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(Schedule Effective July 1, 1908.)

1 year 9 months 6 months 4 months 3 months 2 months 1 month 1 page.. $400.00 $310.00 $216.00 $170.00 $135.00 $95.00 $55.00 * page.. 225.00 180.00 120.00 90.00 75.00 55.00 30.00 A page.. 125.00 90.00 65.00 50.00 42.00 30.00 17.00 Y page..

65.00 50.00 37.00 30.00 22.00 17.00 10.00 1 inch .. 45.00 37.00 25.00 20.00 15.00 11.00 6 00 Cover space, one page....... 1 year

$600.00 Inserts, one leaf....

1 year

600.00 Bulletin, Large Space

40.00 Bulletin, Small Space..


1 year 1 year



ST. Louis, Mo., U S. A.

Lowell M. Palmer, President of E. R. Squibb &

Sons, was represented on the cover of the MEYER In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Professor John Uri

BROTHERS DRUGGIST for July. Lloyd, of Cincinnati, who, An Honest Label in the eyes of the Pure Food and in company with his wife Drugs Law mentions the narcotic substances conand two daughters, are tray- tained in a preparation. The manufacturer of a eling in the wilds of Ari- catarrh snuff who failed to state on the label that it zona deserts for the purpose contained cocaine is now uneasy under the suit of studying American arch: brought against him by the pure food and drugs comæology and solving some of missioner. the mysteries which shield

If Your Store is For Sale advertise in the MEYER the history of the Cliff

Dwellers from the civiliza-
tion of today. It is only a
surmise on our part when

Price List, Drugs, Page 49.
we say that Professor Lloyd

Bulletin for Buyers, Page 4.
is gathering material for a

Want Advertisements, Page 1.
new book.

Index to Advertisements, Page 2.




The subject of suicides comes home to the pharmacist as it does to every other citizen and also reaches him in a special way as one who with the physician is interested in relieving suffering humanity. The

drug store is not infrequently the temporary hospital Suicide a Disease.-It is not necessary to go very

for a would-be suicide or a morgue for the remains of

a suicide discovered in the neighborhood. We hope far back into the history of civilization to reach a time

our readers will realize their opportunities and do when insanity was looked upon as a crime and those afflicted with the disease treated as were criminals of

what they can to educate the public into an underthat date. In fact, the tradition has not been entirely standing that suicide is a disease. lost for, at the present time, we find traces of old su- Laws to Regulate the Sale of Paris Green are being perstitions which classed insanity among diseases to passed in different states. As long as Paris Green be attributed tc evil spirits and even associated with caused accidents only among human beings, such as witch-craft. The ducking stool and the dungeon, for- use in committing suicide or poisoning accidents merly used in the treatment of insanity or to restrain through careless handling, the law makers gave Paris the maniacs are in great contrast with the medical Green but little attention. Now, that it is extensively attention and comfortably arranged asylums for the used in spraying fruit trees and when impure causes insane of to-day. While progress has been made in serious injury to foliage, the legislatures are quick in our knowledge and understanding of insanity, we are action, looking to a standard of purity and careful only now beginning to surmise that suicide is as much control of this article. It is only another instance a disease as insanity or smallpox and that the victim where we look more carefully after vegetation and should be treated in accordance with the rules and lower animals than we do to the health of the human customs governing our regard for other patients af- race. Paris Green causes damage to foliage in direct flicted with diseases. The law inflicting punishment proportion to the amount of water soluble arsenic upon a person attempting suicide but failing in his which it contains. This is in the form of white effort, when viewed from an impartial point of obser-arsenic, or arsenic trioxide wbich may be present vation is as ridiculous as would be a statute providing through carelessness in manufacture but more frefor the punishment of a smallpox patient who recov- quently on account of adulteration. The white arsenic ers from the disease. A very good idea of the present is much cheaper than Paris Green. status of our knowledge of suicide is given in an able F. D. Fuller, B. Sc., chief chemist of the Departarticle on the subject by George Keenan, in McClure's ment of Agriculture of the State of Pennsylvania, has Magazine for June, 1908. It shows that the number been investigating Paris Green sold in that state and of suicides is increasing at an alarming rate and that we copy the following from his preliminary report: the greatest number occur during the spring and early Chemical Composition of Paris Green.-Paris Green, which is

known as copper aceto-arsenite, contians, when chemically summer weather, in fact, the greater number on

pure, approximately:bright, sun-sbiny days. Great calamities like war or

Copper ai senite.

