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anticipation of the good time “on tap" for us at Pertle cant give a satisfactory explanation for not being in Springs.

the "taking". The travelers carried no sample cases and as tbe drug- Who said Billy Lamont and Donovan, the malted gists had forgotten to bring their cares and troubles;

milk baby, were not there? Were they? They werzz. the two joined hands and hearts and climbed on the

And it is whispered that Himberg is still trying to figcar for the Springs.

ure out how he got back to Kansas City. Perhaps the God of Harmony, recognizing the in

And of the many, many others present, much could Ajction on the charms of Nature, in the building of

be written, for out of the mists of memory of the good

times we had, other faces are constantly looming up Warrensburg, sought to placate that Good Soul by laying out for us Pertle Springs.

and fading away, as forward and back in the fight of

our dreaming thought wends its unguided way. Pertle Springs, a vale intended by the Great Optician

We can only regret that more were not there, for as as a cure for tired eyes, welcomes us; a vale, whose

Mr. Mittelbach thinks with the song "Every little bit great natural beauty has been enhanced through the

added to what you got-makes a little bit more” in puny efforts of mankind, in the building of a series of

the treasury to have another picnic next year, and we lakes, flooded by the natural mineral springs that

hope that more will take that plan of Messrs. Althoff makes the resort famous, furnishing boating oppor

and Koppenbrink of Higginsville, who, it is rumored, tunities in the twilight hours, for the apothecaries'

make a slot in the front door, with a sign above it romantic soul, and fishing in the daylight, for the reading;“Throw your money in here--back tomorrow”, satisfaction of his pet hobby- for who ever heard of a

jocked the door and came too-Ask Koppenbrink, I druggist, who was not a fisherman of the most pro

saw him starting home. nounced type?

Lets all go next year, somewhere—where lots of us The picnic was in full blast when we arrived, and have never been, but where all of us ought to go-to no excuse was given us to pretend that we were the Annual Missouri Druggists' Picnic. strangers—for there was Dan and Dan's Place--speaking further than that there is no need—as we all Dan and, having been “next” in Dan's Barber Shopwe speak with great knowledge.

Yes, Mittelbach was there too, trying in vain to keep track of the "boys” who had been through his "mill” in the times “of the long ago”', with Mrs. Mittelbach, lending value to the beauty of the landscape, and trying to keep Mr. M. in sight.

And did I see John H. Baer, being shoo'd off the ball diamond by that much harrassed umpire, Ludwig, of St. Louis; Does anyone wonder why John is so baldso much on his mind all the time? What difference does it make if it did take five outs to retire the Travelers in one of the ionings; it was a great, great game, and will be recounted with many (exaggerations (?) shall we call them?) in the future generations of the amazed “birds of the air and beasts of the field" who, kept busy dodging the marvelous flies and throws of the players, were trembling spectators to the game.

Yes, we all marched to the grounds, chiggers and all, followed the band, 20,000 leagues under the sea of

June 11th. sunlight, and, verily, as we passed, the leaves of the tree-not trees, there was only one out there—turned

1908 up their edges and wilted in despair in the gusts of hot air and the sbade of the Japanese umbrellas furnished by the St. Louis delegation.

After the game we had our pictures "took”, that is they took in spots, for who could ever hope to get a picture of the Kansas City bunch with Charlie Zinn and Joe Wirthman, both, in it? Think of Zinn's republican truths hobnobing on the same plate with that aldermanic democracy that Wirthman has a copyright on? then to have D. V. Whitney in too, gracious, who makes a camera that strọng? Frank Barnes must have been "on", for even to this late date, Frank

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A. sessions, in combination with the Travelers', I con-
WHERE IN 1909?

sider to be the best known combination and trust that

I shall never be so unlucky as to miss a session. It The Missouri Pharmaceutical Association Looking goes without saying, that if one is a member of the Mo.

Ph. A., he is a live pharmacist, and for an Invitation.

good druggist-equal to Kentucky's recommendation of, “a

gentlemen, sir, and a scholar." John G. Davis, Kansas City.-I enjoyed the Pertle

Next year, of course the Travelers' will go where the Springs meeting very mucb, and will be “on hand”

Pharmacists do. Personally, I have no decided pref1909. But think for the “good of the order," it would be advisable to change location. I am of the opinion

erence as to the place for the next year's meeting; that Trenton is the place.

except, that if not at Pertle, it seems that it should go

to some suitable northern or southern town offering Roy Walker, Kansas City, Mo.-Will say I have been inducements. attending the meetings for the past twelve years.

