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Resolutions Adopted by the Section ou PharmaSOME U. S.P. and N. F.PREPARATIONS.

cology and Therapeutics, A. M. A.

Whereas, The value of pure air, pure water, exercise, bathBY WM, K, ILHARDT, ST. LOUIS.

ing and other hygenic agents and methods for the treatment of

disease cannot be too strongly endorsed by the Section on Read before the thirtieth annual meeting of the Missouri

Pharmacology and Therapeutics, but the use of standard pharPharmaceutical Association, June 9-12, 1908.

maceutical preparations of known and tried efficiency should The U. S. P. Syrup of the Phosphates of Iron Quinine and not be ignored, as they constitute important adjuncts in treatStrychnine I have found most unsatisfactory. The ment, and

Whereas, The neglect and indifference on the part of many glycerite from which it is directed to be prepared has

practitioners to the recent great development of more exact never in my experience, when the directions are methods of standardization as well as those of proving the closely followed, turned out a permanent solution. purity of official medicines has seriously impeded the growth of In two or three days crystallization commences and

rational therapeutics and has encouraged the use of proprietary

remedies and those of unknown composition, be it therefore soon the preparation is a solid mass.

Resolved, That the Section of Pharmacology and Therapeutics I have found that if the glycerin is reduced and earnestly recommends and pledges its support to every wellthe water increased, a permanent solution is obtained. directed effort which will aim to determine the exact value of But even then when mixed with syrup to make the therapeutic agents by scientific methods which will be open to

all, and uncontrolled or influenced by commercial interests U.S. P. syrup, we obtain an unstable preparation that

which sometimes benefit the individual at the expense of the precipitates in less than a week.

many who trust the practitioner to restore then to health. Before tbe Pharmacopæia was issued we had been Resolved, that this Section tenders its active support to the making this syrup according to Wyeth's formula,

Committee of Revision of the U. S. Pharmacopæia and the

American Pharmaceutical Association in their efforts to improve which we found very satisfactory.

both legal standards by suggestions and recommendations to Elixir Terpin Hydrate we found deposited large crys- the end that both the medical and pharmaceutical professions tals even when kept in a warm place, nor would heat unite in a pledge of active and continued effort in combatting redissolve them. Upon examining these crystals we

danger, disease and death. discovered that they were pure sugar. Ever since then we use less syrup, using about 150 Cc. instead of An Ancient Remedy for Smallpox.—The Lancet pub200 to a 1000 of finished product, and 50 of water, and lishes the following seventeenth century remedy for thus always have a permanent solution.

smallpox: Among the papers of the Earl of Ancaster Essence of Pepsin can be greatly improved by adding preserved at Grimsthorpe and just reported on by the charcoal, setting aside for several days with occasional Historical Manuscripts Commission is a letter adagitation and then filtering. This makes a perma- dressed in 1648 by “Monsieur J. G.” to John Pridgeon, nently pleasant preparation, with the disagreeable bear-leader to the young Lord Willoughby of that day, odor of pepsin almost entirely removed.

inclosing directions for preparing and taking certain

physic, a number of recipes for purges and cooling Gallstones for Japan.—Much interest having been drinks, and what is described as “the Countesse of aroused in the announcement that a good market Holdernesse’s receipt for the smallpox:" existed for animal gallstones in Japan, Consul-General

"If the partie should have the smallpox, which you may guesse

by his heavines, burninge and coughe, lette him lie warme in his Henry B. Miller has secured the following statement

bed but moderately, keeping his throate pretty coole, givinge from a Yokohama firm handling this product:

him burnt wine with saffron till you see there will no more come Gallstones are much in favo, in this country as a medicine, it forth. Take fresh butter, a quarter of a pound, and melt it on being commonly believed that they possess efficacious properties the fire, as much refined searved (?) through tiffeny or lawne, when used in the treatment of diseases of children. They are

and beate it with a spoone till it come to be so thicke as Pomato; classified on the market, to distinguish their origin, as oriental then take a fine feather (when it is melted) and dip it in (being and occidental, the former being supposed to possess the greater luke warme) and annoynt his face and handes twenty times a day virtue, and in consequence being of greater market value, though & night, nott sufferinge the party to scratch himselfe nor rubb the latter also finds a ready sale at a slightly lower figure.

