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New York City at the N. A. R. D.-Last year, the STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. New York City delegation was cut down in size when

it came to recognition at the convention on account of The A. Ph. A. meets at Hot Springs, the week be

back dues not being paid. Since the meeting, the acginning September 7. Headquarters are at the Ar

count has been balanced and now the New York phar

macists demand that the N. A. R. D. convention of lington Hotel.

1908 shall recognize a delegation based on the amount The Offer List Number of MEYER BROTHERS DRUG- of dues paid for 1908 plus the back dues paid this year GIST will appear in October. This is the twenty- for 1907. On the face of it, the demand looks reasonsecond annual publication of information of great able, but it has been intimated that politics may enter practical value to the retail trade.

into the consideration, when the subject comes up for Eight Friendly Physicians is one of the induce adjustment at Atlantic City, September 14. ments which an advertiser offers in advertising a storé The Law Evidently Did Not Work. We have prefor sale. We take it for granted that he means that viously made reference to the practice among the San the eight practitioners are friendly to the pharmacist Francisco pharmacists of giving physicians a percentand not necessarily on lovable terms with each other.

age on prescriptions. The California State Medical Should Sulphate of Morphine be Colored, as a

Journal does not deny the practice, but seems to think 'measure of safety? This is the title of an interesting that it is of a comparatively recent origin and that the paper read by Dr. John B. Bond, of Little Rock, Ark., pharmacists started the game. The proceedings of the before the Mo. Ph. A., at Sweet Springs (Brownsville),

A. Ph. A. for 1885, page 514, reports a discussion in in June, 1885. The paper was published in the pro

which Emlen Painter, of San Francisco, took part, ceedings of the organization for that year.

which shows that the practice dates back into the

early seventies. Mr. Painter refers to a law making Will You Try It?—The Michigan Tradesman says

the acceptance of a commission on prescriptions a misthat a Michigan druggist who believes in public hon

demeanor. Evidently the law did not work. esty has this sign in his store, over a box with compartments for postage stamps,

Be Careful How You Recommend a Medicine Sold “Help yourself and make your own change, if you cannot make

Over the Counter.-A New York druggist was fined change call a clerk."

because his clerk sold and recommended a medicine After two weeks operation he found he was four which failed to accomplish what was promised. The cents ahead of the game.

appelate division of the Supreme Court of New York Just Plain Coffee, labeled refined coffee, and adver

state upholds the decision. Of course, this is not tised as a special brand, to be used by those who can

necessarily law for other states but it does mean that not drink unrefined coffee, brought the firm to grief

it is wise for druggists to be careful about recommendthat placed it on the market. The department of agri

ing or endorsing medicines sold over the counter. culture brought suit, and reports the result as judge

Let the customer assume the responsibility. The ment No. 4, under the Pure Food and Drugs Act. Are

government contends that the word, “cure," should you certain that your labels are honest? If so, you

not be used on patent medicine labels and now it need not fear the board of food and drug inspection.

seems that it should be used only with caution when Semi-Annual Meetings of the state pharmaceutical

conversing with a customer. associations may be all right in some sections of the What is Bay Rum?—This question could be asked 'country. The vast majority of these organizations, with considerable propriety before the advent of the however, find difficulty in securing a representative Pure Food and Drugs Act. Since the national law, attendance of retail druggists once a year. Perhaps adopting the U. S. P. and N. F. as standards, bay rum the time will come when the pharmacists of this coun- has become spiritus myrcia of the appendix to the try will be sufficiently alive to the practical value of a National Formulary and must conform to the descripgood state meeting to maintain two successful conven- tion given in that authority and the alcobol per cent tions in each state per year.