There may be something to the frequently made Every year I enjoy it more and the meetings seem to

claim that a change will be favorable factor in increasbe better every year. However, in regard to location

ing the membership and attendance of the Associafor 1909, will say being a drug broker and co


tion. the state, I find tbat a great many druggists would like to see a change in the meeting place, especially the

W. D. Webb, St. Joseph, Mo.—The meeting at Pertle southwest druggists seem to think they should have the Springs of the Mo. Ph. A. this year, was certainly the meeting occasionally in the Carthage and Joplin dis- most enjoyable of any that I have attended. Much tricts as there are 150 druggists down there that would credit and praise should be given those that make our appreciate seeing it come there next year and I am visit so pleasant and see that we are so royally entersatisfied it will increase the membership of the associa- tained. Anyone that attends these meetings and goes tion and you will no doubt hear from the druggists of away dissatisfied, should charge it to himself, for in that location.

my judgment it is he and he alone that would make

that possible. To meet the members and become ac• C. C. Davidson, El Dorado Springs, Mo.-I have re

quainted with them and their families is certainly a cently received a copy of the Proceedings of the Mis

great pleasure. For the betterment of the drug busisouri Pharmaceutical Association for the year 1908 for

ness, a law compelling all druggists to attend these which please accept my sincere thanks. I always read meetings, I believe, would not be going to extremes. the proceedings with much pleasure and notice many

I always have had a good time at these meetings, and familiar names in the list and it makes me feel that I

am glad to have the opportunity to attend, and mingle must again visit with you all at the next meeting. I was

with the members that believe they can leave their in the drug business for seventeen years and as you

business go for three or four days to meet each other know was a regular attendant at our annual meetings

and talk over the things that interest them most, and and very much enjoyed them, but the long hours which exchange ideas how their business should be conare required of a druggist, my health failed me and in ducted. the nineties sold out and went into the insurance business and found my new business so pleasant that I may

Pertle Springs in my judgment is the only practical never change again although I still feel a great interest place these meetings should be held, however, I be

lieve the membership could be increased if changed in druggists, and want to see all my old time friends

from place to place for several years and then concensucceed.

trate our efforts and make Pertle Springs the permaF. R. Dimmitt, Kansas City, Mo.-I am more and more nent place to meet. There are many reasons why convinced that for the best interest of the Mo. Ph. A.,

Pertle Springs should be the place of our meeting; we must meet at some place other than Pertle Springs those that have attended these meetings know this in 1909. If at Jefferson City, Excelsior Springs, Marys- and I believe will say the same thing. ville, Trenton or any other town I will be with you, but let us change the place of the meeting if only for tertaining the members; it is a pleasure to me to meet

The Mo. Ph. A. certainly did fine this year in enone year. I believe it will give greater interest to our

these boys at home after the meeting, I generally give meeting besides a larger attendance and an increased

them an order whether I need it or not. membership, and we need all three.

For instance the Barber Shop one of the features Taking the meeting from first to last it was one of that pleases the majority of the attendance should the most enjoyable I have attended for the past ten

always be placed in competent hands. Bro. Dan years. One of the things that impressed me most at Liddy, last years proprietor, while he was very courteour last meeting at Pertle Springs, was that good feel.

ous and entertained fine, should remember who his ing of comradeship that seemed to be in the voice and

friends are, they were the ones that gave him this hand-shaking of every one in attendance; everybody job, and he had the andacity to close this at his seemed glad to meet everybody else.

pleasure, and let all of us go with whiskers of several Clyde L. Burrows, Kansas City, Mo.-The Mo. Ph. minutes' growth.

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I believe he should be cauterized for allowing this be the real incentive for attendance. This, however, to happen. Why, some of the members were so dis- is at present not the case, and consequently the place figured with the growth of beard on their faces that is of necessity an important factor. their wives could scarcely recognize them when it was The convention should be held in some city or town past time to retire.. However, with all this, I think

which first of all has ample hotel accommodations for Mr. Liddy should be complimented as president of

say five hundred persons; then the place should have the Traveler's Association, and I believe the attend

some spots of interest to visit. ance will always remember his liberality and hospi

Most any town that is large enough to take care of tality in trying to make every ones visit a pleasant

our association has a city hall or a county court house, one.

a pretty high school and perhaps a stream which the I hope that at our 1909 meeting, Jeffries will out-doJune rise” usually makes large enough to notice. his predecessor, and will come nearer meeting the de.

