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made chairman of the section on pharmacology and in order to distinguish between the state and a possible therapeutics. Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg, of Chicago, was New York City association. We, however, are ready re-elected secretary of the section.

to excuse our Oklahoma friends for inserting the word The Atchison Association of Retail Druggists, is

"state", as it is a new dress of which they can justly

be proud and at once recalls the fact that Oklahoma an old and prosperous organization. At the recent meeting such subjects were discussed as, closing hours

Territory and Indian Territory have both passed into

history, with closed volumes. for the summer season, the observance of the Pure Food and Drug Law and the N. A. R. D. work for the The Traveling Salesman as an Exponent of the U.S. P. and N. F. propaganda. The latter was pre- Pure Food and Drug Law, was the subject of an address sented by Romanta Wells, Secretary of the Kansas City by Professor L. E. Sayre before the Traveling Men's Association. Martin Noll reported transactions of the Auxiliary of the Oklahoma State Pharmaceutical state meeting and took an active part in the proceed- Association, last May. The Speaker pointed out the ings.

opportunity the salesman has to disseminate informaThomas V. Wooten, General Secretary of the N. A.

tion about the pure food and drug law and at the same R. D. since its organization, ten years ago, has resigned

lime get in line those who, through ignorance, feel his position and, after the September meeting will

that the law is unjust. The Salesman is always busy

tut he will find it to his interest to become familiar assume new duties as a member of the faculty and an officer in the Pharmacy Department of the North

with the pure food and drug laws of the states in which western University. · Mr. Wooten's record in the N.

he travels, as well as the federal law. A. R. D. has been one of continuous success and there Back to Water Power, is the prediction made by is no question about the strength which he will add to Dr. Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Professor of Electrical the school of pharmacy of which he is to become an Engineering, at the celebrated Union College, Schnecassociate.

tady, N. Y. He believes that within one or two generThe U. S. P. and N. F. Propaganda took an unex

ations the exhaustion of our supply of wood and coal pected turn during the discussion at the annual meeting will cause us to make use of rivers and streams as a of the Kansas Association, last May. It stirred up

source of power, heat and light. At first glance, this such acrimonious expressions that, after the heat of the

seems to be returning to the days of our forefathers. moment had subsided, the general sentiment caused a

In a way, such is true, but the development of our motion to prevail directing the secretary to strike knowledge of electricity enables us to make use of from the minutes the entire discussion. It is evident

water power in producing heat and light and transthat some people have not as yet learned the difference mitting power for all kinds of processes. The possibetween assertions and acquisitions on one side and

bilities in this direction cannot be realized until logical arguments on the other.

necessity compels careful investigation and practical

application of new methods and new machinery. Kansas Druggists in Line With the Pure Food and Drug Law.-An interesting conference was held at

One Loss Department Store on account of the the state meeting, last May, during which the chief prompt action of members of the wholesale drug trade, food and drug inspector of the state explained many

as explained on page 166 of the MEYER BROTHERS points which had puzzled the drug trade of Kapsas.

DROGGIST for May. It is very evident that such As a consequence, there is now the utmost good feeling work on the part of wholesale dealers is apprecibetween the pure food and drug officials and the retail

ated. The following letter which we have been perdrug trade. The association now has a grievance com

mitted to see expresses a sentiment in keeping with mittee which comes as an intermediary between the

the general trend of thought of the retail druggist: association and the state board of health.


MR. THEODORE F. MEYER, Pres. Meyer Brothers Drug Co., No N. A. R. D. Delegation was announced at the St. Louis, Mo. recent annual meeting of the manufacturers of pro- MY DEAR SIR:-Upon behalf of the Washington State Pharmaprietary medicines. This was rather a new order of

ceutical Association I most heartily congratulate you upon having

been instrumental in preventing the establishing of a drug departthings but a natural consequence of recent legal com

ment in the Shoenberg Mercantile Company of your city. This plications. It gave the proprietary men the opportunity means a great deal to every retail druggistof the city of St. Louis of seeing how it feels to conduct a meeting without and not only of your city and your state, but it means something resolutions from those who handle their goods. There

