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substance with distributing agent. (2) Name two made by disMISSOURI BOARD.

tillation. (3) Name two made by simply agitating with water. (4) Name two made by passing gas through water.

L The Missouri Board of Pharmacy held a regular (1) What are spirits? (2) What are liquors? (3) What are meeting in the Hall of Philosophy at Pertle Springs,

mixtures? (1) What are tinctures?

M June 8, 1908. Forty-seven applicants for registration

(1) Give chemical test to distinguish morphine from quinine. took the examination. Of this number the following (2) Iodide potash from bromide potash. (3) How is boracic passed:

acid made? (1) Write names of following symbols: KHNO4, Vincent Benicasca, St. Louis; C. S. Berkeley, Marshall; Mrs.

Ag. NO3, NH4CL, LI2CO3, CHCL3.

C. W. Bowen, Brunswick; Claude R. Brown, Independence;
Doran R. Carter, Holden; M. D. Finch, Excelsior Springs; John

Name ingredients and give officine title of the following: (1) A. Guthrie, Neosho; Henry Huback, St. Louis; Linwood U.

Cox's hive syrup. (2) Fowler's solution. (3) Donovan's solu

tion. (1) Comp. licorice powder. Kinder, Kansas City; James W. Miller, Nevada; D. L. Mumpower,

o Doniphan; Roger H. Nelson, Kansas City; John Ramer, St Louis; Otto D, Russell, Trenton; C. H. Sevier, Liberty; H. M

(1) Name ingredieots of liq. plumbi sub. acet. (2) What per

cent of sub. acet. lead does it contain? (3) Name ingredients of Springer, Leavenworth, Kan.; Walter Ernest Williams, Webster Groves.

liq. magn. citratis. (4) Why is the bi carb. potash added last? The Examination was partially written, but the recog

We have corrected some of tbe typographical errors nition of specimens caused the most failures. Each

but leave the chemical formulas, abbreviations and candidate was given five drugs, five chemicals and

construction of sentences just as given in the examina

tion sheets. five galenicals for recognition. The written part was as follows:

The Annual Report of the board was submitted to the A

Mo. Ph. A. as follows: (1) How many grains in an avoirdupois ounce? (2) How

Pertle Springs, Mo., June 8, 1908. many grains in a troy ounce? (3) How many grains in a fluidounce of water, wine measure? (1) How many grains in a fuid

To the Honorable President and Members of the ounce of water, imperial measure?

Missouri Pharmaceutical Association:

Gentlemen—We take great pleasure in submitting to (1) What is meant by comminution? (2) What is the object of it? (3) How are the different degrees of fineness of powders synopsis of the work done by the Board of Pharmacy

you, for your information and kind consideration, a designated? (4) How measured? с

during the past year, beginning June 25, 1907, and (1) What is a prescription? (2) What is meant by chemical ending June 8, 1908. incompatibility? (3) What is meant by therupeutic incompati

In addition to our regular meetings, a special meetbility? (1) What is meant by pharmaceutical incompatibility? D

ing was held at Springfield, Mo., December 9, 1907. (1) What is chemical affinity? (2) What is meant by synthetic Certificates of registration were granted as follows: reactions? (3) What is the difference between a chlorate and

By examination..

105 chloride? (4) What is the difference between an acid and normal

On diplomas

75 salt? E

Total..... (1) What change, if any, occurs when bichlo mercury is dis

Duplicate certificates issued.... solved in nitric sulphuric or hydrochloric acid? (2) Why should

Meeting held October 14, 1907, there appeared 62 candidates; not pepsin be used in alcoholic solution? (3) Why should not

27 passed, 35 failed. bi carb. potash and tr. hyascymus be used in combination? (4)

Meeting held December 9, 1907, there appeared 44 candidates; Why should not iodide potash be used in combination with alka

22 passed, 22 failed. loids?

Meeting held January 18, 1968, there appeared 28 candidates; 11 F (1) How can a solid be obtained without chemical change from

passed, 14 failed. solution? (2) What is the difference between a sulphate, sul.

