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TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: United States, per year.......

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1 50 Single Copies.......

10 Sample copies sent free on application. Please remit in funds that are bankable in St. Louis.

To discontinue a subscription, notice must be sent to office of publication and all arrears paid.


(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6xt 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 9 months (2 6-6x4 1-4 inches) One-fourth page, 1 year

(2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-half page, 3 months (4 1-4x6 inches). One-half page,

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St. Louis, Mo., U 3. A.

Dr. John Thomas McGill, president of the AmeriIn the Pharmaceutical Eye is G. E. Gibbard, presi- can Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties, was repdent of the recently organ

resented on the cover of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGized Canadian Pharmaceuti- Gist for December. cal Association. He is edi

A Prosperous New Year.
tor and manager of the
Canadian Pharmaceutical Many Things Should be Done First in the New
Journal, president of the Year.–At least, so you surmise as you think over the
Ontario College of Phar. calls upon your time, your attention and your finances.
macy, has large commercial | We suggest that you place among the very first in the
interests in his home city, | list the payment of your dues in the N. A. R. D.
Toronto, and has long been
prominently identified with

Price List, Page 33.
Canadian pharmaceutical af-
fairs. His election insures

Bulletin for Buyers, Page 4.
the successful launching of

Want Advertisements, Page 1. the new organization.

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moment seemed sufficiently high to sweep everything before it, we advised following the national act as closely as possible in order to make the laws throughout the land as nearly uniform as could be secured.

The national law was then new and, in fact, cannot A Happy and Prosperous New Year is the wish of

now be considered old. It is by no means perfect but the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for the drug trade of

as the atmosphere clarifies the objections and critiAmerica. It will be a happy year, if a prosperous one,

cisms and exceptions are less numerous than anticiand seldom are conditions such that it is as appropri- pated. For various reasons, the national law is likely ate as at present to say that the year will be prosper

to escape material amendments during the present sesous if the pharmacists are happy. The financial de

sion of the legislature. Thus, it will remain as it stands pression from which the country is now emerging was

for at least another year. As the pharmaceutical caused by conditions which were perhaps beyond hu

world is beginning to realize, many of the state legismau control, but the most dangerous feature of this

latures were ready to attempt to improve upon the depression is a spirit of unrest and particularly one of

national law without waiting for practical experience discontent and mistrust. The pharmacist, like the

born of actual demonstration of the law in force. Of physician, is taught to keep a cool head and a steady course, these improvements were merely theoretical hand during an emergency. This mental and physical

and now we have almost as many pure food and drugs condition 'engenders confidence and tranquility in

laws as we have state enactments on that subject. As others and has much to do with safely passing critical

a result, manufacturers, wholesalers and others who moments during a catastrophe or in times of trial of any

do an interstate business find themselves subjected to kind. We believe that the most gratifying feature of

the provisions of the federal law and to numerous state the close of 1907 and the beginning of 1908 is the ex

laws with varying requirements. The condition is not hibition of confidence in the financial and industrial only unpleasant, perplexing and expensive, but has a stability of this country, as evidenced by the citizens decided tendency to prevent the full enforcement of in accepting present conditions and making the most state laws, as intended by the law makers. While the of them without mad rushes or other rash acts which

national government is not likely to tamper with the excite the country and bring about a general panic. law at present, we suggest that those state legislatures The date on which we are writing marks the close of

now in session make an effort to remodel their laws in the period covered by banks and trust companies accord with the federal enactment. The pharmacist which requires depositors to give sixty days' notice who will stop for a moment to think of the endless before drawing out savings accounts. The experience trouble caused by the wide range of requirements in of our financial institutions shows that depositors are

state pharmacy laws cannot help but realize how connot only willing but anxious to let their accounts re

fusion is confused by a multitude of state pure food main in the banks and trust companies, while many

and drugs laws, each with special requirements of its are opening new accounts or increasing those already established. Pharmacists are looked upon as public