to every retail druggist of the United States. It plainly shows

that many a department store would not have established a drug seems to be a difference of opinion as to the sentiment

department if they had of had presented to them, as you gentlein the proprietors convention. A number of manufact- men have done, the folly of such. urers expressed themselves as missing the retailers. I believe that to the retail druggists belongs the right of selling

and dispensiog of medicines, both V. S. P. and patent, and all of The First Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma State the requisites for the sick, and that it does not belong to the dePharmaceutical Association was a grand success. We partment store or the dispensing physician. have long contended that the word, "state", is super

Again thanking you for your great service to us as druggists, I remain,

Yours very respectfully, fluous in the official names for the state associations,

A. W. PRESTON, with the exception of New York where it is necessary

Pres., W. S. P. A.




Read This Before You Write.

William P. Overstreet, of Louisville, Ky., was born Contributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical

in Paducah, February 8, 1867. profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the

He began the drug business sheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use

with Dr. M. G. Millan, Janabbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous commugications.

uary 8, 1883. He was grad

uated from the St. Louis Drug Cultivation in Texas.–We have not had any

College of Pharmacy, March ideal .weather down here for the cultivation of any

14, 1888, and entered the thing so far this season, having had too much rain.

drug business with the firm We had twelve inches of rain during April and still

of Overstreet & Jackson, at more during May. Nevertheless, with all these un

Paducah, immediately after toward circumstances, I have growing finely, tansy,

graduation. In 1891 he sold wormwood, rue, marshmallow, lemon balm, hyssop,

out and re-entered business southernwood, mugwort, belladonna, peppermint,

at Louisville where he conspearmint, motherwort, parsley, benne, blessed

ducts a large and successful thistle, borage and soapwort, hoarhound and catnip.

pharmacy and is an influential citizen. Have already harvested first crop of tansy, wormwood,

Oklahoma Pharmacists True to the Prohibition rue, lemon balm, hyssop, motherwort and hoarhound,

Law.-While the law is not in all respects just what and they are all sprouting up again for second crop.

the pharmacists in Oklahoma would like to have, they We do all of our transplanting and seed sowing in the

have decided to stand as loyal citizens for the support fall, during the winter and early spring, while the

of the law. It is probable that amendments will before ground is frozen in the North and East. There is not

long remove from the pharmacist some of the unpleasa day in the year that we cannot work out in the open

ant conditions now surrounding the practice of pharground. All we have to do with a great many of the

macy in the state of Oklahoma. plants down here is to stick cuttings in the ground in the fall or winter and they take root, grow and pro- "Standardization by Physiological Means," was duce a fine crop the first season. To show how fast the subject of an interesting address before the Baltiplants multiply down here: I had one plant of south- more Branch of the A. Ph. A., May 21. It was given ernwood last year, in the fall I made cuttings from it by Dr. Albert C. Crawford, Pharmacologist, Bureau and now I have 300 fine rooted plants, this fall will Plant Industry, Washington, D. C. have enough cuttings to stick half an acre. I think The development and the efforts being made to perI have the only peppermint plants in Texas. I had fect the first method of standardization of drugs and one plant of it last year, took it up and divided it in their galenical preparations was very interestingly dethe winter, reset the roots and as far as I can see it scribed by Dr. Crawford; he also emphasized the value will do fine here. The plant is now about three feet of this method especially in the cases of those active high and the runners are about four feet long and still and potent drugs where a chemical estimation of their running; expect to take up these runners this winter active constituents is at present impracticable, such as and set about an acre. First crop of blessed thistle Ergot, Digitalis, Strophanthus, etc. The phpsiologibenne, borage, sweet cassil, summer savory and sev- cal testing of an assayable drug or preparation would eral other annuals, will come off about July 1, when serve as a valuable check. The most desired result I will have the ground replowed and resown for fall now is to secure the use of uniform methods by pharcrop. Our seasons are so long down here it is no macologists of each country and especially that extrouble to get two crops off the same ground. Of the periments be carried out on subjects of the same wild plants growing here, we began on May 25 to species. Dr. Crawford then briefly outlined the various harvest jimson, fleabane, blue vervain, wild lettuce methods of physiologically testing the most important and a great many others that grow here in profusion. drugs and preparations, giving the many valuable and There is no question about the South being the place interesting discoveries noted as a result of this work. to grow medicinal plants; with the long seasons, one The most important of these seemed to be the deterioraacre will yield as much as five acres in the North tion in active principle strength of many drugs and with its short seasons.-[J. LONG, Sherman, Texas. preparations with age and this fact is now having the