them too hard against his pillow or anythinge else, nor to clippe The value of the article varies according to its quality, size, them or the like, keepinge the places still annuynted till you see and color. The larger the size and the brighter the color the them shill off, alwayes being extreame carefull to keepe him in greater the market value. Broken or cracked stoues are worth

a temperate heate, but rather warme than cold, by all meanes, only half as much as perfect ones. The minimum price for good for if he should take cold it would endanger his life; now if he marketable stock and the lowest valuation at which the custom- should have them in his eyes or throate, take a little brest milke, house officials here will pass the invoices is 40 yen, or $20 gold, a little saffron, and a little white sugar-candy, melt them toper pound avoirdupois. From this figure the price runs up ac- gether in a saucer, and lett him swallow a little of this att a time, cording to quality.

being warme, for his throate when you see them first appear; A small lot, if properly packed, can be sent by parcels post. then take a feather and dip it in the same and draw it through To insure safe arrival each stone should be separately wrapped his eyes lidds, and by the grace of God it will preserve his sight. in cotton wool, and packed neither loosely nor tightly, but

To take away the holes in the face: Take the quantity of a pound firmly, in a substantial wooden or tin box. A convenient-sized

of veale and putt it in some corner in a seller where it may best box, we find, runs about 2%x3x5 inches. Insurance ought to be putrifie and breede maggotts; then take those maggotts, beinge effected at the time of shipment, and it will be well to register

well growne, put them on a wire and rost them before the fire, the package.

havinge somethinge to preserve the drippinges of them, which [The consul-general also forwards other names of you must take and annoynt the party's pitts in his face, and it Japanese dealers in drugs, chemicals and gallstones, will take away the holes therein. Given by an Italian. which may be obtained from the Bureau of Manufactures.)

Hope is the dream of the man awake.—[PLATO.



.6 gm.

...18 Cc.

Missouri Board of Pharmacy.-A special meeting E. H. Burgher, Ph. G., is a senior student in the Medwas held at Springfield, August 10. Of the thirteen ical Department of the St. Louis University. Mr. candidates examined the following three made satis- Burgher has been putting in all his spare time at refactory averages and were registered: Harvey Bushno, lief-work during his college years. He is so thoroughly Thayer, Mo.; Harry J. Ladd, St. Louis, Mo.; and Wm. competent as a pharmacist that his services are always A. Salts, Bois D'Arc, Mo.

in demand. The next meeting will be held at the St. Louis Col- William F. Berryman, of St. Louis, is representing the lege of Pharmacy, 2110 Locust Street, beginning at 9 Indemnity Exchange in the East. He is prominent a. m., Monday, October 12, 1908, Candidates should in the Missouri Association and in the N. A. R. D. at once address the Secretary, Charles Gietner, 203 and has friends the country over, so we are not surSouth Broadway, St. Louis.

prised to learn of his success in his new enterprise. The following is a sample set of the written portion Mr. Berryman has the historic instinct well developed of the examination at Springfield. In addition to this and never misses an opportunity to hunt up interestwas given a test in recognition of drugs, chemicals and ing matters connected with the history of pharmacy pharmaceutical preparations.

in this country. 1. What are (a) galenical preparations; (d) chemical prepara- The Antikamnia Chemical Company, now located at 1624 tions; (c) crude drugs; (d) official preparations?

Pine street, St. Louis, Mo., has broken ground at the 2. What are (a) anthelmintics; (d) astringents; (c) depila

corner of Pine and Fourteenth Streets for a five-story tories; (d) emetics; (e) errhines; (1) laxatives; (g) tonics; (h) stimulants?

and basement building, which will be used exclusively 3. What are (a) cataplasms; (b) syrups; (c) ointments; (d) for manufacturing and commercial purposes. It will emulsions?

be 81x109 feet and constructed of brick and concrete. 4. Give the general working formulae for making (a) decoctions; (b) Auidextracts; (c) tinctures; (d) pills.

The president of the company, Frank A. Ruf, has 5. The phar. directs:

owned this lot for a number of years. Mr. Ruf is also Potas. Chlorate....

a director in the Mercantile Trust Company. Hydrochloric acid..

