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Situations Supplied by the St. Louis Drug Clerks' Employment Bureau, D. P. Wright, Manager, care of the Hoeffken Laboratory, 412 South Sixth Street.

His Home Address.-Members of the graduating class of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, spring of 1908, are invited by one of their classmates to visit his home. We give the address, as follows: Gabriel Hanna Zaki, Hanna Yousef, Kafr-el-Gameh, Zagazig, Egypt.

The Meyer Brothers Cocked Hat Bowling League is in some respects a uniqe organization. It is confined entirely to employes of the Meyer Brothers Drug Co. During the past season, the regular bowlers and the substitutes numbered forty-three men engaged in the season tournament. The members look upon it as a permanent organization, and new officers will be elected for the ensuing year which season begins in September

The South Side Mortar and Pestle Club held their regular monthly meeting at Schoenlau's Grove Tuesday, June 16, at 8 p. m. All members and their families after a short business meeting sat down to one of those delicious Schoenlau chicken dinners.” This was, without a doubt, the most successful and appreciated of all the meetings of the progressive South Side organization. During the meal the members were called upon to make a few remarks, and among those who responded were L. C. Swinnen, Dr. W. D. Aufderheide, E. A. Sennewald, Otto Ude, and B. J. Otto.

The St. Louis R. D. A. under tbe direction of a committee headed by L. A. Seitz carried out the program of a steamboat excursion, June 22, the party consisting of about 100 druggists, many salesmen and their families. The trip was made very interesting on account of the flooded condition of the country. The boat excursion was exceptional in character, as the entire party was confined to the pharmacists and their immediate personal friends. It was not a crowded affair, with the vast majority strangers, as is the case with the usual evening boat excursions. The boat stopped for a couple of hours at Chautauqua where a number of field contests were decided and prizes distributed. Returning, the boat reached St. Louis at 7 p. m. It was such a pleasant affair that the committee was petitioned to give another excursion in September. The following is a list of the retail druggists present: Angermueller, Edw. P.

Krummenacher, Chas.
Angermueller. Wm. F.

Ludwig, A. S.
Aufderheide, Dr. Wm. D. Ludwig, H. D.
Banner, Oliver

Mack, Otto F.
Bentz, Alb. P.

Mager, Jno. A.
Broeckelman, Jno. G.

May, Chas C.
Brueggemann, A.

Mengel, Chas. E.
Burkart, Edw.

Methudy, Jos. P.
Carey, Francis P.

Meyer, Oscar D.
Carpenter, H. W.

Miller, Robt. F.
Claughly, Orval J.

Myhre, O. G.

F. H. Fabra will open a new store at Grand Avenue and North Market Street.

L. R. Hoffman has purchased the Jungbluth Pharmacy, Eleventh and Lami Streets.

Arthur Knippenberg is now with C. W. Booker, Vandeventer and Finney Avenues.

A. N. Collins has sold bis Academy Pharmacy to Carl Ergenbrodt formerly with M. J. Noll.

William Freise, manager of Hahn's Olive Street Drug Store, will spend his vacation in Colorado.

The Uhrig's Cave Pharmacy will be opened in the new building, Olive and Ewing, about August 1.

Cliff Meyer, of St. Charles, Mo., is now employed in Hecker's Pharmacy, 1300 South Compton Avenue.

R. & F. Schweickhardt have opened a new store at the southwest corner of Skinker Road'and Delmar Avenue.

Joe Johnson, with the J. S. Merrell Drug Co., will spend his vacation at his club house on the Gasconade river.

E. M. Jungbluth, who recently disposed of his drug store, is now soliciting business for the Pockel's Drug & Paint Co.

Geo. Soupenrosky bas returned to East St. Louis after an absence of several months, and is engaged in doing relief work.

John O'Connell, of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, '08 class, having passed the Illinois board is going to Chicago, I11.

Dr. Joseph L. Boehm, Ph. G., is active in St. Louis politics, and was a delegate to the National Republican Convention.

Theo. Foster will open a drug store at 2800 Olive Stre the corner recently vacated by the Schweickhardt Drug Co.

Albert Kopf is now manager of Schuster's Pharmacy, Mr. Schuster leaving the store in his charge while he is touring Europe.