attention of pharmacologists everywhere. Dear Sir-My husband could not sleep,

The Drug Store and the Baker Shop are someAnd vaiply sought release;

what related through the intervening confectionery He took one bottle of your cure,

factory which is represented in the pharmacy of toAnd now he rests in peace.

day, and also in places which handle products of

the bakery. The drug stores which are introducing How often you meet the men you dislike.

luncheons as a feature of the soda fountain trade are


also drawing wonderfully close to the baker shop. Perhaps the St. Louis Alour miller who has issued a peculiarly striking folder bad the lunch counter feature of the drug store in mind when devolving the following statements, which we copy from the folder in question:

If you don't like Nitrous Peroxide Bleaching Gas, or Dilute Nitric Acid Fumes mixed in your pure food products, don't buy Artificially Bleached Flour!

These ingredients are very generally used to imitate age or other excellence in flour, and to conceal inferiority.

These gases or sumes are administered in your bread materials, not as you would suppose by skilled pharmacists, but by head millers who are high grade mechanics; not, however, surcharged with knowledge of the Pharmacopæia, Materia Medica, Therapeutics, OR ANY OTHER PATENT MEDICINES.

Even responsible heads of milling firms are rarely adepts in these mysteries except after the manner of the Arkansas Senator with the Classics: "He roaned with Romulus, soaked with Socrates, ripped with Euripides and canted with Old Cantharides." The formula for bleached flour is really

R Wheat Flour, cum Nitr. Perox, or
Nitr. Acid Fumes, ad libitum.

O Tempora!

O Mores! Nature provides in all varieties of wheat a minute quantity of essential oil, which produces the yellow bloom in good flour, and is the source of the characteristic wheat flavor. Artificial acid bleaching gases or fumes destroy this; patural age ripens or perfects the flour by preservation and absorption of the essential oil.

You may be forced to buy embalmed beef, cold storage eggs and chickens, or formaldehyded milk, but you can always get natural colored flour by asking your grocer for it.

Corks by the Hundred or Thousand but no longer by'the dozen or gross is the decision of cork manufacturers of this country. system gains headway and seems to be coming through channels where least expected. The change from the dozen unit to that of a decimal unit will cause some confusion and require time before all runs smoothly. The jobbing trade is fairly well supplied with a stock of corks packed on the old plan, consequently retailers ordering by the hundred or thousand may receive goods put up by the dozen or gross. This, however, will continue but a short time, for manufacturers have issued new lists of which the following is a fair sample:

Ist. All corks are listed per thousand instead of per gross as formerly.

2nd. If so desired all sizes from No. 000 to No. 10 inclusive will be put up in bags of 1000 corks; above No. 10 in bags of 500 corks, without extra charge. For packages smaller than these, an extra charge of two cents per package will be made to cover the additional expense.

3rd. A, B and Extra Select qualities will be the same as before, 4th. XXXX quality is our former XXX quality. 5th. XXX quality is a new grade between XXXX and Xx. 6th. XX, X and Common taper qualities will be the same as formerly.

7th. XXX Specie or Jar corks are Select grade, XX and X Jars will be the same quality as heretofore.

