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ark, N. J.; John T. McDonald, Philadelphia, Pa.; Torquato BOARDS OF PHARMACY.

Mancusi; Newark, N. J.; Elmer E. Mount, Burlington, N. J.;
Ernest E. Onsted, Newark, N. J.; Nelson F. Parker, Atlantic

City, N. J.; Anastasius Parobek Trenton, N. J.; W. Scott RedThe Kentucky Board of Pharmacy met in Louis- field, Princeton, N. J.; Alter S. Resler, New York, N. Y.; Meyer ville, April 14. The following, out of a class of sixty-Samuelson, New York, N. Y.; Joseph S. Scheuer, New York,

N. Y.; Samuel Silverberg, New York, N. Y.; David R. Slitkin, one, passed and were registered:

Newark, N. J.; Moe L. B. Sotoloff, Philadelphia, Pa.; Herman William F. Averbeck, Cincinnati, O.; Henry C. Bohlsen, Louis

V. Staeble, Newark, N. J.; Harry Sternberger, Newark, N. J.; ville, Ky.; A. C. Bond, Lawrenceburg, Ky.; B. C. Frants, Chi

Leawood G. Stratton, Bevrley, N. J. cago, Ill.; J. W. Iliff, Cincionati, O.; N. R. King, St. Charles, Ky.; E. Meyer, Louisville, Ky.; B. J. Osterholt, Louisville, Ky.;

Registered Assistants, April, 1908.-Harry W. Breslin, NewC. G. Sharpe, Panola, Ky.; Fred Sommer, Louisville, Ky.; E.

ark, N. J.; John J. Cassidy, Newark, N. J.; William T. Cramer,

Point Pleasant, N. J.; Paul F. DeDan, Atlantic City, N. J.; EdRay Turner, Upton, Ky.; E. C. Webb, Huntington, W. Va.; A. C.

ward C. Eyke, Bayonne, N. J.; John F. Fitzgibbon, Jersey City, Wortz, Louisville, Ky.; T. K. Grant, Newport, Ky.; George C. King, St. Charles, Ky.; Harry Horwitz, Cincinnati, O.; H. A.

N. J.; Luke C. Hines, Rahway, N. J.; Gustav E. Hopf, ElizaKatzmann, Louisville, Ky.; W. J. Leatherman, Louisville, Ky.;

beth, N. J.; Joseph A. Johnson, Paterson, N. J.; William F. Lind,

Orange, N. J.; Nicholas G. Mariconda, Newark, N. J.; Harry J. J. Naughton, Jr., Louisville, Ky.; M. M. Ponansky, Louis

B. Reibel, Elizabeth, N. J.; Joseph Schnorbus, Trenton, N. J.; ville, Ky.; J. P. Smith, Burkesville, Ky.; C. A. Struby, Louisville,

Walter A. Yeakle, Norristown, Pa. Ky.; Phil Valenti, Bowling Green, Ky.; 0. N. Wilson, Bowling Green, Ky.; R. R. Ramsey, Louisville, Ky.; C. A. Hacser, Coy- The Next Meeting for the examination will be held ington, Ky.

in Trenton on Thursday and Friday, July 16 and The next meeting will be held at Dawson Springs, 17.-[HENRY A. JORDEN, Secretary. July 14. Those intending to appear for examination should file application with J. W. Gayle, the secretary

The Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy met in regular of the board at Frankfort, Ky., at least ten days be

quarterly session in the City Hall at McAlester, Okla., fore the time of meeting.

on April 14. A class of nineteen was present and

took the examination. The following named persons Illinois Board of Pharmacy.–At the meeting in having passed satisfactory examination were granted Chicago April 21-23, eighteen of the sixty-three appli

registration: cants for registered pharmacist and thirty-seven out

Herman Brandes, Omega, Okla.; Dan J. Brown, Muskogee, of a class of seventy candidates for assistant pharma- Okla.; A. G. Barnes, Guthrie, Okla.; P. C. Bradley, Blanchard, cist passed successful examinations. Their names fol- Okla.; Dr. E. E. Heady, Jet, Okla.; J. R. Johnson, Cheyenne, low:

