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1. The U. S. P. and N. F. Preparations versus Proprietary summer and camped for weeks beneath the surroundHand-Me-Down Prescriptions.

ing oaks, and drank its waters to regain their health. 2. What results are so far preceptible on the combined efforts of the two great associations, the American Medical Association Missouri Pharmaceutical Association Solicits Inviand the American Pharmaceutical Association, to induce physi- tations for Location of 1909 Meeting.—The thirtieth cians to prescribe U. S. P. aod N. F. preparations? 3. Can the regulation sixteen-hour drug store day be brought

annual meeting of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Assowithin the requirements of the Humane Society?

ciation departed from its usual custom of selecting 4. The Sabbath Day. Why can not conditions be changed so during the convention the place for the meeting of the as to observe this day partially or entirely?

following year. After nine consecutive annual conThe following is a list of titles of papers registered ventions at Pertle Springs, it was decided to invite with us to be read at this meeting:

other sections of the state to present their claims for 1. Scotch Medicioe.-John F. Llewellyn, Mexico.

the meeting. The Committee on Time and Place of 2. Marked Changes in Several Pharmacopoeial Fluidex

meeting, in the following report explains the object in tracts.-Francis Hemm, St. Louis. 3. The Doctor as a Pharmacist.-H. G. Pieper, St. Louis.

departing from the usual custom: 4. The Drug Store of Today.-Chas. W. Stockhausen, St.


Your Committee, appointed to report upon time and place of 5. Commercial Pharmacy.-F. V. Johuson, St. Louis.

next meeting, would respectfully report as follows: 6. The Influence of Location on Our Membership.-Francis WAEREAS, The aim of the Association is the promotion of Hemm, St. Louis.

Pharmacy in all its various aspects, and 7. Pharmaceutical Notes.-Wm. K. Ilbardt, St. Louis.

WHEREAS, Tbe accomplishment of this requires the practical 8. Experience at the Prescription Counter.-Ambrose Muel- and efficient aid of every registered pharmacist in Missouri, and ler, Webster Groves.

Whereas, A working membership in this Association of every 9. Answer to Query No. 2.-Dr. O. F. Claus, St. Louis. registered pharmacist in Missouri is absolutely necessary to 10. Official Syrups.-William Mittelbach, Boonville.

accomplish the aims and objects of this Association, aod 11. Official Tinctures. - William Mittelbach, Boonville.

WHEREAS, It is necessary for the successful existence of this 12. Answer to Question No. 2.-J. C. Thumser, St. Louis.

13. The Missouri Pharmaceutical Association.-F. R. Dimmitt, Kansas City.

R. L. Hope, Centralia; Chas. W. Stockhausen, St. Louis; J. H.
Barnes, Liberty; J. G. Crenshaw, Lexington; Francis Hemm
St. Louis, Chairman.
Pertle Springs.—The beautiful summer resort, is

situated a few miles from
Warrensburg, Mo., on the
Missouri Pacific Railroad.
The Springs are reached by
means of a "dummy line"
running from Warrensburg.
It passes through the resi-
dence portion of town, past

H. 0. A. Huegel at the bat, and A. S. Ludwig behind the catcher. the extensive grounds of the

Association to largely increase its living and active membership, State Normal School, which

THEREFORE, in order to accomplish the aforementioned obe has a beautiful campus, in jects, your committee recommends the adoption of the following: which are groves of native 1. We recommend that the next meeting be in a portion of the forest trees, clumps of rare

state from which we may reasonably expect the largest gain in

membership for our Association. COL. J. C. CHRISTOPHER, shrubs and extensive and

II. We recommend that the next meeting of the Association Proprietor, Pertle Springs. artistic beds of flowers and begin the third Tuesday in June, 1909. plants. A little farther, the dummy line passes through III. We recommend that the final decision as to the next place

of meeting be left to the present committee and that it be required green pastures and thence along the shores of the artificial lakes, constructed primarily as part of the Warrens- by September 16, 1909, in the regular pharmaceutical journals

to announce it's decision as to the place of meeting for next year burg water system, but employed also as an attractive circulating in the state of Missouri. feature of the Pertle Springs Resort. There are five IV. We recommend that all localities desiring to entertain the of these lakes, three of them covering as much as forty Association communicate with the committee within sixty days

of the adjournment of this Association. acres, all bordered by grassy hills and leafy trees. In

Francis Hemm, Grand Ave. and their crystal depths swim unnumbered bass, croppie

Arsenal St., St. Louis, Chairman. and perch, so that fishing is one of the fascinating

William Mittelbach, Boonville. pastimes. The boating facilities are the very best.