8th. All Mucilage and Mustard corks, Vial corks, Soda and Wine corks and Brewers' corks will be found listed under Straight and Tapered co: ks. The qualities uoder the Straight and Tapered cork list correspond to our former Soda and Wine grades as follows:

"A" grade is former XXX Wine quality.
“B” grade is former XX Wine quality.
“B?" grade is former X and XX quality.
"C" grade is former Fine Soda quality.
"D" grade is former Medium Soda quality.
"E" grade is former Common Soda quality.

Little by little, the metric

Serial Number Guaranty:-(Food Inspection Decision 96.)-As a result of the numerous requests for specific information on various points connected with the filing of general guaranties with the Department, as well as on the use of serial numbers after they have been assigned, the following general instructions bearing on these questions are issued for the guidance of those interested:

(A) For information regarding the serial number guaranty, see Rules and Regulations for the Ensorcement of the Food and Drugs Act (Circular 21), Regu*lation 9, and Food Inspection Decisions 40, 70, 72, and 83.

(B) Articles to be guaranteed may be referred to in the guaranty in the following ways:

(1) By name.

(2) By use of general terms. For example, proprietary medicines, extracts, carbonated waters, etc., using the proper terms to cover the line or lines sold.

(3) By stating in the space reserved for listing articles "all articles which are now or which may hereafter e manufactured, packed, distributed or sold by

.......," in which case the serial number can be used on all foods or drugs, subject to the act, manufactured or owned and sold by the guarantor.

(C) The formulæ of preparations are not required to be given.

(D) The serial number guaranly should not be used on articles not entitled to bear such a guaranty: For example,

(1) Those of a character wnich are not included in the defini. tion of articles within the purview of the act as given in section 6 found on page 17 of Circular 21.

(2) Those subject to the meat inspection law, i. e., meat and meat food products of domestic origin or manufacture derived from cattle, swine, sheep, and goats. (Imported meat and meat food products are subject to the food and drugs act and may be guaranteed by means of a serial number or guaranty.) (3) Those used in the arts and for technical purposes.

(E) A serial number assigned to a guaranty can be used on any article covered therein to which the act applies. (See B.)

(F) Products not covered by the guaranty on file at the Department can be added thereto by executing another guiaranty covering them to be filed as a supplement to the original instrument.. (See B.)

(G) The serial number guaranty can be printed either dir on the principal label or appear on a supplemental label or paster attached to the goods.

(H) Only a resident of the United States can make a valid guaranty. (See Food Inspection Decision 62.)

(1) The general guaranty filed with the Department must be executed by the person, company, association or corporation who assumes responsibility for the goods, or by his or its agent thereunto lawfully author. ized, and the authority of such agent must plainly be made to appear when the guaranty is offered to be filed.

(J) Full information relative to the signing of the guaranty instrument appears at the bottom of the blank form of guaranty.

(K) The signature should be acknowledged before a notary public or other official authorized to administer an oath, The seal of such official should always be affixed to the document.

correspond direct with the secretary of each board of QUIZ DEPARTMENT,



The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (73) is not likely Read This Before You Ask a Question.

to be recognized in the Pure Food and Drugs Law, alMany questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on

though an amendment to that effect is now being account of the correspondents failing to give name and address. The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques- pushed. The pharmacopeia recognized is, as its name tions on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every indicates, the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of word; never abbreviate the names o medicines.

America and is broad in its scope. It does not narrow

its field by the recognition of any school of medicine. Formulas for Proprietary Medicines (64):—We There is nothing broader than the word “physician," are unable to give these formulas except where they which can be applied to a practitioner of medicine, are made public by the manufacturers.

nor is it necessary to use an adjective in order to adapt Cinchona (65).- The United States Pharmacopeia

a pharmacopæia to the needs of the pharmaceutical of 1870 does not describe cinchona alkaloid. The profession. “sulphate of cincbona" is, however, official and is, no A Home Made Pasting Slab (71).–We do not doubt, what was intended in the order you mention. know how manufacturers make pasting slabs but in Pre