Miss Katharyn O'Keefe, Ph. G., is the pharmacist in

charge of the dispensary at the St. Louis Jewish Hos- Leonard Emmet Hoffman, Ph.G., '08, after a few days' pital, 5400 Delmar Avenue.

recreation following his graduation, has accepted a Carl A. Emig, Ph. G., is much pleased with his new

position at Jungbluth's Pharmacy, Eleventh and Lami

Streets. position in the prescription department of the Judge & Dolph Drug Co., 515 Olive Street.

C.P. W. Steinmetz, Ph. G., who was for some time with

the Swift Drug Co., is now with the J. P. Huhn Drug Joe Opperman has accepted a position with the Graul

Co. at the Humbold Pharmacy, Grand and WashingRudi Pharmacy, Shenan- ton Avenues. doah and Compton Avenues.

Barney Katsky has leased the store room under Beers Wm. F. Ittner has purchas- Hotel, at the northwest corner Olive and Grand Aveed the A. M. Finke store,

nue, and will install one of the handsomest drug stores Grand and Cleveland Ave

in that section. nues, and placed George

The Louis F. Soldan School is the name given to the Brandt in charge.

new school building at Union and Kensington AveHenry Antle is now manager nues. This tribute to the late superintendent of the of the National Drug Co., public schools of St. Louis is a very just one. Eighteenth Street and

E. F. Eigenbrodt is now manager of the Noll-Collins Washington Avenue.

Pharmacy at Hamilton and George Stiehl, manager of

Minerva avenues.,

He was Enderle's Eighth Street

formerly located at CollinsJOB OPPERMAN. Store, is spending his va

ville, Ill. Mr. Eigenbrodt cation in Chicago.

is a bright young man, who, John Boss, formerly with the Lindell Pharmacy, is

among other honors has a now with the Enderle Drug Co., Sixth and Chestnut

gold medal scholarship from Streets.

the Barnes College of PharR. B. Carrsow has left the employ of H. F. Griesbach,

macy. 3300 Easton Avenue, and accepted a position with the

Dr. Charles Herbert, Ph. G., San Antonio Drug Co., San Antonio, Tex.

'02, is now devoting all of George Steyh, one of the '08 honor men, has accepted

his time to the practice of a position with a prominent Chicago pharmacist and

dentistry. He, however, rewill leave in a few days to assume his duties.

tains the proprietorship of Fred Weis, for nineteen years an efficient clerk for

Herbert's prosperous pharTheodore Wurmb at the Water Tower Pharmacy is

macy at Jefferson and Park Avenues. seriously ill at the City Asylum and not expected to

Gottlieb Schmidt, the popular city salesman, reports recover.

the arrival of a daughter at his home, June 26. This R. T. Hill has joined the Prosperity Club and in

is the fourteenth child and the score now stands stalled a handsome set of new store fxtures in the eight to six in favor of the boys. Mr. Schmidt is lookstoreroom, Euclid and Easton, which he has occupied ing for further orders. for several years.

W. E. Derris, Pb. G., can handle a revolver as well as Mrs. Theodore F. Hagenow is treasurer of the W. 0.

a microscope and he drew blood on the burglar who N. A. R. D., which was or

attempted to break into Geo. H. Sommers' Pharmacy, ganized in St. Louis, April 1.

Laclede and Boyle Avenues. It is a notable fact that This officer will look after the

St. Louis pharmacists do not hesitate to shoot when funds of the organization in

they see a burglar faced their way. the same careful and efficient

St. Louis Has a Medical Library located at 3522 Pine manner that she is raising an

Street, and owned by the St. Louis Medical Library interesting family and taking

Association. It consists of about 11,000 volumes, and part in various social and edu

during the past year was used by nearly 200 physicational lines of work.

cians. We hope the time will come when pharmacists G. Supernowski, of East St.

will have access to a library of equal importance and Louis, was among the fortunate

value in their work. members of the class taking

June Witnessed the Passing of the Fricke-Hahn Drug Co., the recent examination for

the famous St. Louis corporation owning ten stores. registration as pharmacist.

