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Charles W. Juengel, Ph. G., for some time at Thebus' University of Southern California School Pharmacy, Jefferson and La

of Pharmacy. fayette Avenues, is now open for

Graduating exercises will be held in July. an engagement. Kinloch phone,

The officers of the senior class are as follows: PresiCentral 7839 R.

dent, E. E. Carter; Vice-president, J. F. Rodgers; The Class of 1888 of the St. secretary and treasurer, Maud A. Cuff. Louis College of Pharmacy is Miss Maud A. Cuff and George P. Kruger will enter determined that the date "1875" Los Angeles pharmacies after they graduate. shall not be the only one of Paul T. Lewis and Ralph W. Sahffer will take a prominence in class activities.

post graduate course in chemistry and assaying. Among those especially active

Frank Arrigo will, after graduation, return to his in bringing about a re-union

home in Naples, Italy. this year are President A. M. CHARLES W. JUENGEL. Roehrig, assisted by William

Harry E. Valentine and J. T. Rodgers will take the K. Ilhardt, Louis H. Behrens

civil service examination with the idea of entering the and Theodore F. Hagenow.

navy as hospital stewards. Theo. Gottlob, Jr., was well known in St. Louis dur

The school is located at Los Angeles. ing his college days.

John C. Speers, Ph. G., '96, is established in the drug received his diploma in 1906.

business at Des Moines, Ia. He is now sole proprietor of

John T. Flavan, for many years drug and sundry salesprosperous business at

man in Colorado and Flat River, Mo.

the Southwest for the Dr. B. L. Bickford, of Seat

Meger Brothers Drug tle, arrived in St. Louis just

Co., is now with the eighteen years to a day from

Richardson Drug Co., the time he bid his class

Omaha. His new termates good-bye after being

ritory will be Colograduated by the Missouri

rado, Texas, New Medical College. The doc

Mexico, Arizona and tor will spend a few weeks

the Southwest. in the city taking post grad

P. W. Howard, is prouate work and then visit

prietor of the Hunt Europe.

Drug Co., which has
G. V. Gruenewald, is now employed at Robert's Phar- opened a new store at

macy, Collinsville and St. Clair Hemet, Cal.
Avenues, East St. Louis.

W. L. Turner, of
The Executive Board Alumni Springfield, Mo., has
Association of the St. Louis

the democratic nonination for city collector. Mr. College of Pharmacy

Turner is a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharheld their regular meeting macy and a member of the state board of pharmacy. March 3, and officially appointed the various committees

Pegging Away. to serve through the year. One

Men seldom mount at a single bound of the most important changes

To the ladder's very top;
was the appointment of Henry

They must slowly climb it, round by round,
Huegel, retiring president, as

With many a start and stop.

And the winner is sure to be the man
Chairman of the Entertainment

Who labors day by day;
Committee, which office has

For the world has found that the safest plan been held by W. H. Lamont for a number of years.

Is to keep on pegging away. Mr. Huegel has selected able body of assistants and

You have read, of course, about the hare

And the tortoise-the tale is oldproposes to establish a new record for the Committee.

How they ran the race-it counts not whereThe Library Committee, which has been a Joke Com

And the tortoise won, we're told. mittee in the past, was given to W. H. Lamont who

The hare was sure he had time to pause has taken the matter seriously and intends to create

And browse about and play;

So the tortoise won the race because interest in that department among the students who

He just kept pegging away. attend the College of Pharmacy.

-[f. H. SWEET IN Retail Clerk's International Advocate.







10. What is product would you dispense on a prescrip


.gr. x1 gr. XXX

Pennsylvania Examination for Registered Qualified

Assistant Pharmacist Certificate. A.-1. Name an official tincture made by the process of maceration. (a) By percolation. (b) By macerating the drug in hot water and subsequent percolation. (c) By dissolving an extract in a mixture of alcohol and water. (d) By diluting a chemical solution with alcohol. (e). By diluting a tincture and fluid. extract with diluted alcohol.

2. Name an official tincture made with a menstruum of glycerin, alcohol and water. (a) With Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia.

3. Name five official tinctures of vegetable poisons. 4. Name an official simple tincture containing a volatile chemical substance dissolved in alcobol.