Water a sufficient quantity to make... 1000 Cc. (a) Give name of this preparation; (b) State how prepared; (c) average dose; (d) What does it replace in the Phar, 1890?

6. (a) Give the symbol of two elements that are liquid at ordinary temperature; (b) five that are gaseous; What is (c) atomic weight; (d) molecular weight?

7. (a) Mention ten com pounds containing oxygen; (b) What
is the difference between oxygen and ozone? (c) What is oxida-
tion? (d) What is hydrogen?
8. The phar, directs:

Ferrous Sulphate...
Monohydrate Sodium Carb.
Clarified Honey.
Syrup and distilled water each q. s. to

..100 gm.
(1) State name of above preparation; (2) How is it prepared?
(3) What chemical change takes place, if any? (4) Average

9. Distinguish by chemical tests the difference between (1) Iodid and Bromide of Potas.; (2) Ferrous and Ferric Salt.

10. Name the amount (in Troy and Metric) of each ingredient necessary to make the following: Phenol.........

.2% Tannic Acid..

.3% Glycerin....

5% Water q. s. to make..

1 oz. 11. (1) Name the official forms of Belladonna; (2) Give alkaloidal contents of each; (3) Describe acacia; (4) Give source of acacia.

12. What is the (1) source and (2) appearance of opium; (3) what percentage of morphine should it contain? (4) Give the average dose.

13. Name five official (1) Volatile Oils and (2) Fixed Oils. (3) What is parcreatin.

14. Name a physiological antidote for poisoning by (1) aconite; (2) morphine; (3) With what poisons does albumin form compounds which are more or less inert?

15. Give average dose (1) Imf. Digitalis; (2) F. Ext. Aconite; Some of Our Young Friends Believe in Out Door Sports, one of (3) Tr. Columbo, (4) Spt. Camphor, (6) Chloroform water. whom we show in the picture, Geo. Coy, head clerk for L. C.

Swinnen, Cherokee and Nebraska Streets. Mr. Coy is quite a

hunter and fisherman and seldom returns from an outing withMost of our so-called troubles are misbranded.

out either game or fish.


100 gm. 46 gm. 26 gm. 25 gm.

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Sullivan, Meredith; W.F. Sbull, Asherville; J. J. Darrow. Asher-

ville; E. N. Cyre, St. Joseph; P. Hebert, St. Joseph; Rector &
Bartley, Lamar; D. J. Moore, Idana; Stephen Bradley, Agenda;

A. J. Anderson, Brantford; C. E. Costelo, Agenda; Leiter & Leiter, La.-At the recent meeting, sixteen out of twenty- Inman; F. W. Arnold, Vermillion; Jos. Crockard, Agricola; Wm. three were registered.

Ogilvie, Batesville; B. H. Hanson & Co., Climax; P.M. Chubbuck,

Rice; Pettyjohn & Blackwood, Talmo; R. Welstead, Jewell; J. S. W. S. Fossier, J. Bunol, J. R. Angel, C. P. Scott, E, F. Jacques,

Perry, Rest; W. E. Robb, Neal; James Rickey, Campus; Charles P. J. Rupp, G. C. Auer and F. S. Rockfort, all of New Orleans;

P. Shive, Patterson; W. L. McGuire, Lebanon; Shannon & Co., E. Elson, of Morgan City; A. F. Stumpf of Grenta, a total of ten.

Fiat; W. M. Smith, Buxton; W. T. Butcher, Buxton; J. S. Simears, The following passed as qualified assistants:

Upola; J. W. Waid, Salem; A. V. Ducker, Oriole; M.L. Fair, Cora; P. J. Lacassin, R. A. Barrios, G. J. Feldner, G. D. Grass and

Bonecutter & Son, Dentana; G. W. Congleton, Otego; C. S. J. F. Barrow, of New Orleans, and F. J. Lavigne, of Baton Rouge.

Herschner, Northbranch; Jonason Bros., Kackley; O. F. Brewer, Beginning with the November examinations, a new

Norway; C. L. Ross, Norway; Reugsegger & Durham, Blue Hill; feature will be inaugurated by the Board. This will G. W. Belveal, Hunter; N. B. Trowbridge, Hunter; F. J. Melvin, be practical work in the form of prescriptions which

Glenlack; Fred Stoerman, Scipio; A. A. Rowan, Rest; A. F. Al

vord, Rantoul; Crawford & Son, Rantoul; Peck Bros., Rantoul; will be given to the applicants to fill.