Okla.; Mohler J. Miller, Hinton, Okla.; Henry Northrup, Law.

ton, Okla.; Theo. Thoma, Geary, Okla.; Mathew G. Thomas, Registered Pharmacists.-H. E. Anderson, Francesco D'Urso,

Carney, Okla.; C. E. Wright, Oklaboma City, Okla.; C. B. Smith, John J. Foley, Wm. Frank, Michele Graziadei, Roy W. Mark

Sulphur, Okla.; L. A. Watson, Atoka, Okla. ham, Richard Milbauer, R. G. Mrazek, Joseph P.' Raeth, F. P. Ratkowski, Isadore Sklamberg, Frederick A. Vogel, Warren N.

The following persons having complied with the Walker and Frank J. Zuck, all of Chicago, and Wayne C. Den- requirements of the board were granted registration son, Minonk; H. A. Launspach, Morris; Adelard Marcotte, Kan- on diploma: kakee, and Homer Stephens, Ludlow.

C. H. Stillman, Mason City, Ia.; John C. Speer, Des Moines, Assistant Pharmacists.-Gustaye A. Anderson. C. A. Chris- la.; A. P. Hall Mangum, Okla.; J. E. DeFord, Carlisle, la.; tiansen, Harry Conners, Lawrence E. Deeter, Harry C. Duer, Frank A. Botham, Cleveland, O.; Elmer Eugene Carr, Mt. PleasJohn L. Elson, A. T. Englund, Leo E. Elliott, Samuel Fellner, ant, la.; Frank E. Giller, Mammoth Springs, Ark; George L. W. Z. Felsher, S. V. R. Gross, Holly P. Harris, Henry C. Heim- Miller, Frederick, Okla.; Neal H. Moore, Chickasha, Okla.; soth, John G. Howley, Louis P. Jodar, A. W. Lindstadt, Robert R. Fremont S. Catlin, Mason City, Ia.; Wm. F. Junger, Waterloo, Midgett, Frank S. McKinney, A. V. Pavlicek, Alex C. Peska,Wm. Ia.; Louis Mortimore White, Maynard, Ia.; John Morgan, TeE. Ploetz, Wm. Proehl, Herman L. Rauschert, David B. Richwine, cumseh, Okla.; R. E. Marsh, Ponca City, Okla.; Elmer H. HartAlexander I. Rizos, Ira M. Simmons, Andrew C. Sprepgel, A. L. mann, Waverly, Ia.; James S. Gleghorn, Pittsburg, Pa.; J. Carey Staishak, Richard Van Dusen and Benj. C. Waterman, all of Chi- Scott, Bethel, O.; Guy E. Afflerbaugh, Sumner, Ia.; Oscar A cago, and Luther Baker, Astoria; Augustus F. Cover, Toulon; Means, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Ben J. E. Freer, Cleveland, O.; Benj c. Grosse, Elgin; C. R. Jacob, Quincy; Wm. H. Kuhn, Arthur H. Lewis, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Ralph Hunt Leslie, Joliet; Albert P. Niemeyer, Quincy, and Lyle K. Rowe, Hebron. Greenup, Ky.; Harry T. Ray, Tulsa, Okla.; Harley Ross Monroe,

The Board will hold a meeting in Chicago on Tues- Valparaiso, Ind.; Guy D. Jackson, Woodville, Okla.; Moses day, July 7, for the examination of assistant pharma

McKay Goode, Xenia, 0.; Herbert W. Schmidt, El Campo, Tex.;

Clyde Lewis Wilbern, Ireton, la.; John Virgil Slaughter, Philacists, and on the following day, July 8, an examina

delphia, Pa.; W. A. Felker, Lewistown, Mo.; Clarence H. Soyder, tion will be conducted for registered pharmacists.- Delta, 0.; Elmer A. Watson, Clayton, 111.; E. Thomas, Gran(F. C. DODDS, Secretary, Springfield.

