; A. E. Ander

Rinewalt, James Robert Roddick, Start A. Warson, Horace H.

Ainslie, Frederick Arneberg, Merton Bell, Max Paul Boehme, son, Braham, Minn.; F. B. Bensend, Whitehall, Wis.; Grant Best, Bismarck; Hjelmar Bugge, Bowbells; C. G. Barragy, Larrimore;

Grapt Burkert, Warren Moroni Cave, Philip A. Crosby, Millard Edmund Barnard, Northfield, Mion.; Roy G, Cook, Fargo; J. J.

R. Dickson, Jay B. Gibson, Fred M. Jordan, Willaim O. E Kel.

ler, Charles Fremont Kingery, Leo A. Mattes, Solomon Miller, J. Donahue, Flaxton: Harry Iverson, Williston; J. M. Ivec, Fargo;

L. Moore, V. J. Moore, Leigh A. Paine, Thomas Orde Smith, 0. H. Johnson, Fargo; G. 0. Krogstad, Lanesboro; F. L. Linn,

Robert M. Stevenson, Ralph A. Tomasco, Dolph Tuggle, Wilhelm Sheyenne; Arthur A. Lang, Minot; Frank C. Malloy, Garrison;.

von Holt, George Warden, James B. Wingate, Frank X. Wright, Geo. W. Norin, Carrington; J. W. Robinson, Garrison; Harold E. Ross, Edgeley; Frank L. Sears, Fargo; A. V. Schallern, Mandan;

M. J. Wurster. Harry Van Vorhis, Fargo,

Assistants.-Ray B. Graves, Harrold A. Babcock, Wm. M. Assistant Pharmacists.-Harry E. Couch, New Rockford; F. Cardivenus, Perry LeRoy Fallis, Ross Harvey, William L. MasErlandson, Edinburg; A. Hendrickson, Bismarck; Langford C. ten, G. J. Robert, C. Bruce Warner, Stanley Burr, Everett J. Haggen, Grafton; H. H. Hewitt, Minto; John L. Kelley, Grafton; Emerald, Alfred H. Heying, Urban J. Hoult, Phil E. Maas, Percy John R. Leeper, Mich.; S. Russell, Thompson; DeWitt C. Tufts, E. Mackey, Frederick A. Norwood, Otto H. Poehlmann, Theodore Fargo; Edwin Thompson, Omemee; Alfred Peterson, Oberon; J. Wiget, Eugene W. Avery, Reuben C. Bergevin, Wm. Boeling. Harold Collins, Wales; C. H. Stewart, Langdon; Wm. Lee Rine- F. E. Hartzell, Harry Herold, E. Louis James, Richard M. Salter, hart, Medina; H. W. Nelson, Stanley; Chas. H. Hamilton, Minot;

Credentials.-Clarence T. Abbott, Young J. Acton, Chas. E. E. A. Engebretson, Hendricks, Minn.; Orson Doe, Minneapolis; Anderson, W. W. Beitenmann, Theodore W. Blassing, A. L. A. E. Crum, Hansboro; Geo. A. Collard, Fargo; Edwin Bilden Cornwall, Clarence H. George, Solop G. Hall, Joseph Herb, Northwood.

Chas. Hibner, Frank Horgan, Fred Hooker Jones, Joseph M.

Keim, C. E. Kellogg, H. Kleinhaus, Isaac B. Littell, B. C. Loury, New York Board.-Western Branch, George Rei- M. M. Maybury, Cornelius J. McCoy, Harry D. McKevitt, Richmann, secretary, 405 Genesee Street, Buffalo. At the ard A. McNally, Robert G. McPhee, Frank H. Meads, William examination held by the Western Branch, New York

W. Nash, J. J. Nesom, Henry A. Phillips, W. C. Reynolds, c.

G. Reed, Harry P. Rhoads, Henry S. Rider, W. A. Robinson, GusState Board of Pharmacy February 19, the following

tav A. Schmidt, George F. Schreyer, Henry U. Sims, Stephen were granted licenses:

G. Snuggs, H. H. Sutherland, Arthur Trudel, George F. WoodPharmacists.-Herbert D. Atwater, Trumansburg; John M. land, Thos. J. Wright, William Joseph Zelner, Oliver C. Wilson.

The Board continues its active work, and after clean- Post; A. F. Welte, Waco; Henry Ellsworth, Spivey; J. P. Gergen,

Sharon Springs; P. H. Loomis, Bluff City; I. B. Longenecker, ing up in San Jose with the result of eight convic

Birmingham; J. A. Myers, Tribune; Ray 0. Hallam, Crestline; tions went to Sacramento and secured six convictions

J. P. Johnson, Faulkner; M. C. Cheyne, Melrose; Simms & Bun. in that city. All of these convictions were results of yan, Ransomville; S. P. Crahan, Ottumwa; George Antrim & vlolations of the Poison Law by the sale of narcotic Son, Strawn; B. F. Collins, Monmouth; Albert Nelson, Mayday; drugs.