D. V. Whitney, 3722 E. Twelfth St.,

Kansas City. At the upper end of the chain of the lakes is the great

Louis Grother, Cole Camp. spring from which flows, through a rock basin, a

A. H. P. Bohning, New Hampton. stream sufficient to make a small brook. The medici. Locations desiring the 1909 meeting should comnal qualities of the water are eminently adapted to the municate at once with the committee, and it is suggested cure of dyspepsia and all other stomach diseases. It that identical communications presenting the adwas a famous spring years ago. In the pioneer period vantages of the location as a means of securing new of Western Missouri, many settlers came here every members, be sent to each member of the committee.

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Mo, Ph. A. Committees for 1908-1909.

Warrensburg; John G. Miller Jr., Warrensburg; Wm. Mittel.

bach, Boonville; T. B. Montgomery, Warrensburg; Ambrose Deceased Members.-Fred R. Dimmitt, Chairman, Kansas City;

Mueller, Webster Groves; Roger H. Nelson, Excelsior Springs, P. H. Franklin, Marshall; A. S. Ludwig, St. Louis; F. L. Barnes,

S. E. Neuman, Kansas City; H. J. Nic, Kansas City; M. J. Kansas City; W. B. Kerns, Bunceton.

Noll, St. Louis; A. Nichols, Trenton; Ed. G. Orear, Maryville; Drug Adulterations.-Dr. Chas. E. Caspari, Chairman, St.Louis; Geo. L. Parsons, Kansas City; Dr. H. M. Pettit, Carrollton; 2. L. Mrs. D. V. Whitney, Kansas City; Wm. K. Ilhart, St. Louis; H. Rhodes, Lincoln; F. W. Robinson, Warrensburg; W.R. ScheldD. Llewellyn, Mexico; A. Brandenberger, Jefferson City.

rup, Pierce City; Ed. G. Schroers, St. Joseph; L. A. Seitz, St. Exhibits.-H. J. Nie, Chairman, Kansas City; C. E. Zinn, Kao- Louis; H. W. Servant, Sedalia; W. G. Slusher, Kansas City; F. sas City; F. W. Robinson, Warrensburg; E. L. Rhodes, Lincoln; W. Stukenbroeker, Owensville; Henry F. Sum, St. Louis; Leo Geo. L. Parsons, Kansas City.

Suppan, St. Louis; J: C. Thumser, St. Louis; R. B. Tilley, ColEntertainment.-J.C. Wirthman, Vice-Chairman, Kansas City.

umbia; F. G. Uhlich, St. Louis; B. E. Wallace, Warrensburg; W. Chairman and members will be named when location of 1909

D. Webb, St. Joseph; Dr. H. M. Whelpley, St. Louis; F. C. Whitmeeting is decided.

man, Warrensburg; D. V. Whitney, Kansas City; Mrs. D. V.

Whitney, Kansas City; W. E. Whitsett, Strasburg; Jos. C. Ladies Botertainment Committee.- Mrs. H M. Whelpley,

Wirthman, Kaosas City; V. Wood, Warrensburg; C. E. Zinn, Chairman; Mrs. Otto F. Claus, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. J.C. Wirth

Kansas City; J. V. Murray, Warreusburg; A. Brandenberger, man, Mrs. Wm. Mittelbach; Mrs. Oscar H. Ott; Mrs. L. A. Seitz;

Jefferson City.
Mrs. C. W. Loomis; Mrs. E. C. Hamill; Mrs. D. V. Whitney; Mrs.
T. T. Duncan; Mrs. H. J. Stolle; Mrs. W. H. Lamont; Mrs. A. C.

Mesdames.-Alshoff, A. J., Higginsville; Bard, W. E., Sedalia; Meyer; Mrs. Dan Liddy; Mrs. Ed. Hunter.

Barnes, Frank L., Kansas City; Berry, W. E., Sedalia; Branden

berger, A., Jefferson City; Claus, Otto F., St. Louis; Cloney, w. Legislation.-Charles L. Wright, Chairman, Webb City; Henry

H., Sedalia; Coon, C. M., Kansas City; Cramer, Otto, Bunceton; 0. A. Huegel, St. Louis; Dr. A. H. P. Bohning, New Hampton;

Dunavan, D. R., Kansas City; Duncan, T. T., Sedalia; Franklin, Louis Grother, Cole Camp; P. H. Franklin, Marshall.