A majority of the stores have been sold to the managers As an Excursion Manager, L. A. Seitz is as much at home while F. H. Fricke has retained the Nineteenth and and successful as he is in other walks of life. He was Madison and Fourteenth and Monroe, and Chas. Hahn, chairman of the committee which arranged for the the secretary and treasurer of the company, keeps the steamboat excursion given by the St. Louis R. D. A.,

Twenty-third and Salisbury, and Olive and Newstead June 22. It was a wonderful success.








Acid, Salicylic from Oil Win- Oil, Hemlock,


The Pall That Impended Over the Business of this coun- Apiol,

Olive, Malaga,
Blue Vitriol,

Peppermint, try is steadily and surely vanishing into thin air and

Cocoa Butter,

Rose, Geranium, the commercial atmosphere is clearing and in view of

Camphor, Monobromated,

Sandalwood, German, the following facts why shouldn't it? The Department


Potassium Ferricyanide, Com'l, of Agriculture reports a better crop outlook on the Oil, Almonds, Sweet,

Seed, Quince, whole than ever before at this time of year.


Sodium, Salicylate, from Oil, Bay Leaves

Wintergreen, It estimates that the value of the country's farm

Cedar Leaf,

Sodium Benzoate, products of 1908 will reach the $8,000,000,000 mark.

Cinnamon Ceylon,

Turpentine. This will leave all records far behind. It will be more

Quinine.-Dull and unchanged; an advance seems than double the value of the farm yield of 1900, which

improbable. Local quotations are: P. & W., on the was $3,764,000,000. Big crops have always heretofore basis of 100-oz. cans, 17c; M. B., 164c; 25-oz. cans, 19c; meant good times for the country, and they will mean

5.oz. cans, 23c; 1-oz, vials, 28c. the same this year.

Opium.-Materially higher and prices are very firm Bank clearings and railroad earnings are below those

at the advanced figures of over one dollar. Gum, of a year ago, but the gap is steadily narrowing. There

qur table at $5.95; Powd., M. B., $6.55; P. & W., $7.25. are fewer idle cars than there were at the beginning

Morphine.-In sympathy with the higher level of of June. The July interest and dividend payments prices on opium advanced 20c per oz. Quotable in 4this year in New York, will be $177,000,000, as com

oz. vials, 24-oz. boxes at $3.20; oz. vials, 20c per oz. pared with $184,000,000 in July, 1907. Thus the fall

less. ing off is far less than had been expected. About

Alcohol, Grain, 188°.–Unchanged; bbls., $2.75; }$46,000,000 of gold has been exported since the pres

bbls., $2.78; 10-gal. cans, $2.95; 5-gal. cans, $2.99, conen: outward movement began in the middle of April,

tainers inclusive, with the usual allowance of 10c per but as we gained over $100,000,000 of gold in Novem

gallon for cash in 10 days. ber and December last, and as we can get as much as

U. S. P, 190° is being offered in this market at an we need from Europe at any time we may need it, this

advance of 5c over the above. movement disturbs no one. The rates for money are

Denatured.-Unchanged; quotable in bbls., 40c; }about the same as they are in midsummer of normal

bbls., 44c; 41-gal. cans, 62c, containers inclusive. years, in fact call money is ruling lower.

Wood, 95%.-Bbls., 42c; 4-bbls., 47c; 10-gal. cans, "Re-employment" days are becoming general. St.

57c; 5-gal. cans, 62c, containers, inclusive. Louis had one on June 1, when 15,000 idle persons

Acid, Formic, Conc.-Advanced 5c; quotable at $1.30. were put to work. On a far larger scale the Pittsburg

Phosphoric Syrupy.-U. S. P., 85% advanced; quotdistrict will have one on July 6, when every plant of

able in 10-1b., G. S. B., inclusive 31 to 40c as to quantity. the United States Steel Corporation, the largest con

Salicylic, from Oil Wintergreen.-Declined to $4.55 cern in the world in its field, will resume operations,

to $9 as to quantity, make and packing. and the remainder of the shops of that corporation, all

Aloin.--Declined to $1.29; oz. 16c. over the country, it is expected, will all be running by

Beans, Vanilla, Merican.-Advanced; 7 to 84 in. August 1. All the independent steel concerns in the

$5,25 to $6.00; 65 to 80c per oz. Pittsburg district, it is announced, will be at work

Blue Vitriol.-Declined; quotable in bbls., at 51 to with a full force by the first week in August. Chicago

8 to 10c in a small way. reports that the same conditions prevail there, the

Castile Soap, Conti's.-Mottled advanced; quotable Illinois Central Railroad alorie re-employing 5,500

in box lots 12 to 15c as wanted. workmen.

