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shall have had such certificate recorded in the office of the clerk MISSOURI PHARMACY LAWS. of the county court of such county, and it is hereby made the

duty of such county clerk to record such certificate in a book, to

be provided and kept for that purpose; and the county clerk is Revised to June 1, 1908.

authorized to charge a fee of fifty cents for the recording of each certificate-to be paid by the person offering such certificate for

record. Every pharmacist now holding a certificate of registraDruggists and Their Licenses, Chapter 23. tion as a pharmacist, and being engaged in business as a pharSection.

macist, shall have such certificate recorded, as is in this section 3036. Druggists must be registered.

provided, within thirty days after the taking effect of this chap3037. Registered pharmacist to compound, etc.-physicians may

ter. The record of each certificate required by this chapter, or a register-penalty.

certified copy thereof, shall be evidence in all courts that the 3038. Board of pharmacy.

person holding it is a registered pharmacist. Any pharmacist 3039. Duties of board.

failing to comply with the foregoing provisions shall be deemed

guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be 3040. Examination, how made.

fined not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hun3041. Fees for registration.

dred dollars. (R. S. 1689, $ 4613, amended, Laws 1893, p. 151–c.) 3042. Druggist responsible for quality of drugs, etc. 3043. Druggist can sell, what.

Sec. 3040. Examination, How Mode.-The said board of phar3044. Selling poisons, conditions, etc., penalty.

macy shall, upon application, and at such time and place and in 3045. Making false representations, etc., penalty.

such manner as they may determine, examine, either by a 301, Chapter shall not apply to what.

schedule of questions, to be answered and subscribed to uoder 3047. May sell or give away in what quantity, when.

oath, or orally, each and every person who shall desire to con3018. Prescriptions must be preserved, etc., penalty for failure. duct the business of selling at retail, compounding or dispensing 3049. Penalty for making false prescriptions, etc.

drugs, medicine or chemicals for medicinal use, or to compound 3030. Prescriptions for intoxicating liquors, when given, etc. and dispense physicians' prescriptions as pharmacists, and it a -penalty.

majority of said board shall be satisfied that said person is 3051. Intoxicating liquors must not be drank on premises. competent and fully qualified to conduct said business of com3052. Examination by board of pharmacy.

pounding or dispensing drugs, medicines or chemicals for mediciSEC. 3036. Druggists Must be Registered.-It shall be unlaw

nal use, or to compound and dispense physicians' prescriptions, ful for any person not a registered pharmacist, within the mean

they shall enter the name of such person as a registered pharing of this chapter, to conduct any pharmacy. drug store, a pothe

macist in the book provided for in the preceding section, and cary shop or store, for the purpose of retailing, compounding or

that all graduates in pharmacy having a diploma from an incordispensing medicines or poisons for medical use, except as

porated college or school of Pharmacy, that requires a practical hereinafter provided. (R. S. 1889, $ 4610-a.)

experience in pharmacy of not less than four years before grant

ing diplomas, shall be entitled to have their names registered as SEC. 3037. Registered Pharmacist to Compound, etc.-Pen

pharmacists by said board, without examination: Provided, alty.-It shall be unlawful for the proprietor of any store or

that any person not a pharmacist or druggist, may own or conpharmacy to allow any person, except a registered pharmacist,

duct such store, if he or they keep constantly in bis or their emto compound or dispense the prescriptions of physicians, or to

ploy a competent pharmacist or druggist. (R. S. 1889, $ 4614-d.) retail or dispense poisons for medical use, except as an aid to and under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Any person

Sec. 3041. Fees for Registration.-The board of pharmacy violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of

shall be entitled to demand and receive from each person whom a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be liable to a they register and furnish a certificate as a registered pharmacist fine of not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hun

without examination, the sum of one dollar, and for each and dred dollars for each and every offense. (R. S. 1889 $ 4611–b.)