B-Give common name or names for each of the following: (Carefully number each answer to correspond with the number preceding each name in this question.)

1. Hydrargyrum. 2. Hydrarg. Submur. 3. Hydrarg. Protoiod. 4. Hydrarg. Ammoniat. 6. Mercuric Chloride. 6. Mercuric Iodide. 7. Mercurous Iodide. 8. Mercurous Chloride. 9. Mercuric Oxide (Red). 10. Ung. Hydrarg. Nit. C.-Opium. 1. what is the difference between Powdered Opium and Granulated Opium?

2. Give the U.S. P. alkaloidal standard for each of them.

3. What preparation of Opium is used to make Tincture of Opium, and how much would be required to make 1000 Cc?

4. Name four U. S. P. salts prepared from alkaloids obtained from Opium.

5. Give the average dose of the following and name the pois. onous ingredient in each: Tully's Powder, Paregoric, Compound Powder of Ipecac and Black Drop.

6. State the Morphine strength of Extract of Opium and give its average dose.

7. Name the official salts of Codeine. 8. If a prescription called for sixteen grains of Codeine (alk) and two fluidounces of Syrup of Tolu to be made into a solution, how would you prepare it?

9. Is there any difference between Morphine Hydrochloride and Apomorphine Hydrochloride?

10. What are the requirements of the Poison Law for the sale of Morpbine salts and Laudanum?

D.-Give the official Latin name of each of the following drugs and name the U. S. P. alkaloid which each yields.

1. Aconite.
2. Belladonna Root.
8. Cinchona.
4. Colchicum Seed.
5. Nux Vomica.
E.-1. What is Griffith's Mixture?

2. What two chemical salts are used in making it? (a) In what order should they be added in compounding the mixture? (b) What salt of iron is formed by the interaction of these chemicals? (c) Give Latin or English name for an official pill in which the same iron salt is produced. (d) In preparing these pills, how could you determine when the chemical change is completed?

F.-1. What is Oleum Morrhuae? 2. Describe it. 3. How should it be kept? 4. How would you make one pint of a 50% emulsion of this oil? (Give the ingredients, the quantity of each, and tell how you would compound them.)

5. How would you compound a prescription containing two fluidounces each of Cod Liver Oil, Syrup of Wild Cherry and Peppermint Water enough to make six fluidounces? G. Acetanilide.....

70 Gm. Caffeine.

10 Gm. Sodium Bicarbonate..

20 Gm. To make

100 Gm. Rub the ingredients separately to a fine powder and mix them thoroughly.

1. What is the Latin or English name for the above powder? 2. State in grains the average dose. 8. Write the equivalent of the dose you give in metric weight.

4. Write the equivalent of the quantity of each of the ingredients in Apothecaries weight.

5. What would an avoirdupois ounce of it cost at ten cents per hundred grams?

6. How many 0.036 powders could be made from one scruple of this powder?

7. How many five grain tablets could be made from one thou. sand deci-grams of it?

8. What is Caffeine obtained from? 9. Name an official preparation containing about fifty per cent. of Caffeine.

R-Strych. Sulph.

gr.j Trinitrin.

gr. 4
Hyoscin Hydrobromid.

gr. 1/6
Ext. Ergot.
Pepsine Sacch. aa..
M. S. A., et div. in capsules No, xxiv.

Sig. One t. i.d., p. cib. 1. State how much of each of the three ingredients is contained in each capsule of the above prescription.

2. What is Trinitrin?
3. How would you obtain one fourth of a grain of it?

4. If you did not have scales or weights suitable for weighing one-sixth of a grain of Hyoscine Hydrobromide, how could you determine the desired quantity?

5. Would you dispense this prescription? If so, how would you prepare it?

6. What does "aa" mean, and to which ingredients does it apply in this prescription?

7. What does "M.S.A." mean?

8. Translate the abbreviated Latin directions into English words.

9. When should a "poison” label be used in dispensing a prescription?

10. Give an example of a prescription that you would consider proper to filter.

1.-1. Give Latin name of waters and solutions and state how official Waters and Solutions differ.

2. Give the official Latin name for an aqueous solution of Hydrogen Peroxide.

3. It great pressure is manifested upon renioving the stopper from a bottle of Solution of Hydrogen peroxide, what does it indicate? (a) How may deterioration of an opened bottle of it be retarded? *. How is Chloroform Water made?