must be stated on the label. Some manufacturers obNo Heartaches in Texas.—The State Pharmaceu-jected to this classification but now they are having tical Association allows prizes only for social consid

more trouble and of a different kind with the internal erations. We are informed by Secretary Walker that

revenue department which has declared that bay rum this policy makes the association decidedly more

is alcohol and as such when coming from Porto Rica popular. He adds: “It always gives offense to some

must pay duty the same as grain alcohol. As usual, of the members who fail to be recognized in the dis

the druggist comes in to bear the brunt of the controtributional prizes given for papers.” We have atversy and must pay the expense, no matter which detended some state association meetings where there partment of the government wins out. were aching hearts, if not weeping eyes, on account of New York.-Complaint Must State in What Particular disappointments when the prizes for amusement events the Article Sold is Deficient. A complaint was filed in were distributed. Perhaps in Texas they do not take the Municipal Court, Borough of Manhattan, N. Y., the entertainment contests so seriously.

by the State Board of Pharmacy, against Andrew Davey, charging him with having violated the phar- The Faxon & Gallagher Drug Co., of Kansas City, macy laws by selling borax which was not of the Mo., devote practically the entire July number of the standard strength, quality and purity established by Western Drug Record to an interesting, illustrated, the United States Pharmacopoeia. The complaint history of that firm, whose founder, B. W. Woodward, gave no section of law which had been violated neither started in the drug business at Lawrence, Kansas Terridid it set forth in what respect the article sold failed tory, in August, 1855. to comply with the law regulating its sale. A demurrer to the complaint was sustained in the Municipal Court and on appeal the Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of the lower court on the ground that the complaint failed to state cause of action. State Board of Pharmacy vs. Davey, 107 N. Y. Sup. (N. Y.) 46.

Pure Spice Dealers Need Not be Alarmed.-The Rev. Charles A. Mitchell of the Stella Purity League of Oklahoma, finds in the use of spices an explanation for the alarming extent to which divorce proceedings are spreading at the present time. If he is practical he will advocate the use of low grade spices in the place of the pure article; but his views are so exceptional that his teachings will not affect the wholesale and retail drug trade, which is now earnestly pushing the pure spices. According to the doctor, “To say that but one marriage in eight is happy is stating the


J. A. GALLAGHER. case very mildly. I have the authority of an eminent F. A. Faxon, three years after J. A. Gallagher, who at the Western physician for saying that fifty per cent of entering the drug business in age of eighteen had been in


the drug store four years. married people hate each other. Of the remaining fifty per cent half are indifferent, and of the twenty- Origin of the Word “Sundae.”—The word seems five per cent left, half are tending toward indifference.

to be a fatherless child, but on account of its popuSo, you see, that leaves only one marriage in eight larity, many are ready to accept the responsibility for where the conditions of happiness that should prevail its parentage. At one time, Grand Rapids was supin all marriages are actually present. The ordinary posed to be the birthplace; now, New Orleans claims man, living on highly seasoned food-pepper, spices, the distinction. The story, however, is always the chili sauce, etc., can not be good if he wants to be.” same and to the effect that a druggist ran out of car

bonated water on a hot Sunday, but had a good supply How Would it Work in Missouri?_We refer to the

of ice cream and, as a last resort, dispensed ice cream action of a prominent local organization in New York

and syrup without the carbonated water. The cusstate which makes precedent for a new policy in con

tomers smacked their lips and said it was good. Sunducting the entertainment and defraying the expenses day passed, but during the week, his customers wanted of state association meetings. The Pharmaceutical

more of that Sunday mixture, as the story goes. Then Era of April 30 has the following to say editorially:

came the sign painter with his usual ability to mis“Manbattan Pharmaceutical Association, in voting spell words and wrote the sign about the Sunday a contribution towards the payment of the expenses of fountain dish, spelling the word “Sundae.” From the New York State Pharmaceutical Association's this point the development of the word is easy and forthcoming convention, gave unqualified endorse- reminds us of the origin of the word “quiz” which is ment to the principle that the pharmaceutical locals such a bugbear to pharmacy students. It was a Lonshould pay the cost of holding the annual gatherings, don gambling-house keeper who bet that be could instead of the manufacturers and wholesalers. The have all London puzzled about a meaningless word proposition when discussed met the same warm sup- within twenty-four hours' time. The next morning port that characterized its reception when favorably the sidewalks, bill-boards and walls of houses disacted upon by the Kings County Association. So far played the letters q-u-i-z and the Englishmen were there has not been a dissenting voice. The wisdom of puzzled and asking each other what it meant. The the new policy is so apparent and the course is so combination of letters is now a word of frequent use plainly just that no serious opposition is probable. in colleges of pharmacy, even though an effort is made The Manhattan Ph. A. members were even more lib- to call the old time "quizzes” “reviews.” erally inclined than their treasury warranted, which was gratifying evidence of their enthusiastic endorse

