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the regulation of the retail trade; such changes in the OHIO PH. A.

pharmacy law as will enable that measure to be more

perfectly and more effectively enforced; and to issue a The thirtieth annual convention of the Ohio State bulletin to the druggists of Ohio at intervals showing Pharmaceutical Association was held at Cedar Point

what is being done for the welfare in both the legislaon Lake Erie, July 7 to 10. Some two hundred and ture and in trade conditions. twenty-five druggists and their ladies were in attend- The election of officers resulted as follows: ance and enjoyed both the business program and the

President, T. B. Houston, Toledo, Ohio; First Vice-presi.

dent, J. 0. Connor, Urbana, Ohio; entertainment.

Second Vice-President, Charles L. Considerable time was taken up at the business

Perry, Peebles, Ohio; Treasurer, session in the reading and discussion of eleven original

John H. VonStein, Upper San. papers. Prof. Feil had this program in hand and it

dusky, Ohio; Secretary, Theo. D.

Wetterstroem, Cincinnati, Ohio. proved very interesting. Some three years ago when

Members to Council-H. V. Arny, Prof. Feil took charge of the committee on papers and

Cleveland, Ohio; Lewis A. Biehl, queries, only two or three papers were submitted by

Sandusky, Ohio; George B. Kauffmembers and this increase is indeed gratifying to the

man, Columbus, Ohio; John C.

Firmin, Findlay, Ohio; Edward members and particularly tbe officers who see in this

Voss, Cincinnati, Ohio. a return to the time when pharmacy was pure science

The following delegates and emerging from the slough in which the price

were elected to attend the question and ready-made nostrums had cast her.

convention of the A. Ph. A. The titles of the papers were as follows:

at Hot Springs, September "Violation of the Pharmacy Law From a Drug Clerk's Point of

7 to 10: View," by William F. Kaemmerer, Columbus. "Some Experiments in Making Tincture of Opium U. S. P.

J. Winchell Forbes, Cincinnati; W.0. Lemasters, Akron; C. W. VIII,” by William T. Hankey, Cleveland.

Benfield, Cleveland; L. A. Biehl, Sandusky; F. H. Frost, Lebanon. "The Real and the Imitation,” by L. W. Witte, Cleveland.

List of names suggested by our association for ap“An Ingenious Adulteration of Red Aniline,” by George D. Beal pointment on board of pharmacy, the governor to "Some Points in the Assay of Laudanum for Beginners," by select one: George D. Beal.

Edward Voss Jr., Cincinnati; F. L. Fickardt, Circleville; Julius "Quality of Drugs Dispensed by Physicians,” by Prof. J. H.Beal.

Greyer, Cincinnati; Robert Groenland, Cincinnati; J. A. Kutch"Remarks on the Pharmacy Law," by C. S. Ashbrook, Mansfield, o.

bauch, Cincinnati. "Coloring with Cudbear," by George M. Towle, Sardis, 0.

Fifty-six new members were added to the 0. S.P.A. “Compound Solution of Sodium Phosphate,” by George M.

roll. Towle."

The entertainment this year was under the guid"Powdered Gum Tragacanth" by Prof. Joseph Feil. "Tincture of Iodine," by Theo. D. Wetterstroem.

ance of the Traveling Men's Auxiliary and it was The Food and Dairy Commissioner, Hon. R. w. given on such a grand scale that the newly elected Dunlap, addressed the convention and explained the

officers of the Traveling Men will have to do some working of the new food and drug law which went pretty active stunts to come up to their initial enterinto effect on the first of July. He intended to go

tainment. A reception and euchre on Tuesday eveslow in prosecuting under the misbranding clause ning was followed the next day with contests in bowlaffecting such patent medicines now on the druggists' | ing, boating, athletic and acrobatic bouts and prizes shelves and would lend every assistance in getting the galore. Fishing contests at break of day found the necessary information of the alcoholic content or pill rollers with their oil of rhodium scented bait enother ingredient required to be stated of such pro- ticirg the finny tribe from their piscatorial haunts. prietary medicines the firm or manufacturer of which

Theater parties, a Kommers, a grand ball and a sail has gone out of business; but with preparations that

on old Lake Erie touching the shores of the vine covered the druggists make themselves under private formulas islands, a dip in the lake, a run on the finest beach in he will expect at once these druggists label all new the world, made one forget the cares of druggery and goods going into the market from now on. He wel

all combined to make the 1908 meet pass down into comed the druggists to call upon him or write him history as the best ever. and he would do his best to assist them in complying

The newly elected officers of the Traveling Men's with the law.