Meeting held April 13, 1908, there appeared 68 candidates; 28

passed, 40 failed. phite and sulphide? (3) Give test to distinguish calomel from corrosive sublimate. Give common name for what is formed. (4)

Meeting held June 8, 1908, there appeared 47 candidates; 17

passed, 30 failed. Complete the following equation: Ag. NO 3 NACL.

From the above number 58 appeared for re-examina(1) What is solution? How many kinds? What are they? (2) tion.

With great respects, Explain the difference. (3) What is the most universal solvent?

W. L. TURNER, President. (4) How are the different degrees of solvency designated?

CHAS. GIETNER, Secretary. H (1) From what natural sources are our remedial agents pro

Detection of Albumin in Urin.—The following reduced? (2) Name the sciences that treat of them. (3) Name one drug from each. (1) Give medicinal properties and dose of agent is recommended for the rapid and certain deteceach.

tion of albuminoid substances in urine, as well as for

their differentiation:-Ammonium molybdate, 1.0; tar(1) Why is sulph. acid used in prep. syr. rose? (2) What is Easton's syrup? (3) What is oxymel? (4) Name an aleo resin

taric acid, 4:0; distilled water, 40·0. If a precipitate is made by treating the drug with alcohol.

formed on the addition of the reagent to the urine, the J

mixture is heated. If the precipitate dissolves and (1) Name a typical emulsion. (2) Name two emulsifying then reappears on cooling, globulin or peptone is presagents. (3) Name an official emulsion. (4) Give process for

ent; in the case of albumin, however, the precipitate preparing it. K

does not dissolve.—[R. Corso (Gazet. Med. del Sud (1) Name three med. waters made by treating the medicinal Espan.; Rev. Pharm., March 1908, 82).





and light refreshments will be served during the A. PH. A.


On one afternoon during the convention the ladies Headquarters, Meeting Place and Hotel Rates.- accompanying the members will be given a tally-ho The Arlington Hotel has been selected as the head- ride over the beautiful mountain drives on the United quarters for the A. Ph. A. meeting at Hot Springs, States Government Reservation. This will be an event Ark., September 7 to 12, 1908. It is central and sit- never to be forgotten by those who participate in it. uated upon the United States Government reservation From the highest points of these drives, 700 feet above in the most beautiful and convenient part of the city the city, one-hundred miles square of the beautiful of Hot Springs and is accessible from the depots by Ozark regon of Arkansas can be seen. car lines direct as well as by carriages and busses.

Along toward the latter part of the meeting a smoker The registration of members and bureau of imforma

will be given the men at one of the hotels after the tion will be opened at the Arlington Hotel and all evening session. This will be the social feature of the members are requested to go to that hotel direct from

occasion for them. the trains and register. If they do not wish to remain

There will be card parties and receptions for the at the Arlington they can get the necessary informa- ladies during the meeting. tion there for the other hotels.

There are a great many points of interest at Hot The meeting place of the convention will be at the Springs to entertain and instruct, especially for those Eastman Hotel about two blocks down the govern- who have never visited there. It is unlike any other ment promenade from the Arlington. This hotel is city or resort in the country. It is most picturesquely not open in Septeinber, so the whole lower floof bas built between two mountains belonging to the United been secured for the meetings of the convention and States Government, that is the business part. The sections. This will doubtless be the most complete residences climb up on the foothills and the mountain meeting place the association has ever had. The con

sides or spread out in the broad valley of the Ouachita vention hall and large rooms for the various sections river. will all be under one roof and on the same floor and

The great natural curiosity, of course, are the hot the convention will be entirely to itself and will not springs, the only really hot springs of note or size in the be disturbed or molested in the slightest degree.

country. There are forty-four of these flowing a milOne great advantage at Hot Springs will be in the lion gallons of water per day at a temperature running matter of hotel rates which are of such a range as to be

as high as 155 degrees Fahrenheit, but averaging suited 10 every member of the association.

about 140 degrees. The most of these springs have At the Arlington the basing rate will be $3 per day been enclosed by the government and the water taken for plain room with two in a room, same room for one, to reservoirs from which it is distributed to the bath $4 per day. Room with toilet $5 per day single, $4.50 houses, but a half dozen of the most prominent ones per day double. Room with bath $6 per day single, have been left open for the inspection of visitors. $per day double. This hotel is on the American plan

Next to the hot waters in interest are the United and can accommodate 500.

