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charge of the prescription department of the Judge & ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

Dolph Drug Co.

J. V. Murray, president of the Mo. Ph. A. visited the Doerring Bros. have purchased the Russell Riley chairman of the St. Louis committee last week and pharmacy at Fourteenth and Olive Streets.

made inquiries as to the progress being made in this George A. Morris is the pharmacist stationed at the city. United States Public Health and Marine Hospital at

Sidney Wortmann, who received the St. Louis College St. Louis.

gold medal for highest proficiency in the Ph. B. class, James Glen Mauzy, an '08 graduate of the St. Louis

has accepted a position with J. M. Good, Jefferson College of Pharmacy, is with Carey Bros., Etzel and

Avenue and Olive Street. Goodfellow Avenues.

Edgar Bratton, '08, can be found at G. Hartnagle's Fred Keim, formerly with J. W. Gain, East St. Louis,

drug store, East St. Louis, Ill. Ill., is now employed at Ludwig's Pharmacy, St. Louis and Newstead Avenues.

John Boss, formerly with

the Lindell Pharmacy, Sarah Martin Westerfeld will open a new drug store in the

Street and St. Louis Avenue, recently completed building at the corner of Delmar

is now with the Enderle Drug and De Bolivar Avenues.

Co., Sixth and Chestnut Messrs. A. J. Gettinger and W. H. Breedlove, '08 grad

Streets. uates of the St. Louis College

Ralph Hopkins is filling the Pharmacy, have

position as first clerk at nounced their intention to

Skinner's Pharmacy, Taylor take up the study of medi

and Easton Avenues.
cine, at the Washington Uni-
versity next fall.

Chas. Juengle, '07 graduate

of the St. Louis College of The Reply to the Toast, Our

Pharmacy, has accepted a College Days, by John Wirtz

position with the Pockels Drug & Paint Co. Mr. during the banquet tendered

Jeungle takes charge of the drug department. the '08 graduating class by the St. Louis College of P. W. Diechman, has sold his store at Sixteenth Street Pharmacy, was one of the and Cass Avenue to Dr. Paul Weeke. Dr. Weeke is prettiest talks of the evening. very popular in the neighborhood and should do a

Mr. Wirtz delivery was fine prosperous business. and we may expect to hear from him on other things Charles Gietner, of the class of 1875, the father of the than pharmacy, if his eloquence continues with him. Alumni Association of the St. Louis College of Phar

George Steyn, a member of the '08 graduating class, macy, was recently re-elected treasurer for the twentyhas resumed his old position with A. Williams, Four- eighth year of service. teenth and Chestnut Streets.

“Radio Activity," was the subject of a lecture at the Ralph Valentine, manager of A. G. Schleuter's St. April 6 meeting of the Academy of Science of St. Clair Avenue Pharmacy, East St. Louis, ill., has been Louis by Dr. Leroy McMaster, of the Department of compelled to give up active work owing to ill health. Chemistry, Washington University.

C. A. Kleinschmidt, one of the '08 class graduates is T. C. Russell, '08, has accepted a position as assistwith Geo. Schroeter, Michi

ant prescriptionist, with J. gan and Loughborough Ave

M. Good.

W. 0. Luly, '06, resigned Chas. Uzzell, of Granite City,

his position with J. M. Good 111., has, through his growing

the first of April, to become business, found his present

manager and half owner of quarters too small and is pre

the E. S. Seck Drug Co., paring to remove the wall of

Alton, Ill. the store room next door and

Charles G. Arras, Ph. G., '96, will have, upon completion

is enjoying a prosperous trade of alterations, the largest

at 6125 Bartmer Avenue, St. drug store in his town.

Louis, Mo. His motto is Schwerckhardt Bros. are pre

“Care and skill." paring to open a new drug

Dr. J. C. Falk, Ph. G., store at Delmar Avenue and Skinker Road.

nounces the removal of his office and residence to 4568 Carl Emig, formerly manager of the Noll-Collins Page Avenue where he has recently erected a handPharmacy, Minerva and Hamilton Avenues, has taken some residence and convenient office.










The Entertainment Committee of the M. P. A. and the The '08 Graduating Class of the St. Louis College of M. T. A. are busily engaged in preparing the program Pharmacy have established a record that speaks well for the entertainment of the members who attend the for their interest in their Alma Mater. The entire June meeting at Pertle Springs.

class upon a motion made by T. C. Russell and sec. H. B. Kienker, '08, is now with John Mueller, 3901

onded by Messrs. Chipman and Gaertner, joined the Lee. Avenue.