every person whom they examine orally, or whose answers to a Sec. 3039. Board of Pharmacy.-The governor, with the approval

schedule of questions are returned subscribed to under oath, the of the senate, shall appoint three persons from among the most

sum of three dollars, which shall be in full for all services; and competent pharmacists of the state, not connected with any

in case the examination of said person shall prove defective and school of pharmacy, all of whom shall have been residents of the

unsatisfactory, and his name not be registered, he shall be perstate for at least five years, and of at least five years' practical

mitted to present himself for re-examination within any period experience in their profession, who shall be known and styled

not exceeding twelve months thereafter, and no charge shall be “board of pharmacy for the state of Missouri," one of whom

made for such re-examination. (R. S. 1889, 8.4615.) shall hold his office for one year, one for two years, and one for SEC. 3012. Druggists Responsible for Quality of Drugs, etc.three years, and each until his successor shall be appointed and Every registered pharmacist, apothecary or owner of any drug qualified; and each year thereafter another member shall be ap- store shall be held responsible for the quality of all drugs, pointed for three years, or until his successor be appointed and chemicals, and medicines he may sell or dispense, with the ex. qualifiert. If a vacancy occur in said board, another shall be ception of those sold in original packages of the manufacturer, appointed as aforesaid, to fill the unexpired term thereof. Said and also those known as "patent medicines," and should he board shall have power to make by-laws and all necessary regu- knowingly, intentionally and fraudently adulterate, or cause lations, and create auxiliary boards, if necessary, for the proper to be adulterated, such drugs, chemicals or medical preparations, fulfilment of their duties under this chapter, without expense

he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon convicto the state. (R. S. 1889, § 4612.)

tion thereof, be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred Sec. 3039. Duties of Board.-The board of pharmacy shall

dollars, and in addition thereto, have his name stricken from the register in a suitable book, a duplicate of which shall be kept in register. (R. S. 1889, $ 4616.) the secretary of state's office, the names and places of residence Sec. 3043. Drugglsts Can Sell, What.-Apothecaries, regisof all persods to whom they issue certificates, and dates thereof; tered as herein provided, shall have the right to keep and sell, and no person having received, or who may hereafter receive, a and under such restrictions as herein provided, all medicines and certificate of registration as a pharmacist, shall engage in busi. poisons authorized by the National Americap or United States ness as a pharmacist in any county of this state in which he Pharmacopæia as of recognized medical utility, except intoxi. shall locate, or into which he shall afterward remove, until he cating liquors which shall only be sold by druggists and phar(a) 96 Mo. 44; 142 Mo. 586. Court of appeals has no jurisdic

macists, as prescribed by section 3047 of this chapter. (R. S. tion, when. 105 Mo. 299. The state must prove that he is a drug

1889, $ 4617. gist. 27 A. 626. It is the purpose of the statute to cover all the (c) Duplicate certificate competent evidence. 98 Mo. 374; grounds in relation to the sale of liquors by druggists. 41 A. 160. 21 A. 290. (b) Sale by druggists' clerks, when liable. 61 A. 369.

(d) 20 A. 423; 66 A. 491.

SEC. 3044. Selling Poisons, Conditions, etc., Penalty.-It shall shall be stated the purpose for which alcohol is to be used. Any be unlawful for any person to retail any poisons enumerated in druggist who shall violate any of the provisions of this section, schedules “A” and “B,” except as follows: Schedule "A"-ar- or any person who shall make a false statement in an application senic and its preparations, biniodide of mercury, cyanide of potas. for alcohol, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on sium, hydrocianic acid, strychnia, and all other poisonous vege- conviction shall, for the first offepse, be fined not less than one table alkaloids and their salts, and the essential oil of bitter hundred nor more than five hundred dollars, and for a second almonds. Schedule "B"-opium and its preparations, except offense, shall, on conviction, in addition to such fine, have his paregoric and other preparations of opium containing less than certificate of registration as pharmacist revoked. (R. S. 1689, two grains to the ounce; aconite, belladonna, colchicum, conius, $ 4621–1.) nux vomica, henbane, savin, ergot, coitoa root, cantharides, Sec. 3048. Prescriptions Must Be Preserved, etc., Penalty for creosote, veratrum, digitalis, and their pharmaceutical prepara- Failures.-Fvery druggist, proprietor of a drug store or phartions, croton oil, chloroform, chloral hydrate, sulphate of zinc, macist shall carefully preserve all prescriptions compounded by corrosive sublimate, red precipitate, white precipitate, mineral