The Avertising Rates in the MEYER BROTHERS ment of the plan to stop a practice that has never been DRUGGIST were advanced July 1, 1908. This change favored by many members and which has placed the was made to bring the prices up to the minimum contributors to the funds in a position at once annoy- schedule in keeping with the circulation and influence ing and expensive."

of the journal.



Now this is all changed. Every state has strict PUBLIC EXPRESSIONS.

laws governing the registration for the practice of

pharmacy, and almost every state has enacted new Read This Before You W te.

pure food laws and created State Boards of Health. Contributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical The pharmacist and chemist, therefore, has a great profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the and important work to perform and their training sheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use

must be thorough, practical and of such nature as to abbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous com

give a good, broad, general education. The responsimunications.

bility is great and the preparation must be satisfacA Suggestion to Wholesale and Manufacturing tory. Establishments.-I sold out my business last October

It is hard for old time pharmacists or druggists to (1907), and sent to several pharmaceutical journals a see how these new conditions make greater demands marked copy of our local paper, also sent a letter to upon pharmacists and chemists. They think that if my wholesale houses with whom I had frequent busi- | young men serve a certain apprenticeship in stores

This was done to save all those concerns the and manufactories that this will suffice for preparaitem of postage and other expensive mailing of cata- tion. Public sentiment and a broader education of logues. Yet every day brings a lot of stuff which is the people demand more. “The time has come when utterly wasted, and the expensive catalogues, etc., all the pharmacists and chemists must be educated men. lost. Why do not these houses have a book in which the day of apprenticeship is past, even in the drug those that die or go out of business are noted, and the business. It is true that a young man who clerks in a mailing lists corrected regularly? It seems to me that drug store three or four years acquires a certain all subscribers to Bradstreet's and other mercantile knowledge of drugs, and will learn much of the comagencies ought to get such lists from them. Being of an mercial part of the business. But what he gets this economical disposition I do not like to see such waste. way he acquires at a remarkable sacrifice of time and The only party benefited is the postoffice department money, for he earns very little money during the of the United States.-[G. C. B.

time, and he by no means has the knowledge of drugs

or the education he would have had if he had taken Can Patent Medicines be Sold by Others Than

his course in some good college of pharmacy. The Registered Pharmacists in Missouri?-A. Branden

same is true of the chemist. The practical courses berger, of Jefferson City, president of the State Board

of pharmacy and chemistry offered now in special of Pharmacy, raises this interesting question and asks

colleges not only make pharmacists and chemists, the druggists of the state to settle it, if necessary, by a

but they afford general educational culture. The test case. Mr. Brandenberger writes as follows:

commercial part of the business can be acquired in a I wish to state that I have tried to find some legal | very short time if the man has the general and techrulings on the words "patent medicines” and “pro- nical education the business requires.—[0. H. LONGprietary medicine,” but did not succeed, the general WELL, Des Moines, Ia. usage of the two seem to be synonymous. If a differ

The Side Lines of the Drug Business.—How often erence can be established between the meaning of

the poor drug clerk gets a "jacking-up” for handling patent medicines and proprietary medicines and as the pharmacy law only exempts proprietary medicines (see side lines. But my experience has taught me that the chapter 23, section 3046 RS 1899) then it will be neces

pure, simple pharmacy of theory is not the hard,

truthful practice of success. No more are the theories sary to have a registered pharmacist in charge of a store

of true pharmacy to be inculcated in the minds of our where patent medicines are sold. This is of sufficient

future pharmacists, to be made a success of, than is importance to the registered pharmacist to make a test case and find out just what the law exempts in the

it possible to run the blockade of business and turn

the tide of trade from the competitor's door without above named section and I would like to have the

advertising readers of this article give their opinion of the difference between a proprietary medicine and a patent