.82 per cent. earthquake lessen the number of suicides, as it does

Copper acetate.

.....18 per cent. the number of cases from many other diseases. Our The active poison in Paris Green is arsenic, and it is customary

to refer to it as arsenious oxide, and the copper present is referred system of giving in great detail reports of suicides

to as copper oxide. These terms are simply used for convenience leads other susceptible persons to catch the disease,

in reporting the results of chemical analysis of Paris Green. and the time will come when hut very brief mention Therefore, using these terms, pure Paris Green should contain: of cases of suicides will be permitted in the daily Arsenious oxide.

..53.55 per cent. The law when enacted will at first meet with

Copper oxide. press.

.31.38 per cent.

Acetic acid..... as much opposition as have laws in the past requiring

The composition of the commercial article in our markets the placarding of homes where a contagious disease shows a variation from these figures, which is chiefly due to a exists or providing for the removal of patients to quar

difference in manufacturing processes, and possibly to some

carelessness in the manipulation. antine but, in the long run, common sense prevails

Sodium sulphate naturally occurs in Paris Green, and we also and we will gradually learn to do without a knowl.

find water and sand in small quantities. Therefore, we rarely edge of the details of suicide cases.

find Paris Green to consist entirely of copper aceto arsenite, but

it contains this compound as its chief constituent. As our knowledge of suicides advances and the public learns that the taking of one's own life is due to a Will the Consolidation of Colleges of Pharmacy diseased condition, we will cease to hear the now com- continue? The medical colleges of this country have mon expression, "Why try to prevent the suicide, as been passing through a process of elimination by the person who will take his own life is unworthy of means of consolidation of organizations during a numcitizenship.” The injustice of such a view is appar- ber of years past. We refer to that union of leading ent to many of our readers who have personal knowl-colleges, located in such close proximity that their edge of cases where people have attempted suicide fields of work were common territory. This record but, through failure, have lived on to again become has resulted in fewer leading colleges, but better ones. worthy citizens, in some cases continuing for many The recent announcement that the Scio College of years as valuable members of the community.

Pharmacy had been absorbed by the Pittsburg College

....10.07 a

of Pharmacy is an interesting bit of news, and may postage stamps, the one who mutilates the City Direcbe the beginning of a new process in Pharmaceutical tory while making free use of it, and perhaps we educational affairs, whereby we will find the colleges might mention the cnstomer who rings the night bell of pharmacy following the good example of the med- and gets the clerk out to sell a tooth brush, or some ical colleges, and uniting whenever such action means other article, which might just as well be purchased a better college and greater educational facilities. during the day. Who will invent a wire screen to

The consolidation of large colleges of pharmacy shut them out or discover a bacteria which will reduce will not stop the springing up of small colleges in their number? sections of the country where the pharmacists de- San Francisco Physicians Accept Commissions on mand local institutions. We feel full sympathy for prescriptions compounded by pharmacists. This the efforts of state universities in maintaining phar

seems to be the way that the medical profession in macy departments, even though many of them may the City of the Golden Gate looks at the matter. At never have large classes, nor exert wide-spread in- least, so we interpret the expressions of the editor of fluences. We can understand and subscribe to the

the California State Journal of Medicine who claims conditions which have developed new schools of that pharmacists''started the game” and consequently pharmacy at the universities of Nebraska, Mississippi,

are to blame for it. We are not familiar with the and some of the other states during the past few initiation ceremonies, which must have taken place a months, for these institutions will serve the profes- generation or more ago, for the practice was looked sion of pharmacy.