P.H., Marshall; Frey, J. J., St. Louis; Hall, J. C., Lee's Summit; National Formulary.-Mrs. D. V. Whitney, Chairman, Kansas Hamill, E. C., Kansas City; Housekeeper, E. F., Poplar Bluff; City; W.C. Knight, Columbia; Ambrose Mueller, Webster Groves; Hunter, Ed., Kansas City; Koch, A. H., St. Louis; Leach, R. H., C. H. Cleeton, Higbee; Leo Suppan, St. Louis.

St. Louis; Liddy, D., Kansas City; Loomis, C. W., Kansas City; Membership and Attendance.-E. H. Dudley, Chairman, Kansas

Ludwig, A. S., St. Louis; Meyer, A. C., St. Louis; Miller, John G., City; W. R. Scheldrup, Pierce City; H. P. Sum, St. Louis; H. W.

Warrensburg; Mittelbach, Wm., Boonville; Montgomery, T. B., Servant, Sedalia; Ed. G. Orear, Maryville.

Warrensburg; Murray, J. B., Warrensburg; Noli, M. J., St.

Louis; Oestereick, O. H., St. Louis; Ott, Oscar H., Sedalia; Potter, Papers and Queries.-Prof. Francis Hemm, Chairman, St. Louis;

E. R., Warrensburg; Robinson, F. W., Warrensburg; Schall, W. H. M. Pettit, Carrollton; J. F. Llewellyp, Mexico; C. E. Meyers,

J., St. Louis; Seitz, L. A., St. Louis; Servant, H. W., Sedalia; St. Charles; F. G.lthlich, St. Louis.

Stolle, H.J., St. Louis; Stukenbroeker, F. W., Owensville; UhTrade Interests.-Wm. F. Ittner, Chairman, St. Louis; F. C.

lich, F.G., St. Louis; Whelpley, H. M., St. Louis; Whitney, D. Whitman, Warrensburg; R. B. Tilley, Columbia; A, Nicholas,

V., Kansas City; Whitman, F. C.. Warrensburg; Wirthman, Trenton; W. D. Webb, St. Joseph.

Geo., Kansas City; Wirthman, J. C., Kansas City; Zinn, C. E. Transportation.-W. B. Kerns, Chairman, Buncetown; S. J. Kansas City. Althoff, Higginsville; W. E. Bard, Sedalia; J. J. Frey, St. Louis;

Young Ladies.-Carroll, E.,, Warrensburg; Claus, Estelle., T. B. Montgomery, Warrensburg.

St. Louis; Grabenschroer, Agnes C., St. Louis; Grabenschroer, United States Pharmacopoeia.-Wm. Mittelbach, Chairman,

Jo. K., St. Louis; Miller, Laura Belle, Kansas City; Miller, Boonville; Francis Hemm, St. Louis; O. W. Smith, Sedalia; H.

Mattie, Warrensburg; Murray, Macie, Warrensburg; Nelson, M. Pettit, Carrollton; Otto F. Claus, St. Louis.

Mabel, Kingsville; Schlueter, Kate, St. Louis; Schneeweiss,

Marie, St. Louis.

Children.-brandenberger, Chadwick, Jefferson City; Coon, American Pharmaceutical Association.-Charles Gietner, St. Carono, Kansas City; Cloney, Thomas Warren, Sedalia; Du Val, Louis; Wm. Mittelbach, Boonville; A. Brandenberger, H. M. Estelle McGrew, Sedalia; Leach, Edmond, St Louis; Leach, Pettit, Carrollton.

Roberta, St. Louis; Liddy, Dorothy, Kansas City; Ludwig, LuN. A. R. D.-Charles L. Wright, Chairman, W. M. Federmann,

cille, St. Louis; Ludwig, Elsie, St. Louis; Meyer, Dorothy, St. Kansas City, Alternate.

Louis; Meyer, Loraine, St. Louis; Murray, Bennie Loue, WarIllinois Pharmaceutical Association.-Dr. H. M. Whelpley,

rensburg; Murray, Orine, Warrensburg; Noll, Raymond, St. Chairman, St. Louis; Leo Suppan, St. Louis.