The life of pharmacy is its practice, as the essence medicine.

of competition is advertising. The theory of the past

has faded gradually away. The realities of the drug Chemists to Pure Food Commissions, Manufact- | business have come through sixteen and eighteen ing Pharmacists, and State Boards of Health.-The long hours of devotion to its services, and the mental new Pharmacy and Pure Food Laws in the different and physical strain that accompany it. The pharstates and the National Pure Food Law have created macy wherein the practice does not show the fangs of a demand for trained pharmacists and chemists never competitive strife in its various side lines, are as a before experienced in this country. Previous to ten class few and far between. There are scarcely any or fifteen years ago almost any one could register as pharmacies whose success has been marked but what pharmacist, especially in the Middle and Western depends upon the various avenues of its side lines. States, and there was very little demand for manu- Let us take a few that have come and gone and see facturing chemists or chemists to Pure Food Com- today's pharmacy as it has grown, step by step. The missions or State Boards of Health.

old drug store with its hard wood floor, made of fourinch stuff, the counters erected by the village carpenter, the narrow window with its numerous panes, the

C. V. D. A. open shelving and gum labeled bottles, the show cases of the slanting top, that opens up to smash the Report of the European Section of the Chicago Veteran Drug. unfortunate finger as the lid seeks its proper resting gists' Association, Munich, Bavaria, May 4, 1908. place, all speaks of the long ago--of the pharmacy Fratelli:-On May 1, 1908, the European section of that practice has brought out of its embryotic state. the C. V. D. A. convened in the City of Munich.

The pharmacy where the floor reeks of tobacco Bavaria, in the great hall of the world renowned spit around the “old family' stove, where the ash Hofbraeu-haus among thousands of cheering people. box is loaded to the brim, and which soon calls for The chairman, Henry Biroth, took notice of everyanother "star tobacco" box, and fresh clean ashes. thing that occurred on that memorable occasion and You have been there, you can see the paintings. The relates it as follows: heavy counters glued to the floor with spikes, whose President Henry Biroth occupying the chair, John Blocki, corback portions are filled with numerous dirt catchers,

responding secretary. The guests of honor: Don Carlos, of

Spain; Wm. Hasselbach, artist painter, former partner of Wilthe window filled with the broken pieces of boxes

helm Bodemann; Mr. Diehl, of Chicago, merchant; University left from the unpacking, the glass untainted by clean

professors and students and others too numerous to mention. water and the brush, these are the reflections of a The meeting was called to order, the steins filled to the brim few years back. The business stands, of purer phar

with the finest amber liquid and one-two-three-emptied to

the health of our Chicago brethren. After several salamanders macy, where prescriptions came and men were made,

were rubbed and all present imbued with the spirit of joviality whose knowledge has come out to us, in great relief and good fellowship, the chairman requested Bro. John Blocki to against the scene. Out of these conditions arose the occupy the chair. After having made a lew appropriate remarks masters of the art, expounders of useful future to the

alluding to the coming election of officers of the parent associa

tion, he suggested in flowing language, that the founder of the young. The step of patent medicine came to life, the

C. V. D. A., Bro. T. N. Jamieson, be elected by acclamation presisurgeons calls, brought out the lines that have today dent of the association for the coming year. become prominent as “side lines.” The surgical The mentioning of Bro.Jamieson's name created such tremenddressing followed in the wake of the prescription.

ous enthusiasm that the temporary chairman found it difficult The needs of accessories became established. Neces

to restore order, in fact, he broke his gavel and several litrestone

mugs before same could be accomplished. Even King Gamsary disinfectants brought out the use of other numer- brinus arose from his throne, took off his golden crown, raised ous side lines. The call of competition gave us writ. it on high and said: “Here is to the founder of the C. V. D. A., ing tablets, envelopes, combs, brushes, etc.; rubber Brother Jamieson. Hoch soll er leben. Dreimal hoch.” Amidst

great cheering of all present the suggestion met with unanigoods and dressings, until today we find a pharmacy

mous approval. conversion that brings a great contrast.

