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in the course of time, as the manufacturers and jobbers are educated up to Pharmacopoeial and National Formulary nomenclature. Our comments (MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, September, 1908, page 268) on

this subject have attracted considerable attention. We United States Public Health and Marine Hospi- urge our readers to cooperate in bringing the subject tal Service to Render Pharmacy Substantial Aid.- to the attention of all who have occasion to label medi

cines. Beginning with the semi-centennial meeting of the A. Ph. A. at Philadelphia in 1902, this branch of the

The department of the U. S. government which has government has been anpually represented at the A.

in charge the enforcement of the Food and Drugs Act Ph. A. gatherings by official delegates. A. M. Roeh- sometimes sets a poor example for pharmacy students rig, the senior pharmacist of the service has as repre

and prospective board of pharmacy candidates by using sentative of the department, year after year, called the

old and what should be obsolete terms for official attention of the A. Ph. A. to the disposition of Surgeon chemicals. Some months ago, we called the attention General Wyman to co-operate with the A. Ph. A. in

of the Division of Chemistry to the use of the term advancing the welfare of Pharmacy. The Hygienic benzoate of soda” when referring to “sodium benLabaratory established the standard for antitoxin

zoate," but we note that Circular No. 39, dated July which was adopted by the Committee on Revision of the

20, 1908, repeats the error. As long as the United Pharmacopoeia. We are not surprised to learn that

States Pharmacopoeia is the legal standard under the Surgeon General Wyman has set aside an adequate Food and Drugs Act, the department should see to it appropriation to be used in collecting and editing the

that pharmacopæial nomenclature is always followed various comments and criticisms on the U.S. P. VIII. when mentioning the official chemicals. The chief of which have appeared in the publications of the world

the division and the director of the drug laboratory are since the present revision of the Pharmacopeia has

both members of the A. Ph. A. and in touch with been on the market. As valuable as this collection pharmaceutical affairs. will be, the service of the work to pharmacy will be

The price-list published in the MEYER BROTHERS still further enhanced by referring to the Hygienic DRUGGIST covering pharmacopoeial and National ForLaboratory all questions pertaining to changes in mulary chemicals and preparations has been revised standards, tests and formulas. In the laboratory, prac

from time to time during several years past, with a tical work will demonstrate proper tests, desirable

view of making it conform as closely as is practicable formulas and just standards. This work will be of

to the nomenclature of these standard works. If great service to the next Committee on Revision of price-lists were used only by pharmacists, posted on the Pharmacopæia. We understand that the Board of up-to-date nomenclature, a list could be held strictly Trustees of the Pharmacopoeia had authorized the col

to the standards without detracting from its practical lection of comments at the expense of the Pharmaco

value as a work of reference. Of course, cross-referpeeial convention but this liberal action on the part of

ences cau be made so that the person looking for Surgeon General Wyman will render such expense and

“Phenol” under “Acid, Carbolic," will finally locate duplication of work unnecessary.

his item, and the person looking under “Gum" for Dr. Reid Hunt will have general charge of the work. “Camphor" will find that it is listed as "Camphor.”

But there is a limit to the extent to which crossHe is prominent in the A. Ph. A. and is also a member of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry of the A. references can be used without detracting from the M. d., and will have Dr. Murray Galt Motter, of Wash- practical value of a price-list. It is our ambition to ington, D. C., Secretary of the U. S. P. C. Board of continue revising the list in the MEYER BROTHERS Trustees, and M. I. Wilbert, a member of the Council DRUGGIST so that it will be kept thoroughly abreast of the A. Ph. A. and former pharmacist at the German

with the progress of pharmaceutical education. When Hospital, Philadelphia, to look after the details of the college graduation is required before state registration work of collecting and editing the comments and criti

the retail druggist will no longer look for “Opium” cisms of the Pharmacopæia. Both men are eminently under "Gum,” but will be ready to use a price list that fitted for this work. The results will be published in to-day would be criticised as inconvenient. the form of Bulletins of the Public Health and Marine

Is the Demand for Quinine Decreasing?—The price Hospital Service.

for this alkaloid has reached an unprecedentedly low This is by far the most important recognition which

mark and various are the explanations made to acthe government has ever given pharmacy and we feel

count for this condition. An over-production of cinthat it will lead to still further co-operation between

chona bark which is now under successful cultivation the United States Pharmacopæial Convention and this

accounts to some extent for the price, but those in a department of the government which is in a position position fo know claim that the demand for quinine to advance pharmaceutical interests in the United

is gradually growing less. We believe this is due, in States.

a great measure, at least, to the successful fight againt Correct as well as Honest Labels for pharmaceu- malaria. As the country is cultivated and breeding tical chemicals and preparations are certain to come places for mosquitoes destroyed, malaria disappears.