A. D. Harper, Rantoul; Emma Meiners, Tipton; Alice Dancy, Next examination November 6 and 7, at the New

Webber; I. E. Pippert, Worden; W. I. Richardson, Ludell; W.H. Orleans College of Pharmacy, 725 Campat, New Or- Blankenship, Fiat; W'm. Wineinger, White Cloud; N. H. Lewis, leans, La.-[F. C. GODBOLD, Secretary.

McDonald; W. D. Winter, Chardon; O. Wilson, Bloomington;

J. M. Anderson, Webster; Bray & Co., Webster; G. T. Bradshaw,
Indiana Board of Pharmacy.

Covert; F. M. Claudell, Claudell; van DeBilt Bros., Cawker City;

L. W. Armstrong, Harlan; Mathes Bros., Hummer; Thos. Vague. Registered Pharmacists.- B. F. Alexander, Roll; C. C. Allen,

Harlan; Mann Merc. Co., Densmore; G E. Campbell, Densmore; Indianapolis; Harry Beaver, Elkhart; Frank Beck, Anderson;

L. M. Lenardi, New Almelo; R. L. Diddle, Birkville; W. A. BirkF. H. Bentz, Elkhart; Arthur Boye, Milwaukee; Oliver T. Cald

holz, Prairie View; B. C. Berry, Lancaster; A. P. Hopple, Lanwell, Indianapolis; Lloyd A. Cline, Shelby, 0.; Bruce C. Frantz,

caster; W. A. Pfouts, Lancaster; H. E. Rayer, Lancaster; W. W. Pekin; Delos Gardner, Indianapolis; Daniel W. Hawkins, Cin

Frye, mgr. Prairie Center; E. A. Legler, Lenexa; Thos. Longan, cinnati; W. C. Houtz, North Webster; J. M. Jarrett, Evansville;

Donipan; J. R. Stolsworth, Farmington; H. D. Debțing, FarmHarold Johnson, Nappanee; Arthur Kolb, Indianapolis; J. 0.

ington; J. E. Coffey, mgr., Rock Creek; C. A. McNeal, Boyle; Knoefel, New Albany; J. H. Mavity, Indianapolis; Emanuel z.

R. P. Simpson, Dunavant; J. R. Morton, Dafer; C. E. Schiffbauer, Miller, Ft. Wayne; John L. Paullus, Marion; E. C. Reichman,

Arrington; H. E. Jewell & Co., Arrington; C. F. Kathrens, Ar. Indianapolis; William P. Robinson, Milwaukee; John Slocum,

rington; M. L. Trudell, North Cedar; V. K. Watts, Belaire; W. G. Gary; Harry Stone, Ft. Wayne; M. E. Williams, Chicago; John

Slade, Smith Center; Mowrey & Vedder, Reamsville; S. F. Lewis, A. Wirtz, Princeton; Mert Wolcott, Rushville.

Bavaria; Marl Robbins, Towanda; G. Limbocker, South Mound; Assistant Pharmacists.-H. D. Carpenter, Anderson, H. F.

D. W. Collins, Arrington; S. Rapinii, Corona; J. Cipra, Black Graubman, Chesterton: F. E. Green, Greencastle; Merle Harris,

Wolf; J. Keyes, Protection; J. E. Whitehead, Pottawatomie; Indianapolis; Mont E. Huff, Indianapolis; James Langdon, In- Geo. B. Cloon & Co., LeLoup. dianapolis; James Lanham, Greensburg; Eugene Miles, Chicago;

Of 1,920 pharmacists on the register July 1, 1,731 reCharles Nichols, Russiaville; Herbert Pierle, New Albany; Ralph

ceived renewal certificates during the month of July, Thornburg, Marion; Robert Sisson, Hazleton, Miss Nellie White, Union City.

and 89 names were stricken from the register. There were fifty-seven candidates at the August

The second quarterly meeting was held in Norton, meeting for full registration and twenty-eight were

August 13, at which meeting there were 48 applicants in successful. Twenty-one were examined for assistants

attendance for examination. The following were sucand thirteen were successful. The next examination

cessful and received certificates as registered phar

macists: will be held at Indianapolis the second Monday in

Miss M. E. Beach, Iuka; C. R. Brogan, Wichita; Fred G. Corbin, October.