upon as an old and fixed one, when the A. Ph. A. Accomodating Secretaries.—The average member met at San Francisco in 1889. The pharmacists seem of a state or local pharmaceutical association little disposed to say that the physicians demand percentrealizes the extent to which secretaries can be of sery. ages, and are as anxious to fix the blame on the phyice to the organization by cooperation with the phar- sicians, as they are to turn the tables on the pharmamaceutical press and with officers of the A. Ph. A. cists. Our suggestion is that since both doctors and who are collecting statistics and other information druggists must admit and, as far as we know, do not from various sections of the country. It is very pleas- deny that the practice is disreputable, they should ing to note that the secretaries of the associations come together in a love feast and resolve to forget the and tbe boards of pharmacy now fully realize the ob- past, turn over a new leaf and work together in the ligations which go with their positions. We remember future upon the same terms that are followed in Chia time when a representative of a pharmaceutical jour-cago, St. Louis and the cities on the east side of the nal was looked upon at some of the association meet- Rocky Mountain divide. ings as an intruder prying into other people's affairs. Saloon Drug Stores Are a Natural Consequence of To-day, we find the secretaries of a long list of state a prohibition movement. The experience of the past associations carefully preparing reports of their an- emphasizes this fact, and the present prohibitory nual meetings and promptly mailing them to the movement which is sweeping over the country causes pharmaceutical journals of this country. The repre- | pharmacists of the United States to shudder when sentatives of the press are welcome at the various they think of the number of saloon drug stores which meatings and given every facility for work, such as

will, like camp followers, spring up in the wake. The desk room and access to reports of committees and pharmaceutical press has almost as a unit commented officers. We feel that this change, which has gradu- on this condition. As the season for state association ally come about is decidedly to the advantage of the conventions passes we find presidents giving attenorganizations as well as a matter of convenience for tion to the subject in their annual addresses. Perhaps the editors. We know that we express the unanimous

the most emphatic expression comes from Kansas sentiment of our contemporaries when we say that where the president speaks in no uncertain terms, and the accommodating secretaries are fully appreciated points out that joint drug stores must be short-lived

Get Rid of the Pests.—The study of preventive when both public opinion and pharmaceutical sentimedicine has led to a new field of operation in deal- ment unite in an effort to suppress this class of stores. ing with pests of mankind. The mosquito is pre- In presenting the subject, the president said, “These vented from breeding by covering pools of standing ideas are not advanced as representing the personal water with coal oil. Rats are being destroyed hy views of any one, but are deductions arrived at by means of a contagious disease spread among them. cold analysis of conditions as they present themAs a result, cases of malaria are becoming few and far selves. between. Yellow fever epidemics are stamped out Cocaine Not Mailable.--Acting postmaster general and diseases spread by rats are held in check. It now has amended section 494 of the postal regulations so remains for some ingenious person to find a method that cocaine and its derivatives are in the same lists of getting rid of drug store pests. We do not refer with intoxicating liquors, poisons and explosives, all to those occupying a lower order in the animal king- of them being unmailable. Of course, it remains to dom, but we have in mind the person who uses the be seen just what is meant by derivatives, but cocaine druggist's free telephone to order goods from some as an alkaloid and all of its salts are unquestionably cut rate place, a customer who confines his trade to excluded from the mails.

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the American Medical Association, last June. The STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS.

pamphlet contains much information of practical

value to physicians. Merchandise by Mail to the United Kingdom of

Patronize Reputable and Reliable Wholesale Great Britain was limited to four pounds six ounces;

Druggists and you will avoid the trouble and expense but, on July 1, 1908, a new order went into effect which

experienced by some retail pharmacists of Massachuenables parties in the United States to send by mail

setts whose goods were found deficient when measpackages not exceeding eleven pounds in weight.

ured by Pharmacopoeia standards. The Bulletin of U. S. P. and N. F. Propaganda.-Everything con- the Massachusetts State Board of Health for April, sidered, we believe that this topic bas attracted more 1908, states that the following samples of drugs were attention than any other discussed at the state phar- found to be adulterated: alcohol, gin, hamamelis, maceutical convention during the season of 1908. rum, spirit of camphor, tincture of iodine, whiskey Will the time come when the subject will demand a

aod several proprietary medicines. similar share of thought on the part of the medical

Poison Cautions are almost as numerous as the sure profession?

cures for consumption and other incurable diseases. The National Soda Fountain Association was or