Auxiliary are as follows: The association approved the sentiments expressed

Presideot, George M. Schambs, Cleveland, Ohio; First Vice

president, Charles Diehl, Cincinnati, Ohio; Second Vice-presiin the president's address concerning the better or- dent, J. C. Wolfinger, Canton, Ohio; Third Vice-president, c. ganization of the drug clerks; the early and Sunday Anschutz, Cleveland, Ohio; Fourth Vice-president, A. J. closing movement; the U. S. P. and N. F. propaganda; Schwartz, Cincinnati, Ohio; Secretary, F. W. C. Diebel, Toledo, improvement in legislation which will more perfectly ohio; Treasurer, A. J. Pettit, Elkhart, Ind. New members of

Council-Frank Bauer, Columbus, Ohio; A. J. Burdsal, Cincinexclude the imperfectly educated from the practice of

nati, Ohio; R. H. Loomis, Racine, Wis. pharmacy, and the revocation of the certificates of

Twenty-five new members were taken in by the registration of druggists who violate the pharmacy Travelers. and liquor laws; such modifications of the Valentine Next meeting will be held in Cedar Point, Ohio, Anti-Trust law as will permit reasonable contracts for July 13-16, 1909.

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born at Newark, N. J., February 9, 1824. He came NECROLOGY.

from sturdy New England stock, dating back early in

the seventeenth century. His mother traced her anW. A. Saylor, died at his home in Greenfield, Ill.,

cestors back to William, the Conquerer. He began June 30. He was engaged in the drug business at that the drug business at Bridgeport, Conn., when fifteen place for more than thirty years.

years of age. He went to Chicago in 1857 and soon

became a prominent business man of that place. Mr. Ed. Conner, died at his home in Sprivgfield, July Lord was also active in the Presbyterian church. 3, after six months' illness. He had been a representative of Fuller & Fuller Co., for twenty-five years.

Adam Marion Fulkerson died at bis home in Kan

sas City, June 25. He was Henry N. Jansen, Ph. G., '03, died suddenly of born in Ohio County, Ky., heart failure at his home in St. Louis, June 25. He July 17, 1843, and came to was 23 years of age. Mr. Jansen was an unmarried Missouri in 1855. He enyoung man, who had opened a drug store on his own listed in the Confederate account, October, 1907. He leaves a mother, two sis- Army in 1861, and after the ters and one brother.

war entered the drug busi

ness at Clinton, Mo., where John S. Bogy, of San Antonio, Tex., died of apo

he continued from 1867 to plexy, July 9. He was thirty-eight years of age and a

1892. His successor at this graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, a native of St. Genevieve, Mo., and a son of the late Judge ble. Mr. Fulkerson took

point was Pechstein & HubJohn Louis Bogy, of St. Genevieve. He was also a rela

part in the organization of tive of Senator V. Bogy, of Missouri.

the Missouri PharmaceuIntroduced Chloral Hydrate as a Therapeutic tical Association at Sedalia Agent.-Prof. Oskar Liebreich died in a private hos- in 1879, and was one of the pital near Berlin, July 1, in his seventieth year. He was four surviving organizers who have continued as memborn in East Prussia and prepared for the navy but bers. He is survived by a wife and two sons, one of changed his intention and studied chemistry under the sons, Henry Fulkerson, is proprietor of the pharFresenius. He then graduated in medicine at Berlin macy at 219 Indiana Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. and became director of the Pharmacological Institute Dr. Augustus T. Edmonds, died at his home in of Berlin in 1872, which position he held until within

Miami, Mo., July 7, after a a few months of his death. It was he wbo introduced

year's illness with Bright's Disin 1872 chloral hydrate as a therapeutic agent.

He was born in LancasC. J. Hennemann, Ph. G., '06, died at his home in

ter County, Va., September 10, St. Louis, June, 21. Mr. Hepne.

1844, and was of Welsh decent.

His father was a physician and mann was taken ill with tuberculosis about one year ago, and

the young man early studied went West for his health. Dis

medicine. He was a member appointed by a failure to improve,

of the ninth Virginia C. S. A. he returned to St. Louis and lived

He located in Miami in 1869 but a few weeks. Mr. Henne

as a drug clerk for Dr. M. A. mann was married about two years

Brown. He became a partner

of the doctor's successor, Dr.J. ago. His wife survives him.