North Topeka; Chan D. Fuger, Hamlin; George Goddard, KinsKansas.-Quarterly report of Board of Pharmacy for

ley; Fred Howe, Hewins; George G. Hamilton, Scottsville; C. H.

Kamtz, Onaga; Claude C. Lull, Lebanon; W. W. Leonard, Cedarquarter ending August 12, 1908. Pharmacists regis

vale; Charles C. Mosher, Ellsworth; Harry O'Brien, Florence; tered without examination on diplomas from recog

Wm. E. Ross, Kansas City; Joseph F. Searles, Wetmore; J. L. nized schools of pharmacy:

Sallee, Sylvia; Robert C. Thompson, Norton; A. F. Brooks, F. A. Cordell, Edgerton; P. A. Wiedemann, Coffeyville; L. E. Wichita; G. C. Cruzen, Garden City; J.S. Elerick, Bird City; Ed. Bixby, McPherson; T. B. Martin, Arkansas City; O. E. Pettijohn, Fuger, Hamlin; G. A. Gamenthaler, Kirwin; Bertmam H. Kansas City; P. T. Capps, Wichita; O. R. Bissantz, Wichita; C. B. Hockett, Logan; A. W. Hart, Argentine; Sam H. King, Anthony; Harris, Mont Ida; R. E. Walker, Minneapolis; E. M. Alllson, Jessie Newlon Laws, Oswego; J. S. Mulryan, Axtell; Tom Mason, Stockton; W. E. Green, Kansas City; Wilfrid Bottomley, Argen- Mound Valley; A.H. Ryan, Leavenworth; Fred Reinholt, Leaventine.

worth; S. R. Seaver, Arlington; Albert C. Stone, Kansas City; Temporary certificates issued:

The following received certificates as registered as-
W. Clyde Warner, Burlingame; James L. Fraser, Arkansas City; sistant pharmacists:
A. H. Ryan, Leavenworth; W. A. Lansdowne, Concordia.

Aloysius Heim, St. Marys; W. Clyde Warner, Burlingame; J.I.
Duplicate certificates issued:

Sheets, Mound City.
J. W. Bryant, Belvue; H. Goodell, Sedgwick; C. J. Holmes The next meeting of the board for examination of
Gaylord; C. L. Katz, Anthony; L. Knakal, Kansas City.

applicants will be held in Hutchinson, November 18, Pharmacists restored to register.

1908, beginning at 9 o'clock a. m. Those desiring to Wm. B. Sheers, Leavenworth; Ira D. Benfer, Wichita; R. W. take the examination should notify the secretary at Moreland, Coffeyville; M. K. Ingraham, Hunnewell; Carolyn

least five days before the date of meeting. The secreKrotsch, Clyde. Merchants licenses issued.

tary will furnish the necessary blanks and information J. Rogers, Morse; J. H. Edenfield, Morse; A. C. Lamm, Labette; on application.-[W. E. SHERRIFF, Secretary, EllsW. E. Fowler, Brookville; S. A. Mason & Son, Meredith; P. H. worth, Kansas, August 14, 1908.


III. Bd. of Ph.-At the July meeting sixteen out of a class of sixty-one applicants for registered pharmacist and twenty-four of the forty-five candidates for assistant pharmacist passed successful examinations. Their names follow:

Registered Pharmacists.-Joseph W. Askew, C. E. Cairnes, L. J. llurwich, Arthur T. Hallahan, Wm. Kraemer, Eric P. Leischner, Milton D. Levy, Chas. W. Roberts, Roy M. Soult, Geo. H. Slack, Wm. G. Trautvetter and Gordon D. Troup, all of Chicago; and "Hugh V. Burt, Rock Island; C. A. Breitling, Streator; Orel T. Davis, Mulberry Grove; and Rexford DeTomkins, Mt. Sterling.

