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ment committee in particular, Billy Lamont, Henry addresses given: Henry J. Nie, Kansas City, Mo.; Huegel and their able assistants. They did well and A. F. Zimmerschied, Kansas City Kan.; Fred Pierce, no mistake; wish to say that I had a very good trade Twenty-fourth and Olive Streets, St. Joseph; Eldo R. at my place. The boys patronized the store very lib- Fox, Carbondale, I11. erally, indeed. Much to my regret I was foolish

J. C. Wirthman, local secretary for the A. Ph. A., enough to do some credit business which has been

when that organization met at Kansas City, is not hard to collect-fairly well collected now, however.

only a hustler but also fortunate in guessing contests. The only large amount yet uncollected is H. C. Jef- He received the three years' subscription prize for the feries. He promises to settle soon as can arrange

MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST at the Pertle Springs mortgage. Bill Webb owes a small amount. He was

meeting. Mrs. Wirthman proved herself a true helpmaster of ceremonies at the Elk's circus yesterday at

mate by winning one year's subscription. St. Joseph, so will likely hear from him in a day or two-asking an extension. Ed. Hunter settled yes

Lightning Does Not Often Strike Twice in the same terday. I made him professional prices. He was a place but Otto C. Hanser, Ph. G., proprietor of the good booster for “Dan's Place." John Baer and Geo. drug store in the Lucky Unlucky Day, won an acciParsons also were good boosters while they lasted.

dent insurance policy which enabled him to pay for Billy Leach spent a lot of money with me, and I bought his drug store, wrecked by an explosion, and thus the a large bill of cigars from him. I will settle with Mr. play came to a happy end. When the prizes were Leach soon as I hear from Jefferies and Webb. We awarded for the guessing contests at the close of the need more druggists; we need more travelers. What- meeting, who should be announced as the winner of ever that can be done to bring this result should be

the real accident policy but Otto C. Hanser. Thus, done at once and continued. I personally know that

he acts in real life what he portrayed on the stage. your president-elect of the Mo. Ph. A., Prof. D. V.

Fire Insurance Companies, came to the front at Pertle Whitney, will leave nothing undone for the next meet

Springs this year. First of all was the inter-insurance ing. Mrs. Whitney is also a hustler-just watch this plan, as carried out by the Druggists Indemnity Exteam for next year. We must all help them. We need change, of St. Louis. For this, Charles R. Judge more druggists as members and in attendance. Let spoke in a very able manner. Then followed the us all get together and boost hard for 1909.

American Druggists' Fire Insurance Co., represented by Mr. De Cou, of Kansas City. He presented in an

attractive manner the features of that company. Next The 1908 Pertle Springs Items.

was a communication from the Fidelity and Casualty

Co., of New York, whose general agent, R.A. Hoffmann, Belated Notes and Comments.

of St. Louis, addressed a communication to the conOriginal Mo. Ph. A. Members.-Of those who at. vention, offering to present each member with a leather tended the meeting in Sedalia, October 29, 1879, the convenience. The secretary furnished Mr. Hoffmann following are the only ones surviving that kept up the list of names and the members may expect the their membership in the association: F. R. Dimmitt, convenience at an early date. Kansas City; P. H. Franklin, Marshall, and A. W.

Not Only Has the List of deceased members changed Rogers, Lucas.

the records in the annual meetings, but we find many Were Invited to join at the 1879 Meeting.-F. R. of the living who were at one time active now among Dimmitt, of Kansas City, who was secretary of the

the absentees. Various are the excuses presented by meeting at Sedalia that organized the Mo. Ph. A.,

the following who no longer attend the meetings, but informs us that according to personal records in his were at one time influential in directing the affairs of possession, the following were not present at the meet

the Mo. Ph. A.: C. E. Corcoran, J. M. Good, J. H. ing, but were invited to become charter members; sev- Gallagher, Dr. O. A. Wall, F. W. Sihler, W. D. Huseral of them did so, while others joined at a later date: sing, Eugene Soper, J. M. Love, Dr. A. H. Caffee,

John C. Erk, George T. Lynn, Dr. R. T. Miller, Dr. Apple, Walter, New Franklin. Barrett, W. H., Harrisonville.