ville, Ia.; T. J. Jackson, Marsden, Okla.; G. Will Reves, Alma,

Ark.; Charles S. Reves, Alma, Ark.; A. A, West, Guthrie, Okla. New Jersey.-(Registered Pharmacist, April, 1908):

The state board will meet in adjourned session at Aaron Augenblick, Newark, N. J.; Charles A. Cole, Jersey City, N. J; Roy Thomas Cope, Greensburg, Pa.; Joseph Cos

Sulphur, Okla., on May 19. Any one desiring to take ta, New York, N. Y.; Howard C. DeClark, Paterson, N. J.; the examination can do so at this meeting. All comHenry DeVries, Paterson, N J.; Samuel Gartenberg, Newark,munications should be addressed to me at Stroud, N. J.; Nathan Glassenberg, New York, N. Y.; Arthur August

Okla., J. C. Burton, secretary. Harmann, Newark, N. J.; Henry T. Hopkins, Keyport, N.-J.; Charles G. Horner, Chambersberg, Pa.; Nicholas D. Huyler, Hackensack, N. J.; Arthur A. Kahn, Long Branch, N. J.; Rob- The Human Race is divided into two classes: those ert Kasdan, Belmar, N J.; Harold D. Konover, Trenton, N. J.;

who go ahead and do something, and those who sit Roland H. Kilborn, So. Orange, N. J.; Nicholas V. Kroeze, Pat. terson, N. J.; Edward A. Krom, East Rutherford, N. J.; John

and enquire: “Why wasn't it done the other way?” E. Lamouree, Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; William D. Lavin, New. -[OLIVER WENDALL HOLMES.

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“The Encouragement of Closer Relation Between OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT. Pharmacist and Physician”, taking up several diver

gent ideas clustering arqund his subject and threw First Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma State

into them all the optimistic ideas characteristic of Pharmaceutical Association..

Oklahoma spirit. His paper was highly applauded.

Mr. L. Matthews, Sr., gave a rousing talk on assoPlatt National Park, Sulphur, Okla., May 20-22. ciation support and need of it now at the initiative One of the interesting features of the meeting of the stage of legislation. He was enthusiastically and association this year, which should be mentioned at unanimously supported. As chairman of the Comthe outset, relates to the place of meeting. Sulphur

mittee on Adulterations the same member called is a resort. A resort in this new country sounds upon Prof. L. E. Sayre, of Kansas, to address the rather ambitious. Nevertheless, Oklahoma can hon- association relating to his personal experiences with estly boast of a real resort, and resorters to support it.

the subject of growing importance. Professor Sayre If one were to compare Sulphur Springs, Okla., with gave a brief account of analyses of various articles of Excelsior Springs, Mo., it would not be an exaggera

widely different physical characters, including spices, tion. Indeed "Sulphur” can score some points in its oils, drug powders, fluid extracts, etc., and closed by favor over "Excelsior”. Not the least among these

stating that the quality of materials now being suppoints is the steady mid-ocean like breeze in the hot plied—even to the spices--were improving, showing season which keeps the foliage in constant commo

a wholesome attitude of business toward the drug law. tion, electric fans being at a discount. The legend In the afternoon session several papers were read. which

with the retreat is:

Miss Dollie Sivgleterry, of Caney, read a paper on "The Ancient Outing Place of the Red Mau Beautified under “Window Display." United States Government supervision and dedicated forever to

Mr. John Humphrey on “The Druggist and the the Pleasure of the People."