States Government mountain drives. The governThe rates at the Majestic Hotel for the meeting will

ment has about fifteen miles of these splendidly conbe $2.50 per day, two in plain room; same room single structed drives on three of the mountains included in $3 per day; $3.50 per day for rooms with baths. This

the reservation and they are a great source of amusehotel is also on the American plan and can take care

ment and pleasure to visitors. On top of thehot springs of 500.

mountain an observatory has been erected. It is 165 The Waverly, Waukesha, Pullman, Milwaukee,

feet in hight, built of steel with an electric elevator to Great Northern and Rockafellow will make rates of $2

the top platform from which vast stretches of the per day on the American plan and they are of the same

beautiful Ozarks can be seen. grade as $2 hotels elsewhere.

The “Bath House Row”, known in every community The Eddy and Navarre will make rates of $1 per day

in the United States, the great United States Army for rooms on the European plan and members can get

and Navy general hospital, the Ostrich farm of several their meals wherever they choose from 25 cents up.

hundred birds, the Alligator farm of over 1,000 alliAll of these hotels are within a radius of three

gators, the Airdome and Whittington Park summer blocks of the headquarters and the meeting place.

theatres where high class attractions are on every Entertainment to be given the A. Ph. A. at Hot night, and lastly the government reservation of 1,000 Springs, Ark., by the Arkansas State Association, acres beautifully parked and improved afford a week local druggists and the citizens of Hot Springs, and of sightseeing and recreation. points of interest and amusement in the valley of It should be said on behalf of the Hot Springs citizens vapors:

that there will be nothing in the way of “charges" On the opening night September 7, there will be a on the members such as have been complained of on reception by the citizens of Hot Springs and a grand other occasions. The entertainment is absolutely free ball at the Arlington Hotel in honor of the members and all the members will have to pay is their hotel of the A. Ph. A. and their ladies. Cooling punches bills and whatever they want to buy as individuals.

formulas on the label if these contain narcotics or ILL. PH. A.

alcohol and powerful and dangerous drugs. He rec

ommended affiliation with the Illinois Retail MerThe twenty-ninth annual meeting of the Illinois chants' Association and praised the Illinois PharmaPharmaceutical Association held at Peoria, June 9-11,

ceutical Travelers' Association for their successful was one of the most successful meetings both as re

efforts in entertaining the pharmacists. He referred gards attendance, work accomplished and enjoyable to the increased requirements of the colleges of pharentertainment features, that the association has ever macy and suggested a larger appropriation for the had.

State University School of Pharmacy. He spoke of

the prosperous condition of the Illinois PharmaceutiThe weather was delightful throughout and the entertainment committee composed of local druggists the part of local associations for increasing the mem

cal Association and recommended greater efforts on and salesmen did splendidly.

bership of the state body. The members assembled in the Council Chamber of

President Boehm's address was received with apthe City Hall at two o'clock and listened to the address of welcome by Mayor O'Connor, of Peoria, President plause and referred to a committee which reported at

the third session. Boehm of the association, and Mr. Schwalbe of the Travelers, responding. A noteworthy feature of the The report of the secretary, Mr. W. B. Day showed first day's session was the president's address.