Did You Fail at a Recent Board of Pharmacy Exadvisers and we believe that they have had much to

amination? If so, do you expect to try again? One do in their own communities and neighborhoods in

more question and we are ready for the point of our reassuring their customers and bringing about the

item. Did you try the examination just to see what it present satisfactory conditions.

is like? We have been present at many board examinThe reports from industrial centers, like Pittsburg, ations and experience has taught us that a large proannouncing the reopening of mills and factories is an

portion of those applying for registration trust to their encouraging condition brought about much earlier

lucky star or what is commonly known as “bull than many students of financial and industrial economy headed luck” to get them through the ordeal. The anticipated. The obliteration of the premium on

young men and women who are ambitious to register money in the New York City market is another wel

hy examination should gain all the information they come omen of better times. As we stated in a recent

can by correspondence with the secretary of the board issue of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, the country

and a study of the sample sets of questions published at large is in a prosperous condition and there is no

in the pharmaceutical press. They should then carereason why the year 1908 should not be one of happi- fully prepare to the best of their ability for the examness and prosperity for the public in general and our

ination and put off from one examination date to anreaders in particular.

other coming before the board until they are convinced Make the Pure Food and Drugs Laws Uniform.- that they are at least fairly well prepared for the tes In the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for January, 1907,

If the record made on the examination proves unsatiswe took occasion to question the propriety of the var- factory, the candidate failing to register should at ious states rushing ahead with state legislation along once carefully study the situation and give particular pure food and drugs lines. We counseled the com- attention to the features of the examination which mittee on legislation of the various state pharmaceuti- proved difficult. In this way, the candidate will be cal associations to go slow and where the fever of the certain to pass on second trial. There is really no ex


cuse for a candidate failing a second time, although pharmacopoeia of this country. boards of pharmacy record as high as ten or a dozen The English pharmaceutical press in reviewing the unsuccessful examinations successively taken by a new Danish Pharmacopoeia holds up the United States single candidate. It is not many years ago that a can- Pharmacopoeia as the model. In less than three years, didate wrote at the bottom of his examination paper, the United States Pharmacopeial Convention will "This is my sixth examination. Where does the board again convene and delegates should bear in mind that meet next time?” We are in full sympathy with those when they formulate instructions for the Committee boards that refuse a candidate permission to come up on Revision, they are mapping out work which is to for re-examination a third time, without a long period be regarded as of international importance in the having elapsed since the second failure to register. pharmaceutical world. Of course, time alone will not qualify a candidate and

The North Dakota Pure Paint Law has been dea thousand years would not help out some who apply clared constitutional by the Supreme Court. So it for registration. But a thinking embryonic pharma- does not require a prophet to reveal the nature of Paint cist will make use of the time and properly prepare Legislation which will follow in the various States of for registration.

the Union. It is likely that the paint manufacturers The Value of Practical Experience in the drug will now unite in the support of a Federal Pure Paint business was questioned to such an extent at one time Law. The enactment of such a law will have a tendthat some teachers claimed that they could turn out ency to direct the nature and scope of the State graduates who had never spent a day in the drug store Regulation, which is certain to come. Of course, the but who would be fully competent to assume the object of pure paint regulations is like that of Pure responsibilities of looking after the pharmaceutical Food and Drugs Laws. It means honest labels. We end of a business, if not prepared to take complete hope the different States will wait for a Federal Law, control of the store. This position be-littled the value and then pattern as closely as possible after the Naof drug store experience while it magnified the im

tional Regulation. The difficulties following the portance of college training. Just at present a re- heterogeneous Pure Food and Drugs State Legislation action has set in and drug store experience is looked