Doctor”, making the point that the two professions At the “Artesion” (headquarters), on the broad

they represent were interdependent. piazza, and in the lobby, badges are in evidence, show

Mr. W. H. Samuels, of Hominy, presented a paper ing an encouraging numerical strength for Oklahoma

on "The Small Town Druggist”. He, with others of Pharmacy. Over 200 delegates were in attendance.

his class, suffer from the Itinerant Vender. The inThe first annual meeting was called to order hy justice to the public and to pharmacy in permitting President McGinnis on Wednesday, May 20, at 10 the drug wagon to encroach upon legitimate phara. m., at Banquet Hall. Judge John Casteel, repre- macy was not only to be regretted but should be strensenting the Commercial Club and citizens of Sulphur, uously combatted. Mr. Samuels had some practical and Col. A. R. Green, representing the United States, suggestions to meet this growing evil. welcomed the delegates. H. D. Kniseley, Checotah, The Traveling Men's Association, now proving a and F. B. Lillie responded. After the preliminary wholesome spicy auxillary, had a session in adjourndetails of opening, consisting of reports of commit- ing room, Mr. Victor Rankins in the chair. This ortees, etc., Mr. Knisely reviewed the organization and ganization, after disposing of routine business, listened work of the Indian Territory Association, and Mr. to short addresses for the good of the order, and Lillie reviewed that of the Oklahoma Association; showed itself a loyal friend to the association work. this was followed by the formal inauguration of the Professor Sayre was asked to address the members, new state association, into which the two former which he did by calling attention to the important associations are now merged. The members of these position of the traveling salesman as a help in the former organizations being the charter members of fair and proper execution of the drug law, and as an the new state association constituted an available aid in removing friction, which in some cases was membership of about 300.

almost unavoidable between inspectors and dealers. On Wednesday morning, after the preliminaries Harmonious action was the thing to seek and strive were disposed of, papers were presented.

after. Mr. J. T. Drummond, of Dowe, discussed “The Em- At the Friday morning session a motion was made ployer and Employee” in a capdid way, incidentally to alter the constitution so that traveling salesmen touching the self-sufficiency idea which either or might become active members, on the basis of paying both parties may foster or curb. Too much of it annual dues, etc. It was not shown, however, that brings bad results. “The Arabs have a proverb,” he the traveling men desired this recognition. Besides said, “The moment a man is satisfied with himself, this the conservative element maintained the position every one else is dissatisfied with him"-justly so that practicing pharmacists should hold to the policy perhaps.

of deciding for themselves the important questions, J. C. Holland read a paper on "The Importance of a which may make or break them, which will help or Knowledge of Chemistry”, giving numerous examples harm their cause. The motion was lost to the entire of where it was needed in the testing of official chem- satisfaction of the traveling men. icals.

Following this pleasant and spirited debate the atL. Matthews, Jr., of Pauls Valley, read a paper on tention of the delegates was called to a more serious


question, relating to the matter of dealing with the alcohol question, which it must be admitted requires

MATRIMONIAL. discretion and tact. It is well known that under the new prohibition law authorized state dispensories

Hayes-Dunning.–James F. Hayes and Miss Dunalone shall supply alcohol for pharmaceutical pur- ning, of Denver, Colo., were married, May 5. Mr. poses, and the pharmacist is required to give a $1 000 Hayes was at one time a representative of the pharbond if he so buys and uses the alcohol. The situa

maceutical manufacturing department of the Meyer tion is one that is apt to create opposition, which op- Brothers Drug Co., and is now interested in the Astor position might be misunderstood as meaning an

Pharmacy Co., of Denver. Mrs. Hayes is prominent antagonism to the principles of prohibition and, in social circles of Denver. therefore, the whole problem is a very delicate one with which to deal.

Bradley-Remington.—On May 6, Thomas Bradley, The election of officers resulted as follows:

of Philadelphia, and Miss Anna Collins Remington, President-H,I). Kniseley, Che- of the same city, were married. The bride is the daughcotah, by unanimous and enthu- ter of Professor and Mrs. Joseph P. Remington, and siastic acclamation.

has attended several pharmaceutical conventions. Vice-President - M. M. Hays' Quinton.

Many friends were present from New York and other
Second Vice-President Claud cities. After a wedding tour, the couple will be at
Powell, Stillwater.

home at 324 South Forty-second St.
Third Vice-President - A. D.
Hughes, Miami.