A. R. Edmonds, Dr. G. H. Chas. Klie, Thomas LayBurriss, N. E., Salisbury.

ton, T. A. Moseley, Dr. C. C. Davidson, H. F. A. Cason, W. N., Montgomery City.

Spilker, Charles D. Merrem, G. Howard Willett, A. Dimmitt, B. F., Rochport.

Brunert, Dr. D. K. Morton, Gustave Koch, and G. J. Davis, O., Columbia. Frye, G. R., Salisbury.

Meyer. The list might be extended, but it is suffiFulkerson, P. S., Lexington.

ciently long to impress upon our readers the vicissiGordon, W. A., Lexington.

tudes of life. Some of the above named have retired Farrar, Ed. H., Centralia.

from the drug business, others have moved from the Good, J. M., St. Louis. Spencer, H. C., Malta Bend.

state, and each one has what is unto himself a good Siler, L. W., Weston.

and sufficient excuse for dropping the Mo. Ph. A. Suppon, B. A., Jefferson City.

work. In the list are a few ex-presidents and several Changed Their Location from one city to another is who have been honored by various offices and posithe record of the following who are now located at the tions on committees.

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Some of the Mo. Ph. A. Members from St. Louis, at Pertle Springs, June, 1908.--[Photo by Stone, Warrensburg.

A Certificate of Membership costs $1.00.

The Proceedings of the 1908 meeting were dis-
tributed within thirty days of the convention. If
you have not received your copy communicate with
the treasurer.

A. Richard Troxell, formerly of Missouri and a mem-
ber of the Mo. Ph. A., is now located in San Fran-
cisco, Cal. He was for some years a prominent
pbarmacist at Cheyenne, Wyo.

The Missouri Board of Pharmacy met at Spring- for the week's meeting. As chairman of the en-
field, August 9, and will probably meet again at tertainment committee for the “Knights of the
St. Joseph in December.

Grip,' " he is like the Irishman's fea-here, there

and everywhere the liveliest critter on the The Location of the 1909 Meeting will be decided

ground. His head is full of new and povel ideas by the committee on time and place of meeting

aud he is dishing up the kind of entertainment not later than September 15.

that will make the 1908 meeting a hummer for enWell, Billy Lamont, represepting Eli Lilly & Co., joyment. Keep your eyes on "Billy."—[ Warof St. Louis, is here, and that means a great deal rensburg Star,


Bennett, Geo., 4131 Finney Avenue, St. Louis, National Lead Co.
MO. PH. I. A.

Beymer, M. E., Kansas City, Frederick Stearns & Co.
Bland, W. T., Kansas City, McPike Drug Co.

Burrows, Clyde L., care Savoy Hotel, Kansas City, Mo., H. P.C..
PERTLE SPRINGS, Mo., June 11, 1908. Des Moines, Ia.
The seventeenth annual meeting of the Mo. Ph. T.

Chaplain, S., 4409 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, McPike Drug Co.

Cole, G. D., 538 Prospect Street. Kansas City, McPike Drug Co. A. was called to order by President Dan Liddy. Read

Coon, C. M., 610 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Schuster Brewing ing of minutes of previous meeting (1907) by Secretary Co. Oscar H. Ott and adopted.

Davis, John G., Box 496, Kansas City, McCourt Label Cabinet Co. President Dan Liddy addressed the association, con

De Cou, 3010 Park Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas City Drug Co.

Deleskamp, H. D., 4744 Le Duc Street, St. Louis, Bauer & Black. cluding his remarks with “mum” is the word to all

Dunavan, Dr. D. R., Kansas City, 1100 Summitt Avenue, Horthe boys.

lick's Malted Milk. The report of Treasurer A. C. Meyer was unanim- Duncan, T. T., Sedalia, Mo., J. S. Merrell Drug Co.