bim or those in his employ, numbering, dating and filing them acids, carbolic acid, oxalic acid, without labeling the box, ves. in the order in which they are compounded, and shall produce sel or paper in which the said poison is contained, and also the

the same in court or before any grand jury whenever thereto lawoutside wrapper or cover, with the name of the article, the word fully required, and on failing, neglecting or refusing so to do, “poison." and the name and place of business of the seller. Nor shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall it be lawful for any person to sell or deliver any poisons shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty por more than one enumerated in schedules "A" and "B," unless upon due inquiry hundred dollars. (R. S. 1899, § 4622—g.) to be found that the purchaser is aware of its poisonous charac

Sec. 3049. Penalty for Making False Prescriptions, etc.-Any ter, and represents that it is to be used for legitimate purposes. Nor shall it be lawful for any registered pharmacist to sell any

physician doing business as a pharmacist or druggist, and ownpoisons included in schedule "A” without, before delivering the

ing or operating a drug store or pharmacy, who shall write and

permit the filling out at his own drug store or pharmacy of a same to the purchaser, causing an entry to be made in a book kept for that purpose, stating the date of sale, name and address prescription calling for intoxicating liquor except the same is of purchaser, the name of poison sold, the purpose for which it

for the purpose and uoder the conditions mentioned in section

3047 of this chapter, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on was represented by the purchaser to be required, and the name

conviction shall have his certificate of registration as a druggist of the dispenser-such book to be always open for inspection by

or pharmacist revoked as part of the judgment of the court, and the proper authorities, and to be preserved for at least five years.

in addition thereto be fined in a sum not less than one hundred The provisions of this section shall not apply to the dispensing

dollars nor more than five hundred dollars. (R. S. 1889, $ 4523.) of poison in not unusual quantities or doses upon the prescriptions of practitioners of medicine. Nor shall it be lawful for any

Sec. 3050. Prescription for Intoxicating Liquor, When Given, licensed or registered druggist or pharmacist to retail, sell or

etc., Penalty.-Any physician, or pretended physician, who shall give away any alcoholic liquors, or compounds as a beverage.

make or issue any prescription to any person for intoxicating Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be liquors in any quantity, or for any compound of which such deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof,

liquors shall form a part, to be used otherwise thap for medicinal shall be fined not less than twenty-five nor more than one hun.

purposes, or who shall issue more than one prescription at the dred dollars. (R. S. 1889, $ 4618.)

same time to any one, for intoxicating liquors, or for any com

pound of which such liquors shall become a part, or who shall SEC. 3045. Making False Representations, etc., Penalty.-Any

make or issue any prescription contrary to any existing law, person who shall procure or attempt to procure registration for

shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction himself or for another under this chapter, by making or causing

be punished by a fine of not less than forty nor more than two to be made false representations, shall be deemed guilty of a

hundred dollars. (R. S. 1889, $ 4624-h.) misdeameanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable to a penalty of not less than twenty-five por more than one hundred

Sec. 3051. Intoxicating Liquors Not to be Drunk on Premises dollars, and the name of the person so fraudulently registered