Alumni Association in a body. Arthur Emig, who has had

Daniel Francis Chipman, Pb. G., '08., St. Louis, wil the management of the

remain in the city during the Koehler Drug Co. for about a

summer and expects to take year, is now in charge of

up the course for the degree Herbert's Pharmacy, Jeffer

of Ph. C., next fall. son and Park Avenues.

The St. Louis W. 0. N. A. Edwin R. Snider has returned

R. D. is now fully organized from the wilds of New Mexico

with Mrs. Otto F. Claus, presiand is now manager for Ed

dent; Mrs. W. F. Ittner, vicegar Roberts, East St. Louis,

president; Mrs. Paul Schneider Ill.

secretary; and Mrs. Theodore Edward Popp, head clerk for

F. Hagenow, treasurer. At the Ridgley's Pharmacy, East St.

present writing, over forty Louis, Ill , came back from Bluff Lake with a string women are taking an active of twenty-five croppie last week.

part in the society which will John O'Connell, of the '08 class, has accepted a posi- local organizations of pharmacists.

look after social features and cooperate with other tion with his brother who conducts a drug store in "Perfume and Perfume Plants," was tbe title of an inEast St. Louis, Ill.

teresting lecture by W. J. King, in charge of the perH. O. A. Huegel, the prom

fumery department of the Meyer Brothers Drug Co., inent south side druggist, has

delivered before the Engelman Botanical Club, April enlarged his store by taking

13. The lecture was profusely illustrated with speciin an adjoining room, and

mens and apparatus used in the manufacture of perwith the installation of new

fumery. fixtures and new lights, the The Buyers' Club Building Co. is a project which, if corner of Grand and Park carried out, will result in a building eighteen stories Avenues takes on the

appear- high, with a tower extending ten stories above the ance of a down town store.

building. It is to occupy the entire block between John O'Connell. Mr. Huegel's success can be Seventeeth and Eighteenth, Chestnut and Pine streets.

attributed to up-to-date busi- | It is proposed to devote the fifth floor to drug store ness methods, careful attention to his trade and his merchandise. It is not expected that the building ability to make friends.

will be completed much before the close of 1909. Dr. George P. Hemm, a son of Prof. Francis Hemm,

Anthony Joseph Gettinger, Ph. G., '08, of St. Geneis the author of the class

vieve, Mo., has been a drug toast published on page 124

clerk since he came to this of the MEYER BROTHERS

city a few years ago. He is DRUGGIST for April in our

now pleasantly situated at report of the twenty-third

Sommers Pharmacy. annual re-union of the grad

“Growing old and the Atuating class of 1875 of the St.

tempts to Prevent It” was the Louis College of Pharmacy.

fascinating topic of a lecture Dr. Hemm is a graduate of

by Dr. A. C. Eyclesbymer, at the College of Pharmacy,

the April 20 meeting of the St. also of the medical depart

Louis Academy of Science. ment of the St. Louis Univer.

Pharmacists seem to be just as sity and is now engaged in

anxious as the rest of mankind ANTHONY J. GETTINGER. the practice of medicine.

to live long. Dr. Eycleshymer “The Radioactivity of the Underground Waters and Spring pointed out temperate habits seem to be the key to Deposits” was the subject of a lecture by Dr. Hermann the situation, but that in some cases people live far Schlundt, of the University of Missouri, at the April beyond the allotted three score and ten, in spite of the meeting of the St. Louis Section of the American most flagrant disregard for the ordinary rules of Chemical Society.




Acid, Carbolic, Crude.-Advanced; 50% , quotable MARKET REVIEW:

at 34 to 64c; 30% , 24 to 42c; 12 to 15%, 19 to 26c, as to

quantity. From Manufacturing Centers we learn that conditions

Oxalic.- Quotably lower; bbls., 81 to 12 to 14c, in are gradually improving and there is practically no

small lots. complaint from agricultural sections.

Amyl Acetate.-Declined to $1.95 to $2.23 per gal., Jobbers and retailers in this city report some im- to 35 to 40c per lb., in a small way. provement in volume of sales within the past three Arsenic, White.-Quotably lower; kegs, 54 to 12 to weeks, and there is a more optimistic feeling existing 15c, in small lots. today than there was at the time of our last issue.