Fox. J. F., Kansas City, Evans-Smith Drug Co. ously adopted. It showed the finances of the associa

Groman, J. Frank, Atoka, Okla., Manager McCourt Label Cabition to be in a good healthy condition. Report of W.

net Co. H. Lamont, chairman of the Entertainment Com- Gunn, Peter R., 4053 St. Louis Avenue, St. Louis, Sapitol Chemical

Co. mittee, was also unanimously adopted.

Hackett, M. J., 3717 Lincolo Avenue, St. Louis, Vincente PortFor the good of our association all the boys loosened uopdo Cigar Co. up and made timely suggestions and the adoption of

Haintz, H. T., 109 Walnut Street, St. Louis, J. Hungerford Smith

Co. same added spice and ginger to this meeting, cement

Hamil, Ed. C., Eighth and Broadway, Kansas City, Faxon & ing the good fellowship of all more closely than ever

Gallagher Drug Co. before.

Hayhurst, w. C., St. Louis, Parke, Davis & Co.

Himburg, E. C., Kansas City, Eli Lilly & Co. There were sixty-one members present from all

Housekeeper, E. T., Poplar Bluff, Mo., Chattanooga Med. Co.. parts of the state.

Huegel, J. A., Jefferson City, Mo., care New Central Hotel. Ed. G. Orear was elected an honorary member of Hunter, Ed., Kansas City, Rothenberger & Schloss. the association.

Kelly, A. T., Buckingham Club, St. Louis, W. A. Stickney Cigar

Co. A committee was appointed by the chair to meet Kenworthy, J. A., 210 West Sixth Street, Sedalia, Mo., McPike with a like committee of the Mo. Ph. A. on time and

Drug Co.

Klein, F. S., 2851 Norwood Avenue, St. Louis, Sharpe & Dohme. place of meeting, was composed of M. C. Arendes,

Lamont, Wm. H., 11 South Fourth St., St. Louis, Eli Lilly & Co. chairman; W. H. Lamont, W. T. Bland, A. C. Meger Leach, Robert H., 304 North Fourth Street, St. Louis, F. R. Rice and Oscar H. Ott.

Cigar Co.

Leach, W. E., St. Louis, F. R. Rice Cigar Co. The Committee on Legislation is W. T. Bland, chair

Liddy, Dan, 519 Waldroud Avenue, Kansas City, W. A. Stickney man; Oscar H. Ott, M. C. Arendes, Dan Liddy, Geo. Cigar Co. Parsons.

Loomis, C. W., Kansas City, Peet Brothers Mig. Co.

Meyer, A, C., 3954 Flora Boulevard, St. Louis, Meyer Brothers A vote of thanks was extended to W. H. Lamont,

Drug Co. chairman of Entertainment Committee, for his success. Moseley, Geo. B., 3200 East Twenty-ninth Street, Kansas City,

Niles & Moser Cigar Co. A vote of thanks was also extended to all con

Murphy, G. W. 409 Walnut Street, St. Louis, J. Hongerford tributors, the press of Warrensburg and the pharma- Smith Co. ceutical journals.

Nie, H. J. Kansas City, Douglass Candy Co.

O'Donnell, J. J., 1922 Montgomery Street, St. Louis, Kent & The following officers were elected for 1909:

Purdy Paint Co. President, H. C. Jeffreys; first vice-president, T. T. Duncan; Oestereick, O. H., 3869 McDonald Avenue, St. Louis, Coca-Cola

Co. second vice-president, Dr. D. R. Dunavan; third vice-president, Dr. J. H. Baer; secretary, Oscar H. Olt; assistant secretary, Roy

Ott, Oscar H., Sedalia, Mo., Secretary M. Ph. T. A. Walker; Treasurer, A. C. Meyer; assistant treasurer, Cilsus

Parlett, R. C., Kansas City, care Kipp Brothers.

Parsons, G. L., 1206 West Thirty-ninth. Street, Kansas City, Orear.