But we must go to a place where there is something mands as did the invincible Ed. Hunter of 1907, and

out of the ordinary to see; whether this something be would suggest he would get a supply of Duffy's cider

a lid-governor, an historic whipping post, the most for Ed. Schroers of St. Joseph, for every time I got beautiful state supreme court building in the United shaved Ed. was Johnny on the spot with a bottle of States, one of the largest and most suscessfully conDuffy's cider. Teddy Baer, of Boonville, is the best ducted penal institutions in existence, or a place where what is, as an entertainer and without him the meet- numbers of such attractions are found together. Such ings would be incomplete, he retires earlier than is

a place we find in Jefferson City, our state capital. really necessary, you will always find him at the sound

The capitol building has in its ball of representaof the dinner bell with his feet under the table in his

tives (now being reconstructed) an ideal "hall of proper place.

philosophy,” which is ever open for the use of such Many things happened at our meeting that were associations as ours. Our committee on time and so pleasant I believe I could write a

book on

place of meeting should bear in mind that while polithem, but I am getting tired, and in closing Itics or pharmaceutical committee work may have at wish to thank all for their active part in taking care some time or other brought them in contact with some of the Missouri Druggists; and making their visit so or all of the above enumerated attractions (among great, that it will act like a magnet and will draw others) in Jefferson City, there is fully eighty per cent them and all that will stick to them to the meeting of of our members who have never seen them, and per1909, wherever it may be held.

haps ninty per cent of the other pharmacists of our Henry 0. A. Huegel, St Loius.-I consider the last state who have never been there. A goodly number meeting about as successful as any past, when papers might be tenipted to join us in order to see these and discussions are considered, but by no means what things with us. So much for my favorite place. it should have been. There was practically nothing This question of "place" is a result of an endeavor said in the meetings concerning legislation except the to enlarge our membership and meeting attendance report of the committee on that subject. Our associa- and also for general results. While a change at prestion seems to favor re-registration, but still we bave ent will, no doubt, do temporary good along these lines, not in the last few years acted upon any definite I believe that real results will come only from active measure providing for same. Such a measure could be

committee work in the association. I do not refer to drafted as well in May before our meeting as in January the entertainment committee (theirs is overdone) nor of the following year, for presentation to our law. to the committee on time and place, nor even entirely makers.

to a committee on membership and attendance, but I In this way our association could have gone over the do refer to a committee on program for the scientific provisions of the measure and perhaps have thrashed meetings. I believe that earnest work along proper out points which would be objectionable to particular lines bringing together an assortment of views on legislators. The paper hy F. V. Johnson, of St. Louis, many important subjects would largely increase our which compared the drug business proper with the enthusiasm, and consequently our membership and atmerchandise business in the drug store of to-day, I

tendance. I also believe that the bringing together of appreciated very much. It was right to the point. A a hundred good papers each year is a possibility for half dozen or more such papers each year which will our association. tend to increase our business and also our profits,

While the papers as read for instance, this year, would perhaps as a result, tend to solve the member- were interesting and instructive, it still remains a fact ship and attendance question at our meetings much that there was not enough volume nor enough of an quicker than the time or place question as now con- assortment of subjects sufficient to make a two hunsidered.

dred mile journey and a four day stay quite worth This leads to the subject of location for 1909. I be- while. If this is a fact, and I really believe it to be, lieve that any place in the state where comforts and then let us look no further for the cause of small nice surroundings are to be had would prove a good membership and slack attendance. place for the meeting, providing the meetings of the I assure you that I appreciate the interest which the association proper can be made interesting enough to MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST is taking in the Mo. Ph. A.

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mously elected president; vice-presidents, G. Y. WatNORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT.

son, C. E. King and I. W. Ross; secretary, P. W.