N. Dunlap. He then purchased his partner's interest J. W.Dornseif, of Worden, Ill.,

and was associated for twenty-five years in the practice died, June 14.

of medicine with Dr. H. D. Grady. He is survived by Thomas Lord, of Chicago, died June 26, at the home a widow and two of five children. Dr. Edmonds helped of his daughter, Mrs. Abrams, in Louisville. Mr. organize the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association in Lord reached the advanced age of eighty-four years 1879. He was a member of the board of pharmacy and during his life became known as a pioneer in during the administrations of Governors Francis, matters of organization among wholesale druggists of Stone and Stephens. He was a member of the comthe United States. He was vicepresident of the mittee which drafted the original Missouri Pharmacy Western W. D. A. in 1876. He was first vice-president Law. He was successful as a physician, interested in the following year and president in 1878. He was for politics and active in educational matters. The doctor a number of years chairman of the Committee on was a Mason and a member of the M. E. Church South. Proprietary Goods. At the time of his death, he was an honorary member of the N. W. D. A. which was Don't Stop Advertising because the returns from an outgrowth or rather a development of the Western your first effort were not satisfactory. The secret of N. W. D. A. He was also an honorary member of the success in every business is keeping everlasting at it. Chicago Veteran Druggists' Association. Mr. Lord was This is particularly true of advertising.







Interest in The Pertle Springs Meeting of 1908 Continues.

The Committee on Time and Place of 1909 Meeting Hearing From all Sections of the State. Chairman

Francis Hemm Says That the Addition of New Members is the Main Consideration.

Expressions From Some of Those Who Were at Pertle Springs Last June. The Missouri Pharmaceutical Travelers' Association

Will go Wherever the Retailers Meet.

Proceedings of the 1908 Meeting Published Early in July and Distributed to all Who Have Paid Their Dues For the Current Year. Appointment on the Missouri Board of Pharmacy Not as Yet Announced. Charles Gietner is the Only Candidate Men.

tioned. The Mo. Ph. A. to be Well Represented at the September Meetings of the A. Ph. A. and the N. A. R. D.

hotel at Lake Park Springs. Then, we shall invite Pertle Springs Items.

the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association and be preTo Register in Missouri costs $1.00 provided your di- pared to take care of them. ploma is recognized.

We Understand that “Georgia Parsons" being "shut Perry Cargill, formerly of Big Rapids, Mich., is now off” at Dan's Place cried real salty tears until even located at Kalamazoo, Mich.

Billy Lamont's lump came up in his throat, and Liddy J. W. Clifton, a member of the Mo. Ph. A., formerly and Hunter were stung to pity and removed the Lid. of St. Louis, is now located at Versailles, Mo.

Will Report Next Year at Pertle Springs for the Mo. Ph. A. meeting, so says Albert H. Koch, Ph. D., of St. Louis, Mo.

A. J. Hoenny, Pb. G., of St. Louis, has decided to become a life member of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association.

August Heinrich Peter Bohning, of Corning, Mo., was a new factor at the 1908 meeting. He promises to be equally active in 1909.

Henry J. Stolle in Wagner's School couldn't speak his piece on account of his hair lip and wouldn't come farther than the schoolhouse.

Henry C. Wesner, proprietor of the Missouri Pharmacy at Windsor, Mo., is among those who were missed at the Pertle Springs meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Coon, and Family were very popular. R. L. Hope, of Centralia, an ex-president of the

This is a good picture of the family," Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, has decided to become a life member of that organization.

Dr. J. L. Ormsbee, of Springfield, missed the Pertle The Only Reason Billie Poinsett (Mgr. Wm. R. War- Springs meeting on account of being actively engaged

in medical organization work. We hope the doctor ner & Co. K. C.) did not fall in the “lake' was that

will not entirely forget his pharmaceutical obligahe couldn't get to Pertle Springs this year

tions. If You Want a copy of the Missouri Pharmacy Law

Did You Notice what a smile would lighten up the send to Charles Gietner, secretary of the Board of

faces of the “real old time members" when a friend Pharmacy, 203 South Broadway, St. Louis.

in greeting them would say, “I never saw you looking Edward Mallinckrodt, president of the Mallinckrodt

so well, why you are looking younger than you did Chemical Works, St. Louis, is one of the recently ten years ago." made life members of the Missouri Pharmaceutical

F. C. Whitman of this city won the McCourt Label Association.

Cabinet containing 30,000 labels, presented by J. Between Jollying and Visiting with the “bunch” Frank Groman, southwestern manager of Atoha, Okand playing nurse to the "papoose," Coon had bard. lahoma. It was given for guessing the nearest numtime to get shaved and his beard was longer than

ber of labels on a roll containing 300 labels. Mr. usual this year.

Whitman's guess was 327. The award was made by W. T. Ballagh, Nevada.–We are going to build a three lady judges, wives of traveling men.

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(Photo by Stone, Warrensburg.) Missouri Pharmaceutical Travelers' Association, Pertle Springs, June 11, 1908.