should serve as a lesson for those interested in Paint upon by the boards of pharmacy as the first consider-Laws. ation, if not the all important one when qualifying for Full Weights and Measures for Paint.-The Eastadmission to an examination for registration. Phar- ern Paint Manufacturers' Association, covering New macy, however, is not the only calling in which prac. York, New Jersey and New England bas anticipated tical experience commands a high valuation. Our a National Paint Law, and decided to put up their own government is placing its stamp of approval upon goods in packages containing full net weight and practical experience when it sends the great fleet of measure of contents. The action of this organization fighting vessels from the Atlanic Ocean to the Pacific will, no doubt, be followed the country over for a coast. The real significance of this cruise is to obtain a National Paint. Law is almost assured, and if it for both officers and men common every day practical comes will certainly bring with it provisions for eight experience so that our coast protectors will be as pints of paint to the gallon and sixteen ounces to the serviceable on one side of the country as on the other. pound. Of course, prices will be advanced in accord The need of practical experience for the navy is the with the additional weight and measure. The old secret of the manœuvre, in spite of the fact that the containers were not dishonest, for the purchasers reyellow press, the world over, endeavors to associate ceived their money's worth, but they failed to come up the cruise with the relations existing between the to the standard by which they were commonly termed. United State and Japan.

Unsold Holiday Goods may become a dead loss if United States Pharmacopoeia is of surmounting left around to be shop worn or carelessly packed away so excellence according to the testimony of authorities that they will not keep over for another season. Certain in the leading nations of the world. It is but natural kinds of holiday goods may be sold at a discount and that those who use the authority every day have occa- something realized upon them. Others should be well sion to find many minor criticisms, but they should packed and carefully stored away to await the next bear in mind that pharmacists in other countries have holiday season. We will be pleased to hear from the pharmacopoeias with shortcomings. As an example, readers of MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST who have the Danish Parmacopoeia for 1907 has gone to the devised successful methods of selling holiday goods extreme in brevity. The chemical feature has particu- which are left over after the season has closed. larly suffered, for the tests are cut down in number and

Telephones Are a Necessity in the Retail Drug detail. Strange to say, the new Pharmacopoeia Danica Store and, not infrequently are they exceedingly exgoes to the other extreme in pharmacognosy and in- pensive necessities. The Chicago R. D. A. has suctroduces in great detail directions for the microscopi- ceeded in securing very favorable terms from the telecal examination of powdered drugs. This is a feature phone companies. This is one result of organization which was carefully considered by the Committee of and we urge the retail druggists of this country to Revision of the United States Pharmacopæia which promptly meet their obligations for dues in the assodecided that such tests are as yet out of place in the ciations to which they belong.

to change the date of the 1908 meeting of this organSTRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS.

ization. After due consideration the council finally

decided to let the date remain as agreed upon by the Bind the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for 1907.

association which is to meet at Pertle Springs, War

rensburg, Tuesday, June 9. The board of pharmacy A Prosperous 1908 for the readers of the MEYER

will hold a meeting at the same place on Monday, BROTHERS Druggist is our wish.

June 8. Women Interested in Pharmacy.-Eleven Brook

A Poison Book for British Columbia.—The editor lyn women canvassed the city for funds to be used in

of the British Columbia Pharmaceutical Record reU.S. P. propaganda.

quests suggestions for a Poison Book, suitable for the Sunday Closing is making headway at Ft. Worth, use of pharmacists in that country. The problem of Tex., and, no doubt, other sections of the Lone Star the United States is to find inducements for the pharState will follow the good example.

macists to use a Poison Book when a suitable one is It Is 1908 and we suggest that you practice writing State Pharmacy Laws is frequently observed in the

prepared for them. The Poison Register Provision of the date for a few minutes in order to make sure that

breach rather than the enforcement. the letters you write this month are not dated a year behind time.