Faxon & Gallagher Drug Co. Council.-Ed. Hunter, Dan Liddy, Geo. L. Parsons, C. M. Coon Peebles, R. B., Box 734, St. Louis, Chas. E. Hires Co. and H. J. Stolle.

Phillips, c. S., 4027 Belleview Avenue, Kansas City, Gaylord

Chemical Co. There being no further business before the associa

Plachet, Godfrey, 1322 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Ill., Coca-Cola tion a motion to adjourn carried. The Mo. Ph. T. A. Co. to meet with Mo. Ph. A. in 1909.-[OSCAR H. OTT, Schall, Chas. E., St. Louis, J. Hungerford Smith. Secretary Mo. Ph. T. A., Sedalia.

Schall, w. J., 2823 Sheridan Avenue, St. Louis, Duffy Malt Whis

key Co List of Mo. Ph. T. A. Members Present at Pertle

Schmidt, Louis, St. Louis, Bladke-Wenneker Candy Co.

Smith, Chas. E., 4367 Cook Avenue, St. Louis, St. Louis Crystal Springs meeting, June 9-10-11 and 12, 1908, and firms Water & Soda Co they represent:

Sorency, J. B., Independence, Mo., Campbell Glass & Paint Co. Adelsperger, W. R., Kansas City, Mo., care Evans-Smith Drug

Stolle, H. J., St. Louis. J. S. Merrell Drug Co. Co.

Stair, C. M. 612 West Sixth Street, St. Joseph, Mo., Miles Medi

cine Co. Alexander, E. F., Mt Vernon, Mo., Eli Lilly & Co.

Strain, J. M., Kansas City, DeVoe & Reynolds Co. Amos, W. S., 1101 West Fortieth Street, Kansas City, McPike

Thurber, W.D., Warrensburg. Mo., Evans-Smith Drug Co. Drug Co. Arendes, M.C. H., 2223 Oregon Avenue, St. Louis, J. S. Merrell

Umphrer, R. E., 716 South Main Street, Springfield, Mo., Evans

Smith Drug Co. Drug Co.

Wagner, Chas. S., 4114 Morgan Street, St. Louis, T. E. Lippin.. Bailey, c. S. 3430 Morrell Avenue, Kansas City, McPike Drug cott Co. Co.

Walker, Roy, 3609 Walnut Street, Kansas City, drug broker. Baer, Dr. J. H., Boonville, Mo., Frederick Stearos & Co.

Total sixty-one.

-M. D.


tendance was large. The state inspector, under the PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATIONS.

Pure Food and Drugs Act, addressed the association

and requested the co-operation of the drug trade. Connecticut Has The Largest percentage of eligible U.S. P. and N. F. propaganda was indorsed. An effort pharmacist members of its state association. At least will be made to secure better enforcement of the pharsuch is the opinion of Secretary, John B. Ebbs, of macy law. Many ladies and children were present. Waterbury, Conn.

An elaborate entertainment program was carried out.

The new officers are as follows: The Neb. Ph. A. beld its twenty-seventh annual

President, L. A. Rosenthal, Knoxville, Tenn.; Vice-President, meeting at Omaha, the week of June 16. It was one from West Tennessee, W. I. Gates, Whiteville; Vice-President, of the best meetings in the history of the organization. from Middle Tennessee, J. A. Loyd, Pulaski; Vice-President, The following officers were elected for the ensuing Trolinger, Nashville; Treasurer, Geo. S. Alcorn, Columbia.

from East Tennessee, Iliff Conger, Sewapee; Secretary, E. F. year. F. C. Shaw, president; W. S. Parkison, first vice-president;

Why Some People Join State Pharmaceutical AsF. L. Paige, second vice-president; J. C. Anderson, secretary; sociations.—The following was received by the treasH. Reynolds, treasurer.

