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Morphine.—Manufacturers announced a decline on MARKET REVIEW.

the 28th ult. Quotable in -oz. vials in 24 oz. boxes,

$3.20; oz. vials, 20c per oz. less. Small Orders Have Been the Rule in the jobbing drug

Alcohol, Grain.-Quotably lower; bbls., $2.75; line since our last issue, but the past ten days have bbls., $2.78; 10-gal. cans, $2.91; 5-gal. cans, $2.99, con

tainers inclusive, with the usual allowance of 10c per shown a marked improvement, and while sales are not altogether satisfactory, and are not up to volume gallon for cash in ten days. that was enjoyed during the same period last year,

Denatured.Unchanged; quotable in bbls., 40c; $ still at this writing the trade seem more disposed bbls., 44c; 4; gal. cans, 62c, containers inclusive. to buy in larger quantities. Reports indicate a great

Wood.-95% unchanged; bbls., 42c; } bbls., 47c; 10

62c. division of opinion on the outlook for business during gal. cans, 57c; 5-gal. cans,

Acid, Pyrogallic.-Advanced; U. S. P. quotable at the spring and summer months.

This difference of opinion may be ascribed to local | $2.25. This price may be shaded, dependent upon conditions. The pessimistic views come from manu

quantity. facturing centers. We rather lean to the opinion that

Citric.Declined materially. Quotable in kegs 37 the outlook is much better than it was thirty days to 43 to 46c in a small way. ago, and we base this on the underlying healthy con

Iron Citrate, in sympathy with the decline on Citric dition of the country generally. The depression was

Acid this item is quotably lower, 57c.

Iron and Ammonium Citrate, 57c. sudden and while the recovery is gradual, still it will return with greater rapidity than was the case in

Iron Phosphate, 57c. previous panics.

Iron Pyrophosphate, 57c, The level of prices is lower than it has been for

Potassium Citrate, 48c.

Sodium Citrate, 49c. many months. There has been a downward tendency but a reaction toward a firmer market is not unlikely Antimony Sulphide, Pure.Declined; quotable in and highly probable.

200-1b. cases; 94 to 16 to 18c as wanted. We append below a list of items that fluctuated since Balsam Peru.—Quotably lower, $2.20 to $2.40. our last issue, together with current local values Berries, Prickly Ash.-Advanced to 40c. thereon:

Bismuth Salts.—Declined practically 15%. Sub. Advanced.

nitrate is quotable at $1.90; 5-1b. boxes $1.91; 1-1b boxes Apple Colocynth,

Rock Candy,

$1.92. Subsalicylate 1-1b. ctns. $2.37. Berries, Prickly Ash, Sal Glauber,

Blue Vitriol.-Advanced; bbls. 6 to 9 to 10c in a Blue Vitriol,

Sal Nitre, Copaiba,

Seed, Flax, Guarana,


Camphor.-Declined; 67 to 75c as to quantity. Gum Chicle, Sodium Benzoate,

Cocoa Butter.-Quotably lower; M. B. 4-1b. cakes Oil Mirbane,


12-1b. boxes, 45c; fingers, ozs. 12-1b. boxes, 65c. Peppermint, Hotchkiss, Sulphur Lac,

Cocaine.-Declined; ounce vials, $2.25; $s, $2.50. Spearmint,

Turpentine, Rosin,

Copaiba.—Advanced; U. S. P., 70 to 80c, Para, $1.25.

Cumarin, M. B.-Declined to $4.10 to $4.35 as to Acid, Pyrogallic,

Manganese Oxide Black,

quantity. Citric and Citrates, Menthol,

Guarana.-Advanced to $3.25. Alcohol,

Morphine, Antimony, Sulphide, Pure, Oil, Anise,

Gum, Catechu.—Quotably lower; bales, 84 to 12 to Balsam Fir, Oregon,


13c as wanted.

