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Pavelec, Fred Aufderheide, Harry Root, F. G, Pavelec, Phil. Fox,

Chas. Blum, O. F. Bausch, Walter Aufderheide, Juede, Dr. H.C.L.
Kloepper, Dr. A. H. Hoos.

Mesdames-M, Root, F. Rodenroth. G. Bumiller.
St. Louis Telephone Slot Machines not to be taxed. Messrs. and Mesdames-Theo. Blum, Paul Deichmann, F.
An effort was made to secure an ordinance taxing these i Pavelec, P. Jurka, H. Weise, W'm. Root, L. Swenen, Aug .Aufder-

heide, R. Weil, Wm. Lutz, Dr. A. H. Meisenbach, Dr. O. F. Claus, devices but it failed to pass the city council.

Dr. G. Senke. Fall Buyers have been crowding the St. Louis hotels

William J. Easley is manager of the prescription defor the past two months. It will soon be time for the

partment of the Niemeyer holiday buyers to take their places. St. Louis is

Drug & Paint Company. large, as well as a satisfactory market.

He is also vice-president of The Missouri Board of Pharmacy holds the next

the St. Louis Drug Clerks' regular examination at the St. Louis College of Phar

Society. He has been with macy, the second Monday in October, beginning at 9

the drug company at 1434 a. m. The secretary of the board is Charles Gietner,

South Broadway for the past 203 South Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.

two years and is very popuDr. W. D. Aufderheide Surprised. It was on the

lar among those who know occasion of his thirty-third birthday, which occurred

him. last month that Mrs. Aufderheide arranged a pleasant

Oscar F. Heitmeyer was surprise for the doctor and prominent pharmacist.

among the St. Louis pharAmong those in the party we note the following:

macists attending the NaMisses-L. Lang, M. Rodenroth, Elsie Miller, Laura Miller, WILLIAM J. EASLEY.

tional Saengerfest, at InStella Miller, Helen Pavelec, Cecilia Pavelec, Estelle Claus, Ella Aufderheide, Minnie Aufderheide, Leona Shaw.

dianapolis, in June. He is a member of the Mo. Ph. Messrs.-Eugene Padberg, R. Kramer, Adolph Meyer, Ed.

A. and the A. Ph. A.

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The Coca-Cola Base Ball Club of St. Louis. Members-Gus Busekrus, C.; Wm. Schmidt, 2nd B.; Richard Shubert, P.; Gus Heinz, C. F.; H. J. Heinz, Ist B.; Lebaron David, Pres.; Arthur Hilton, S. S.; John Miles, P.; Frank Reitz, captain and manager; George Hickle, R. F.; Louis Dudley, P.; John Weiler, sec.; Frank Webb, L. F.; Milton Beile, 2nd B.; William Quincy, 1st B.

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prices therefore seem likely to prevail. Quotable, MARKET REVIEW.

$5.60; Powd., M. B., $6.15; Powd., P. & W., $6.95.

Morphine.- Unchanged; }-oz. vials in 21-oz. boxes, St. Louis is To-day the Most Prosperous Jobbing and $3.20; oz. vials, 20c per oz. less. Manufacturing Center in the Country, due to the vast agri- Alcohol, Grain, 188°-The strength of the markets cultural area of the Mississippi Valley of which it is for grain has brought about another advance of 4c per the metropolis and to the abundant crops that have gal. Quotable in this market in barrels at $2.79; half been made, and to the flattering outlook for those that barrels, $2.82; cans, $2.99; 5-gal. cans, $3.03, are not yet husbanded in the valley.

containers inclusive, with the usual allowance of 10c We note the following which appeared in the New

per gallon for cash in 10 days.

U.S. P., 190°, is offered at an advance of 5c over the York Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter.

above. “From what can be learned it seems that the east

Denatured.-Quotably unchanged; bbls., 50c; ern consuming sources are considerably behind the

bbls., 54c.; 44-gal. cans, 72c, containers inclusive. western as far as deliveries are concerned. This is

Wood, 95%.—Unchanged; bbls., 50c; 3-bbls, 54c; 10due to the depression still existing in the paper and

gal. cans, 64c; 5-gal. cans, 69c, containers inclusive. textile industries in New England.”