Assistant Pharmacists.-James B. Alford, Bencel Aron, Adolph Barnbrock, James S. Brady, Alford M. Crocker, Pearl A. Cropper, Wm. E. Decker, Anna Eicher, Pinchos Gonorovsky, Clyde Gardner, Albert M. Harrison, Morris Kogan, Chas. V. Machen, Theo. B. Niesen, Hugh Reid, Clarence E. Raetz, Chas. G, Schreiber, Mel E. Williamson, Samuel Zak and M. J. Zacharias, all of Chicago and A. L. Adams, Wionetka; Foster W. Harmon, Dixon; John S. Montgomery, Elgin and Roy S. Miller, Bloomington. Local Registered Pharmacists.-C. Leslie Wilkins, Tiskilwa.

The next meeting of the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy for the examination of assistant pharmacists will be held in Chicago on Tuesday, September 22, at 87 Lake Street. On the following day an examination will be conducted for registered pharmacists. The next apprentice examinations throughout the state will be held on Friday, September 4.-[F.C. DODDS, Secretary, Springfield.

California.–At the recent examination held at Los Angeles and San Francisco the following parties were registered:

Assistants.-Elmer J. Elkington, Oswald H. C. Frisch, Edwin E. Hutching. Robert Richard Lorentz Jr., Charles J. A. Peacock, Walter W. Wehner, George R. P. Boman, Maud Anpa Cuff, Peter Joseph Cuneo, Eugene C. Josephs, George Maxwell Merriken, F. B. Ackerman, Albert Blaha, Lewis A. Lodde, Frank Anthony Mayer, Judson G. Smith, Donald L. Staviford, Oswald N. Stier, E. Allen Test, Robert F. Widenmann, D. B. Dooley, J. Albert Godwin, Everett Cord Groves, C. Fred B. Klarer, William A. Lane, Harry G. Leith, Charles E. Mead, Charles F. Nunn, Andre Rouseyrol, M. D. Watters.

Licentiates.-Amile J. Arighi, Robert Hall Bearoo, Ralph Thompson Duncan, Paul J. Guedet, Albert Charles Lesher, Mabell E. Merriam, B. R. Parker, Clara A. Rees, Max H. Sobel, George A. Wilson, Frederick Arthur Abrams, F. L. Beruadas, Jonn M. Lang, Jerome A. Ludden, William Arthur Riker, V. R. Slater, James T. Armstrong, F. J. Chapman, William Lichtermann, Louis P. Orth, A. Richard Troxell, Eugene W. Avery, Daniel T. Cropp, Frank Ė. Elliott, Hans C. Hedegard, C. A. MCHenry, Frederick G. Musso, W. Thos. Perdue, William T. Ryan, Edward J. Verdein, W. Henry White, Harold A. Babcock, John G. Flourney, Norman A. Lawson, Earl R. McConaughy, Oliver L. Scott, Max A. Simon, Henry C. Atwood, Julius P. Graf, W.E. McAfee, Roland J. Parker, Mark I. Wilson, Josephine E. Barbat, F. C. Baldwin, Bartholomew DeLucis, L. H. Fairchild, Eda v. Laini, John William Melvin, Walter H. Pancoast, Leon Missak A. Peshlian, Richard M. Salter, Nelson M. Wiegaod, E. F. Ziegel. mann, Chas. H. Berkley, Chester Arthur Gleiss, Frank L. Lee, Madge Pringle, E. S. Selby, Alfred Whitehead, Christian P. Bos, William R. Haigh, Frank B. Nickey, H. E. Thomas, Frederick Zeh.

Next meeting at Los Angeles, Monday October 5, 1908; San Francisco, Monday, October, 12, 1908.