Copal.-Declined to 35c. Bismuth and Salts,


Chicle.-Advanced; bags, 59 to 72 to 75c in a small Camphor,

Cocoanut, Cocoa Butter,


way. Cocaine,

Orange, Sweet,

Damar.- Quotably lower, 33 to 36c. Cumarin.


lodine.-Re-sublimed, declined, $3.10. All iodides Gum Catechu,


are correspondingly lower. The reduction in prices Copal,

amounts to about 5%. Iodoform is quotable at $3.60. Damar,

Shellac, Iodine and Iodides,

Tartar Emetic,

Potassium Iodide, $2.25; 5-1b. boxes, $2.26; 1-1b, boxes, Lead Arsenate,


$2.27. Lithium,

Lithium Carbonate.—Declined; bulk quotable at 65 Quinine.—There has been a fairly good demand and to 80c as to quantity. Other salts are much lower. it is reported that stocks are low. We see no reason Manganese Oxide, Black.- Declined; 2 to 45 to 8c, for lower prices but rather look for a change to a

in a small way. higher level. Quotations ruling in this market, P. & Menthol.-Quotably lower, $2.35 to $2.75. W., on the basis of 100-oz, cans, 17c; M. B., 164c; 25-oz. Oil, Anise.-Declined to $1.00 to $1.77. cans, 19c; 5-oz. cans, 23c; 1-oz. vials, 28c.

Bergamot.Materially lower; Reina M. B. quotable Opium.-Quotably lower and no indication of higher at $3.75 to $1.00; Sanderson's, $4.00 to $1.25. prices. Gum quotable at $1.70 to $4.75; powd. or Castor.–Declined; quotable in bbls., $1.00; 5-gal. gran., M. B., $5.60 to $5.80; powd., P. & W., $6.85.

small way.



Balsam Peru,



Potash, Crude.


cases, $1.06.


Cocoanut.Declined to 124 to 20c, as to quantity. Quince.-Advanced to $1.85.

Lemon.–Materially lower; Reina M. B. 1-16. cop- Shellac.-Materially lower; V. S. O. cases, 514 to pers, $1.45; Sanderson's, $2.05.

62c; T. N. cases, 251 to 31c; bleached, bbls., 31 to 45c; Mirbane.- Advanced to 11 to 22c, as to quantity.

ground, bone dry, bbls., 37 to 65c. Orange.-Sweet, Reina, quotably lower, $2.90 to

Sodium Benzoate.—Advanced; powd., bbls., 38 to $3.10.

53c, as wanted; granular, lc higher. Pennyroyal.—Materially lower, $3.00 to $3.25.

Tartar Emetic.-Declined to 32 to 41c, as to quantity Peppermint.Hotchkiss, declined, $3.30 to $3.65.

Vanillin.-Declined to 38 to 5āc, as to quantity. Spearmint.-Advanced, $6.85 to $7.00.

Glassware.-Quotable discounts unchanged; Pearl Potash.-Crude, declined; bbls., 65 to 10 to 14c in a Ovals, case lots, 75%; 5-case lots, 75%; larger quanti

ties, 75 and 5%; Baltimore Ovals, brandy fnish, 75 Rosin.-Advanced; E. grade quotable at $4.80 per and 10%; 5-case lots, 75, 10 and 5%; larger quantities, bbl. of 280 lbs.

80%; Comet Ovals, 80 and 15%; 25-case lots, 85%; 50Sal Glauber.-Advanced; bbls., 1 to 3 to 5c, as wan- case lots, 85 and 5%. ted.

Window Glass.—Unchanged; local quotations, all Sal Nitre.-Advanced; granular, bbls. 6 to 8 to 9c single, 90 and 30%; all double, 90 and 40%. in a small way.

Turpentine.-Fluctuated feverishly with a net adSeed, Flax.-Advanced; bbls., 24 to 41 to 5c; ground, vance since our last issue of 4fc; bbls., 63c; 100-1b. bags, 3fc.

cans, 74c; 5-gal. cans, 80c, packages inclusive.

small way



The Texas Board of Pharmacy recently organized, and now doing efficient work, is represented in the above photograph. The parties are, readiog from left to right: Seated-W. F. Robertson, Gonzales; W. H. Robert, Jr., Denison; R. H. Walker, secretary, Gonzales. Standing-Bruce Vredenburgh, Beaumont; Tom J. Snell, Cooper; John A. Weeks, Ballinger.