Antimony Sulphide, Pure.-Declined; quotable in From this it is manifest that the local market is

cases at 75 to 13 to 15c, in a small way. more active and in better shape than the eastern markets, then too there are more buyers present in our

Balsam Fir, Canada.-Advanced to 85 to 90c per 1b.

These prices may be shaded in gallon lots or more. city, during this Fall buying season, from the south

Balsam, Peru.-Declined to $2.50 to $2.25. west, southeast and northwest than has been the case heretofore. Local bank clearings are notably larger

Bark, Barberry.-Advanced to 30c; powd., 350.

Bay Rum, Porto Rican.-Market is still unsettled. than last year, whilst on the other hand, other cities

New business is light; quotable figures in this market are showing decreases.

range from $1.75 to $2.25. Prices are rather on the upturn, and we set forth

Beans, Tonka.-Advanced to $2.00 $2.15. below a list of items chiefly affected since our last issue,

Blue Vitriol.-Advanced; bbls., 5% to 9 to 10c as together with current local quotations thereon.

wanted. Advanced.

Calomel, English, Howards.- Quotably lower; $1.05 Alcohol, Kamala Powder,

to $1.10; M. B., 950 to $1.00. Balsam Fir, Canada, Lupulin,

Cocoa Butter.-M. B., advanced; }-1b. cakes, 12-1b. Bark, Barberry,

Oil, Bay, Bay Rum, Porto Rico,

Camphor, Heavy,

boxes, 48 to 55c; fingers, 26 to 1b., 72 to 80c.
Beans, Tonka,

Flowers, Calendula.Declined, 80 to 90c.
Blue Vitriol,

Glycerin.-Advanced; 50-1b. cases, 15{c.
Cocoa Butter,

Gum Chicle.---Advanced; quotable in bags at 56, to Ether,

Olive, Malaga,

68 to 72c in a small way. Glycerin,

Rape Seed,
Gum Chicle,
Silver Nitrate,

Grains of Paradise.--Advanced to 29 to 35c; powd.,
Grains of Paradise,
Window Glass.

37 to 40c. Guarana,

Guarana.-Advanced to $4.75; powd., $4.85.

Herb, Cannabis Indica.-Quotably lower; $1.55 to Antimony Sulphide, Pure, Oil, Cajeput,

$1.60. Balsam, Peru, Coriander,

Kamala, Powder.-Advanced to $1.50. Calomel, English,

Cotton Seed, Flowers, Calendula, Cubebs,

Lupulin.-Advanced to 50 to 60c, as to quantity. Herb, Cannabis Indica, Lavender, Spike,

Magnesium Carbonate, Powd.- Quotably lower: Magnesium Carbonate, Powd., Pennyroyal,

kegs, 101 to 14c; bags, 83 to 13c. Mercury,

Smart Weed, Mercuric Chloride, Corrosive,

Mercury.—Declined; Quotable in flasks at 69, to 79 Spearmint, Mercuric Iodide, Red,

Worm Seed,

to 80c in a small way. Mercuric Oxide, Red, Opium,

Mercuric Chloride, Corrosive.-Declined 75 to 87c, Mercurous Chloride, Mild, Seed, Lobelia,

as to quantity. Mercury, Ammoniated, Sodium Benzoate,

Mercuric Oxide, Red.-Declined to 94c to $1.07, as Mercury, Bi-Sulphate,

Sugar, Milk, Oil, Benne, Turpentine.

to quantity. Camphor, Light,

Mercurous Chloride, Mild.-Declined to 84 to 97c, Quinine.-In small demand; market listless. Higher as to quantity. prices seem improbable. Local quotations, P. & W., Mercury, Ammoniated.-Declined to 990 to $1.22 on the basis of 100-oz. cans, 17c; M. B., 164c; 25-oz. as to quantity. cans, 19c; 5-oz. cans, 23c; 1-oz. vials, 28c.

Mercury, Bi-Sulphate.-Declined to 60 to 70c as to Opium.-The market is weak and prices are lower, quantity. due to the fact that there is a very quiet demand. Oil, Bay.-Advanced to $3.05; oz., 35c. Recent reports from abroad indicate that the outlook Benne.-Declined; bbls., 880 to $1.08 to $1.15, as for crops of narcotic drugs is unfavorable and firm wanted.