5. How much gaseous ammonia does Stronger Ammonia Water, U.S. P., contain?

6. Give Latin names, strength and average dose of two U.S.P. Solutions made from Arsenic Trioxide (Acidum Arsenosum, Pharm. 1890.)

7. Give the names of the chemical liquids in the official formula for Basham's Mixture. (a) State in what order they should be mixed. (b) If the finished product is cloudy or throws down a precipitate, what is the probable cause? (c) What precaution must be taken to ensure a clear and perfect solution?

K.-1. State in English words the chemical compositios of Sugar of Lead.

2. Describe it, giving appearance, odor and taste. 3. What two common solvent liquids is it soluble in? 4. Why should it be kept in well stoppered bottles? 5. What is Lithage? $. What official preparation is made by adding a hot solution of Sugar of Lead to Litharge, with occasional stirring and boil. .ing for half an hour?

7. Why does the Pharmacopeia direct the Distilled Water to be previously boiled and cooled in making Lead Water?

8. What is the difference in strength of Lead Water and Goulard's Extract?

9. How would you prepare an ointment containing one fiuidrachm of Goulard's Extract, one dram of Wool-Fat and six drams of Petrolatum?

10. What is the best antidote against poisoning by Sugar of Lead?

L. Apply these questions to each of the following prescriptions: 1. Criticise it. 2. State if you would compound and dispense it as written.

3. If you would not com pound it as written, state what change could be made by which the evident intention of the prescriber could be complied with, and the prescription compounded and dispersed with safety. (a) R-Potass. Permangan. 1.5 Gm. Glycerin q. s.

30. Gm.
M. Sig:

Apply as directed.
(b) R-Cocain. Mur.......
01. Olivae..

.fl. oz. j.
Ft. Sol.

Sig. for external use. (c) R-Acid Nitromur.

..30 Cc. Sig. Fifteen drops in half a glass of water three times a day. M.-1. Give the official Latin name for Hive Syrup.

2. What poisonous chemical salt does it contain? (a). What is the antidote for this poison? (b). State approximately how much of it is contained in the fuidounce of this Syrup. (c) What effect might be expected from a tablespoonful of Hive Syrup given to a child five years old, and why?

N.-1. From what official drug is Cocaine obtained?
2. What is the average dose of Cocaine Hydrochloride?

8. Would you refill a prescription containing Cocaine or a Cocaine salt? (State the reason for your answer.)

4. Give the names of the ingredients and quantity of each that you would use to make two Auidounces of a two per cent. solution of Cocaine oil.

0.-1. Give official Latin name for volatile Oil of Almond. (a) What poisonous principle does it contain?

gr. xl.


2. Give Latin name for an official preparation containing two per cent. of Hydrocyanic Acid. (a) What is the average dose of this preparation? (b) How should it be kept so that its strength

C. V. D. A. may be maintained?

3. What is Monsel's Solution?
4. What is Donovan's Solution?
5. What is Fowler's Solution?

The Chicago Veteran Druggists' Association is 6. What is Labarraque's Solution?

composed of members with sufficient years of experi7. What is Lugol's Solution?

P.-1. State if it would make any difference in the dose if ence to be entitled to that name. They are not, howseventy-five minims of Chloroform were dispensed when seventyfive drops of it were ordered in a prescription for internal use.

ever, too old to be jovial and social. One of their (a) If it would make a difference, state in general how the dose members, John Blocki, the corresponding secretary, would be effected.

2. What is the difference between Wine of Iron and Bitter recently left for an extended tour to Europe and Asia. Wipe of Iron? 3. What is the Latin or English nameof an official preparation

The fellow members present at the last gathering, beused as an antidote against arsenic poisoning? 4. How can you tell if Syrup of Ferrous Iodide has decomposed

fore he departed, signed the following document. and is therefore unfit for dispensing? 5. What would you use to make one grain of Silver Nitrate into

Bill of Lading and Passport. twelve pills? 6. How should prescriptions of solutions of Silver Nitrate be

To all crowned heads of Europe and Minor Asia, to dispensed?

all sheriffs, night mayors and night watchmen. 7. If eight Auidounces of a solution contain one-half grain of Strychnine Sulphate, how mnch would be contained in one table

Greeting: spoonful of it? 8. Give common trade name for Phenylis Salicylas.