Balsam, Peru.-Declined; quotable at $2.20 to $2.30. Market prices still seem to be tending lower, though

Fir, Oregon.- Declined to 25 to 30c per lh. These there have been some noteworthy advances. With

prices may be shaded in large lots. the continued depletion of stocks there is a strong

Berries, Prickly Ash.-Quotably higher; 45 to 50c. probability of firmer quotations in the near future. We set forth below the items on which prices have

Blue Vitriol.-Declined; bbls., 54 to 81 to 10c, as changed since our last issue, a'so the current local

wanted. values thereon:

Camphor.-Declined to 66 to 72c, as to quantity. Advanced.

Cocaine.-Advanced to $2.70; oz.-vials, 25c per oz. Acid, Carbolic, Crude, Leaves, Wintergreen,

less. Absolute Alcohol,

Magnesium Carbonate,
Berries, Prickly Ash,
Oil, Cotton Seed,

Cocoa Butter.-Advanced; M. B., 4-1b. cakes, 12-1b. Cocaine,


boxes, 5lc. Cocoa Butter,

Orange, Sweet,

Codeine.-Declined; alkaloid quotable at $1.70; Gum Chicle,


hydrochloride nitrate and sulphate, $4.45; phosphate, Gum Olibanum,

Wintergreen, True,
Herb, Goldthread,

$4.20; }s, 20c per oz. higher.
Leaves, Henbane,
Seed, Caraway.

Glycerin.-Quotably lower; 50-1b. cases, 16fc.

Gum, Catechu.-Declined; quotable in bales 84 to 12
Acid, Oxalic,
Oil, Bergamot,

to 15c, as wanted. Amyl Acetate,

Palm, Arsenic, White,


Chicle.-Advanced; 200-1b. bags, 58 to 70 to 73c.
Balsam, Peru,

Kino.-Declined to 45 to 50c.
Fir, Oregon,
Cod Liver, Norwegian,

Olibanum.-Advanced to 21 to 250,
Blue Vitriol,


Herb, Goldthread.-Advanced to $1.75 to $2.25. Camphor,


Leaves, Henbane.-Advanced to 25 to 35c. Codeine,

Lemon, Reina, Ethyl Chloride, Neatsfoot,

Wintergreen.-Advanced to 25 to 30c. Glycerin,


Magnesium, Carbonate.-Advanced; quotable in Gum Catechu, Paris Green,

bags, 10 to 12c; bbls., 12 to 14c. Gum Kino,

Pepper. Nickel & Ammoninm Sulphate, Shellac,

Nickel and Ammonium Sulphate.-Quotably lower; Nickel Sulphate, Turpentine.

144 to 20c. Quinine.—Unchanged. The market is quiet. There Nickel Sulphate.--Quotably lower; 184 to 28c. seems no reason for anticipating an advance. Local Oil, Bergamot, Reina.-Declined to $3.55 to $3.80). quotations are: P. & W., on the basis of 100-oz, cans, Castor.-Declined; quotable in cases, $1.00 per gal. 17c; M. B., 164c; 25-oz. cans, 19c; 5-oz. cans, 23c; 1-oz. Cassia.Declined; quotable at $1.35 to $1.55, as to vials, 28c.

quantity. Opium.-Quotably higher; possibly due to deple- Cotton Seed.-Advanced to 54 to 71c, as to quantity tion of spot supplies, though crop reports are not

and quality. altogether favorable. Gum quotable at $1.85; pow- Cod Liver, Norwegian.-Declined; quotable at dered, $5.70; powdered, P. & W., $6.75.

$1.20 to $1.35; Newfoundland, 950 to $1.20. Morphine.-Declined; quotable in t-oz. vials in Erigeron.-Advanced to $2.75. 21-oz, boxes, $3.10; oz. vials, 20c per oz. less.

Lard.-Quotably lower; W. S., 64 to 75c; No. 1, 54 Alcohol, Grain, 188°.-Unchanged; bbls., $2.75; to 65c. bbls., $2.78; 10-gal. cans, $2.95; 5-gal. cans, $2.99, con- Lemon, Reina.-Declined; quotable in 1-1b. coppers, tainers inclusive, with the usual allowance of 10c$1.20 to $1.30. per gallon for cash in 10 days.

Neatsfoot.—Declined; extra, 64 to 75c; No. 1, 54 U. S. P., 190°, is being offered in this market at an

to 65c. advance of öc over the above.