-Penalty.-Any druggist or dealer in drugs and medicines who shall be stricken from the register. Any person not a registered

shall suffer alcohol or intoxicating liquors to be drunk at or about pharmacist, as provided for in this chapter, who shall conduct a

his place of business, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,

and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine not exceeding store, pharmacy, or place of retailing, compounding or dispensing drugs, medicines or chemicals for medicinal use, or for compounding or dispepsing physicians' prescriptions, or who (1) Section same as laws 1883. Druggist cannot sell or give shall take, use or exhibit the title of "registered pharmacist," away bitters or proprietary medicine containing intoxicating shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction liquors without a prescription. 20 A, 412; 24 A. 462; 80 Mo. 303; thereof, shall be liable to a penalty of not less than one hundred 81 Mo. 78; 107 Mo. 18. What state must prove. 27 A, 626; see 81 dollars, except as provided in section 3040. (R. S. 1889, $ 4619.) Mo. 78. Indictment. 29 A, 641. Local option law does not inSec. 3046. Chapter Shall Not Apply to What.-This chapter

terfere with the druggist and pharmacy law. 46 Mo. 44; 41 A. shall not apply to physicians putting up their own prescriptions,

160; 45 A. 656; 16 A. 421. Law constitutional. 10 Mo. 591; 16 Mo. uor to the sale of proprietary medicines. (R. S. 1889, $ 4620—e.)

889; 18 Mo. 616; 20 Mo. 490; 92 Mo. 325. A drug and prescription

clerk may be compelled to testify, when. 66 Mo. 688. Each sale Sec. 3047. May sell or Give Away in What Quantity, When.

of intoxicating liquor without a license constitutes distinct and No druggist, proprietor of a drug store or pharmacist shall.

separate offense. 31 Mo. 197. Druggist's prescription. 108 MO. directly or indirectly, sell, give away or otherwise dispose of

666. When both agent and principal are liable. 14 Mo. 137. Sale alcohol or intoxicating liquors of any kind in any quantity less

of whisky at drug store by a person in charge establishes sale by than four gallons for any purpose, except on a written prescrip

defendant; 4) A. 627. Information must charge what. 47 A. 558; tion, dated and signed, first had and obtained from some regu

52 A. 389. Indictment must state name of person to whom liquor larly registered and practising physician, and then only when

was sold. 41 A. 45; 108 Mo. 117. Prescription may be invoked such' physician shall state in such prescription the name of the

as defense, when. 52 A. 130. Definition of "druggist.” 52 A. 389. person for whom the same is prescribed, and that such intoxi

Must be indicted as a druggist or pharmacist, when. 62 A. 101; cating liquor is prescribed as a necessary remedy: Provided,

73 A, 605; 69 A, 286; 70 A. 406. Statute construed. 75 A. 454. that any druggist or pharmacist may sell or give away, in good

Druggiste only amenable to the law regulating sales of liquor by faith, any wine for sacramental purposes; Provided further, that

men engaged in that calling. 76 A. 550. Charged with selling any druggist may sell alcohol in less quantities than four gal

liquor on Sunday. 73 A. 602. When physician is a druggist and lons for art, mechanical and scientific purposes, but only on a

indicted for selling on his own prescriptions. 72 A. 78, 230. written application signed by a person known to the drug

(g) Constitutional. 108 Mo. 666. Subpoena calling for pre. gist to be a mechanic, scientist or artist, in which application

scription must be definite. 117 Mo. 614. (e) 86 A. 517; 63 A. 244.

(h) 73 A, 576.

two hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not Sec. 1. That chapter twenty-three of the Revised Statutes of exceeding six months. (R. S. 1889, $ 4625.)

Missouri of 1899 be and the same is hereby amended by adding Sec. 8052. Examination by Board of Pharmacy.—The said

a new section thereto, to be known as section 3048a, to read as

follows: board of pharmacy shall, upon application, and at such time and

Sec. 3048a. Every druggist, proprietor of a drug store or phar. place and in such manner as they may determine, examine every

macist shall, on the first Monday of each aod every month, file person who shall desire to conduct the business of selling at retail, compounding or dispensing drugs, medicines or chemicals

with the county clerk of the county in which he is doing business for medicinal use, or to compound aud dispense physicians' pre