Megass (66).—This is the resuse from a molasses scription Practice and General Dispensing, by Beal, cane or sugar cane mill. It is the cane after the sweet

we find the following directions for a home made slab: juice has been pressed out. It is not, as you surmise, “A shallow pasteboard box lid, about six by nine the name of a medicine, at least, we have never known inches, is filled to the brim with a cream-like mixture of its being used in such connection.

of plaster of Paris and water. Upon the surface of the

soft paste is laid a sheet of glass slightly oiled to preMissouri Liquor Law (67).-A veterinary surgeon

vent sticking. When the plaster has set, the glass is cannot write prescriptions for liquor, and we do not

removed and the plaster allowed to dry slowly. This believe he bas any privileges not afforded other citi- gives a smooth surface which absorbs excess of paste. zens in liquor option districts, as you say local option

When the surface becomes coated by accumulatious of law makes no mention of veterinary surgeons.

paste, it may be cleaned with warm water. The Spanish Edition of the U. S. P. (68)_We

Blood Stains (75).-We have referred your inquiry learn from the chairman of the committee of revision

to Dr. Carl Fisch, of St. Louis, who replies, as folthat while the proof reading is now being done, the

lows: finished work is not likely to be on the market before

I must remark, however, that it is much safer to buy the latter part of the summer or early in the fall.

the stains ready for use, as the preparation of the soluCambric Tea (69).-This is not a medicinal prepa- tions is very delicate and will mostly result in failration but consists of milk and sweetened water, with ure if extreme care is not observed. just a suspicion of tea. It is given children by parents

Wright's and (Leishmanns?) Stalo for Blood. who are anxious to satisfy their desire to drink tea or Solution A.-1% pure methylene blue (Grubler) in distilled coffee but who do not believe in permitting children water; add 0.5% of NA, CO3. Heat to 15o C. for 12 hours; allow to use such beverages.

to stand at room temperature for 10 days before use.

Solution B.-Eosine (extra B. A. Grubler) 1 gramme. Distilled What is “Hexa” (70)?-We believe that pharmacists usually interpret this word when found in a Equal volumes of both solutions are mixed in an prescription to mean hexa methylene tetramine. Dr. open, large vessel and allowed to stand for six to G. C. Diekman called the attention of the New York

twelve hours, occasionally being stirred up. The preBranch of the A. Ph. A. to the fact that the abbrevia-cipitate formed is collected on a filter and washed with tion is also that of a proprietary medicine of quite a distilled water until the washings become almost colordifferent character.

less. The precipitate is then dried (not by heat), and

reduced to powder. You Must Register as an Apprentice in Illinois (71)

The stain itself is made by dissolving 0.3 gm. of the if you expect to learn the drug business in that state precipitate in 200 Cc. of pure (Merck's) methyl alcohol. The examinations are held periodically in different

Ehrlich's Tri-Acid Solution. sections of the state. The last one was scheduled for

Saturated watery solution of orange G......120 Cc. July 3. By inquiring from any registered pharmacist

Saturated watery solution of acid fuchsin, you can learn the name of the examiner in the section Saturated watery solution of methyl green..100 Cc. of the state where you are located.

Glycerra (pure, Merck's)..

Distilled water.. All of the State Pharmaceutical Laws (72).-Your Absolute alcohol..... request for us to send you copies of all of the existing

The solution should not be used until it is six months pharmaceutical laws is one with which we cannot old. For use it must not be filtered or shaken. The comply. The laws are changed so frequently that required quantity must be removed by a pipette. it is quite impossible to keep up with them, although various efforts have been made. We suggest that you Are You a Member of your state association?

water 1000 Cc.