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Camphor, Heavy.-Advanced; cases 18 to 24 to 30c, in a small way.

ST. LOUIS LOCALS. Camphor, Light.Declined to 16 to 24 to 27c, as to quantity.

Dr. J. W. Hendrik has purchased the business forCajeput.-Quotably lower; 85c.

merly owned by F. B. Vogt, 2801 Easton Avenue, St. Cassia.-Advanced to $1.421 to $1.65 to $1.75, as to

Louis, Mo, quantity. Coriander.-Declined to $7.50 to $8.50; oz., 75c.

R. O. Hoefle, Ph. G., '08, prescription clerk for Theo. Cotton Seed, Winter, White.--Materially lower.

F. Hagenow, is just home from New Mexico, where he Bbls., quotable at 53c to 61 to 66c in a small way.

hunted bear and smaller game. He had a delightful Cubebs.-Declined to $2.05 to $2.25.

time and his friends enjoy hearing about it. Lavendar, Spike.-Declined to $1.30 to $1.50.

Eugene H. Krembs is now the St. Louis representaLemon, Reina.-Advanced to $1.25 to $1.35; Sander- tive for Allaire, Woodward & Company, pharmaceutison's, $1.70.

cal chemists and drug millers, of Peoria, Illinois. He Linseed.-Advanced 2c since our last issue; raw, has an office in the Equitable Building. Mr. Krembs is bbls., 43c; boiled, 44c.

a practical retail pharmacist and particularly adapted Olive, Malaga.—Materially higher and firm at the for the line of work he has undertaken. This, comadvance. Green, bbls., 97c to $1.08 to $1.10; yellow, bined with the fact that he represents a leading firm, bbls., $1.00 to $1.11 to $1.18.

assures his success. Pennyroyal.-Declined to $3.00 to $3.25.

The St. Louis R. D. A. will give its second steamboat Rape Seed.-Advanced to $1.15.

excursion on the steamer Alton, Tuesday, September Smart Weed.-Declined to $3.25.

8, 1908. The regular monthly meeting of the associaSpearmint.Materially lower, $6.25 to $7.25; ozs., tion will occur at that time, but the members are re50c.

quested to bring their families with them. Tickets Worm Seed.—Declined to $2.30 to $2.55.

for the trip will be fifty cents each and will be on sale Seed, Lobelia.-Declined to 55c.; powd., 60c.

at the boat entrance. Meals will be served at seventySilver, Nitrate.--Quotably higher; P. & W., in 1b.

five cents a person, but parties may bring their own bottles, $6.84; ozs., 51c.; M. B., $5.92; ozs., 46c.

luncheon. Sodium, Benzoate.-Declined; powd., bhls., 311 to 44 to 51c, as wanted; granular, lc less.

The Vanished Days. Sugar, Milk.-Declined to 151 to 19 to 23c, as to

Lay the jest about the julep in the Camphor Balls at last, quantity.

Por the miracle has happened and the olden days are past; Glassware.-We understand that bottle factories

That which makes Milwaukee thirsty does not foam in Tenneswill not start their fires until October 1. Indications

see, etc. point to slightly lower prices on liquor ware though

And the lid in old Missouri is as tight locked as can be;

Oh, the comic paper Colonel and his cronies well may sigh, no changes seem likely on prescription ware; Pearl

For the mint is waving gayly and the South is going dry. Ovals remain unchanged; quotable in case lots at 75%;

By the Stillside, on the hillside, in Kentucky, all is still; 5-case lots, 75 and 5%; larger quantities, 75 and 10%;

For the only damp refreshment must be dipped up from therillBaltimore Ovals, brandy finish, 75, 10 and 5%; 6-case No'th C'lina's stately ruler gives his soda glass a shove lots, 80%; larger quantities, 80 and 5%; Comet Ovals, And discusses local option with the South Ca'lina Gov; 80 and 20%; 25-case lots, 85 and 10%; 50-case lots, 85

It is useless at the fountain to be winkful of the eye; and 20%.