the association to be in a flourishing condition and President Boehm produced an address of much included a list of eighty-four new members who were originality and force. He dwelt especially on the presented for election. The treasurer's report showed evils of the nostrum traffic both as regards the public a balance on hand of $1,542.91, and slight increase and the pharmaceutical profession. He referred to

of receipts over expenditures for the current year. the strength of the new movement in favor of the Prof. C. S. N. Hallberg who had been invited to adpreparations of the United States Pharmacopæia and dress the association, gave a most interesting talk National Formulary and referred to the work of the along the line of the propaganda movement for interCouncil of Pharmacy and Chemistry of the A. M. A. esting the physicians in the preparations of the Pharas well as the efforts of that association in general. macopoeia and National Formulary. His speech was He reminded the pharmacists that the medical col received with much favor. leges are rapidly raising their requirements and The interest in the second session centered upon the strengthening their courses and if pharmacists are to report of the legislative committee which was read by keep pace with physicians they must have higher Mr. J.-H. Wells, chairman. The legislative committee standards for qualification.

made three recommendations, that the registration of Taking up then the business topics he spoke of the apprentices be done away with; that the powers granted successful efforts of the druggists in combating the the registered assistant be extended; that graduation parcels post bill and the itinerant vendor bill. He from a recognized college or school of pharmacy be recommended the Pure Food and Drugs Act saying that quired before granting a registered pharmacist license. though it was not received by the drug trade with much The time being rather short and as it became necessary enthusiasm pharmacists now appreciate its salutary to adjourn for the noon recess the report of the legis. effect. He spoke of the subsidence of the cut-rate evil. lative committee was tabled by close vote after a limited

Commenting upon association work he urged the discussion. necessity of pharmacists belonging to the local, state In the afternoon the committee on President's Adand national associations and made a strong plea for dress consisting of Messrs. Ladish, Yoemans, Mcthe American Pharmaceutical Association. He rec- Dougal, Simpson and Porter, brought up these same ommended that a vote of thanks be given by the Illi- features in connection with the president's recomnois Pharmaceutical Association to the Council of mendations. The members had opportunity to talk Pharmacy and Chemistry of the A. M. A. for their the matter over in the meantime and it was evident energetic efforts in behalf of more ethical medical that there was a change in sentiment regarding the practice and that a special vote of thanks be awarded prerequisite features. The report of the committee on Prof. C. S. N. Hallberg for his untiring efforts in be- President's Address was adopted and recommerdations half of pharmacy.

against apprentice registration and for college graduaIn regard to state legislation, President Boehm rec- tion for registered pharmacists were referred to the ommended the doing away of the registration of ap- legislative committee. As these features comprise all prentices, increasing the powers of registered assis- that was included in the legislative committee report, tants and requiring college graduation before granting that report was not taken from the table. a license for full registration.

Chairman Bodemann read a very interesting report President Boehm came out strongly against pharma- of the committee on Trade Interests. cists who break the local option laws and recommended Mr. F. Lueder reported for the committee on Board that such pharmacists should have their licenses re- of Pharmacy Records. voked. He strongly favored compelling patent and A letter from Chairman Sandkoetter of the U. S. P. proprietary medicine manufacturers to print their and N. F. propaganda was read referring to the rapid progress of the propaganda work and giving samples were held in which the members participated at Glen of letters mailed to pharmacists throughout the state. Oak Park.

In connection with the report of the National Asso- The Chicago contingent, about one hundred strong, ciation of Retail Druggists, Secretary Wooten caused had a special train going Tuesday morning and rethe sensation of the afternoon by announcing that in turning Thursday evening. October he would terminate his duties as secretary of

Notes of the Convention. the N. A. R. D. and become secretary of the Northwestern University School of Pharmacy.

The Big Event was the masquerade ball.

All Aboard for the Soldiers Home (Quincy) 1908. Mr. C. H. Avery read the report of the State Board of Pharmacy. The committee on prize essays announced The River Trips and tally-ho rides were enjoyed by all. that the first prize had been awarded to George Eisele, The Travelers may be fans, but they can't play the Quincy, and the second prize to R. E. Doreland, of game, twelve to three in three innings. Williamsfield.