80 Cc.

50 Cc. 300 Cc. 180 Cc.


celebrate Jamieson day, and act as commissary general, C. V. D. A.

a place he has always filled so admirably under the unlimited authority he has always had from our worthy host of that day. Let us all hope that nothing

will happen to prevent his being with us at that time, Presidential Message, May 22, 1908.

and that he may be able to keep his promise to bring To my Comrades and Brothers of the Chicago Vete with him for that occasion, one of our esteemed exran Druggists' Association:-On my return from the presidents, Henry Biroth. South three weeks ago I was reminded by our worthy

As an honorary member and president I have recording secretary that today was to be our annual thoroughly enjoyed being with you, and in evidence meeting and that something was expected from me.

thereof, since I became president, have never missed He did not say what and I do not know what, and am,

a meeting or lunch except when absent from the city therefore, in the dark. If he expected me to make a

or from sickness. I have learned to love you all as speech or tell a story, he knows, and you all know I

brothers and keenly enjoy all our meetings. Our memcannot do it, and for reasons given you on a former bership being limited I feel our ranks should be kept occasion. I, however, have learned that it is expected

full of congenial spirits who would sufficiently appreand is the custom of your retiring chairman to say or

ciate the honor of a membership in our association to write something. I, therefore, feel I cannot deviate

attend all meetings whenever possible, and trust our from this time honored custom.

able membership committee will look after the filling In the year 1907 you kindly made me an honorary

of same. member of this association, which I fully appreciated,

Another suggestion I trust I may be pardoned for and did not expect it to go farther, but in the year

making and that is that we should add to the title of 1907 you made me an active member, and promptly

our worthy Secretary Bodemarn that of treasurer, proceeded, much to my surprise, to elect me president making him both secretary and treasurer. It is true of your honorable and unique association. I told you

there has never been anything in the treasury to look at the time, while I greatly appreciated the honor con

after that would burden anyone. I, however, think ferred upon me, I felt I should be a disappointment

there should be, so that in case of death or birthday of to you. If I have not been it is all attributable to my

a member, and flowers or anything has to be furnished, able and worthy assistants, Jamieson, Bodeman and

funds would be in the treasury to supply same without Blocki, also the cordial and friendly spirit extended

asking for contributions each time. In order to carry to me by all our members.

out this idea I would suggest that our annual dues I believe this is the tenth anniversary of our asso

should be doubled, or what would be better still, ciation, and our motto:

made $5.00 instead of $2.00, so that there would be a "Cheers for the living and tears for the dead"

small fund in the hands of the treasurer for such puris one that touches the right chord in all our hearts

poses. and binds us together in the ties of friendship and

The Ebert Memorial Fund now in my hands as treasbrotherly love. Since our last annual meeting we

urer, with interest $26.57 received on same, amounts to have lost two of our members, details of which will be $980.00, and the question is what shall be done with embodied in the annual report of our recording secre

it? His lot is not large enough to erect a monument tary.

on, but if decided that was the best thing to do, I imOur annual meetings have been well attended, quar

agine an exchange of lots could be made where it terly meetings fairly so, but our weekly lunches not as

could be placed. If my memory serves me correctly, well as I would like to have seen, and I do hope the

I named a committee to confer with our St. Louis coming year may witness an increase on these occa- friends in regard to combining it with a fund they sions. Jamieson day is always a full one, and how have raised for the Procter memorial. I would inquire could it be otherwise with such a generous host and if anything has been done in that direction? I do not brother, and one whom we all so dearly love. Jamie- know what the expense would be, but at times it has son's birthday was also celebrated during the past

seemed to me that a scholarship would be more apyear and was a day long to be remembered by us all. propriate to his memory than a monument, but those It was a joyous occasion and our only regret is that it of you who knew him best are better able to decide does not come oftener that we might oftener testify

than I am. our appreciation of him and his noble wife. Another

I again thank you all for your kind treatment and very interesting day was the one on which we bade forbearance with my ignorance and shortcomings as our genial and jovial corresponding secretary good-by president, and on retiring from the presidency of your as he was about to depart for a tour in foreign lands, association, I pledge my untiring devotion to each and and issued to him a clean bill of lading and passport, every one of you, and the association I have had the the unique make-up of our recording secretary, Brother

honor to represent. Bodemann, and which I have no doubt has been of great service to him, and I trust will enable him to re- Close Observation is very apt to lead to success, on turn with flying colors and reach us as promised to the part of the teacher as well as the pupil.

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