Orange, Sweet.-Advanced; Reina, $2.85 to $3.10. Denatured.—Unchanged; quotable in bbls., 40c; 4- Palm.-Declined to 11 to 15c, as to quantity, bbls., 44c; cans, 62c, containers inclusive. Sassafras.-Declined; true, quotable at 85 to 95c;

Wood, 95%.-Advanced; quotable in bbls., 42c; 4- artificial, 47 to 60c. bbls., 47c; 10-gal.cans, 57c; 5-gal. cans, 62c, containers Spearmint.-Advanced; quotable at $11.00 per 1b.; inclusive. Absolute.-Advanced; quotable at $1.50 per quart.

Wintergreen, True.-Advanced; $4.25 to $4.50.

ozs., 75c.

Paris Green.-Schedule for this season bas been announced and is on a somewhat lower basis. Quota

CINCINNATI NEWS. ble in arsenic kegs, 25fc; 100 to 175-1b. kegs, 26c; 14, 28 and 56-1b. kits, 27c; 2 and 5-1b. paper boxes, 27fc;

Vacancy on the Board.-Cincinnati members of the 1-1b. paper boxes, 284c; ds, 291c; ds, 30fc.

Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association are making a Seed, Caraway.-Advanced; bags, 13 to 19c, as

strong fight for the re-appointment of Julius Greger, of wanted.

Cincinnati, as a member of the Ohio State Board of Shellac.—Declined; V. S. O., case lots, 514 to 62c; Pharmacy, at the expiration of his term of office. Five T. N., 234 to 33c; powdered, 384 to 45c; bleached, bbls.,

names will be submitted to the board. 29 to 45c; ground bone, dry, bbls., 35 to 50c.

Glassware.—Quotable discounts unchanged; Pearl Head of Drug Firm Convicted. With the conovals, case lots, 75% ; 5-case lots, 75%; larger quanti- viction and sensational sentencing of Walter Critchlow, ties, 75 and 5%; Baltimore ovals, brandy finish, 75 a man doing business in Dayton, Ohio, April 17, in the and 10% ; 5-case lots, 75, 10 and 5%; larger quantities, United States courts in Cincinnati, anotber so-called 80% ; Comet ovals, 80 and 15%; 25-case lots, 85% ; 50- medical company, the sole object of which is declared to case lots, 85 and 5%.

be to sell medicines to prevent conception, is put out Window Glass.-Unchanged; local quotations, all of business and its president and general manager is single, 90 and 30%; all double, 90 and 40%.

placed behind bars in the Ohio penitentiary for thirTurpentine.-Materially lower.

At the present teen months. There are several intensely dramatic writing the market is 13c below the price that was incidents connected with the case, and it has accordcurrent on the date of our last issue. Quotable in ingly attracted much attention in the drug world in bbls., 50c; 10-gal. cans, 61c; 5-gal. cans, 65c, packages his part of the state. inclusive.

Druggists Confer With Law Makers.-President MATRIMONY.

A. 0. Zwick, of the 0. V. D. A., Attorney Frank

Freericks, legal counsel of the O. V. D. A., and a numZimmerschied --Hirsch.-Mr.Albert Zimmerschied, ber of other prominent druggists and officials of the of Kansas City, Kan., and Miss Ethel Hirsch, of Boon- 0. V. D. A. went to Columbus, Ohio, a few days ago ville, Mo., were married, April 19, at the residence of to meet the judiciary committee of the House for the the bride, and are now at home in Kansas City, where purpose of talking over the proposed amendments to Mr. Zimmerschied is interested in the drug business. tbe Valentine-Stewart anti-trust law. Dr. Zwick and He is also assistant secretary of the Missouri Pharma. Attorney Freericks explained all phases of the law and ceutical Association, and was one of the very popular its amendments to the legislators, who listened closely. members at the 1907 meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Zim- The lawmakers asked a number of questions, which merschied will attend the 1908 meeting, which occurs were promptly answered. One question was, “Will the week of June 9.

not the passage of the proposed amendments do away Thomas Alfred Buckland, city chemist of St. Louis,

with the good features of the law while eradicating the and Miss Agnes Allen Spencer, of Marshall, Mo.,

evil ones?" Attorney Freericks explained that the were married at the residence of the bride's sister, in

amendments would not have this effect. The comEvanston, Ill., April 21, and are now at home to their

mittee then went into executive session, and its report friends at the Hamilton Hotel, St. Louis. Mr. Buck

is being anxiously awaited. Attorney Freericks says land has long been identified with pharmaceutical it is possible the amendments will not be passed at this interests, being a graduate of the St. Louis College of legislature, but, that in case they are not, they will Pharmacy, ex-president of the Alumni Association, prove to have been an entering wedge at least, and that ex-president of the Drug Clerks' Society, and always

sooner or later they will be enacted into law. interested in the welfare of the pharmacist. The wedding was a very quiet affair, but friends are now

St. Louis Visitors. making up with hearty co. gratulations.