Codeine.- Quotably higher; alkaloid, $4.90 to $5.05; Prices on many items have been on a steady down. Hydrochloride Nitrate and Sulphate, $4.65 to $4.80; turn for months and are doubtless near the bottom, in

Phosphate, $4.40 to $4.55. fact, there is a reaction toward higher figures.

Cocoa Butter.-Declined; M. B., 4-1b. cakes, 12-1b. We set forth below the items on which prices have

boxes, 45 to 53c; fingers, oz. 69 to 78c as to quantity. .changed since our last issue, also the current local

Camphor Monobromated.-Declined to $1.75; oz. values thereon:


Manna.-Declined to 75c.
Acid, Formic,
Oil, Lemon,

Oil, Almonds, Sweet.-M. B. True, U. S. P., quot-
Phosporic Syrupy,

ably lower; 40-1b. cans, 49 to 65c as wanted. Allen's, Beans, Vanilla, Mexican, Opium,

56 to 70c. Castile Soap, Conti's,

Pearl Ash,
Saffron, American,

Bay Leaves.-Declined to $2.95; oz. 35c.
Silver Nitrate,

Cedar Leaf.Declined to 77 to 85c as to quantity.
Oil, Croton,

Cinnamon Ceylon.-Declined to 75c per oz. Citronella,

Vanillin, Linaloe, White Lend.

Croton.-Advanced; quotable at $1.20 to $1.50, as to Linseed,


Citronella.-Advanced; drums, 33 to 46 to 65c in small lots.

Linseed.-Advanced lc; raw, bbls., 41c; boiled, 42c.
Lemon.–M. B. Reina, advanced, 25-1b. coppers

quotable at $1.10; 1-1b. coppers, $1.30.
Mustard.- Artificial, declined to $4.00 per lb., and

Read at the thirtieth annual meeting of the Missouri Pharma40c per oz.

ceutical Association, June 9-12, 1909. Orange.--Sweet, Reina, quotably lower; 25-1b. cop- The action of the last pharmacopoeial committee in pers, $2.40 to $3.10 to $3.25, in a small way.

placing the official tinctures of potent drugs on a ten Olive, Malaga.-Declined; bbl. 72 and 92c, as wanted. per cent basis was a step in the right direction, and is Pennyroyal.-Advanced $3.45 to $3.70.

universally approved. It is in harmony with the Peppermint.Declined; M. B., pure, $1.75 to $2.00; metric system of weights and measures toward which M. B., re-distilled, $2.30 to $2.55; Hotchkiss, $3.15 to we are slowly but surely going. The committee should $3.65.

have gone one step further, and placed all the tinctRose, Geranium, African,-Quotably lower; $6.50 ures on that basis. This can be done with but one per lb. to 75 to 80c per oz.

exception; and that is the camphorated tincture of Sandalwood, German.-Declined to $2.25 to $2.75, opium. This preparation can be placed with the elixas to quantity.

irs, which it resembles more than a tincture anyway. Pearl Ash. -Advanced; quotable in 400-1b. bbls., at There is no good reason why the tinctures of arnica, 51 to 8 to 10c, as wanted.

asafoetida, bitter orange, benzoin, benzoin comp., calenPotassium, Ferricyanide, Commercial.Declined dula, calumba, cardamom, cardamom comp., cimicito 42 to 60c, as to quantity.

fuga, cinchona, cinchona comp., cinnamon, galla, Saffron, American.-Advanced; quotable in mats guaiac, guaiac, Am., hydrastis, Krameria myrrh, pyreat 29 to 39 to 45c, in small lots.

thrum, quassia, quellaya, rhei, rhei aromat., serpentaSeed, Quince.-Declined to $1.25.

ria tolu, valerian, valerian, ani., and ginger should not Silver Nitrate.-Quotably higher; P. & W. in lb.