D. T. Dupning, Grand Master; Clemence Zimmerman, Scribe; COLLEGE NEWS.

G. A. Anderson, Worthy Master; J. H. Wendt, Treasurer.

Not less than fifty of the students took the recent

examination of the State Board of Pharmacy and are University of Illinois School of Pharmacy,

now anxiously awaiting the results. The Commencement.-The forty-eighth commence

Alumni Notos. ment of the University of Illinois School of Pharmacy J. K. Rigg, '03, has purchased Enlow's drug store at will be held in the auditorium of the Young Men's Melrose Park. Christian Association Building, 151 LaSalle Street, on F. E. Bucklin, '07, succeeds Bellack Bros. at MelThursday afternoon, April 23, at two o'clock. Dr.

rose and Robey Streets. He had been in charge of Wm. A. Evans, city health commissioner, will make the

this pharmacy since it was established several months principal address. President Edmund J. James will

ago. confer the degrees.

Chas. Herbold, '99, passed the Indiana State exIn the evening a banquet will be tendered the amination recently. He expects to engage in the drug graduating class by the Alumni Association.

business at Gary, Ind. Class Notes.

P. O. Martin, '07, is a member of the firm of Martin The junior class has organized and elected officers

& Fithian and conducts a prosperous pharmacy at as follows:

Newton, Ill. President, w. J. Johnson; Vice-president, J. H. Wendt; Secre

Don G. Machenheimer, '06, has recently established tary, Leo Elliott; Treasurer, Robert E. Ford.

himself in business at Sbawnee, Okla. It was voted that the class be represented in the Geo. R. Baker, '84, died suddenly March 6, aged Illio and an assessment to cover the necessary ex- fifty-three years. He had recently moved his drug pense was announced.

store from Wabash Avenue and Eighteenth Street to Beta Chapter of the Phi Gamma Sigma Fraternity Englewood. Mr. Baker was at one time among the has elected officers for the coming year and completed most prominent druggists of Chicago, being proprietor arrangements for the annual banquet which will be of the well-known pharmacy in the Ashland Block. held at the Sherman House, Monday evening April 6, He was for several years a trustee of the Chicago ColThe officers-elect are:

lege of Pharmacy.




DR. C. S. N. HALLBERG, CHICAGO, ILL. Two Staunch Friends of the Arkansas Association of Pharmacists.-Mr. Kerr helped organize the association and is often spoken of as its "father.” Prof. Hallberg was a guest at the 1907 meeting and took an active part in securing the A, Ph. A. meeting for Hot Springs, September 7, 1908.

Meyer Brothers Druggist


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(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 9 months (2 6-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 1 year (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-half page,

3 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page,

6 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page, 9 months (41-4x6 inches).. One-half page, 1 year

(41-4x6 inches) One page,

6 months (6 x8 1-2 inches) One page,

1 year

(6 x8 1-2 inches).

$ 27 00

16 00 65 00 82 50 51 00 87 00 125 00 157 50 160 00 300 00


tical Travelers' Association, was represented on the 222 SOUTH BROADWAY,


cover of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for April.

A Complete Price List of about ninety pages will In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Simon Newton Jones, be found by consulting the April and May issues of

of Louisville, Ky., Chair- the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST. Keep these two
man of the Executive Com- numbers convenient for consultation.
mittee of the N. A. R. D.,

Satisfactory Trade Conditions are predicted by the over which organization he Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter in reviewing the exhas exerted much influence

pressions of its numerous correspondents, representsince its beginning at St.

ing the manufacturers of pharmaceutical preparations, Louis, October 11, 1898.

wholesale druggists, chemical manufacturers, fertilizCol. Jones is aggressive buting materials and heavy oils. cautious and has great executive ability and the drug

Bulletin for Buyers, Page 13. gists of this country are

Want Advertisements, Page 9. deeply indebted to him for

Index to Advertisements, Page 1o. his N. A. R. D. work. He

Price List, Drugs, Page 77; Wines and Liquors, Page 94; Glassis looked upon as the "per

ware, Page 96; Oils, Paints and Varnishes, Page 98; SIMON NEWTON JONES. manent' chairman.