urer of a pharmaceutical association of a state whose The Washington Ph. A. held its nineteenth annual

eastern border is washed by the Father of Waters. We meeting at the Breakers, Long Beach. The 1909 have not seen the treasurer's response, but those who meeting will be held at Seaside. The officers for the know him are satisfied that he was equal to the emerensuing year are:

gency. The delinquent member of the association who President, M. E. Everitt, North Bend; Vice-President, Jos. joined under such peculiar conditions is a physician, Marsh, Waco; Second Vice-President, F. Byerly, Portland; Third and we take it for granted that he registered as a pharVice-President, T. F. Laurin, Astoria; Secretary, A. W. Allen,

macist on his medical diploma without giving eviPortland; Treasurer, B. F. Jones, Portland.

dence of competency as a pharmacist: The Fla. Ph. A. has issued a report of its fourth annual

July 20, 1908. meeting. It is accompanied by the Eighteenth An- Office of nual Report of the Board of Pharmacy. This shows

Dear Sir:- I have at different times during the last

year, received from you a statement of yearly dues to the State an unusual condition of affairs. As a rule, the state

Pharmaceutical Association. For awhile it was for one year association precedes the passage of a pharmacy law (1906-1907). The last time though you claimed two years, or $4.00 and the organization of a board of pharmacy. We as due. Now you would just as well mark that off and not send regret to note a number of advertisements in the an- me any more "duns." nual volume. The practice of asking manufacturers

I am not a member, and never was, except as an "alias" for

who was not a registered pharmacist, but as he was to pay for state association proceedings is diminishing

conducting a drug store here, on the strength of my State Board year by year.

of Pharmacy certificate, he wanted to do something for the State Do Druggists Want Associations?—This question

Association and also to receive through me such courtesy as was

coming to a member. So upon the advice of Mr. —,of —, he is propounded by Editor Hayes of the Druggists Cir

paid a year's dues, and my name was sent in as the one to whom cular. Yes, of course, they (retail druggists) want as- membership was to issue. Mr. — failed in business and his sociations; but the vast majority of the pharmacists are

store was shut up, his stock levied on, and he left here going to

--, where he secured a position with —&—, and he is dreadfully afraid that somebody will find out that they

yet there today. I only allowed my pame to be used with the want associations, and for that reason they are careful express understanding that I was not to be at any expense then, not to attend the meetings, or even join the organiza- or at any later time, unless it was voluntary on my part. tion. In this respect they are like the darky boy who

You can easily verify this by writing to

Hoping this is sufficient explanation and that you will did not believe in ghosts, and who said, “I do not want

mark my name off the books, I remain respectfully, the ghosts to find out that I do not believe in them.”

Should Traveling Salesmen be Members of state associations? We refer to those salesmen who are not

State Association Secretaries. registered as pharmacists and many of whom are without pharmaceutical training. The Oklahoma Association discussed the subject and largely on account of the advice of the salesmen present decided to maintain the constitution which admits only registered pharmacists and teachers of pharmacy to membership. The Missouri Pharmaceutical Travelers' Auxiliary which was the first organization of the kind in this country was the direct result of the action of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association in confining its membership to registered pharmacists.

The Tennessee Ph. A. held its twenty-third annual meeting at Sewanee, July 21-23 inclusive. Several in

Arch Krieg,

C. H. Daggert, teresting papers were read and discussed. The at

Charleston, W. Va.

Providence, R. I.




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Floyd M. Robinson, chemist to the State Dairy and PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATIONS. Food Commission, presented a paper, “What it Ac

complished by State Supervision of Foods and Drugs?” The S. D. Ph. A. held its twenty-third annual meet- The legislative committee reported a pure drug ing at Watertown, August 12, 13 and 14. The attend- | bill and an itinerant vender's bill, the latter similar ance was the largest in the history of the association. to the Ohio law. They were instructed to secure numbering nearly 300. D. F. Jones was local secretary their passage, if possible; also, an amendment to the and saw to it that everything went off smoothly. pharmacy law that will forbid a druggist to take out S. H. Scallin, in the course of an interesting address, a saloon license. recommended the amalgamation of the N. A. R. D., Resolutions were adopted on the death of the foland the A. Ph. A.