be ten per cent in strength also. The drift of the bottles, $6.36; M. B., $5.92; oz. 4ốc.

modern practitioner of medicine is towards smaller Shellac.-Advanced; V. S. 0. case lots, 564 to 67c; doses, and in consequence a ten per cent tincture will T. N. 314 to 42c; Bleached, bbls., 31 to 45c.

be just as acceptable as those of a higher strength. Sodium, Salicylate from Oil Wintergreen.-De- Even the four fifty per cent tinctures could be reduced clined; quotable at $4.55 to $7.20, as to quantity, make to a ten per cent basis. The tinctures of gambir comp., and packing

iodine, ipecac and opium, kino, lavender comp., and Benzoate.-Declined; bbls. 374 to 51c; granular, lc | iron chloride, containing irregular percentages of those lower.

respective medicines, can also be so modified as to Vanillin.-Advanced to 55 to 60c, These prices may bring them to a ten per cent basis. Tincture of musk be shaded in large quantities.

I would eliminate entirely from the list of official prepWhite Lead.-Advanced fc; 100, 250 and 500-1b. arations. It seems to be of so little use that none of kegs, 7c; 25 and 50-1b. kegs, 7dc; 121-1b. kegs, 7dc; 25- our journals quote a price on it. The source of musk 1b. tin pails, 7dc; 12-1b. tin pails, 8fc.

is ground enough for its dismissal as a medicine. Glassware.- Quotable discounts unchanged; Pearl

Tr. belladonna should be made from the root, for ovals, case lots, 75%; 5-case lots, 75 and 5%; larger

reasons which are obvious. The compound tinctures quantities, 75 and 10% ; Baltimore ovals, brandy finish, containing two or more active medicines should con75 and 10 % ; 5-case lots, 75, 10 and 5 %; larger quantities, tain ten per cent in all-should there be an aromatic 80%; Comet ovals, 80 and 15%; 25-case lots, 85%; 50

or corrective in the preparation, this could be in addicase lots, 85 and 5%.

tion to the ten per cent active ingredient. Tincture of Window Glass.-Unchanged; quotable in this mar- ipecac and opium would conform more closely to ket, all single, 90 and 35%; all double, 90 and 40%.

Dover's powder, if made direct from the drugs. Turpentine.- Quotably lower, there being a net de

These suggestions may seem a little radical to our cline of 4c; quotable in bbls., 46c; in 10-gal. cans, 57c; committee on revision, and in advance of our time; in 5-gal. cans, 61c, packages inclusive.

still I think we are working that way, and will in

time come to it. When the ten per cent basis is once Pharmacologists at a Salary of $3000.00 per year are wanted hy the Bureau of Chemistry, Department established, it will remain so; and a tincture will at

once indicate a ten per cent preparation, just as a of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. A civil service ex

fluidextract means a one hundred per cent preparation. amination takes place, July 15. If interested, apply at once to the United States Civil Service Commission, Foreign countries will soon fall into line with us, and

a universal standard of medicines will result. Washington, D. C., and ask for application form 304 and special form.

Directions Wanted.-Send me ten cents worth of The Highest Boiling Point for metal is that of Iodeine, and tell “Do thir have to be Dultrated to molybdenum..

Paint on a Boil."

heavy rain falls, it looked as though even the 1903 reKANSAS DEPARTMENT.

cord was to be outdope.

A great number of druggists were compelled to Kansas City, Kan.-C. W. Adamson, Twelfth and either move entirely out or to move stock and show Osage, will move his stock and fixtures to Thirteenth cases to upper floors. The following is a list of those and Wood.

affected in Armourdale, Kan.: Kansas City, Mo.-The city salesmen of Kansas

C. R. West, Fourth and Kansas.

Tom Lilly, Fifth and Kansas. City held a meeting at 610 Walnut, June 17, and or

Crystal Pharmacy, 603 Kansas. ganized the Kansas City Salesmen's Club, and elected Red Cross Pharmacy, Packard and Kansas. the following officers:

Wm. Wildman, Tenth and Kansas. E. C. Himburg, president.

Wilson & Crosson, Twelfth and Kansas. Geo. Mosely, first vice-president.

Rose & Gordon, Osage and Mill. Ben Welch, second vice-president.