Vaughn; treasurer, G. K. Grantham; executive comNorth Carolina Pharmaceutical Association held its mittee, G. A. Matton, H. L. King, H. S. Sedberry, J. twenty-ninth annual meeting at Morehead City, July | R. Ballance and P. W. Vaughn, ex-officio; local sec8 to 11. The meeting was called to order by President retary Max Payne; member of board of pharmacy, F. Chas. R. Thomas, of Thomasville. He stated that his W. Hancock. efforts during the year had been directed to the ac- The association adjourned to meet in Greensboro, complishment of three objects: First, to arouse an en- June 23, 24 and 25, 1909. thusiasm among the members which would cause a large attendance at this meeting; second, to secure a

NECROLOGY. large list of interesting papers to be read at this meeting; third, to secure the largest number of new mem

Erwin M. Hudgins, died at Union Station, St. Louis, bers, at this meeting, in the association's history.

June 29, 1908. He was born Every member will testify that his efforts accomplished

at Omaha, Gallatin Co., Ill., the results to the fullest measure. The courtesies of

January 8, 1883, and learned the floor were extended to the visitors and traveling

the drug business at Thompmen in attendance. Among those responding were

sonville. He graduated at Prof. J. P. Remington, of Philadelphia; Mr. Henry

the St. Louis College of P. Gilpin, of Baltimore; Messrs. Thos. W. Purcell,

Pharmacy the spring of 1908, Powers and Minor, of Richmond, Va.; Mr. Ira R. Van

was married December 21, Gordon, of Elkhart, Ind.; Mr. O. O. Dobbs, of Atlanta,

1907. After graduation he Ga., sales manager of Coca-Cola, and many others all

went west for bis health, but of whom were heartily received and much enjoyed.

in June returned to St. Louis orty-six new members joined the association, and

and was for a time at a hospinearly 250 members answered to the roll-call.


He was on his way At night Prof. Joseph P. Remington's address was

home to Thompsonville the special feature of the occasion. He was introduced when he died. Mr. Hudgins belonged to the Modern to the large audience numbering about 800 by Sec. F.

Woodmen, Odd Fellows and was a Master Mason. He W. Hancock in a most felicitous manner. Prof. Rem- was active in the M. E. Church at Thomsonville. Mr. ington's subject was “Pharmaceutical Education and Hudgins made many friends while in St. Louis and Its Influences."

his teachers and classmates join his numerous other The board of pharmacy examined at this meeting

friends in extending sympathy to the bereaved relafifty-six candidates, and of this number thirty-nine

tives. passed, thus showing that North Carolina has a diffi

Dr John E. Sombart, born in Boonville, Mo., April cult board to pass. Mr. R. M. McArthur, of Winston

16, 1859, died at Wichita, July 8, 1908. He learned the Salem, lead the class and was awarded the F. W. Han

drug business in the same store with Wm. Mittelbach, cock prize.

of Boonville, Mo., under the guidance of the proprietor, The loyalty of the druggists all over the state to the

E. Roeschel. The young men were at the Philadelphia association was clearly shown at this meeting and College of Pharmacy at the same time and were alevery one will try to make the next meeting still bet

ways close friends. The following is from the pen of ter. All are interested in associational work.

Mr. Mittelbach: Quite a lengthy discussion was entered into on the

“Dr. Jno. E. Sombart, graduated from the Philaprohibition question and the following resolutions

delphia Co lege of Pharmacy in 1880, and from Jefferwere adopted:

son Medical College in 1882. Soon after leaving colWHEREAS, The people of North Carolina have by a large ma. lege, he engaged in the drug business at Coldwater, jority ratified the Prohibition Act passed by the last general as. sembly; and whereas, the provisions of such act will place the Kan., practicing medicine to some extent at the same sale of whiskey prescribed by physicians in the hands of a

time. Later on in company with his father and licensed druggist in many of the towns and cities of the state,

brother George he devoted his whole attention to Resolved, that the N. C. P. A. wish to express itself as being

the cattle and horse business on a ranch in Comthoroughly in sympathy with this great movement (prohibition), and call upon its menibers to refrain from dealing in it wherever manche County, Kan. His death was rather sudden it is possible to do so, as it is sure to leave its Blighting effect upon the noble profession.

and caused a shock to his many relatives and Resolved, Second, that we hope that the time will soon come friends. He was sick only a few days, being atwhen the pharmacists shall be relieved from the necessity of handling spiritous liquors at all.

tacked by an aggravated case of peritonitis. All Resolved, Third, that any member violating the provisions of that medical science could do for him was done, this law be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of section 9 of the code of ethics.

he having been taken to a hospital at Witchita, Kan., An effort was made and a motion carried to re-elect and placed under the care of the best and most skillful President Chas. R. Thomas to succeed himself another physicians. He always was a strong advocate of the year, but Mr. Thomas would not accept another term, true and scientific practice of pharmacy, connecting and at his suggestion Vice-President Shell was unani: himself with the A. Ph. A. in 1881."