a copy of all prescriptions com pounded by him or those in his

emplog, prescribing only for intoxicating liquors, during the scriptions as pharmacists, and if a majority of said board shall

preceding month, and said copies of said prescriptions shall be be satisfied that said person is competent and fully qualified to

accompauied by an affidavit of the druggist, proprietor of a drug conduct said business, they shall enter the name of such person

store or pharmacist, stating that said copies so filed are true and as a registered pharmacist in the book provided for in section

are copies of all such prescriptions filed by him or those in bis 3039, of chapter 23, of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, 1899:

employ during the preceding month; and on failing, neglecting Provided, that the board of pharmacy, in conducting examinations under the provisions of this section, shall not be permitted

or relusing so to do, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,

and on conviction shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty to inquire into the source of information of any applicant, but

nor more than two hundred dollars. shall subject all applicants to the same examination, and require

Sec. 2180. Penalty for Circulating Obscene Books, Pictures, of all the same degree of efficiency: Provided, that nothing

Etc.-Whoever sells or offers for sale, or gives away or exhibits herein shall effect the rights of those who are now legally reg

or circulates, with or without intent to sell or give away, any obistered pharmacists. (Laws 1895, p. 169.)

jectionable, lewd or indecent or lascivious book, pamphlet, paper, Druggists And Their Licenses (S. B. 163.) drawing, lithograph, engraving, picture, photograph, model, An Act to amend chapter 23 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, cast, instrument, or article of indecent or immoral use, or medi1899, in relation to druggists and their licenses, by (addiog) a cine for procuring abortion or preventing conception, or advernew section thereto, to be known as section 3048a.

tises the same for sale, or writes or prints any letter, circular, Sec. 1. Druggists to File Copy of Prescription for Intoxicating handbill, card book pamphlet, advertisement or notice of any Liquors.

kind, giving information directly or indirectly, when, where, how Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri,

or by what means any of the articles or things hereinbefore as follows:

mentioned can be purchased or otherwise obtained or made, shall SEC. 1. That chapter 23 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri of on conviction thereof be fined not more than one thousand 1899 be and the same is hereby amended by adding a new section

dollars, nor less than fifty dollars, or be imprisoned not more thereto to be known as section 3048a, to read as follows:

than one year in the county jail, or both; but nothing in this Sec. 3048a. Every druggist, proprietor of a drug store or phar

section shall be construed so as to effect teaching in regular macist, shall, on the first Monday of each and every month, file

medical colleges, or public standard medical books or the practice with the county clerk of the county in which he is doing business, of regular practitioners

of medicine, or druggists in their legiti

mate business. (R. S. 1899, 3801). a copy of all prescriptions compounded by him or those in his employ, prescribing for only intoxicating liquors during the preceding month, and said copies (if) (of) said prescriptions shall be accompanied by an affidavit of the druggist, proprietor of a drug store or pharmacist stating that said copies so filed are true and are copies of all such prescriptions (filed) (filled) by him or

T DOCTOR those in his employ during the preceding month; and on fairing,

neglecting or refusing to do so, shall be deemed guilty of mis-
demeanor, and on conviction be punished by a fine not less than
fifty nor more than two hundred dollars.

Approved April 15, 1906.
Druggists: Regulating Sale of Cocaine (S. B. 84).

An Act to regulate the sale of cocaine and of preparations containing cocaine.

SEC. 1. It shall not be lawful for any druggist or other person to retail or sell or give away any cocaine hydrochlorate or other šalt of or any compound of cocaine, or preparation containing cocaine, or any salts of any compound thereof excepting upon

RAIS the written prescription of a licensed physician or licensed dentist, licensed under the laws of this state, which prescription shall only be filled once. Provided, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to sales in the usual quantities at wholesale by any manufacturer or wholesale dealer when such manufacturer or wholesale dealer shall have affixed to the box, bottle or package containing such cocaine hydrochlorate or other salt or compound of cocaine or preparation containing cocaine, a label specifically setting forth the proportion of cocaine contained in any preparation.