C. H. Larkin, Black Wolf; P. & M. Coal Mng. Co., Midway; J. A.

Redman, Opolis; R. W. Ardrey. Beulah; Wear Coal Co., Dunkirk; The next meeting of the Board will be held in Los

S. M. Edgarton, Victor; E. S. Lindsley, Cato; Morrison & Son, Angeles, commencing on Monday, June 8, and in San

Pawnee Station; Wm. Swain, Pawnee Station; Albert Pouliot, Francisco commencing on Monday, June 15.-[CHAS. Damar; C. B. Young, Petrolia; W. Post, Harding; I. D. Paddock, B. WHILDEN, Secretary, Suite 407, 925 Golden Gate Farlinville; George D. McNeil, Farlinville; R. A. Maxwell,

Manley; J. S. Patton, Radley. Avenue, San Francisco.

The fourth quarterly meeting was held in Topeka, Kansas Board.-Pharmacists registered on diplomas February 19, 1908, at which time there were seventyfrom recognized schools of pharmacy, February 19, nine applicants in attendance for examination. Of 1908:

this number the following were successful and were B. F. Fiegenbaum, Lawrence; A. J. Rawles, Argentine; Ora granted certificates: Yates, Howard.

Registered Pharmacists.-W. Frederick Aidlotte, Parsons; Temporary certificates were issued to the following:

Leonard R. Boen, Elgin; Charles S. Coates, Topeka, Earl Calvert, M. B. Stroud, Kansas City; O. L. Harris, Wichita; Wm. L. Topeka; John Flanagan, Oberlin; John Kaff, Osage City; James Sutherland, Hiawatha.

S. Naylor, Holton; Charles H. Althoff, Rosedale; Van L. Birch, Duplicate certificates were issued to the following: Junction City; H. W. Crow, Pratt; David H. Durham, Springhill; C. W. Mead, Topeka; A. H. Ott, Topeka; F. W. Moore, Topeka; Fred L. Johnson, Wichita; Frank A. Milne, Pratt; G. A. NickelE. S. Lee, Topeka; J. M. Allison, Burlington; J.M. Craig, Garnett. son, Plains; L. S. S. Ott, Topeka; Marshall B. Stroud, Kansas

The following pharmacists restored to registration: City; Theodore A. Shoemaker, Centralia; Hiram W. Stowits, C. W. Adamson, Argentine; J. F. Richardson, Wichita; B. A.

Abilene; W. B. Sell, Nortonville; Harvey B. Saunders, Topeka; Roy, Osborne.

William A. Vincent, Wichita; A. G. Pilcher, Winfield; Roscoe C.

Racer, Pittsburg; R. C. Shellach, Galena; G. W. Sourk, Goffs; Merchants licenses issued to the following:

William Suhm, Wichita; Wm. L. Sutherland, Jiawatha; James Park & Hammond, Clements; J. P. Wheatley, Claudell; James

B. Taylor, Ottawa; James R. Wilson, Lawrence. Weseley, Palacky; R. W. Wohler, Rosette; Theo. Kroesch,

Assistants.-J. H. Ketchersid, Hope; Harlan H. Brunt, Topeka. Frederick; C. F. Orbin, Kanona; L. L. Wright, Pollard; George

The next meeting of the Board for examination will W. Imel, Faulkner; J. H. Tompkins, Melrose; H. W. Dickson, Rosemont; J. J. Keever, Crotty; Hamlin & Houser, Strawn;

be held in Wichita, May 28, 1908, beginning at 9 Galena Mercantile Company, Neutral; P. H. Lindley, Havana; o'clock a. m. Those desiring to take the examination F. D. Fox, Longford; E. N. Weeks, Greenwich; W. N. Lyngar. should notify the secretary at least five days before the Opolis; J. H. Knopp, Brazilton; Jobo Shay, Girard; J. H. Drayer, date of meeting. The secretary will furnish the necBeulah; Ella Carpenter, Wayne; J. N. Lawler, Farlington; J. W. Petersen, Farlington; Swan & Co.. Drywood; V. H. Wagner, essary blanks and information on application.-[W. E. Alden; F. W. Schoffer, Simpson; R. E. Camp, Selma; J. W. Mar- SHERRIFF, Secretary, Ellsworth, Kan., February 20, tin, Kossuth; C. W. Sisson, Critzer; J. o. Courtney, Trading 1908.


Mr. Hyde and Others returning from a session of the 1907 annual meeting of the Mississippi Pharmaceutical Association.

[blocks in formation]

In my youthful recollections Is a day when I got wise With Kali Chlorate in the mortar And some sulphur in the pile. The suffering Joseph Jackson Immaculate Molly Hare A cyclone aint a patching For what happened then and there. I thought my head a bombshell That had bursted in midair And my feet were wigglipg lively Trying to climh the golden stairs. Another time comes to me That's among the days gone by When a patent selling salesman Stuffed your Uncle Si. He was a dapper youngish fellow With a gab that sounded good He talked like forked lightning And I knew he'd saw the wood. He showed to me the millions And a life of pleasant dreams If I'd drop some shining sbeckles Into life's Elixirine. The greatest preparation That the world has ever seen Look and live my suffering brother Life's Elixirine. A cure for chills and fever Lumbago, piles and cramps More marvelous in its actions Thau old Aladdins lamp. I don't know how it happened Nor can I ever tell But I signed up for a dray load Of what he had to sell. It's been ten years or more Since this awful scene But look among my patents And you find Elixirine.

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