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Ohio Board of Pharmacy.-F. H. King, Delphos; Charles W. Toby, Troy; Maxwell G. Tielke, Cleveland; Julius Greyer, Cincinnati; A. W. Kiler, Columbus; Frank H. Frost, M. D., Secretary.

Florida B. of Ph.-E. Berger, president, Tampa; H. H. D'Alemberte, Pensacola; Leon Hale, Tampa; A. R: Wise, Lake City; F. M. Simonton, attorney, Tampa; D. W. Ramsaur, secretary-treasurer, Palatka:

The mid-winter examination will be held in Jacksonville, January 13, 1809.

The Delaware Bd. of Ph. has James T. Challenger, of New Castle, Del., as a new member. The officers of the organization are as follows: President, Wm. F. Haines, M. D., of Seaford. Vice-President, Albert Dougherty, of Wilmington. Secretary and Treasurer, Oscar C. Draper, Ph. G., of Wilming.


N. Y. State B. of Ph. (Western Branch.-) The following is a list to whom pharmacists' and druggists' licenses were granted at the last examination held in Buffalo:

Pharmacists.-Edward G. Aberle, Buffalo; George F. Babcock, Otto, N. Y.; Jessie K. Cottrill, Arcade; Ralph W. Hawley, Moravia; Warpie L. Hayes, Hammondsport; Mandel Light, Syracuse; Frank M. McMurray, Trumansburg; Clifford D. Nelligan, Buffalo; Albert E. Roberts, Morrisville; Howard L. Wright, Buffalo; Charles Yalowich, Buffalo.

Druggists.-Harry R. Bossom, Syracuse; Floyd L. Cross, Warsaw; Isadore Flanzer, Buffalo; George B. Houston, Westfield; George Nolan, Niagara Falls; Arthur J. Owen, N. Tonawanda; Walter V. Sartore, Belmont; Frank P. Stierwald, Syracuse; Robert Stuart, Niagara Falls.

South Dak.-Result of Aberdeen meeting: Ray W. Roney, Ph. G., Chester; Horace Kress, Mitchell; E. E. Koch, Ph. G., Brookings; F. G. Schwartz, Phillips; G. M. France, Worthing; R. H. Allen, Parker; A. E. Hutchinson, Lily; W. E. Corbio, Flandreau; A. C. Ross, Capton; Vernon Frantz, Naples; J. L. Hoch, Ph. G., Elkton; M. W. Elgie, Huron; C. H. Feyder, Hartford; R. E. Rasmussen, Aberdeen; A. H. Gerkin, Plankinton; Nick Fox, Emery; F. A. Rademacher, Aberdeen; J. B. Sumpter, Ph. G., Bellefourche; L. Kirscheuman, Geddes; Lee R. Girton, Ph. C., Sioux Falls; L. G. Farnham, Gladstone, N. D.; L. M. Anderson, Jameston, N. D.; T. R. Williams, Larimer, N. D.: G. E. Pontow, Aberdeen; E. Finnegan, Wokama:

Registered as assistants: G. E. Sherman, Canton; Carl Volander, Eureka; R. L. Moody, Phillips; Uno Stone, Lead; Wm. Tollefson, Webster; A. B. Hart. man, Lennox; Louis Cheadek, Tyndall; Virgil Hiner, Alexandria; W. C, Voigt, Corona; H. C. Cook, Langford.

The annual State Pharmaceutical Association meeting will be held at Watertown, August 13 and 14. This will probably be one of the largest meetings in the history of the association. D. F. Jones is local secretary and assisted by the local druggists and the Watertown business men's club, the pill workers are assured a splendid time.

North Carolina B. of Ph.-At a meeting held at Morehead City, July 6, the following candidates for license to practice pharmacy passed successful examinations, viz:

John G. Beard, Winston-Salem; John M. Beatty, Tarboro; Joseph E. Bost, Newton; Albert Bretsch, Raleigh; Benj. H.