Bearer is entitled to your most solicitious care. Here is his 9. What would you dispense on a prescription for “Terebene"? make-up.

Name-Giovanni Blockini. Size five feet eight and one-half

inches. Utah Narcotic Law.-Section 1. Unlawful to Sell

Occupation-Corresponding secretary and janitor C. V. D. A. Certain Medicines. It shall be unlawful for any per

Color-Brunette, naturally; carmine, sometimes. son, firm or corporation to sell or otherwise dispose of Temperament-Has no superior and few equals for equanimity any patent or proprietary medicine containing opium and placidity. or any of its derivatives, alpha or beta-eucaine, chloral

Age-None of your business. One year younger today than

last year this date and so on. hydrate or alcohol, or preparations containing aceta

Temperature-That depends upon before or after. nilid or any of its derivatives; or preparations contain- Liver-Good liver, let liver, long liver. ing antipyrine; unless the bottle or package and the Heart-Now you are talking-a symposium of smiles preserved

in high proof spirits. outside package containing such medicines

Nose-Knows more about the perfumes of both Indias than any branded in plain English letters, “This medicine con

real Indian. tains opium, or chloral hydrate or alcohol; or prepara- Weight-Depends upon how dry: In the dry state 150. Moisttions containing acetanilid, or its derivatives; or It's courtesy to keep that a state secret!

Education-Expert in the Science of Hybology. preparations containing antipyrine,” as the case may

Special Training-A good mixer. be; and if the medicine contains opium, or chloral

Hat-Depends upon whose hat is left when the C. V. D. Ass'n hydrate, stating the amount of such drug contained adjourns. therein; or if it contains alcohol, stating what per

Clothes-Wrapped in perennial smiles and in severe weather

in Jauncey's overcoat. centage of the medicine is alcohol.

Feet-Never cold-his main feature. Section 2.-Does Not Apply, When.—Nothing in

Thirst-0 ye Greek and Roman philosophers! All your rot this act shall apply or be construed to apply to the about Scylla and Charybdis is kindergarden talk alongside this filling of any written prescription by a regular licensed life sized reality. Don't you ever challenge him on that scorephysician, and kept on file by the druggist compound

he will skin you and land you high and dry any day of the yearing or filling such prescriptions as required by law, or

Friday's his busy day. as to such preparations specified and recognized by

Eyes-Burn an eternal light of warm friendship. the United States Pharmacopoeia or National For

Hands-His hand shake would make a tramp feel at home on

the throne of Empire. mulary.

Attested-Wilhelm Bodemann, recording secretary. Section 3.-ID. It shall be unlawful for any per

O, F. Fuller, President. son, firm or corporation to sell or otherwise dispose of

Fred. J. Schroeter, A, B. Hunt, cocaine, or any preparation wherein it is an ingredient,

Wm. G. Baxter, A. S. Hibbard, except upon the prescription of a practicing physician,

Andrew Scherer, T. N. Jamieson, dental surgeon, or veterinary surgeon, and said pre

Otto G. Hottinger, Wm. K. Forsyth, scription shall not be refilled, “And provided further,

J. F. McDonald, L. Woltersdorf, that the above provisions shall not apply to sales at

Thos. Braun,

C. A. Storer, wholesale by jobbers, wholesalers and manufacturers

Theophilus Schmid, Herman Weber, to retail druggists, nor to sales at retail by retail

H. S. Maynard, Geo. P. Engelhard, druggists to regular practitioners of medicine, dentis

J. C. Borcherdt, try or veterinary medicine, nor to sales made to manufacturers of proprietary or pharmaceutical preparations for use in the manufacture of such preparations,

Camphorated Oil.—Would you have ever mistrusted nor the sales to hospitals, colleges, scientific or public institutions."

that the following odd order received by Jos. J. LigSection 4.–Penalty. Any person, firm or corpora- man, 647 Maplewood Avenue, Chicago, Ill., was intion violating any provision of this act shall be deemed tended to call for ten cents worth of camphorated oil? guilty of a misdemeanor, and be fined in any sum not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.