The Druggists Pulled like an old-time porus plaster in Secretary Day reported upon the returns of the

the tug-of-war against the salesmen, using them for a voting and the following three members were recom- road-drag. mended to Governor Deneen for appointment of one

W. B. Stout, of Johnson & Johnson, and E. A. Pickupon the State Board of Pharmacy: C. H. Avery, ard, of F. Stearns & Co., were among the hard working C. A. Storer and I. M. Light, and recommended to the

salesmen at the convention. president of the University of Illinois the following

Familiar Convention Faces.-R. N. Dodds, Paul G. three members for the appointment of one upon the Advisory Board of the University of Illinois School of Shuh, W. Bodemann, C. S. N. Hallberg, Oscar Old

berg, Thos. V. Wooten, J. C. Singer, George C. Pharmacy: Herman Fry, S. C. Yeomans and Albert

An amendment to the constitution and by-laws

Christen Garver, of Bloomington, on account of illness,

was among those not present, and when the convenoffered by Mr. Oglesby and broadening the field for membership so as to allow other than registered phar- and adopted expressing deep regret at his illness and

tion learned of his illness, a resolution was presented macists to become members of the association was

the hope of a speedy recovery. voted down. It seemed to be the sentiment that only registered pharmacists should have a voice in amend

MATRIMONIAL. ment of the pharmacy law.

Evans-Priboth.-William J. Evans, of Iola, Kan., The following officers were elected:

and Miss Caroline Wilhemina Priboth were married, President-J. E. Huber, Peoria. First Vice-president-W. D. Duncan,

May, 6.

Pickrel-Streeter.-Fred B. Pickrel, of Allen's drug
Second Vice-president-Geo. C. Les-
cher, Galesburg.

store, Wichita, Kan., and Miss Ferne Streeter, of
Third Vice-president-C. H. Achelpohl, Sulphur, Okla., were married in June.
Secretary-W. B. Day, Chicago.

Porter-Richardson.-A. L. Porter, a popular rep-
Treasurer-Geo. C. Bartells, Camp resentative of the Coca-Cola Co., and Miss Richard-

son, of Wichita, Kan., were married last May. and the meeting adjourned.

Varvel-Small.-A. J. Varvel, of Oklahoma City and Entertainment.

Miss Small were married while attending the OklaAmong the many entertainment homa State Pharmaceutical Association convention at features were a reception to the Sulphur. This was a pleasant surprise to their relavisiting ladies and a card party

tives and friends and loudly are ringing the wedding

bells, in the parlors of the National Hotel on Tuesday afternoon and Druehl-Stahl.-Louis A. Druehl and Miss Amanda a moon-light excursion on Peoria W. Stahl, of Chicago, were married, June 3, and will Lake with music and dancing on be at home after September 1, at 524 Garfield Avenue, Tuesday evening.

Chicago. The bride is a graduate in pharmacy, well A carriage ride for the ladies, known in pharmaceutical circles and for a few years and a luncheon and musicale at past quite active in Chicago pharmaceutical affairs. the Peoria Country Club on Wed- Huger-Ratermann.-Bernard Charles Huger and nesday afternoon, a masquerade Miss Katherine Margeret Ratermann were married ball at the Coliseum on Wednes. June 4, and will be at home after July 15, 5634 Chamday evening

berlain Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. Mr. Huger is a gradThursday morning there was a baseball game be- uate in pharmacy, a prominent business man and tween the druggists and salesmen which was won by active in the local organization. The couple are now the former.

enjoying the wonderful scenery of the National Yellow In the afternoon many field and athletic contests Stone Park.




investigate the symbolism of that mysterious hieroglyCINCINNATI DEPARTMENT.

phic, known as the "swastika," a sign which the cliff

dwellers have used, like all other primitive races. It Last Meeting of Season.—Members of Queen City

is cut into the walls of their dwellings. Many theories Chapter, W. O. N. A. R. D., held their last meeting of

have been advanced as to the meaning of this strange the season Wednesday, June 24, at the home of their symbol, but there is no positive information. Prof. president, Mrs. A. O. Zwick. A literary program was