New Jersey.-The July examination resulted as follows:

Registered Pharmacists.-Theodore F. Bahr, Jersey City, N. J.; Harry Berlin, Brooklyn, N. Y.; George H. Borrowes, Philadelphia, Pa.; John L. Bradley, Elizabeth, N. J.; Cornelius Brach, Camden, N. J.; Edwin F. Champlin, Plainfield, N. J.; Ella B. Clark, Highlands, N. J.; Leo W. Creveling, Trenton, N. J.; Harvey R. Cooper, Walden, N. Y.; Giacinto Cusa, New York, N. Y.; Jacob Dultz, Newark, N. J.; Alfred W. Dunavan, Plainfield, N. J.; Guy S. Dunbar, Asbury Park, N. J.; S. A. Feinberg, New York, N. Y.; Rose Feuerstein, Philadelphia, Pa.; George B. Foster, Newark, N. J.; H. Friedland, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Charles R. Garrabrant, Paterson, N. J.; Samuel S. Halperin, Jersey City, N. J.; Charles N. Harr, Trenton, N. J.; Luke C. Hines, Rahway, N. J.; George S. Holland, Philadelphia, Pa.; Allyn E. Howe, New York, N. Y.; Alexander Holtsman, Jersey City, N. J.; Johiel Katzey, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Harry F. Kuhn, Bayonne, N. J.; S. F. La Piana, Hoboken, N. J.; Silas C. Law, Orange, N.J.; Israel Lesser, Jersey City, N. J.; Cornelius Lichirie, New York, N. Y.; Nicholas G. Mariconda, Newark, N. J.; Howard B. McAllister, Trenton, N.J.; Joseph A. Ortolan, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ernest Remley, Marshallton, Del.; Moses H. Sachs, New York, N. Y.; Frederic P. Schwieg, Newark, N. J.; John Tarahan, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ernest A. Truitt, Wilmington, Del.; Albert Van Eerde, Paterson, N. J.; Joseph Wallock, Newark, N. J.; Joseph Watman, Bayonne, N.J.; Samuel Weinberg, Atlantic City, N. J.

Registered Assistants.-Frederick H. Bohn, Beverly, N. J.; Basil B. Bruno, Long Branch, N. J.; Edward A. Burroughs, Metuchen, N. J.; George W. Kraeuter, Newark, N. J.; Joseph Menitove, Jersey City, N. J.; Spencer E. Moser, Altoona, Pa.; Walter Ruch, Woodbury, N. J.; Charles Rutkin, Newark, N. J.; William E. Van Eerde, Paterson, N. J.; Herbert VanNess, Newark, N. J.

The next meeting of the board for examinations will be held in Trenton, on Thursday and Friday, October 15 and 16.-[Henry A. JORDEN, Secretary, Bridgeton, N. J.

The Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy met at Oklahoma City, July 21. Members present, W. F. Dodd, president; F. B. Lillie, treasurer; J. C. Burton, secretary. A class of twenty-four was present. The following made grade entitling them to certificates:

Registered Pharmacists--Miss Addie Doan, Goltry; Robert C. Cozine, Oklahoma City; Robert L. Eldrige, Weatherford; F. Polk Fry, Frederick; S. A. George, Sugden; Walter W. Groom, Bristow; Ed, Nix, McAlester; J. W. Shelton, Wynnewood; Robert R. Buckles, Collinsville.

Granted Registration on Diplomas-Walter W. Glymph, Atlanta, Ga., Southern College of Pharmacy; B. L. Cole, Oklahoma City, Maryland College of Pharmacy; L. N. Fenne, Crescent, Okla., N. W. U. School of Pharmacy; H. N. Paullin, Ada, O., Ohio Northern University; Wm. C. Pendergraft, Hillis, Okla homa University; James N. Henry, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma University; Albert B. Scanlon, Assaria, Kap., Kansas University; Henry L. White, Claysville, Pa., Pittsburg College of Pharmacy; Freddie C. Feagins, Newkirk, Oklahoma University; Chas. B. Duffey, Coon Rapids, Ia.. Highland Park College; Wm. S. Horton, Fairview, Okla., Atlanta College of Pharmacy; Normar H. Cone, Jr., Tulsa, Okla., Kansas City College of Pharmacy; Joseph J. Stark, Elmwood Place, O., Cincinnati College of Pharmacy; Geo. W. Storey, Jr., Salix, Ia., Highland Park College; Chas. Herbert, St. Louis, Mo., St. Louis College of Pharmacy; Wm. J. Griffis, Eudora, Ark., University of the South, Sewanee; Thos. A. Weaver, Hackensack, N. J., New York College of Pharmacy; Wm. W. Green, Deuver, Colo., Highland Park College of Pharmacy; Dowell W. McCrary, Morris, Okla., Atlanta College of Pharmacy; John T. McKinney, Tiff City, Mo., Kansas City College of Pharmacy; Arthur W. Tribby, Norman, Okla., 0. N. U. School of Pharmacy; Floyd L. Swank. Norman, Okla., Olahoma University; J. A. Turner, Reciprocal Exchange.