Section 5.—This Act shall take effect January 1, 1908. (Chap. 149, Laws of Utah, 1907.)

henfor oil forten spent


living pictures were, indeed, works of art, as shown ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

by the flash-light photograph, which we reproduce in

this number of the Meyer Brothers Druggist. The Are You a Mo. Ph. A. or M. P. G. A. Member?- originality exhibited in the sketch, together with the

skill with which each participant carried out his part, It is with pleasure that we publish this message from

has attracted the attention of other pharmaceutical C. M. Coon, Post Royal Potentate of the Ancient Order

organizations and it is not unlikely that the sketch of Turks:

will be remodeled for presentation at other pharmaLet all Good Turks remove their hats and repeat the oath and smile as you recall the Barber Shop.

ceutical gatherings. The financial returns were such

that a handsome balance is on hand. The St. Louis Drug Clerks Society elected officers at the annual meeting held Thursday night March 19, John Ramer, is now with R. T. Hill Euclid and Easton at Bowman's Hall Eleventh and Locust Streets. The Avenues. officers are:

Chas. C. Borchers, Ph. G., '83, has organized the Zeno Eugene H. Kurtz, president; William J. Easly, first vice-presi

Chemical Co., with offices at 3428 Shenandoah Street. dent; E. J. Helwig, second vice-president; Theo. H. Elleman, secretary; Arthur F. Kolkman, treasurer; J. G. Gibson, chair- Chas. Oehler, formerly with F. C. Coombs will open man entertainment committee, and D. P. Wright, chief of em

a new store in Lansdowne, Ill., about April 15. ployment bureau.

Edward R. Drace, Prescriptionist for L. A. Seitz, has Thirteen a Lucky Number.- Just to demonstrate

embarked in the brokerage business their immunity against hard luck and to show their

with offices in the Granite Block, disregard for superstition, the South Side Mortar and

Fourth and Market Streets. Pestle Club called their March meeting on Friday the thirteenth at Seegars Hall, Allen and Jefferson Ave

James B. Hicks, proprietor of the nues. The meeting was well attended and forty-seven drug store at Eighteenth and Olive members answered roll call. The Cigar Committee

Streets, has purchased the Terminal

Pharmacy in the Western end of the made a favorable report and the Grievance Committee,

Union Station. consisting of Messrs. Otto Trauble chairman, Theo. F. Hagenow and Wm. G. Graul, was appointed to look into Russell Riley, the veteran Pharmacist at Fourteenth and adjust all complaints.

and Olive Streets, died March 17. The store will be

continued under the able management of E. H. Dr. Robert Luedeking Resolutions have been

Wheeler who has been with Mr. Riley about ten years. adopted by the Board of Trustees of the St. Louis College of Pharniacy on report of a special committee Carl A. Emig, manager of the Noll-Collins Drug Store, consisting of Dr. O. A. Wall, Prof. Francis Hemm and

Minerva and Hamilton Avenues, unTheodore F. Hagenow.

derwent an operation for appendi

citis at St. Luke's Hospital March WHEREAS, Death has removed from our midst Dr. Robert

11. Dr. Hill who performed the opLuedeking, dean of the medical department of the Washington University, a man who has done much to further medical edu

eration is gratified with the patient's cation, and to cultivate cordial relations between the physicians

condition and promises his speedy and the pharmacists of the city of St. Louis, therefore be it

recovery. Resolved, that the St. Louis College of Pharmacy feels that his passing away is not only a loss to the medical profession and

Williams & Spencer, have purchased to the institution which he so ably served as dean and teacher,

the Grove Pharmacy in Webster but that his loss is also keeply felt by the pharmacists who came

Groves, Mo. in contact with him in professional relations.

Resolved, That the College of Pharmacy join in the grief ex- E. F. Liebe, who has been with L. A. Seitz, 736 South pressed by the medical profession at the death of one who con- Fourth Street, for the past year, tributed so much to the higher professional standards and aspi

has been compelled to leave rations of physicians and pharmacists; and be it further Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family

the business temporarily on acof the deceased, and to the faculty of the medical department of count of his health failing him. the Washington University.