Dr. C. C. Kerlagon, Belleview, Mo.

Dr. J. G. Rafter, Huntsville, Mo. A Young Man asked the druggist for a “Henry J. A. Thompson, Paragould, Ark. George Cigar." "Sorry, but can't sell it to you,” re

C. E. Armstrong, Vaiden, Miss.

George C. Hill. Pendleton, Ore. plied the druggist. “You see the Henry George Cigar

Edward Muench, Union, Mo. says: 'I am for men.'"

Dr. O'Brien, Skiatook, Okla. “All right then, give me a Childs," says the young Walter McGee, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Curtis Stream, Des Moines, Ia. may.-[EXCHANGE.

J. J. Chandler, Lutesville, Mo.

Walter Denzel, of Schuh Drug Co., Cairo, Ill. Chemistry Students in the Heidelberg University R. G. McKibben, Wellsville, Mo. are compelled by the rules of that institution to insure

J. E. Webster, Benton, Ill.

F. W. Stukenbroeker, Owensville, Mo. their lives. Even those who merely attend the lec

H. H. Haas, Cape Girardeau, Mo. tures, and do not experiment, must insure.

Dr. J. Kamplain, Oakton, Ind.




putting in a drug department for the purpose of sellST. LOUIS LOCALS.

ing patent medicines at cut rate prices. Mr. M.

Shoenberg, president of the Shoenberg Mercantile The Mo. Ph. Bd. will hold a meeting for examina

Co., which owns the Famous department store, real

izes that the retail drug trade depends upon a legitition of applicants for registration in the Hall of Phil. osophy, at Pertle Springs (Warrensburg), Monday,

mate line of business for a living, and accepted the June 8, at 9 a. m. It is not necessary to make appli

offer of the wholesalers to purchase the entire stock cation before the hour of examination.

of drugs which were about to be used in opening a

drug department. Recent Graduates, St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

We are pleased to have the opportunity of present ing the above picture of the principals in the transaction. Seated is Col. C. P. Walbridge, president of the J. S. Merrell Drug Co.; standing to the left, Mr. Theodore F. Meyer, president of the Meyer Brothers Drug Co.; and to the right, Mr. M. Shoenberg, president of the Shoenberg Mercantile Co. H. S. Merrell, Ph. C., '08, will remain with the J. S.

Merrell Drug Co., which firm his grandfather established. He will devote his time to the laboratory.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sum H. H. HUBACH, ST. LOUIS.

celebrated their silver wedThe Mo. Ph. A. which meets at Pertle Springs for

ding anniversary, April 25. four days, beginning June 9, will be largely attended

The occasion

a very by St. Louis pharmacists. The two cent a mile rate

pleasant one, as Mr. and Mrs. will prevail. Further particulars can be obtained at

Sum have a large circle of inthe office of the Missouri Pacific Railway, Sixth and

timate friends who appreciate Olive Streets.

their many good qualities. Mr. Sum has long been prom

inent in pharmaceuticalwork. The St. Louis Drug Clerks' Association is in a flourishing condition, with E. Kurtz as president.

John C. Thumser, president of the Alumni Association, made interesting remarks in presenting the Alumni prizes at the commencement exercises of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

Percy Knoebel, of East St. Louis, is chairman of the committee on prizes of the Alumni Association and arranged for the senior medal and the junior prize presented at the recent commencement exercises.

Harry William Ahrens, Ph. G., '08, immediately after graduation accepted a position at the Anti-Monopoly Drug Store, Sixth and Market Streets.

The Mo. Ph. Travelers' A. will have its big day during the state meeting, at Pertle

Springs on Thursday, June 11. Wholesalers, Department Store and Retailers Practically every salesman Cooperate in preventing the opening of a drug de visiting the Missouri trade partment and the sale of patent medicines at cut rate

will be present. prices in St. Louis. Through the good offices of the The Annual Meeting of the St. J. S. Merrell Drug Co. and the Meyer Brothers Drug Louis College of Pharmacy Co., in conference with the manager of a prominent occurred Monday, May 2, department store, he decided to abandon the plan of too late for us to report the results of the election.





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