The next meeting of the Board will be held in Muskogee, Okla., October 13. Those who contemplate taking the examination at this meeting can procure application blanks by writing J. C. Burton, secretary, Stroud, Okla.



sured from the fact that the store management is unST. LOUIS LOCALS.

der the direction of George Gruenewald.

Fletcher V. Johnson, president of the St. Louis R. D. A. Ph. A. Members in St. Louis.—This city will be | A., has been quite seriously ill for some weeks past the gateway for the A. Ph. A. delegates from the East, but at this writing is much improved and will, no North and the West on their way to the fifty-sixth an- doubt, soon be able to look after his duties as usual. nual convention which opens at Hot Springs, Sep- His long service as president speaks plainer than tember 7. President W. M. Searby, of San Francisco, words of his value in local organization work. will be among the first to arrive and will spend a few Ira M. Clark, Ph. G., class '07, is one of the genial days in the city. Other delegates will stop over for a

members of Tower Drug Co., few hours.

2000 East Grand Ave. Mr. H. W. Schaum is now with Fabra in his new store at

Clark has made a fine record Grand Avenue and North Market Street.

in building up trade for the

firm. L. E. Hoffman has purchased the store formerly owned by E. M. Jungbluth, at 1100 Lami Street.

Dr. C. M. Riley is now lo

cated at 523 Pendleton Ave., J. A. Gettinger is at Hick's pharmacy, Eighteenth and Olive Streets, where he has been busy during the

and is devoting his entire

time to chemical work, giving past summer.

particular attention to toxiE. M. Jungbluth has sold his drug store at Eleventh

cology, Dr. Riley is author and Lami Streets, and is now city collector for the

of a very practical work on Pockels Paint Company.

that subject and has had much George Jost, Ph. G., '08, has purchased the drug

experience as an expert. He business formerly owned by L. C. Swinnen, Cherokee is a member of the Mo. Ph. A. and the A. Ph. A. Street and California Avenue.

John A. Sherman, buyer for the department of sponges O. F. Wischmeyer, of 3925 Greer Avenue, has served and chamois, of the Meyer Brothers Drug Company, four years at Medler's pharmacy and has determined is back at his old post after several months spent with to make the drug business his life-work.

a Chicago firm. The department is being enlarged, Doctor H. C. L. Kloepper, Ph. G., is now located at and Mr. Sherman is giving this line of goods his best 2107 Chippewa Street. We predict for him the same suc- attention. His many friends are pleased to find him cess in medicine that he has experienced in pharmacy. again located in St. Louis.

J. Helwig, Ph. G., was missed from his post in the Southern Hotel Pharmacy for a number of days. He was at home learning how it feels to have the chickenpox.

Henry Heil, president of the Henry Heil Chemical Co., St. Louis, has decided to become a life member of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association. Thus writes Treasurer Mittelbach.

Norris B. Gregg, president of the Mound City Paint & Color Co., will be reported by Treasurer Mittelbach at the next annual meeting as a life member of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association.

The St. Louis Drug Clerks' Society gave its first informal moonlight excursion of the season on the new steamer Alton, the evening of August 20. It was a very pleasant occasion and under the direction of E. H. Kurtz.

Hon. Theodore F. Hagenow.-As predicted by the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, Mr. Hagenow received the nomination over his five competitors for the state legislature. We are confident that he will be elected in November.

The St. Louis R. D. A. night, at the Hamilton Hotel Roof Garden, July 30, was a grand success, attended by over one hundred couple. It was a quiet, pleasant, genteel affair, which brought out the very best element in the drug trade in the city. The Douglass Pharmacy, Belleville, ill., has opened

D. P. Wright, of the Hoeffken Laboratory, 412 South Sixth

Street, is Chief of the Employment Bureau of the St. Louis Drug its doors and solicits the patronage of the residence

Clerks' Society. If you are looking for a position phone Mr. district in the thriving Illinois town. Success is as- Wright.

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