Gilbert Brady, of London, EngThe Employes of the Meyer Brothers Drug Co. land, has associated himself gave their annual entertainment March 3, under the with Robert Thebus, Jefferson auspices of the Meyer Brothers Employes' Mutual and Lafayette Avenues. Mr. Aid Association, as announced by the full program Brady comes well recommended on pages 92 and 93 of the Meyer Brothers Druggist by J. B. Hay who conducts an for March. The occasion was a success from begin- | American Pharmacy on Carpenning to end and from every point of view. Each ter Street, in London, with number was well rendered and enthusiastically re- whom he was employed a numceived by an audience of over 2,000, which crowded ber of years. Mr. Brady has the capacity of the large hall to its utmost. An made quite an impression upon the neighborhood trade entertaining and instructive address by Mr. Theodore by his courteous and affable manner and pleases Mr. F. Meyer we give in full elsewhere in this issue. The | Thebus because he has the "Get the business idea."





John Boss, is pleasantly located as head clerk in the Lindell Pharmacy, Sarah Street and St. Louis Avenue.

Radioactivity was the subject of a paper by R. F.
Weber, at the march meeting of the St. Louis Chem-
ical Society.
H. A. Spreckelmeyer is now prescription clerk at

Fienup's Pharmacy, Broadway and
Park Avenue. The store is owned
by Dr. Fienup, a graduate of the
St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Miss Katharyn O'Keefe, Ph. B., '04, is the pharmacist

in charge of the dispensary at St. John's Hospital.

Dr. Robert E. Schlueter, Ph. G., announces the removal of his office from South Fourth Street to the Metropolitan Building, Grand Avenue and Olive Street. The doctor is now limiting his practice

entirely to surgery. KATHARYN O'KEEFE. Ewd. G. Binz, representing Euca

Mul Binz, of Los Angeles, Cal., has been in St. Louis some time in the interest of that specialty.

H. E. Klosterman, Ph. G., was a popular student and is now a popular proprietor, on the corner of Elliot and St. Louis Avenues, St. Louis.

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William W. Butts, in the real estate business with an office in the Lincoln Trust Building, is a pharmacist, having at one time been in business at Denver, Colo. Mr. Butts is giving careful attention to the real estate business and will be glad to hear from pharmacists.

J. D. Riley, Ph. G., '92, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, is in St. Louis, stopping at the Marquette Hotel and looking after the interests of the American Druggists' Syndicate in Missouri. Mr. Riley has traveled pretty much the world over since he graduated, and can talk interestingly with those he meets.

William C. Bolm, of the class of 1875, was master of ceremonies and toast-master at the installation and banquet of the Alumni Association

of the St. Louis College of PharH. A. SPRECKELMEYER. macy which followed the recent

annual meeting. W. E. Reimen, a member of the senior class of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy has accepted a position with L. A. Seitz.

F. C. Pauley Jr., is engaged in business for himself having purchased the Patterson Pharmacy, Suburban and Maple Avenues.

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Martin, are receiving congratulations from their friends over the arrival of a little girl March 2, whom they have named Jewel.

J. R. Isley, of Coffeen, ill., visited his friends recently and notified the employment Bureau of the Alumi Association to place his name upon

F. C. PAULEY, JR. their waiting list.

The Model Pharmacy will open a branch store at Sixth and Elm, catering to the foreign trade which is plentiful in that section.

N. J. Pippert, Ph. G., is proprietor of the Jefferson Avenue Pharmacy, at the northwest corner of Jefferson Avenue and Cherokee street, St. Louis, Mo. A. E. Leutwiler, is with the ss Drug Co.,

Eighteenth Street and Washington Avenue.

Chas. Muren, has left the employ of R. T. Hill, Euclid and Easton Avenues, to become a relief clerk. Mr.Muren has had some good experience and will be able to give you splendid satisfaction. His telephone number is Forrest 2984.

Mrs. Stegner, has purchased Dr. Digg's interest in the Stegner Drug Co., Grand and Easton

Avenues, and will place the store in cbarge of Mr. J. Miller who has had the management since the death of Mr. Stegner.



A Pharmacist Who Enjoys Life is John A. Fritz, Ph. O., proprietor of the handsome store at 2138 Benton Street. The above soap-shot of Mr. Fritz and his family was taken at the Gilbert Lake Club House in Northern Illinois where he spends many hours during the summer months.

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