Browning, Littleton; Jesse P. Bradley, Greensboro; Clarence H. Chewning, Hendersonville; Henry T. Clark, Scotland Neck; Leland H. Cox, Lowell; Durward H. Creech, Benson; Elmer 0. Edgerton, Tarboro; Gordon S. Field, Washington; Thomas R: Gibbs, Belhaven; Thomas L. Gardner, Reidsville; Reese C. Harville, Reidsville; Jens. K. Hanson, Southport; Charles M. Hilton Winston-Salem; William J. Hicks, Goldsboro; John L. Howerton, Greensboro; Parks M. Lafferty, Concord; John S. McDonald, Charlotte; Robert M. McArthur, Winston-Salem; Ralph S. Morgan, Waynesville; Charles R. Palmer, Salisbury; Jesse B. Pickelsimer, Brevard; Henry L. Pope, Lumberton; Flay D. Quinn, Shelby; George B. Roberson, Greensboro; Charles L. Ross, Ayden; Jones s. Rudisill, Newton; William A. Sample, Statesville; William A. Sappenfield, Concord; Lester H. Stowe, Greensboro; Charles A. Taylor, Leaksville; Johu M. Walters, Burlington; Burny S. Warren, Greenville; John R. Whitty, Pollocksville; William R. Winn, Greensboro; Lemuel A. Yancey (colored), Fayetteville.

The next meeting of the board will be held at Raleigh, Tuesday, December 15, 1908, at 9 a. m.[F. W. HANCOCK, Secretary, Oxford, N. C.

Illinois.- Result of meeting at Springfield, May 2628. Twenty-six of the forty-six applicants for registered pharmacists, and twenty-eight of the thirty-six candidates for assistant pharmacists passed successful examinations. Their names follow:

Registered Pharmacists.-Hillier L. Baker, Wm. Bock, Leo W. Chulock; C. E. Hammerquest, John M. Jusajlus, Jacob Lebovitz, Chas. I. Long, Paul Podall, Monte L. Powell, Arthur J. Roberts, E. Paul Schreiber, Praok Senft Jr., Robert C. Spoddy, Wm. J. Waters and Sam Wolf, all of Chicago; and Emil H. Dick, Alton; Jennie M. Duncan, Ottawa; C. Richard Jacob, Quincy; John B. Lorton, Cape Girardeau; Wm. O. Luly, Alton; Thos. B. Powell, Vienna; Albert G. Ruggles Jr., Kilbourne; Andrew J. Shurte, Marengo; Elmer L. Snyder, Jacksonville; C. P. W. Steinmetz, St. Louis and Geo. P. Steyh, East St. Louis.

Assistant Pharmacists.-Geo. S. Borovick, Horace 0. Dahlin, W. L. Daniel, J. Wm. Doyle, Clark D. Ekstrom, Chas. F. Heath. Walter Johl, Jos. F. Konopa, John D. Leviton, C. E. Lindstrum, Thos. A. Neary, all of Chicago; and Rolland E. Andrews, East St. Louis; Frank R. Braune, Highland Park; H. B. Denton, Beardstown; J. Wm. Doyle, Beardstown; Solomon H. Ernest, East St. Louis; W. Rule Fritts, Galesburg; Jos. M. Knochel, Lincoln; Edwin Mozec, Peoria; John J. O'Connell, East St. Louis; Chas, R. Oehler, French Village; Louis H. Ortgier, French Village; Oscar E. Rudelius, Rockford; Herbert L. Smith, Fairfield; Carl F. E. Stark, DeKalb; Newton J. Stephenson, Mt. Vernon; G. G. Suprunowski, East St. Louis; Geo. W. Sylvester, Springfield and James Thackeray, Melvin.

Always a Prize Winner.- Printers' Ink offered a series of prizes for exceptionally good retailers' advertisements appearing in weekly papers. Among the winners was the following:

Your Drug Man. I respectfully ask for some of your drug trade. I have a complete, up-to-date stock of drug store goods--everything is fresh, neat and clean and you'll receive here honest service always. I'm a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and I've had twelve years' practical experience in some of the leading drug stores of this country. My prescription department is one of the most completely stocked in the State of Texas and all prescription work receives my own personal attention. Does quality of goods and service count with you? Let me be your drug man. 0. M. CURTIS,

Graduate in Pharmacy, Opp. Postoffice.

Depton, Texas.

Good Situations are secured by advertising in the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST.

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