Lloyd has a different theory and hopes to be able to the feature of the afternoon, Mrs. Henry Wagner read. confirm it. Until he secures further data, he will not ing a paper on “The Politics of Holland,” which was

make his idea public. To reach the Canyon de Chelly, enjoyed. This completes the study of Holland, which

one of the most wonderful of the regions formerly ochas been the main literary effort of the members the cupied by the cliff-dwellers, a dangerous trip is necespast year. No more meetings of the chapter will be

sary. The party will travel in wagons as far as they held until the fall, on account of the excessive heat of

can go, then they will set out on horse-back through The members say they will find occasion to

the Navajo desert. Their first day's journey from Galmeet one another duriug the summer, however, to re

lup will be fifty miles to the only running water that new old friendships and discuss plans for the fall and they will see for days. From that point they must winter.

carry fresh water. Looking Forward to Picnic.-As the time ap

University of Cincinnati to Acquire College of proaches for the annual picnic and outing of the Ohio Pharmacy.—The Ohio Valley Druggists' Association Valley Druggists' Association, July 23, at Highland proposes to make the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy Grove, the druggists and their families are showing

a part of the Cincinnati University and recently apunmistakable signs of interest in the happy event. pointed the following committee to bring this about: The druggists' picnic is the gala day of the summer

Dr. A. O. Zwick, Theo. D. Wetterstroem, Frank H. season, and scores of druggists and their families and

Freericks, Fred W. Kisker and Edward H. Thiesing. friends always take occasion of the day for an outing The committee called upon Prof. C. P. T. Fennel, Dean in the country. The committee on arrangements as

of the College of Pharmacy, and a consultation was sures the druggists that this year's outing will be upheld, in which it was decided to discuss the matter at to the standard, and that some new features have

the meeting of the association in the Palace Hotel. been arranged to make them enjoy themselves. The

Dr. Zwick stated that the only way to perpetuate the nature of the fun-features are being kept secret, how- college is to make it a part of the university, that in ever, which increases the interest in the day's outing.

as much as Prof. Fennel has devoted a life-time of One of the most exciting events promises to be a base

work and has made many sacrifices toward the upball game between the wholesalers and retailers, each building of the college, the future of the school would team declaring it will shut out the other. Several

be in doubt when the professor's activities cease. Dr. good amateur players are lined up on either side, and

Fennel replied that the college has been in existence some good plays are expected.

for fifty-six years and more than fifty thousand dollars

have been expended for equipment, so it is now rated Scientist Makes Strange Journey.-One of the the third best equipped college of pharmacy in the most remarkable trips ever undertaken by any family United States. Dr. Fennel agreed with Dr. Zwick in this section of the country, was begun Sunday, June that the future of the college is in doubt under the 21, by Prof. John Uri Lloyd, his wife and his two

present arrangement, and for that reason he is willing daughters, Annie and Dorothy. Although their im- to have it merged with the university. The commitmediate destination is the convention of the National tee reported that it had a conference with Dr. Dabney, Eclectic Medical Association at Kansas City, a year president of the university, and he had promised to will probably elapse before they return. Prof. Lloyd, provide a suitable building, if the druggists will raise who is widely known as a chemist, author and scien- the funds to acquire the equipment. After further tist, is a member of the firm of Lloyd Bros., who recently discussion by the members of the association, the opened the splendid Lloyd Pharmaceutical Library committee was instructed to ascertain how much and-Museum to the scientific world. He will take his money will be required to carry the project through, family to the ancient homes of the extinct cliff- and to devise ways and means to raise the necessary dwellers, and endeavor to penetrate the mystery of their The chairman was given power to add new disappearance from the face of the earth, for they num- members to the committee, and Dr. John C. Otis and bered millions at one time. The first stage of the jour. | Harry F. Freking were named at once, and others will ney will bring them to the town of Gallup, a small fron-be appointed from time to time. tier settlement on the borders of New Mexico and Arizona; here they will be joined by two famous scientists, Dr.Munk and Dr. Wellburn, of Los Angeles, Cal.

If you and I and ewe and eye These three men planned this trip six years ago, and

And yew and aye (dear me!)

Were all to be spelled u and i, Prof. Lloyd has kept the arrangements secret from even

How mixed up we should be! his intimate friends. It is known, however, that he will

-[Harvard Lampoon.


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