C. W. Adamson, Twelfth and Osage. W. R. Adelsperger, treasurer.

In Argentine, Kan.: W. B. Poinsett, secretary.

Santa Fe Pharmacy, Spear and Strong Avenues. The next meeting will be held at the Coates House,

Rowles & Co., Spear and Strong Avenues. July 1. The club's object is good fellowship.

In Kansas City, Mo., the west bottoms were flooded The American Institute of Homeæepathy opened up to the Union Station, but the water did not enter. their sixty-fourth annual session at the Willis Wood

Union Avenue, in front of the Union Station, was îheater, June 22, and reported a large attendance.

covered by an average depth of two feet of water. The Dr. C. H. Brown has purchased the Auditorium guests of the Blossom House, the hotel on Union Pharmacy at Ninth and Holmes. Dr. Brown owns a

Avenue, directly across from the station, were taken store at 218 N. James which was flooded during the

to and fro in boats. The following stores were flooded

in the above district: recent overflow of the rivers.

The Brown Drug Co., 218 North James. R. S. Stevens will open a new store in the building

Ed. McLaughlin, 8 North James. now occupied by Bath & Jack at 900 Southwest Boule- H. H. Gregory, James and Central Avenues. vard. Bath & Jack will move to a new building erec- Fred Eyssell, 1067 Union Avenue. ted for them, at Twenty-third and Summit.

George Eyssell, Union Avenue, across the street from Union

Station. On the night of June 13, the store of L. E. Swearin

New Century Drug Co., Ninth and Mulberry. gen, 4231 Independence Avenue, was entered and rob- Dr. Otterman, 1 James Street. bed of 250 cigars and $4.00 in postage stamps, while By June 18, the rivers had fallen several feet, but $3.50 was taken from a telephone box.

heavy rains have caused a third rise of about eighteen J. F. Harrison, Fifteenth and Campbell, has sold inches. his store to J. B. Burchett. The R. C. Bailey Pharmacy, 1300 Grand Avenue,

TRADE NOTES. has been sold and is now known as the Diers Pharmacy.

Denver Mud Manufacturers appreciate the value of The Dickey Bros., who own a prosperous store at the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST as an advertising 700 East Fifth, in the section, known as “Little Italy,' medium and are making use of the fourth page cover have purchased the Argyle Pharmacy, in the Argyle which adds to the artistic appearance of the publica

of this pharmaceutical journal with an advertisement Building, corner Twelfth and McGee.

tion. The retail pharmacist who handles the goods, The Owl Drug Stores Co., have sold their store No. as well as the Denver Mud Manufacturers, adds profit 4, Eighth and Walnut, to Frank O'Reilly, who is a to his volume of business and pleases his customers. brother of the president of the company. D. E. McGaughey has purchased the store, corner

When You Look Over the Goods on Your Shelves Thirty-eighth and Woodland, from J. R. Brinkley.

you see very few indeed that are “money-doubling"

propositions. The Flood.-On June 7, the United States govern

But Shac is one of them, and better than it is adverment sent out a flood warning to the residents along

tised at an expense of thousands of dollars a month,

in the streetcars of the principal cities and several the valleys of the Kansas and the Missouri rivers. The

hundred of the smaller towns of the United States. rivers rose rapidly for a few days, but began to fall as That being the case it would pay you to concentrate rapidly again, with every indication of a secession of the your sales for headache remedies on this item. When flood. The towns of Argentine and Armourdale, Kan., people ask for Shac, give them Shac. When they ask

for "something for a headache,” give them Sach. were practically covered by water, but as the rivers You make more money that way. You tie up to a live fell rapidly a great number of people who had moved selling proposition. No other advertised headache out, on account of their homes being flooded, were

remedy is so well known, no other pays you so good a preparing to move in again. About June 11 the rivers profit. Treat yourself right, push Shac. again overflowed, reaching a heighth, June 15, of thirty feet on the Missouri and 29.7 feet on the Kan

Sigh and the world sighs with you,

Laugh and you laugh alone, sas (Kaw). This was within seven feet of the flood

For its mostly the rule that each durned fool, heighth of May, 1903, and for some time, owing to

Can't see any joke but his own.

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