Paris-Bascom.-J. Ernest Paris has charge of the
Secretary-W.H. McCu, Luther.

store belonging to Dr. W. J. J. Paris, at Cave-in-Rock, The ten persons chosen by 111. Mr. Paris, who graduated at the St. Louis Colballot, from which shall be lege of Pbarmacy, last April, was quietly married, chosen those to serve upon

December 22, to Miss Sarah Margarette Bascom, of the Pharmacy Examining Cave-in-Rock, Ill. His classmates regret having Board, were as follows: missed the opportunity of extending their congratuFred Reed, Norman; F. C. Sav

lations while Mr. Paris was in school, but the expresage, Hartshorn; H. D. Kniseley, Checotah; J. C. Burton, Strand; sions are none the less hearty at this time. F. B. Lilly, Guthrie; H.C. Washburn, Norman; L. Matthews, Miami; 6. c. Cobb, Muskogee; E. K. McGinois, Sulphur; John Hudgins-Bundy.-It was during holiday week of Humphrey, Bristow. Mr. F. B. Lilly, who is well known as one of the

last year that Mr. E. M. Hudgins, of Johnston City, level-headed conservatives, made a motion to the Ill., bid his classmates good-bye at the St. Louis Coleffect: That as loyal citizens of our state we will lege of Pharmacy and quietly went to Florence, Colo., support and obey all laws in force until repealed. This motion seemed to be quite necessary and that

where he was married to Miss Jessie M. Bundy, the it be published pretty generally, because of the fact only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bundy. Mr. that a clause had been inserted in the Oklahoma | Bundy formerly owned the bank at Benton, 111. The Daily making a false statement that the druggists had accomplished young lady is an ideal wife for a pharin convention opposed the provisions of the law, and that the druggists were inclined to favor the buying

macist. Mr. Hudgins returned to college, graduated of alcohol as usual in the open market.

with the class of 1908 and now Mr. and Mrs. Hudgins Another one of the live subjects, which the Okla- are located at Florence, Colo. His many friends are homa druggists recognize as demanding immediate pleased to learn not only of his marriage but also that attention, is that which has been referred to by the members in their papers: The Itinerant Vender. A

he is gradually regaining his former good health. A formal statement of this might be put in the follow- severe attack of typhoid fever interfered with his ing words, which are contributed by Hon. C. A. work at the college of pharmacy. Frazer: "We believe that the injury to public health from the exces

Hunold-Cockrane.—The marriage of Miss Margaret sive use of these preparations (drug wagon medicines) it but Helen Cockrane, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. known, would prove to be greater than the harm resulting from the sale of intoxicants, and the time is not far distant when William Cockrane to Frank A. Hunold, Ph. G., ocproper legislation will control their distribution.

"The physician and the druggist are the conservers of public curred on May 16, the event taking place at the Episcohealth, and they are particularly interested in legislation of this character, not from a pecuniary standpoint, but are as desirous

pal rectory, Port Washington, N. Y., the Rev. Wm. E. of legislation for the public good as is any other class of our Nies officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Hunold will make citizens. "It is therefore believed by both the druggist and the physi

their future home at Port Washington, where the groom cian that the indiscriminate sale by peddlers, who have no conducts a drug store. Mr. Hunold is a graduate of koowledge of the use of medicine should be prohibited by law iu the interests of public health and safety."

the New York College of Pharmacy, a member of The place of next meeting was chosen as Muskogee.

Morton Lodge No.63 A. F. and A. M., and is very well The entertainment committee did royal service in making it interesting and pleasant for the delegates

known and popular. For several years he was manand their friends. An evening was spent at the opera ager of the Lusk Pharmacy, Hempstead, N. Y. The house, where an entertainment was given in the magic bride was also a clerk in Lusk's Pharmacy and it was art, where the miraculous performances, up to date, here where the meeting took place. The bride is a were performed before the eyes of the audience and the high lights of the stage. The ladies were given sweet and beautiful young lady and very popular and rides to the hills, springs and the falls, and the field we think she will also soon become a pharmaceutical sports enlivened the unbending youths of all ages. graduate.