After vacating the seat in favor of the permanent chairman, A pharmacy where the floor answers to the sound

Bro. Blocki suggested that the parent association elect Bro.

Forsyth, vice-president for the ensuing year. This suggestion of tileing, where rubber mats ease the tension of the

met with the same hearty approval and enthusiasm as the preweary clerk's walk, or the linoleum, fresh and clean,

ceding one. greets the customers; the ornamental shelving with The suggesting of names for the other officers now being in its elegant shelf ware, the massive prescription case

order, Bro. Blocki, in his modest way, started in with advocating

his appointment as corresponding secretary for life, but forwhere light and water and all conveniences are at

tunately be was ruled out of order by old King Gambrinus, who hand; the floor cases of solid glass, whose art of

once more arose and turning to him said: "Brother Blocki, I silent salesmanship calls forth the efforts of the have observed your unlimited capacity and devotiou to the good decorator; the large clear plate glass window, the

cause and in appreciation of same I herewith raise you to the queen of local advertising, a silent salesman whose

honor of Sir Knight and Special Banner-bearer in my realm.

and henceforth thou shalt be known among all my people as: price cannot be even estimated. These changes all

Johannes Gambrinus Rex. tell of the side lines of pharmacy. The call for these And looking round with searching eyes he once more said: “I various lines of goods, calls for better displays, better

do not see my old chum, Wilhelm Doppelbraeu, whose intermethods of conducting the successful field. The

national reputation as 'hell-raiser' has reached my ears? He

has served you well and faithfully in his capacity. Extend my soda fountain, wherein fortunes are spent, answer the salutions to him." call of the side line. We pass from the embryotic to The inspiration of "Us Germans" contipued to fow until the paints, wall paper, sporting goods, soda fountains, cock crowed and no other business being before the meeting it

was adjourned to convene in Chicago, on June 21, 1908. school supplies, musical instruments, post cards, etc. These are some of them. To each practical druggist comes the opportunity for more work. It is up to him

Pluck wins. It always wins

Though days be slow to weed out the poor and retain the good side lines,

And nights be dark 'twixt days that and then advertise, not only by your general store ap- Come and go. pearance, not only by your windows and printers' ink, Still pluck will win. Its average is sure.

He gains the prize who can the most endure, but by personal effort, by courtesy, by right living,

Who faces issues, he who never shirks, and having as your motto: "Nothing Succeeds Like

Who waits, and watches and who always works. Success.”—(J. EARL TAYLOR, Ph. G., Gridley, Ill.

We have more trouble hunting trouble than we do Unjust Gains are equal to a loss.—[HESIOD.

after we've found it.-[The Lantern.


2 ounces.

upon the end or lid of the box. The following are the compositions used:

(a) For the splints: Chlorate of potassium, 6 parts; Read Thls Before You Ask a Question.

sulphuret of antimony, 2 to 3 parts; glue, 1 part. (b) Many questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on For the friction surface: Amorphous phosphorus, 10 account of the correspondents failing to give name and address. The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques

parts; sulphuret of antimony or peroxide of mangations on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No nese, 8 parts; glue, 3 to 6 parts; spread thinly upon questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every word; never abbreviate the names of medicines.

the surface, which has been previously made rough by

a coating of glue and sand. By thus dividing the comOne to.One Thousand Solution (86).—“Caspari's position the danger of fire arising from ignition of the Pharmacy" says: “Solutions of arbitrary strengths matches by accidental friction is avoided, as neither are frequently employed, and although not as ac

the portion on the splint nor that on the box can be curately made as percentage solutions, nevertheless ignited by rubbing against an unprepared surface. seem to answer the purposes well for which they are

Again, by using the innocuous red or amorphous phosintended. They are usually prepared as follows:

phorus, the danger of poisoning is entirely prevented. Strength of Solution. Quantity of Soluble Quantity of Water

Cosmetic Face Lotions
Substance Used. Used.