For the cocktail glass is dusty and the South is going DRY. Turpentine.-There is still a downward tendency to

It is water, water everywhere, and not a DROP to drink,

We no longer hear the music of the mellow crystal clink the market; quotable at this writing, bbls., 43c; 10-gal.

When the Colonel and the Major and General and the Jedge cans, 55c; 5-gal. cans, 59c, packages inclusive.

Meet to have a little nip to give their appetites an edge Window Glass.-A sharp advance of about 10% is For the Eggnog is now in Nogless and Rye has gone awry, noted and higher prices are predicted. Buyers would And the Punch Bowl holds Carnations, and the South is going

DRY. do well to cover their requirements before cold weather. Both single and double are now quotable at a discount All the nightcaps now have tassels and are worn upon the head, of 90 and 20%.

Not the nightcaps that were taken when nobody went to bed;
And the breeze above the blue grass is as solemn as is death,

For it bears no pungent clover-tank on its oderific breath. Would Make a Model Patient, that is, if she fol- And each man can walk a chalk line when the stars are in the lowed directions as explicitly when taking medicine sky, as she did when returning to the writer a letter after

For the fizz glass now is fizzless, and the South is going DRY. she had read it. The writer was surprised when she Lay the jest about the julep 'neath the chestnut tree at lasť

For there is but one kind of moonshine, and the olden days are explained to him that it said on the envelope “Please

past; return after five days,” and she was careful to return

For the water-wagon rumbles thro' the Southerland on its trip, the letter within that period of time.

And it helps no one to drop off to pick up the driver's whip.
For the mint bed makes a pasture and the corkscrew hangeth

highNature does nothing for show-yet it's all show.

All is still along the Stillside, and the South is going DRY. [The Lantern.

-- W. V. B.




year. Already the physicians of Rock County are NEWS FROM HERE AND THERE.

prescribing the N. F. preparations.

Telephones in drug stores was also a feature in their Recent St. Louis Visitors.

discussions, and a special committee was appointed to G.E. Koyl, The S. H. Wetmore Co., 242 PearlSt., New York, N. Y. look into this matter as conducted by the Chicago E. J. George, Davol Rubber Co., Providence, R. I.

druggists. Mr. W. F. Kaiser, the secretary of the A. B. Maurer, Taylor Inst. Cos., Rochester, N. Y.

Milwaukee Association was elected as a delegate to E. Hillyer, American H. R. Co., 9 Mercer St., New York, N. Y.

the N. A. R. D. meeting in September. D. B. Martin, Glaenzer & Co., 26 Washington Pl., New York, N. Y. C. A. Damon, Becton Dickinson & Co., Rutherford, N. J.

Mr. W. F. Piueger is a little under the weather, but R. B. Parmenter, Grand Rapids, Brush Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.

by a generous diet of buttermilk is selling as many Prof. E. O. Kagy, of Denver, Colo., is a new mem

goods as usual for the Milwaukee Drug Co. By the ber of the faculty of the

way, this company is making plans for a drug buildHighland Park College ing that will, for convenience, eclipse anything in the of Pharmacy. He is a country. It will be about two blocks nearer the busigraduate of the institu- ness part of the city and will be fully equipped in tion, has had experience every way. in one of the largest lab- The Propaganda committee of the Wisconsin State oratories of Denver, and Pharmaceutical Association report that the interest in has also served in the re- this work is surprising. Letters from druggists all tail drug business. over the state are coming in asking for books, letters Dr. C. N. S. Hallberg ad

and samples of N. F. goods to send to their physicians. dressed the pharmacists

The committee furnish samples of the N. F. goods and physicians of La

at cost, and it results in all įharmacists having goods

of the same color and taste.
porte, Ind., on the work
which the A. Ph. A. is

The Milwaukee Pharmaceutical Association held its doing in the interest of quarterly meeting August 13, with a good attendance. developing the standard of pharmacy in the United The Propaganda work was the main feature of the States. The meeting was held at Pine Lake Inn, and

meeting. E. B. Heimstreet, secretary of the State Mr. Frederick W. Meissner, a member of the board of

Association was present and gave a lecture on the trustees of the U. S. P. C., was the host.

Propaganda work, and also had samples of the goods.