Louis; O'Brien, Robert, Jr., Sedalia; Ott, Adelaide, Sedalia; Ott,

Latour, Sedalia; Thurber, Gordon, Warrensburg; Thurber, Kansas Pharmaceutical Association.-A. F. Zimmerschied,

Patti, Warrensburg; Uhlich, Eoline, St. Louis. Chairman, Kansas City, Kan.; T. A. Mosely, Kansas City, Kan.

Missouri Medical Association.-Same Committee as on Legislation.

A Hundred Years Ago.
The Mo. Ph. A. Register, 1908.

Philadelphia, Aug. 18.-A local paper publishes S. J. Althoff, Higginsville; W. E. Bard, Sedalia; F. L. Barnes,

each day a column reprinted from its columns of a Kansas City; w. C. Bender, St. Joseph; Dr. A. H. P. Bohning, century ago. This was printed on August 15, 1803; New Hampton; John G. Broeckelmann, St. Louis; Doran R.

Philadelphia Dispensary. Carter, Holden; Dr. Otto F. Claus, St. Louis; Fred R. Dimmitt,

The expences of this institution have been considerably inKansas City; E. H. Dudley, Kansas City; P. H. Franklin, Mar.

creased by the negligence of the patients in not returning their shall; J. J. Frey, St. Louis; J. T. F. Gardner, Waldron; Chas.

Vials; and many instances have occurred of their selling them. Gietner, St. Louis; Fred W. Grabenschroer, St. Louis; Louis

The words Philadelphia Dispensary are on all the Vials, and it is Grother, Cole Camp; G. C. Hall, Lee's Summit; Otto C. Hanser,

earnestly requested, that if any such are offered for sale, they St. Louis; Francis Hemm, St. Louis; Henry O. A. Huegel, St.

may be stopped and returned to the Dispensary in Fifth street. Louis: Jean Jantzen, St. Louis; Charles R. Judge, St. Louis; Andrew C. Ketring, St. Louis; W. B. Kerns, Bunceton; Linwood

Our fellow citizens are again informed, that old linen rags are U. Kinder, Kansas City: Jesse E. Koppenbrink, Higginsville;

much wanted for the use of the patients; and will be thankfully Wm. H. Lamont, St. Louis; Louis Lieberstein, St. Louis, John F.

received at the Dispeusary. Llewellyn, Mexico; A. S. Ludwig, St. Louis; Cloyd N. McAl

By Order of the Managers, lister, Warrensburg; Walter McCown, Montrose; Charles E.

WILLIAM WHITE, President. Meyer, St. Louis; F, F. Miller, Warrensburg; John G. Miller Sr.,. The institution referred to 'still survives.


Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, Pertle Springs,

June 9 to 12, 1908.

Edward Bendschadler, of St. Louis, paid sufficient dues in advance to become a life-member.

Geo. R. Parsons, of Faxon & Gallagher, joined in 1886 and looks as young as when a novice.

Amity is a strong trait in the nature of retiring presi. dent, Dan Liddy, of the Mo. Ph. T. A.

Re-registration, was endorsed as the most desirable change in the Missouri Pharmacy law.

The Election of Officers was without contest. The vote in each instance being unanimous.

Spray From Pertle Springs. No initiation fee. Annual Dues are two dollars. One Woman tried the board examination. The Members paid $390.00 annual dues last year. The Deep Waterway, in Missouri river was endorsed. Many of the salesmen bring their families with them. The Ladies and children this year outnumbered the



Lorenz A. Seitz is chairman of the council of the Mo. Ph. A.

Registration in Missouri by examination costs three dollars.

Mrs. D. V. Whitney's aptitude for successful work is connate.

Lake Cena is the prettiest of the series at Pertle Springs.

Certificate of Membership costs one dollar. Apply to the secretary.

Just Twenty Years since the Mo. Ph. A. discovered Pertle Springs.

The Fish seek deep water when Dr. Otto F. Claus wets his line.

The Installation Ceremonies were more impressive this year than usual.

Dr. Otto F. Claus is the efficient secretary of the council of the Mo. Ph. A.

No One will ever fall into innocuous desuetude during a Mo. Ph. A. convention.

An Old Work on Chemistry, dated 1800, was exhibited by J. F. Llewellyn of Mexico.

U.S. P. and N. F. Propaganda was emphasized by the papers and the discussions.

The Signs that adorned Dan's place were the artistic work of Hunter and Lamont.

The N. A. R. D., was re-endorsed and a contribution of $25.00 voted the Association.

Sunday Closing was strongly advocated by the address of President J. V. Murray.