Perhaps there is no means of stamping out dispensing ganized at the Hotel Astor, New York City, June 18,

errors or accidents in the sick room, but proper care the first annual meeting to be held at Atlantic City, will reduce such unfortunate conditions to a minimum. N. J., September 1. Officers and executive committee H. W. Servant, of Sedalia, Mo., is eminently practical will be elected and the question of an annual show and makes use of a small rubber stamp to place the determined upon. Practically all of the soda fountain

word, “Poison," on the top and sides of the cork manufacturers were represented at the organization

which is used to stopper a bottle containing poison. meeting

The patient or nurse must be at least temporarily
P. C. Candidus, of Mobile, the first honorary presi-blind, who overlooks this warning.
dent of the A. Ph. A., and the founder of the Ala. Ph.
A., was remembered by the association at the twenty- tions of Latin words, in that both require skilled

Chemical Formulas are very much like the terminaseventh annual meeting, held last July. A committee

knowledge in order to properly write them. We rewaited upon Mr. Candidus and presented him with a

gret to see chemical formulas and chemical equations handsome and valuable gold beaded umbrella, eulo

written in such a careless manner on board of phargizing his work in the state association, the state

macy examinations. Perhaps it makes little differboard of pharmacy, the A. Ph. A. and in other pharmaceutical directions.

ence to some of the applicants for registration whether

chemical formulas are legible or not, as their knowlA Watermelon weighing 107 pounds was presented edge of chemistry may be so limited that they cannot to presidential nominee, Taft, when he visited Galves- recognize sodium chloride either as Na cl or Na Ci. ton, Tex. This is not only a fair sample of the rare It is, however, an evidence of carelessness on the part fruit and vegetables raised in the state but it is in line of board members when they submit chemical formuwith the exceptionally able pharmacists and busivess las that are blurred or incorrectly written. men engaged in the handling of drugs and medicines

Dr. Robert Koch is a Great Man in Little Things, in Texas. Colleges of pharmacy of this country have

a feature which is said to be observed in the truly learned by experience to look for a prize whenever a

great. Of course, we do not refer to his greatness as student matriculates from the Lone Star State.

an authority on the subject of bacteriology which The Cash on Delivery Postal System inaugurated treats solely of little things, that is, certain forms of in England on June 1, enables dealers to fill orders microscopic plants. We are thinking of the manfrom country customers and send a bill with the goods, ner in which he warded off all attempts to place him the amount to be collected by the postmaster. The in the limelight as a hero of the medical profession pharmacists of the United States who are fighting the during his recent visit to this country. He absolutely proposed parcel post in this country would consider refused in city after city to accept banquets and other the above practice simply adding insult to injury. functions which the medical profession and, in some We judge from our English exchanges that the phar- instances, the public at large proposed to tender him. macists of that country are by no means satisfied with It would be, indeed, a severe strain upon some of our the system.

great men in the sciences in this country to turn

aside similar acts of recognition on the part of proU. S. P. is most generally translated “United States

fesssions in Europe. Pharmacopeia.” The Chicago branch of the A. Ph. A. explains that it stands for “Uniformity, Strength Frederick Belding Power, director of the Wellcome and Purity." This is set forth in the thirty-two page Research Laboratory, London, Eng., had much to do pamphlet on the Pharmacopoeia and the National with the planning of the department of pharmacy in Formulary which was printed for distribution at the the University of Wisconsin and the placing of it on exhibit of the Chicago branch in the Exhibit Hall of a firm footing, a quarter of a century ago. In recog

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nition of these services, the university, last June, con- mechanisms. The production of aluminium metal ferred the degree of doctor of laws upon Prof. Power. was also fully explained and illustrated. In concluThe doctor was a very active member of the commit- sion Mr. Brazier threw out a suggestion tbat a pharmatee on revision of the U. S. P. elected by the conven- cist with a microscope might turn his attention to the tion of 1890. In conjunction with Dr. Charles O. Curt- subject of metallography, especially in a manufacturman, he accomplished much in the way of rendering the ing district. At the present time few engineering chemical features of the Pharmacopoeia practical and of firms had laboratories fitted up for this work. The service to the retail pharmacist. His American friends apparatus was not elaborate or expensive. Three or have not forgotten him and take this occasion to extend four felt bobs mounted on a spindle with some arrangetheir congratulations and expression of appreciation of ment for rapid revolution by means of a treadle, a miwork performed in the interest of pharmacy.