The Proprietary Association of America is made PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATIONS.

up of manufacturers of so-called. patent medicines,

with a sprinkling of those engaged in the manuThe New Hampshire Ph. A. will meet at Newport,

facture of so-called proprietary medicines. A number N. H., June 23-25, inclusive. The Secretary is H. E.

of the latter withdrew their membership a year or Rice, of Nashua, N. H.

more ago when the medical profession attempted to The Washington State Ph. A. meets at Moclips, distinguish between patent and proprietary medicines. July 14-17 inclusive. The organization is in a pros

The ripple caused at that time has evidently subsided, perous condition and the indications are good for a

for the twenty-sixth annual meeting, held at the Hotel largely attended meeting.

Astor, New York City, May 13-14, was a record breaker An Appeal From The Ohio Committee on Papers

as to attendance and work accomplished. A prosand Queries.—The opportune time for the true phar- perity cry filled the atmosphere and it was decided to macist to assert himself and come to his own has as

unite forces in the work of regaining the public ear rived. This condition has been brought about by the

and confidence in patent medicines. Marked attenpropaganda in the interest of the U.S. P. VIII., and tion was paid to the pharmaceutical press, so much so N. F. III. Galenicals. This committee is extremely that editors, modest as a class, were confused when desirous of receiving reports from every member of the

called upon to speak and share the attention crowded Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association, giving his ex

upon them. Caswell A. Mayor editor of the American perience, beneficial or otherwise, in the preparation Druggist was the first to regain self control and made of the aboved-named authoritative medicaments. The

a very creditable talk. D. O. Haynes followed with a original formulas were worked out by expert pharma

few words for the Pharmaceutical Era, while Charles cists and chemists, who had every facility for experi- B. Drake represented the Practical Druggist. Henry ment and operation; and, while the general results are

R. Strong, of the National Druggist, analyzed the deserving of the highest praise, yet the usual working attitude of drug journals towards the proprietary of these formulas in the restricted environment of the

medicine men. Hugh Craig, of the Druggists Circuaverage drug store has not always brought the best re

lar, completed the list of editors who were obliged to sults; it is, therefore, extremely important that your drop their pens to use their tongues on this interesting experience should be put on record as a means of help- occasion. The new officers for the ensuing year are

as follows: ing to correct these defects and make our authorities fit the pharmacists and their facilities, in order that uniform and efficient work can be accomplished. The following defects are said to exist in the preparations named below; and, while we want a report on everything you have noted, we strongly request your opinion on the following:

Liquor Antisepticus Alkalinus, N. F. The Cudbear of commerce has a variable tinctorial power. Some method of obtaining a uniform color is desired.

Magnesii Carbonas, U.S. P. It is said that the article labeled "for technical use" is still used almost exclusively for pharmaceutical use. It is good enough for this purpose? The U. S. P. article is quoted at seven or eight times the price of the above.

Liquor Cresolis Compositus, U. S. P. Faults claimed: Does not produce a clear mixture with water; varies too much in color and may be too alkaline.

Elisir Ferri Quininae, et Strychninae Phosphatum, U. S. P. Claimed it changes color on keeping and difficulty of preparation without the formation of precipitate.

Liquor Ferri Peptonati cum Mangano, N. F. Principal difficulty is said to be the inability to secure a good iron albuminate and a solution magnesium citrate. Elixir Gentianae Glycerinata, N. F. Contains too much sac

President, Frank J. Cheney, Toledo, O.; First Vice-President, charin and too little acetic ether.

John W. Kennedy, Chicago; Second Vice-President, A. H. Beards. Liquor Sodii Phosphatis Compositus, U. S.P. The main trouble

ley, Elkhart, Ind.; Secretary-Treasurer, Orient C. Pinckney. is the inability to get the ingredients all into solution and to prevent a subsequent precipitation.