lowing deceased members: W. H. Burke, Wm. McKie, Exhibits were a prominent feature of the meeting., Fred D. Stevens and Michael Reidy. The entertainment program was extensive. The travel- The next meeting will be held in Detroit in June, ers were much in evidence and the ladies contributed

1909. Election resulted in their share to the social feature of the convention.

the following being named The association recommends to the governor the

for office:

President-M. A. Jones, Lanfollowing pharmacists from whom he is expected to

sing. select in filling the next vacancy on the board of

Vice-Presidents - J. E. Way, pharmacy: George Schwartz, Redfield; Chris Schutz,

Jackson; W. R. Hall, Manistee; Madison; J. F. Wagner, Garden City.

M. M. Miller, Milan.

Secretary-E. E. Calkins, Ann The state food and drug commissioner was present

Arbor. and addressed the convention. The association voted

Treasurer-A.B. Way, Sparta. a hearty resolution favoring the support of the state

The entertainment fealaw. The new officers are as follows.

tures provided by the PharPresident-Henry A. Sasse, Henry.

maceutical Travelers' AssoFirst Vice-President-Fred Vilas, Brookings.

ciation and by the Lansing Second Vice-President-F. D. Kriebs, Beresford.

druggists were very much Secretary-E. C. Bent, Dell Rapids. Treasurer-A. A. Woodward, Aberdeen.

enjoyed. A theater party at The Travelers' Auxiliary has been in existence Waverly Park on Tuesday evening; Wednesday afterseveral years and selected the following officers for noon a visit to the State Industrial School and to the 1908-9:

State Agricultural College, was followed by a full President-G. Hammond Brown, Minneapolis.

program of sports on the campus, from a chewing First Vice-President-D. Richardson, Minneapolis.

gum contest to a baseball game, in which the drugSecond Vice-President-J. M. Ruhe. Detroit.

gists were victorious over the travelers; and a picnic Third Vice-President-C. M. Butts, Aberdeen. Secretary-Treasurer-W. L. Murray, Aberdeen.

supper under the spreading trees. The Women's Auxiliary is now a fixed feature of the The Travelers elected the following officers: association. The officers for the next year are:

President-Dr. L. W. Knapp, Goebel Brewing Co. President-Mrs. W.F. Michel, Willow Lakes.

Vice-Presidents-H. G. Baker, . Michigan Drug Co.; F. B. Vice-President-Mrs. S. H. Scallin, Mitchell.

Kramer, John Wyeth & Co.; W. S. Lawton, Miles Medical Co. Secretary-Mrs. O. H. Collins, Miller.

Secretary-Treasurer-H. C. Reinhold, Fred. Stearns & Co. The Mich. S. Ph. A. met at Lansing August 4-6. This was the twenty-sixth annual meeting, the asso- Veteran Pharmacist.-John C. Erk, of Lees Sumciation having been organized at Lansing twenty-five mitt, Mo., is seventy-one years ago.

years old, and has been Welcome was extended by Mayor John S. Bennett a pharmacist for forty who is also a druggist, and who has for years been an years. He joined the Mo. active member of the association.

Ph. A. in its early history, President F. E. Bogart, in his address, recommended and for many years contriban enlarged membership, a pure drug law, an itinerant uted largely to the papers vender's law, and active support of the N. A. R. D. presented and took an acand the A. Ph. A.

tive part in the discussions. The secretary's report showed 277 active members, Mr. Erk promised to attend and eighteen more joined during the meeting.

the 1908 meeting of the Mo. The treasurer's report showed a balance of $542.52 Ph. A., but was unable to do in the treasury.

His many friends will The secretary of the board of pharmacy showed expect him to be present in about $6,000 on deposit with the state treasurer, and


JOHN C. ERK. over $2,000 on hand.

The report of the committee on trade interests was You are what you are now-your past has nothing optimistic.

to do with it.- [The Lantern.

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