The Board of Food and Drug Inspection for the en

forcement of the National Pure Food and Drugs Law It seems to be Necessary to again warn the retail drug trade against signing contracts without reading clature in the official announcements. We notice that

should study the Pharmacopoeia and follow its nomenthem or buying goods from representatives of concerns

F. I. D. 80 refers to bicarbonate of soda instead of unknown to the retail drug trade.

sodium bicarbonate. Perhaps this is excusable, as the The Physicians and Pharmacists, of Wheeling, decision is intended for grocers rather than pharmaW. Va., and those in the vicinity of the Hudson cists. Still, it would do no harm to use the pharmaRiver, New York, Pharmaceutical Association are copæial names as long as it is the standard prescribed working in harmony to the mutual interests of both | by the iaw. professions.

A Large Quantity of Radium.-Cable dispatches The California Pharmaceutical Society has been announced that the Imperial University Laboratory at 're-organized as the California Pharmaceutical Asso- Vienna has succeeded in separating three grams, or ciation. The old charter called for annual meetings about forty-six grains, of Radium from ten tons of at the “principal place of business," which was San Uranium Pitch Blende. This large amount of the exFrancisco. The new organization, like other state as- pensive element will be used in studying the physical sociations, is permitted to meet wherever the will of and chemical properties of what is as yet a little known the majority decides.

substance. Thus far, Radium is of great scientific Fraternal Baltimore Physicians and Pharmacists.

interest but of little practical use. It is used to a

limited extent in the treatment of certain forms of - It is real pleasing to note the cordial relations exist

ulcers. ing between the medical and pharmaceutical professions in Baltimore. The joint meetings are certainly

Lemons Are a Medicine in Missouri.—The Misproductive of much good, and have a tendency to over- souri dealer who was arrested for selling lemons on come the influence of those doctors and druggists who Sunday and convicted of violating the Sunday law, go around with chips on their shoulders.

appealed his case and won out on the ground that

lemons are medicine. The court had to decide the Boric Acid as a Preservative for Foods.-The

degree to which a substance must be used as a mediPacific Coast Borax Co., firmly takes the stand that

cine in order to be classed in that important list of arboric soda has a legitimate place as a preservative.

ticles. Practically the entire organic and inorganic The question is one which is often decided but seems

world of creation has or is now contributing to materia to as frequently re-occur. Meantime, most people

medica. There are few substances that cannot be conwill prefer a little boric acid with preserved foods

sidered medicinal. rather than spoiled goods without the preservative.

A Greater New York City Pharmaceutical AssoDamage Suits Against Pharmacists. These are

ciation will be the result of the proposed amalgamalikely to occur at any time and pharmaceutical or

tion of local associations if the plans formulated by ganizations should arrange for insurance in such cases

prominent members do not miscarry. Of course, there the same as physicians enjoy in case of malpractice is opposition from some of those active in associations suits. We are reminded of this by a suit recently which should be coalesced with other organizations. brought against a Baltimore pharmacist who claims

We feel, however, that it is by far best to have a centhat the pharmacist is responsible for the death of her tral head for the pharmaceutical interests of a city like husband. She asks for $10,000 damages.

Greater New York. In St. Louis, the pharmacists beDate of Mo.Ph.A. Meeting.–Some confusion seems gan with a city organization and have gradually deto exist on account of a proposition which was made veloped local associations in the south, west and the

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northern sections of the city. Such a process of evo- preparatory schools, and the like, and the board may, in its dislution and growth brings about a perfect understand

cretion, accept as the equivalent of one or more of the sessions

or terms prescribed in its requirements governing medical col. ing between the smaller associations and the city or

leges in "good standing' attendance in a literary or scientific ganization of which they are really a part.

college in “good standing" as evidenced by a degree from said

institution, providing that the standards of said literary or scienPaul O. Martin, of Effingham, lll., is one of those

tific college are fully equal to those of the State University of nominated by the executive Illinois. committee of the Ill. Ph. A.,

The Pharmacist Should Keep a Prescription even as a candidate for the state

if he does not own it, and possession is fully nine board of pharmacy. He is

points in law under such circumstances. Recently a a thorough pharmacist,

medical journal claimed that the prescription belongs good business young man

to the physician. We are pleased to find the Journal and a drug clerk. There

of the A. M. A., taking a more rational view of the is growing sentiment

subject as shown by the following:
throughout the country to
recognize drug clerks on