The Milwaukee Association has taken a leading part Southern Wisconsin Items.

in this work, having distributed books, letters to their Geo. E. King, of Janesville, just returned from a

physicians for three months past. trip in the Northwest, where he has considerable lum

W. D. Carter has changed his address from Quinlin ber interest.

to Waco, Tex. Jay Dudley, of Racine, has been visiting old friends J. Atlee Dean, formerly of Altoona Pa., is now located in the drug trade at Janesville, where he commenced in Philadelphia. life in the drug business.

Jos R. Isley, Ph. G., class '07, is now with Benld Drug Chicago druggists had a splendid time in Milwaukee

Company, at Benld, 111. August 11, where they visited. The supply of “Best”

H. E. Wilhelm is known. as the cash druggist and tonic nearly gave out when they visited the brewery,

does a prosperous business at Braymer, Mo. and the committee of Milwaukee druggists did their duty well.

McIntyre Bros., a firm. owning two drug stores at Jack

son, Miss., has gone into voluntary bankruptcy. The Wisconsin Pharmacal Company made quite a hit in getting out a line of N. F. goods and plain labels

E. L. Dudley has changed his address from Camp for the trade. Druggists are putting them on their Stotsenburg, Pampanga, P. I., to Pocasset, Okla. show cases and showing visiting physicians their new

Grover C. Myers, Ph. G., located at Desloge, Mo., is goods and they are having a nice sale.

interested in bettering the condition of pharmacy in Rock County druggists will hold their semi-annual

Missouri. ladies' meeting at Hononegah Park, September 16.

“Doing Business For Your Health,” is the announcement An all day picnic and meeting to which all druggists

of W. Norris, proprietor of the Norris Drug Co., at and their ladies are invited. It is expected that a

Thorndale, Tex. number of druggists from other counties will join in Emory L. Johnson has purchased from J. A. McIntyre with us.

the Century Drug Store at Jackson, Miss., and will Rock County, Wis., druggists are taking hold of the continue the same. Propaganda work in earnest. Contributions have been Dr. I. H. Dillon has changed his address from Auburn, made and books, letters ard samples of N. F. goods Neb., to Joplin, Mo., and will probably give up the are to be sent the physicians every month the coming drug business for the practice of medicine.

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Meyer Brothers Druggist


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(Schedule Effective July 1, 1908.)

1 year 9 months 6 months 4 months 3 months 2 months 1 month
1 page.. $400.00 $310.00 $215.00 $170.00 $135.00 $95.00 $55.00
Ka page.. 225.00 180.00 120.00 90.00 75.00 56.00 30.00
* page.. 125.00 90.00 65.00 50.00 42.00 30.00 17.00
Yo page..
65.00 30.00

37.00 30.00 22.00 17.00 10.00
45.00 37.00 25.00 20.00 16.00 11.00 6 00
Cover space, one page....... 1 year

$600.00 Inserts, one leaf....

600.00 Bulletin, Large Space

40.00 Bulletin, Small Space.. 1 year


1 inch ...

1 year 1 year



Oscar Oldberg of Chicago, Ill., was represented on 222 SOUTH BROADWAY,

St. Louis, Mo., U S. A.

the cover of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for

September. At that time, he was first vice-president In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Charles Renner, of St.

of the A. Ph. A. and, as we anticipated, received the Louis, who was re-elected

unanimous vote of the convention for president, to a member of the Execu

serve during 1908-9. tive Committee of the N. Are You Looking for Business Opportunities?—If A. R. D. by a vote of 270 so, carefully read from “a” to “z” the Offer List in the out of a possible 271 bal- October issue of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST. lots. Mr. Renner was This list announces special offers made by manufacone of the very few can- turers and others who are interested in the retail drug didates submitted by trade. The offers have been divested of the announceboth the nominating ment of regular prices or other matter which does not committee and from the pertain to special offers. When writing, please menfloor of the convention. tion the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST. The confidence imposed in him by the N. A. R. D.

Price List, Drugs, Page 15.
is merely a reflection of

Bulletin for Buyers, Page 3.
CHARLES RENNER. his standing among

Want Advertisements, Page 1.
the many pharmacists at home.

Index to Advertisements, Page 2

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