Sec. 2. Every person who shall be found guilty of violation of the provisions of this act, shall for the first offense, be fined a sum not less than ten dollars, nor more than fifty dollars, and for each subsequent offense not less than fifty dollars, nor more than two hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding ninety days, or either or both, in the discretion of the court. Missouri Liquor Law.-A new liquor law of interest

Dr. Coke (soliloquizing)—“I think hit was Abe Lincum that to pharmacists was passed by the legislature of Missouri

said 'What's in a name,' and surely he said the truf. Here I am, and signed by the governor, April 15. It reads as a namesake to dat great Germán professor, and haven't made follows:

salt for my bread for two weeks. 'Deed thar's puffin in a name."

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get back to normal conditions quickly, if we will. We ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

do not see why we should wait for the closing months

of 1908, or for the Spring of 1909. We have passed the Prosperity in St. Louis is Evident to the average. low level. The commercial sun is shining. This is person who is ready to look upon the bright side of the business May Day. The time for this movement life. In fact, St. Louis, in a way, is the center of the is ripe now. It was not ripe before. prosperity movement, for here the National Prosperity Association was organized. Under date of May 1, a

The National Prosperity Association of St. Louis

has definite plans to expedite its purposes. circular was issued addressed to the business interests of the country, explaining that the purposes of the

To carry out these plans it will ask the co-operation National Prosperity Association of St. Louis are:

of every newspaper, every business, industrial and To keep the dinner pail full,

labor organization in St. Louis. To keep the pay car going,

The St. Louis movement may spread to other comTo keep the factory busy,

munities. We hope it will. The prosperity we proTo keep the workmen employed,

mote is national. No city or town can monopol To keep the present wages up. Some of us have discovered that our business showed good thing in business. We prosper, we stagnate, we a profit in April. Our business was not profitable for recede, we grow all together. That is the lesson of the

six months which ended last night. We invite every three months before April.

We came together informally, and compared notes. business man to talk the Gospel of Good Cheer. The situation in St. Louis was better than we had

The plans and methods of the National Prosperity thought. We asked representatives of different lines Association of St. Louis are available to any business of trade to meet with us, and enlarged the investiga- organization or any individual anywhere. Our assotion. Much evidence of restored confidence and re

ciation will welcome any helpful suggestion to increase turning prosperity was offered. We felt that this

its efficiency.

We are confident that if the business men of the community ought to be fully informed; that the en

United States join in the St. Louis movement, proscouragement should be extended beyond St. Louis. The organization of the National Prosperity Asso- perity will be at full tide before the end of the year;

that 1909 will be the best business year our country ciation of St. Louis followed. The association has

has known. nothing to do with the past. It looks forward. It is not political. It has a platform. The two planks are,

Instead of waiting for something to turn up, we will

turn up something and do it quick. a square deal and a square meal for every man.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the Olav Kaarboe has departed for his native land and will business situation. The financial clouds have rolled sojourn in Christiana, Norway, until August when he by. The crop prospects,—that basis of all things for will return to St. Louis and take up the study of mediall of us,-are exceptionally good. We believe we can cine at the Washington University.

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H. S. Konetzky, the hustling pharmacist at Nineteenth and Wright Streets, takes a great pride in window dressing. For new ideas and novel window displays Mr. Konetzky certainly deserves much credit. The photo gives but a faint idea of the real beauty of this new and interesting display. The cards indicate his keen conception of how to get the business.


Maltese Cross.

nesday of each month at Schneider's hall, Broadway ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

and Keokuk Streets, and any lady wishing to join can

telephone or 'write to the secretary or president. The Missouri Botanical Garden, more familiarly The Meyer Brothers Cocked Hat Bowling League known as Shaw's Garden, is one of the interesting has just completed their yearly series of contests. This gardens of the world. The founder, the late Henry organization consists of six teams of five men each and Shaw, in his will, provided for an annual flower ser- roll during the late fall, winter and early spring, 150

The preacher this year was Bishop E. R. Atwill, games. The first series of seventy-five games was of Kansas City.

completed in the following order: “The Missouri Botanical Garden," said Bishop Karbirons,

La Crestonias,
Imperial Crowns,

Maltese Cross,
Atwill, "is known everywhere in the United States as

Colonial Girls,

Zebras. Shaw's Garden. Thus the memory of Henry Shaw is

The second series the teams finished as follows: perpetuated. Sixteen thousand species and varieties


Zebras, of plants remind us of his love for nature.”