No Mosquitos with the hæmatozoon of malaria are to be found around Pertle Springs.

The Missouri Board of Pharmacy registered by examination 105 during the past year.

A Very Clever one act play was presented by Mrs. C. M. Coon aud Mrs. D. R. Dunavan.

Invocation was given by Rev. B. E. Wallace of the Warrensburg Presbyterian Church.

Applicants for Membership can be acted upon by the council at any time during the year.

(Photo by Stone, Warrensburg.) President-elect D. V. Whitney, Kansas City, and retiring President J. V. Murray, Warrensburg, of the Mo Ph. A., 1908.

The Consignment of Onagers for the mule race failed to arrive and the contest was called off.

Miss Estelle Claus contributed a piano solo which was a pleasant number at the entertainment.

The Mendelssohn Quartet, of St. Louis, is as obliging as it is popular, and that is saying much.

Charles Gietner is the choice of the Mo. Ph. A. to succeed himself on the Board of Pharmacy.

Never Saw potassium iodide in crystal form before, said a crest fallen candidate for registration.

The Pill Rollers' Minstrels, as usual, caught the public favor. Their stories were new and well told.

Fred R. Dimmitt, of Kansas City, was one of the two members present who organized the Mo. P. A.

A Vote of Thanks, was tendered the Warrensburg Daily Star for the splendid accounts of the meeting.

The Pedant Atmosphere from the Warrensburg Normal A. J. Althoff and family and J. E. Koppenbrink and School was quite evident to the close observer.

family of Higginsville drove over to attend the conSoda Fountain Service does not count as drug store ex

vention. perience with the Missouri Board of Pharmacy.

For the Eleventh Time in the history of the association

Missouri pharmacists met in convention at Pertle Mrs. Ed. G. Orear, missed this year but promises to

Springs. accompany her husband to the 1909 convention.

The Pure Food and Drugs Law means true labels. The Abderian members at the Stewart cottage drove This was shown by the discussions at the Mo. Ph. A. the squirrels into the high places in the tree tops. meeting. Minnewawa, the name given to the hotel was used by

Resignations during the past year were as follows: the Osage Indians to designate the springs at Pertle. Albert Ayres, George P. Hemm, C. A. Sherer and S. A.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hunter, of Kansas City, come Johnson. early, remain late and are always welcome company. Dr. W. C. McAllister, of the Warrensburg State Normal, Edward C. Hammill, W. S. Amos and John H. Baer,

delivered the address of welcome. He made an inrepresented the Kansas Pharmaceutical Association. teresting talk.

The Net Enrollment of members on Treasurer Mittel- H. O. A. Huegel is a parliamentarian, but the sentibach's books at the opening of the convention was 396. ment of the convention sometimes overlooks the rules

of Robert's.

If You Fail (and some do) before the board of pharmacy, you can come up a second time within a year on the same fee.

The Committee appointed to audit the treasurer's account, consisted of Ed. G. Orear, D. V. Whitney and J. C. Thumser.

C. E. Zinn, of Kansas City, registered after an absence of a few years. His many friends welcome his return to the meetings.

Selfishness lies at the root of much of man's suffering but selfish people do not feel at home at Mo. Ph. A. conventions,

Harry Servant is proprietor of the Arlington Pharmacy at Sedalia. He never misses a meeting and is always welcome.

Abnegation is of no avail when an applicant for registration is caught with a quiz compend under his examination papers.

President J. V. Murray is an old timer behind the

gavel. That became apparent as soon as he took the Professor Francis Hemm and Ambrose Mueller, of Com

president's chair. mitttee on Papers and Queries.

It Would Be Difficult to pick out the best actors in Assistant Secretary J. C. Thumser has a tenor voice Huegel's farce comedy but, if we should try, we would which added much to the musical feature of the week.

not overlook Isaac. Judge W. T. Bland, of the McPike Drug Co., was the Wm. Mittelbach will be among those reporting from only official representative of the N. W.D.A. present. Missouri at the A. Ph. A. meeting at Hot Springs,

F. W. Robinson, of Warrensburg, on short notice, pre-Ark., September 7. pared a very creditable report on Deceased Members. A. H. Koch, of St. Louis, accompanied by his wife en

President Murray's address was fully endorsed by the joyed the meeting. He promises to come early and committee appointed to consider his recommendations remain late in 1809.