Sundries, Page 104.



capacity. We continually hear the cry of persecution from the prosecuted who claim that their acts are in keeping with the customs of the past, but the recent liquor legislation and the force of public sentiment

indicate that a change must take place and that the The Time for Pharmacists to Assert Themselves wrong-doing of the past can be no more of an excuse is at Hand.-The prohibition movement may not be

than ignorance of the law in the eyes of the judge, as old as the granite mountains, but it probably dates the jury or the public press. This very condition back well along the line of historical record made by gives a setting in which the man of character stands intoxicating liquors. Chapter after chapter has been out to a good advantage. It enables the pharmacist written and the volume is still incomplete. The con- worthy of the name to receive attention provided he ditions, however, have reached a point which inter- properly demands it. We have no sympathy with ests pharmacists in general to a far greater extent those protesting under a false modesty which asserts than ever before. There never was a time in this that it is the business of the public to seek out the country when pharmacists were not more or less in- competent pharmacist who should not announce his terested in the temperance question. This is particu- own qualifications. larly true of the days since the adoption of our pres- We do not propose that pharmacists shall adopt ent policy of internal revenue from the manufacture blatant advertising methods or make extravagant and sale of intoxicating liquors. Perhaps the phar-claims for their personal ability or the character of macist in the ordinary saloon town is the least con

their stores. What we suggest is that the pharmacist, cerned about the liquor traffic. He is troubled only first of all, run his place of business as a pharmacy. with the parties who are anxious to avoid the name of Popular opinion is rapidly forcing legislation which visiting saloons, but feel that they must have alcohol not only casts dishonor but will ultimately force out in some form as a beverage. They find many excuses of business the whiskey dram-shop and the cocaine for obtaining it from the drug store and in some such dispensing shop. The revelations which are being localities we find what might be termed saloon drug made through the daily papers and a certain class of stores. Conditions as far as the pharmacist is con- periodicals is having its effect upon the public and cerned are about the same in a high-license town the far-sighted pharmacist will see to it that he is on as they are in places which invite rather a low the right side of the fence when the question is forced grade of saloons, but it is in the local option town to a final issue. It is all right to believe that present where the pharmacist finds himself face to face with conditions are the result of a wave which will graduthe problem of being a pharmacist, pure and simple, ally recede, but the argument of those back of our re

a dram-shop keeper doing business under the forms are wonderfully forceful and are continually guise of pharmacy. In such places we find stores gaining new adherents. The movement is certainly run by proprietors who are saloon-keepers when up-lifting in character and cannot be met by mere asthe “wets” win and become pharmacists when the sertions, ridicule or threats. We are confident that “dries" have their inning. It is needless at this the present generation will be well advanced in age juncture to explain how sucli parties become regis- before the wave, if wave it is, of reform recedes. tered as pharmacists or hire certificates from some

When the mind of man is given freedom of action, one who is registered, for most of our readers have seen there is no limit to its enthusiasm and continuity of for themselves what the knowing ones in some com- purpose. It is, then, difficult to predict either the munities cau do in the way of registration or how they

form which will be assumed or the extent which may can manage to do business in violation of the phar- be attained before such reform movements begin to macy law. The druggist in a local option place who subside. Meantime, it behooves every person in the goes along quietly attending to his business and pro- pharmaceutical calling to not only adopt the molto fession as a pharmacist is likely to be chargrined by but live up to the resolution of being a pharmacist the success of those who are less qualified as pharma-first, last and all of the time. cists and less conscientious as business men.

The Sale of Opium in San Francisco and other It is for this reason that we claim that the time is California cities and towns for the use of the Chinese in ripe for pharmacists to assert themselves as pharma- smoking is so general that it is not likely that the board .cists and demand the confidence, esteem, respect and of pharmacy of the state will be able to make any very patronage which is due a competent and conscientious deep inroads upon the custom. This condition has pharmacist. The public is slow to distinguish between not discouraged the board in making an attempt and a the competent and the incompetent pharmacist, but vigorous campaign is now in progress. The police dewe are now well up on the crest of a wave of public partment works hand in hand with the board, and sentiment which denounces commercial and profes- where a party is prosecuted for the sale of opium or sional short-comings of all kinds. We are living in its preparations and the police can gain sufficient evi. an age when the search-light of public inspection is dence, they prosecute for the keeping of an opium den. focused upon all who serve the public, either as of- That contingent of the retail drug trade which caters ficials, as members of corporations or in an individual to narcotic fiends is also receiving careful attention and




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