During the meeting, news reached the convention Syrupus Hydrochlorphosphatum, N. F. The formula is con- hall of the jury verdict in favor of Miss Frances Wynne sidered worthless, but is said to be capable of change.

against the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. for Many other suggestions and hints are to be found $6000.00 damages on account of alleged unauthorized in the current pharmaceutical press, and we earnestly publication of a testimonial and photograph. The hope you will favor us with the results of some of

case has been appealed but the news caused much disyour own experience.-[JOSEPH FEIL, Chairman, 1963 cussion which finally led to an executive session withEast Seventy-First Street, Cleveland, Ohio; W. R. out even editors as spectators. It is likely that this OGIER, Columbus, Ohio; C. T. P. FENNEL, Cincinnati, case will result in new plans for securing and using Ohio, Committe on Papers and Queries.




President, W. A. Crawford, '07.

First vice-president, A. C. McCarty.
Second vice-president, A. 0. Estabrook.

By a unanimous vote Mrs. D. V. Whitney, '02, was Baylor University College of Pharmacy (Dallas, for the fourth year secretary-treasurer. At the close Tex.)-J. W. Ball, A. J. Homan, Archibald Blair, R. of the meeting the entire graduating class became M. Willis.

members of the Association. Cleveland School of Pharmacy.—Charles Ayles- Schell City, Mo., were among the out-of-town alumnus

Chas. Hassig, '04, and Dr. J. C. Chambers, '86, of worth, M. D.; Frederick L. Freeman, K. Fredolin

present at the reunion. Gerold, Otto H. Graebner, Robert Krebs, Coyt G.

After the wedding cards announced the marriage, Morton, Albert H. Wimgert, Van F. Zbornik, Jr.,

on April 29, of E. E. N. Coan to Miss Gertrude M. Jessie Gertrude Rosen and S. J. Sternicki.

Clark, of Barnes, Kas., the Alumni extended congratuThe E. R. Squibb & Son's prize, for best essay on lations. Mr. Coan was a popular member of '02 class. “The Value of Professional Pharmacy From a Business

Class 1908.-Albert K. Berry, Thomas M. Brinkley, Theodore Standpoint,” awarded to Jessie Gertrude Rosen.

A. Burchett, Howard B. Diehl, Ira G. Edmister, Willis M.

Esmond, Ronald S. Ford, Richard H. Franck, Frank T. Fudge, Pharmacy prize, three years membership to the

John B, Hecker, Bertman H. Hockett, Mell Hopper, William S. American Pharmaceutical Association awarded to

Hughes, Guy Long, Raymond C. McCoy, John F. McKinney, Otto H. Graebner.

Minor F. Sewell, Railey Steele, Harry M. Stofer, Albert C. Stone,

Frank W. Young, Elbert Van Buskirk. New York College of Pharmacy (April 30, 1908):

Gold medal for highest general average in all Theodore F. Bahr, Jersey City; Virginia Baker, Middletowu,

branches awarded to Harry M. Stofer. N. Y.; George W. Bendt, Agustin Blanco, Louis T. Blatz, Abra

Honorable mention for the next highest grade to ham J. Block, New York; Carl G. Bongartz, Jersey City; Alfred O. Boyd, Panama; Oscar L. Brecklein, Kansas City, Mo.; Viola Raymond C. McCoy and Elbert Van Buskirk. E Breunig, Newark, N. J.; Michael H. Brodsky, New York; H. Gold medal for the highest general average in the P. Brown, Swanton, Vt.; Erwin J. Brownell, Mexico, N. Y.; Ed

junior class awarded to B. E. Benkelman. ward A. Burroughs, Metuchen, N. J.; Harold E. Bykowsky,