Edw. G. Orear is patriotic and never forgets that he Willie Leach, returned after an absence of seven lives at Maryville, the best town in Northwest Mis- years. He says he will not miss another meeting for souri.

seven years to come. The Balance on Hand from last year was $91.96. This The Druggists' Indemnity Exchange of St. Louis was year the treasurer opened the meeting with $56.00 on well cared for by Charles R. Judge in his address behand.

fore the association. The Only Mosquitoes at Pertle Springs are those talked Will It Be Eleven Meetings and "out" for Pertle about by Charles Wagner in his Christian Science Springs? That remains for the Committee on Time sketch.

and Place to decide.


nent and active member of the Mo, Ph. A. MISSOURI PHARMACISTS.

Henry 0. A. Huegel, Ph. G., recognized himself in

the class picture by means of his overcoat. Henry, Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, Pertle Springs, however, continues as good looking as ever. June 9 to 12, 1908.

If Candidates would omit some of the expletives from

their examination papers they would make better Spray From Pertle Springs.

grades. Do not tell what you do not know. The Meeting was Enlivened, by the attendance of R. C.

President J. V. Murray is no longer engaged in the Partlett, the genial representative of Kipp Bros. Com

drug business, but retains his interest in the profespany, of Indianapolis.

sion, and will be present at the 1909 meeting. The First Delegation arrived from St. Louis Saturday

A. F. Zimmerschied, now at Kansas City, Kan., and afternoon and was met at the Warrensburg depot by formerly of Kansas City, Mo., was among the missing; president J. V. Murray.

he, however, sent a communication of greeting. W. L. Turner, Ph. G., of Springfield, the junior mem

The Peristyle Walk from the hotel to the Hall of ber of the board of pharmacy, was unable to attend

Philosophy is very picturesque and reminds one of the the examination Monday.

Peristyle of States at the Columbian exposition. As Usual, several tried the board of pharmacy examination just to see what it is like. We hope they will now prepare for the ordeal.

A Pleasing Family, making friends every where was constituted by Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Meyer and their children, Loraine and Dorothy.

President J. V. Murray made a strong address, reviewing the work of the association and gave some interesting and valuable suggestions.

The Local Secretary will be elected by the Committee on Time and Place of Meeting as soon as the locality is determined upon by that body.

Fred Pierce, now of St. Joseph, Mo., registered from Nevada last year. Mr. Pierce is one of the very active young members of the Mo, Ph. A.

Edwin G. Cox, of Craig, expected to join before the Pertle Springs meeting but missed an application and will now be elected by the council.

Ignorance is the cause of most of the troubles from which pharmacy suffers. Pharmaceutical education will banish many of the complaints.

Henry 0. A. Huegel, who has won a place in the A. Brandenberger, Wm. Mittelbach, Mrs. Mittelbach and hearts of all for his clever work as an entertainer, won

Mrs. H. M. Whelpley watching the ball game between the

travelers and the retailers. new laurels this year with his songs. T. B. Montgomery, of Warrensburg, was as popular Board of Pharmacy because he had not acquired drug

A Drug Store Porter was turned down by the Missouri with the association as local secretary as he is with

store experience within the meaning of the law. his large trade in the drug business.

Mrs. Oscar Ott has become a favorite with the assoWhy Is It that students will eat drugs like starving ciation as a prominent contributor to the entertainwolves when trying to identify them? The sense of taste is put out of commission at once.

ments. Her vocal selections always make a hit. It is Not Necessary to purchase an expensive set of

Charles L. Wright, of Webb City, was unable to be books in order to become posted on Christian Science.

present but paid his dues in advance to cover the Just ask Charles Wagner to explain it.

twenty-five years limit, and is now a life member. Ed. G. Orear, of Maryville, paid up his dues for 1909

Mrs. Dan Liddy made a model president's wife and and became a life member. He has for a quarter of a

was becoming of her station. The Travelers' Associa

tion never had a more efficient president than Dan. century been a lively and useful member,

Deaths during the past year were as follows: H. W. Chas. Geitner, whose term as a member of the State Evans, Kansas City; George Eyssell, Kansas City; Board of Pharmacy will expire July 1, was unanimously Russell Riley, St. Louis and T. B. Sherer, Bethany. endorsed to Gov. Folk for re-appointment.

The Collection of Pharmacopoeial Chemicals exhibited Fred Pierce, formerly of Nevada, Mo., has recently by the Committee on Pharmacopoeia was donated by opened a new drug store at St. Joseph. He is a promi- MEYER BROTHERS DRUG COMPANY for the purpose.

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