croscope and camera with a bull's eye condenser were Should Fresh Bed Bugs be Regulated by the Pure

all that was required. Food and Drugs Law. Dr. James H. Beal is a humor- How Shall Ebert be Honored?—President O. F. ist of the quiet, modest type. He not only devises Fuller, of the Chicago Veteran Druggists' Association, means to prevent snoring but does not hesitate in en- reported at the recent annual meeting of the organizatering the sacred fields of homeopathy when it is tion that the Ebert memorial fund, including the inseriously proposed to make the pharmacopoeias of the terest, now amounted to something like $980. What homeopathic school standards under the food and shall be done with the money? Mr. Fuller remarked drugs act. The doctor, in the June issue of the Mid- that the Ebert lot is not large enough to erect a land Druggist gives a list of the drugs of aninial origin monument on, although he thought an exchange of recognized by these pharmacopeias. He does not lots could be made if it should be decided to carry call attention to the humor of the situation but that out the monument idea. Personally, however, he befeature becomes prominent when we glance over the lieved that the establishment of a scholarship would entire page of titles like the following:

be more appropriate to the memory of Ebert, which Mephitis, Odorous matter of Common Skunk.

reminds us that the scholorship plan was suggested Vulpus Hepar, Fresh Fox Liver.

some months ago and was then held in abeyance, Cervus Brazilicus. Fresh Hide and Hair of the Brazilian Stag. pending the final settlement and disposition of the Cimex Lectularius, Fresh Bed Bugs. Murex Purpurea, Juice of a Sea Snail.

memorial fund. The Bulletin is rather inclined to

agree with President Fuller that a scholarship would Precaution Against Postage Stamp Thefts.-The

be a much more fitting and permanent memorial to the post-master general, on April 8, issued the following

memory of Ebert than a monument so located in the as Section 562 of the postal laws and regulations:

very nature of things that it would simply be one of “For the purpose of identification only, and not for advertising,

many hundreds.-[Bulletin of Pharmacy. it shall be permissible to puncture or perforate letters, numerals or other marks or devices in Upited States postage and special Cutting Away the “Blackmail” stamps. The punctures or perforations shall not exceed

New York, Massachusetts and other pharmaceutical one-sixty-fourth of au inch in diameter, and the whole space oc

associations have taken the view advocated in The Era cupied by the identifying device shall not exceed one-third inch square. The puncturing or peforating must be done in such a that the manufacturers, wholesalers and jobbers ought manner as to leave the stamp easily recognizable as genuine and not to be levied upon for the expenses of holding the pot previously used. The use of ink or other coloring matter in

conventions, or for the personal entertainment of tbe connection with such puucturing or perforating is prohibited." As indicated by the text, this regulation is intended

members. At the Swampscott meeting, the ugly word

“blackmail” was used in the debate and in other dismerely to enable the identification of postage stamps

cussions almost as forcible terms were employed. The without in any way advertising the firm or individual

sentiment was general wherever the subject was dispurchasing the stamps. Perhaps some of our readers remember the newspaper reports of immense sums

cussed that the associations should pay their own exbeing offered the government by patent medicine

penses and be under no obligations to others for “dead

head" favors that most of the members do not care to manufacturers who craved the privilege of placing the

receive. name of medicine on the die of the stamp used in can

In the Massachusetts convention it came out that celing postage stamps. It was decided that such a

the state association received $100 for advertising permit would not be legal.

privileges for the proceedings. If our information is “Metals and the Microscope," was the subject of a correct the man who paid the $100 made a profit of many paper presented by W. N. Brazier, Ph. C., before a

times that amount, not a cent of which went to the recent meeting of assistant pharmacists in Edinburgh, association or any of its members. Yet every advertiser Scotland. Mr. Brazier gave an interesting 'description and contributor to this day holds that the Massachusetts of a series of lantern slides showing the micro-crystal- pharmacists are debtors to him or his firm for whatline structure of steel, nickel and aluminium as deter

ever money was paid over. This is another feature of mined by Mr. J. E. Stacey Jones, B. Sc., of Coventry. annual conventions that will be watched more closely He also explained the importance of these microscopic in the future.—[ Pharmaceutical Era. appearances from the point of view of the engineer as a test of the quality of materials required in different Pure Spices.-Do you handle them as a side-line?

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