Honorable mention for the next highest grade to Marlin, Tex.; D. W. Caldwell, Newburgh, N. Y.; Byram E. Coleman, Boonton, N. J.; Harvey R. Cooper, Walden, N. Y.; Edward H. Audrey Eastman and H. B. Hedrick. 0. Dalton, Syracuse, N. Y.; Edwin M. Davin, Elizabeth, N. J.; Alumni Association gold medal for the highest grade Karl H. Driggs, Sayre, Pa.; Samuel Edelman, William DeBellis,

made in the pharmaceutical laboratory awarded to Walter R. Eimer, New York; Miss Asuncion Estrada, Cardenas,

Elbert Van Buskirk.
Cuba; Martin J. Peely, Jr., Whitehall, N. Y.; Harold Feuereisen,
William Finkelstein, New York; William P. Finn, Dansville, N.
Y.; Eva S. Forman, Newark, N. J.; Charles F. P. Gaspard, New
York; Haos W. Gesell, Weehawken, N. J.; Clarence B. Glatt,

Sodawater Suggestions.
Whiteboro, N. Y.; John H. Hecker, Frederick W. Heine, New

Keep Your Eyes Open to wait on customers and give York; John B. Henggeler, Paterson, N. J.; Arthur L. Henrick

them their checks promptly without having to be sen, Brooklyn; Geo. Hohmann, New York; Laura B. Hornby, Glen Gardner, N. J.; Karl H. Jurgensen, Astoria, N. Y.; Israel

asked for them. Levitow, Leo Liebermann, New York; George A. Lindsay, Am

Be Polite under all circumstances. Wait for your sterdam, N. Y.; George W. McCann, Jr., Springfield, O.; Jennie

customer's order, but not in a manner that indicates M. McSweeney, Long Lake, N. Y.; Eugene C. Osborne, Davenport, Ia.; Joseph Panebianco, New York; Pedro E. Perez, Santo impatience. Domio go, S. D.; Samuel Pollock, Weehawken, N J.; Manuel C.

Don't Run your glasses over, it presents a negligent Preciado, New Brighton, s. I.; David Rabinowitz, San Carlos, Ariz.; Frank J. Ramirez, Felix Resnick, Isidor P. Ringler, New

appearance and gives a bad impression. York; Charles M. Rees, Brooklyn; Dominick A. Rossomano, Don't Put Your Fingers on the rim or in the glass exCorona, N. Y.; Angelo G. Saverese, John G. Saverese, New York;

cept when cleaning it and do not allow your soda Richard J. Sepples, Litchfield, Conn.; Joseph N. Shatzkin, Brooklyn; William McKay Smith, Bronxville. N. Y.; Frederick glasses to be used for medicines—keep special glasses J. Snyder, Yonkers, N. Y.; Walter G. Straehler, New York;

for that. Henry H. Stiller, New York; Albert A. Tooter, Plainfield, N. J.; Cleanliness is of the utmost importance and neatness Stanley W. Thomas, Yonkers, N. Y.; Frederick L. Tiffany, Bridge

in your work saves you half the work. Always keep Hampton, N. Y.; Nathan E. Truman, Bainbridge, N. Y.; Ralph W. Vernon, Florida, N. Y.; Spencer H. Travis, Westchester, N. the counter wiped dry.-[The Soda Fountain. Y., and Estelle E. Wisendanger, Woodmere, N. Y. Kansas City College of Pharmacy.-The annual

Strange Epitaph in Moreton, in Marsh church reception given by the Alumni Association for the

yard: graduates and their friends was the most enjoyable

Here lie the bones of Richard Lawton, affair ever given by the association. Dancing com

Whose death, alas! was strangely brought on; menced at 9:30 and continued until 1:00 a. m., with a

Trying one day his corns to mow off,

The razor slipped and cut his toe off. luncheon served at midnight. Punch was served all

His toe, or rather what it grew to, evening and the colors green and white were carried

An inflammation quickly few to, out in the programmes, etc.

Which took, alas! to mortifying,

And was the cause of Richard's dying. At the annual meeting of the Alumni Association,

-(From Gloucestershire (England) Notes aud on April 27, the following officers were elected:

Queries, Vol. ii, p. 6.

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