(89).—All lotions are 1 in 250....

1 grain

4% fluidrachms liquid and the number seems to be almost without end. 1 gramme 250 cubic centimeters

We copied the following from an article contributed 1 in 600

I grain

9 fluidrachms 1 gramme

500 cubic centimeters to Merck's Report by L. M.:
1 in 1000
11 grain

18 fluidrachms
1 gramme
1000 cubic centimeters

White House Cream. 1 in 5000

1 grain

11 fluidounces
1 gramme
5 liters
Gum tragacanth..

3 drams.
1 grain
1 in 10,000

22 fluidounces
10 liters
Glycerite of starch...

4 ounces. 1 in 50,000..

1 grain
110 Auidounces

.30 minims.
1 gramine
50 liters
Boric Acid.....

.20 graips. ("It is evident that if metric weights and measures

Oil of bitter almonds.

....10 drops. are used, much greater accuracy will be insured.")


.... to dissolve Soft water....

.242 pints. The Itinerant Venders Law of Missouri (87) is Put up in four-ounce French square bottles; label sufficiently explicit to cover the cases which you men- with black label printed in white; cap with kid, and tion. We suggest that you make an effort to have it tie with silk cord. Sell for twenty-five cents. enforced. We reproduce the sections as given in the

Grecian Lotion. Missouri statutes.

Mucilage of Irish Moss.

.2% ounces. SEC. 8861. Certain Persons Declared to be Peddlers.-Whoever

Glycerin..... shall deal in the selling of patents, patent rights, patent or other

2 ounce. Phenol....

...12 drops. medicines, lightning rods, goods, wares or merchandise, except

Rose perfume....

sufficient pianos, organs, sewing machines, books, charts, maps and stationery, agricultural and horticultural products, including

Put up in two-ounce tall black bottles, cap, label and milk, butter, eggs and cheese, by going about from place to sell for fifteen cents. place to sell the same, is declared to be a peddler. (R. S. 1889, $ 7211, amended.)

Hazel Bay Cream. SK. 8516. Itinerant Venders of Drugs, etc., to Pay License

Quince seed....

..100 grains.' Penalty.-Any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment

Boric acid..

20 grains. or appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of disease


8 fluidounces. or injury, or who shall by writing or printing, or any other


1 fiuidram. method, publicly profess to cure or treat diseases, injuries or de

Bay rum....

6 fluidounces. formities by any drug, nostrum, manipulation or other expedient,

Tiucture of benzoin..

..1% fluidrams. shall pay to the state a license of one hundred dollars per month,

Glycerite of starch

5 ounces. to be collected as provided for by law, as all other licenses are

Distilled extract of witch hazel pow collected, and any person violating the provisions of this

to make....

34 fluidounces. section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine not to exceed five hun

Put up in four-ounce tall black bottles, label with dred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed lithographed label, cap with kid, and tie with silk six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (R. S. 1889, cord. Sell for twenty-five cents. $ 6880-g.)

Dr. J. C. McMechan, of Cincinnati, says the Lancet Swedish Safety Matches (88).-According to Hen. ley's Twentieth Century Book of Recipes, Formulas

Clinic, recommends very highly the following lotion,

which he has used for many years: and Processes, most chemists agree that the greatest

Tincture of benzoin...

10 cub. cent. improvement of note in the manufacture of matches is

Extract of la Erance rose. 15 cub. cent. that of Landstrom, of Jonkoping, in Sweden. It con

Extract of jockey club..

15 cub. cent. sists in dividing the ingredients of the match mixture


250 cub. cent. into two separate compositions, one being placed on

Distilled water..

.250 cub. cent. the ends of the splints, as usual, and the other, which Warm the glycerin and water and add the other contains the phosphorus, being spread in a thin layer ingredients.

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