“Answer.—The ownership of the physician's prescripboards of pharmacy, and

tion is a question which has never been decided by the Mr. Martin is one who will, higher courts. In one case in Ohio it was decided if appointed, ably represent

that the files of prescriptions in a drug store belonged the entire profession as well

to the druggist, and that the prescriptions were not a

part of the general stock of the drug store, and, thereas the clerks.

fore, could not be held under the mortgage covering Course in Food and Drug Analysis.-In order to

the stock in the store. In Missouri, under a statutory meet the demand for chemists, arising from the pas- provision, prescriptions are required to be preserved sage of the National Food and Drugs Act, June 30, by druggists, and therefore are held, to an extent, to 1906, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston,

become public papers. (State vs. Davis, 108 Mo., 666.) Mass., offers, beginning with the session of 1907-'08, a

The case of the R. C. Stuart Drug Co. vs. Hirsch, 50 special course in "Food and Drug Analysis.” This

Southwestern Reporter, 583, decided by the Court of course requires the full time of the student for one

Civil Appeals of Texas, March 22, 1899, expresses the college year, and the lectures and laboratory work opinion that a druggist has a property right in prepertain entirely to foods and drugs. A student en

scriptions. The court says that there was testimony tering upon this course must necessarily have con

in this case tending to show that there was a qualified siderable knowledge of qualitative and quantitative right to the use of the prescription in the person deanalysis, organic chemistry, and drugs. Therefore positing it; if asserted; but otherwise, and between the this course is open to pharmacy and technical grad druggist and third persons, the druggist was entitled uates, and to others who can show credentials of

to it. The general trend of opinion, which seems to having had the training outlined above. Persons that

be the just one, is that the prescription is an order have not had this training can, by devoting a year to from the physician to the druggist, but the patient preparatory work at the Massachusetts College of

who pays for the prescription has an undoubted right Pharmacy, and taking selected courses with this ob

of property in it until he surrenders it to the druggist ject in view, fit themselves for the course in Food to be filled. Thereafter the prescription belongs to the and Drug Analysis.

druggist to keep on file for his own protection of the Illinois Practice Law Recently Amended. The public and the physician." following addition to the medical practice act of Illinois was passed by the House, October 22, and was

Can Write On Both Sides.- The postmaster general adopted by the Senate, November 1:

recently issued an order permitting postal cards to Sec. 26.-The State Board of Health shall be empowered to establish a standard of preliminary education deemed requisite to

have writing on a part of the address side. This conadmission to a medical college in good standing." and to require cession was granted some time ago in the matter of satisfactory proof of the enforcement of this standard by medical souvenir cards. The new order includes everything colleges: Provided, that the board shall not recognize examina

in the way of cards, and has been brought about by the tions of applicants for admission to medical colleges, that have

souvenir craze. That the face side of postal cards may been conducted by the faculty or officers of a medical college: And provided, further, that the diploma of an approved high

be divided by a vertical line placed approximately school or equivalent school having a course of studies requiring one-third of the distance from the left end of the card; an attendance through four school years, or a certificate of hav

the space to the left of the line to be used for a mesiog passed a satisfactory examination before the state superintendent of public instruction, or like state officer, in the studies

sage, etc., the portion to the right to be used for the embraced in the curriculum of such approved high school shall

address only. A very thin sheet of paper may be atbe considered satisfactory evidence of preliminary education: tached if completely adhered to the card, and such And provided still further, that the Illinois State Superintendent paster may bear both writing and printing. Advertiseof Public Instruction shall be empowered to exact a fee of five ments, illustrations, or writing may appear on the dollars from each applicant for such examination. The board shall also be empowered to determine the standing of literary or

back of the cards and on the left third of the front. scientific colleges, high schools, seminaries, normal schools, -[Philatelic West.



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