Clarence M. Stair, St. Joseph, Mo.-I was very favorWHERE IN 1909?

ably impressed with the Pertle Springs meeting and pro

nounce it a great success. As to location for 1909 I think The Missouri Pharmaceutical Association Looking it a good plan to change place of meeting to a different for an Invitation.

part of the state each year thus giving members an opportunity to visit their own state in the different locations

and also give them a weeks outing and general holiday H. J. Nie, Kansas City, Mo.-Regarding the 1909

in new surroundings, I think it would be appreciated meeting will say that personally it is immaterial to me where it is held, as I hope to be present wherever

more than to go back to the same place they have it may go. But for the benefit of the association I

been for years. If there is a suitable park or grounds think the location should be changed every year.

I would suggest Jefferson City as a good place as it is Why not try Trenton in 1909? They are anxious for centrally located and will also give those who have us and believe they will treat every one right.

never been there an opportunity of visiting the State

Capitol. C. M. Coon, Kansas City, Mo.-Our meeting this year seemed to me exceptionally enjoyable, and while

Fred R. Dimmitt, Kansas City.-The following are attendance was perhaps not as large as should be, yet,

the only original members (organizers) now alive: everybody I have talked with speaks of having a good

A. W. Rogers, Urich, Henry Co., Mo.

P. H. Franklin, Marshall, Mo. time at our "family gathering.” As to the meeting

Dr. A. R. Edmonds, Miami. (Died since this letter was written, place for next year, “I care not where the stars do

Editor.) shine" as long as the “good old bunch” are there. Fred R, Dimmitt, Kansas City.

J. F. Llewellyn, Mexico, Mo.-I was pleased to see B. F. Dimmitt, Roch port, was not present, but his the salesmen enjoy themselves so well at the Pertle Springs meeting. They are all jolly good fellows, were elected Charter members. quiet, orderly and perfect gentlemen. They fully S. N. Mahan, Malta Bend, was one of original memdeserved the best we had at the meeting. I noticed bers; he died April, 1906. that some of the members who are acquainted with

A. M. Fulkerson, was an original member, but my two sons referred to me as “old man Llewellyn.” dropped out a number of years since. He died here This was the only foolish thing I noticed during the

the twenty-lourth after an operation for appendicitis. meeting

Dr. A. R. Edmonds was president in 1881–82, and J. F. Llewellyn, Mexico.-The last meeting of the Mo. vice-president 1882–83. Ph. A., was one of the pleasantest. In place of rain

P. H. Franklin was treasurer 1879–82. we had a down pour of eloquence and fun. May he live long to “cheer us on the way.

Fred R. Dimmitt was secretary 1879-80, and second For the 1909 meeting tell the committee of the snake vice-president 1885–86. that wired in and wired out, leaving the mind in doubt A. S. Ludwig, St. Louis, Mo.-I dare say that a change if he was going north (south) or coming back. We of place will do us and the association good. I would all know they will be as “wise as serpents and as suggest we go to Excelsior Springs or some other quiet harmless as doves."

place off to itself, with no outside attractions, in order J. H. Baer, Boonville, Mo.-I had a very pleasant to keep the boys together. Of course, hotel accomtime at the Pertle Springs meeting. I think Pertle an modations must always be taken into consideration. ideal place to hold our meetings and for selfish rea- I would suggest we give the Mo. Ph. T. A. a voice in sons I would be glad to continue going to that place; selecting a place. They furnish most of the amusehowever, I feel that to make the meetings more suc- ments and refreshments, and without same I venture cessful, it will be necessary to make a change in our to say the convention would not be a success socially, meeting place. What we want is a larger attendance financially or scientifically. The amusement and social and if by changing our place of meeting will enable us features, no doubt, draw nine-tenths of us to the conto get a larger membership and work up a little more vention; success lies in attendance; tbe larger the atenthusiasm, then by all means let us have the change. tendance the larger the success. The scientific part

D. R. Dunavan, Kansas City, Mo.- in reply to your is very essential and indispensable, but, after all is letter of the 26th, regarding my impression of the said, we go to a convention to have a good time. I recent meeting of Mo. Ph. Travelers' Association held know I would not go unless there was a good time at Pertle Springs, Mo., during the meeting of the Mo. in sight-no doubt there are a good many in this same

boat with me. Ph. Association, would state that I believe it was the

I am always a good and willing lisbest ever, and I for one, had the best time I ever had tener when the scientific points are discussed. I am at ang meeting I ever attended. I sincerely trust that yours for success of the Mo. Ph. A. in selecting a meeting place for 1909, that the commit- M. E. Beymer, Kansas City, Mo.—The great train tee will bear in mind that a location where the “Pertle roared and grumbled as it reluctantly stopped, in its Springs happy family" can be together, will be ap- hasty fight across the state, at Warrensburg; and we preciated.

all, druggists and traveling men, piled out in eager

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