Imperial Crowns,

Colonial Girls, Bishop Atwill referred to the hundreds of thousands

La Crestonias, of visitors to the gardens in one year, the amount of In the first series the highest five was rolled on botanical instruction which is given, and even the December 13 by the Zebras, which team totaled 1238 pleasure which visitors from afar find in discovering pins. In the second series the Karbirons rolled the plants of their own home country in the gardens. The highest five. On January 31 they totaled 1279 pins. annual sermon, he said, was intended “in God's house to remind you that God created the useful and beautiful plants in his universe, and that the wisdom and love of God is shown in the growth of flowers and other products of the vegetable kingdom."

In conclusion, the bishop made a plea for the preservation of forests, which, he said, have been “ruthlessly destroyed, so that it makes one sad to see it. Let us make a new resolution not only to use but to preserve the blessed gifts that God has given us.”

The W. 0. N. A. R. D. organized on Wednesday, April 1, at the Southern Hotel with nineteen charter members present. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mrs. Otto F. Claus, president.

The Winning Karbirons. Mrs. W.F. Ittner, vice-president.

Back Rov, Otto Rudert, Geo. Danner, Otto Rosskopf. Front Mrs. Paul Schneider, recording secretary.

Row, Geo. Hickel, Frank Teighraber. Mrs. K. Kring, corresponding secretary.

In the first series the Zebras rolled the highest sinMrs. Theo. Hagenow, treasurer. Executive Board.-Mesdames Sol. Boehm, W. Busch, A. W.

gle game totaling 275 pins in one game. In the second Pauley, E. R. Marten, A. J. Hoenny, Jos. P. Methudy.

series the Karbirons passed this one pin, rolling 276 The objects and aims of this organization are socia- pins. bility, to assist in various ways their husbands, sons

In the first series, John Weiler, secretary of the and brothers who are members of the St. Louis R. D. League and a member of the La Crestonias, rolled the A., and other features which from time to time present highest five, totaling 290 pins. In the second series themselves. The members voted that two dollars Mr. Rudert, of the Karbirons rolled the highest five, shall constitute the dues for the first year, and each totaling 303 pins. lady present gladly paid same in advance. Since the In the first series three individual bowlers tied for first meeting eleven new names were presented for the high single-Anthony Rasch, Mr. Bradshaw and initiation making a total of about thirty members. G. T. Meyer. In the roll off this was won by Mr. Committees were appointed by the president at the Rasch. In the second series Mr. Schrader, of the last meeting held at Schneider's Hall, Broadway and Maltese Cross, rolled the highest single, totaling 82 Keokuk Streets, to canvass the entire city, and the pins. Several perfect games were rolled. association expects in a few months to have a mem

The chief trophy is a solid silver loving cup donated bership of more than one hundred. Considerable in- by Willis W. Russell, Milltown, N.J., which the board terest was taken in the proceedings of the meeting of directors decided should be given to the ranking held on Wednesday, May 20, 1908, and the ladies are bowler at the erd of the series, but only to be held by now contemplating something very interesting which, him until won three times. This year it was taken for the present, they positively refuse to divulge. down by Otto Rosskopf of the Karbirons. Every lady who is either a wife, daughter, mother or “Oil and Gas in St. Louis and Vicinity," was the subject sister of a retail druggist is eligible to join this asso- of an interesting article at the May 4 meeting of the ciation. The meetings will be held on the third Wed. St. Louis Academy of Science.

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