Even the younger generation can remember the time the long hours, or rather long days, in a drug store when chills and fever were taken as a matter of course,

than do the men. in sections of the country where, few cases are now

The National Political Situation interests pharmafound. At one time, quinine was considered a neces

cists because they are thinking citizens and ready to sary adjunct to every medicine, and we constantly hear

take part in exercising the duty as well as the priviof malarial types of typhoid fever and other diseases. Now that it is fully deinonstrated that mosquitoes lege of the ballot. It is not likely that mere senticarry the malarial germs from fever stricken patients

ment or professional fraternalism will influence the to those who are well, we may anticipate the time pharmacists of this country in casting their votes for when malaria will become practically a disease of president. At one time, it looked as if a pharmacist the past. Since quiniue is used almost exclusively in might be nominated by one of the two great parties, malarial troubles, the demand for that medicine will

but, since it is no longer possible to see a pbarmacist gradually decrease and perhaps reach that point where

occupy the White House on March 4, 1909, we are con

fident that the pharmacists of the country will be the price will greatly advance on account of the small consumption and consequently small scale on which

guided by their political principles and prejudices. it will be manufactured.

While these are largely a matter of inheritance and

the result of early training, they are nevertheless A Mania for Board Certificates.-If you become potent and cause us to live up to our respective politintimately acquainted with a busy man, you will find ical beliefs with the same fidelity that we maintain that he has some kind of a hobby, usually that of our religion. collecting. The range of objects to be collected is

A National Board of Pharmacy, under the provisalmost beyond comprehension, and in this age of

ion of a National Pharmacy Law, is suggested by a specialization, the different lines have been subdivided until we find specialties among collectors

recent writer. He has evidently forgotten the teachwith lines as closely drawn as those in any of the ings of his forefathers and the days of state rights. divisions of botany or zoology. Pharmacy is devel

A National Pharmacy Law would not be constitutional

and consequently it is useless to talk about such a oping a line of collectors who are no way related to those who collect as a matter of recreation and diver-regulation. For the present it is best to work for

uniform state laws and bring the Boards of Pharmacy sion. This new class of collectors has a mania for

as closely together as possible with a view of securing registering in as many states as possible. They are

uniform administration of Pharmacy Laws. constantly corresponding with the secretaries of various boards in an effort to register. This is not done The Doctor Must Not Depend Upon the Patient's with a view of ever making use of the certificates of statement when he claims that he is sick and diagregistration, but for the purpose of being able to say noses his case as one requiring whisky as a therathat they are registered in a long list of different peutic agent. At least the physician must follow states. When universal interchange of certificates such a practice in Texas. The doctor who disregarded comes about, it will perhaps be possible for a phar- it and was fined, appealed his case, but lost in the macist to register in each state and territory in the higher court. A physician should examine a patient Union. We suggest that the fee be made sufficiently and decide that whisky is the proper remedy, and if high, so that the class of collectors of certificates of he prescribes it in good faith, need not fear prosecuregistration, to which we have just referred, will not tion in even the most strenuous prohibition town. indulge in general registration without good and

The Eighty-eight Minute Demonstration for sufficient excuse.

Bryan at the Democratic National Convention, and Women in Pharmacy are not particularly interested

the forty-seven minute applause for Roosevelt at the in the decision of the Supreme Court of the United Chicago Republican National Convention, reminds States to the effect that a state has a constitutional

some of our readers of the demonstration which ocright to regulate the hours of labor for women. From

curred during the convention of the N. A. R. D. at a purely legal standpoint of view the decision is an

Chicago, last September. Bottled up enthusiasm is interesting one and is exceptional in receiving the en

by no means limited to political conventions. Phardorsement of the whole bench in the government's

macists possess their share of this article, and on highest legal tribunal. Thus far, the laws passed by

occasions have demonstrated their ability to use it. perhaps balf of the states of the Union regulating the Goods that Freeze or become turbid in cold weather hours of work for women do not cover women in should not be shipped by freight when the temperapharmacy. As far as we have been able to observe, ture is low. For the convenience of the readers of those who stand behind the prescription counter, or the Meyer BROTHERS DRUGGIST we published, on the sales counter, devote the usual number of drug page 48 of our September issue, a carefully prepared store hours to make up the day's work, and it is not list of goods which are liable to be injured by cold likely that they will ever be favored with special weather. The list again revised appears in the Octolegislation. In fact, we have heard some proprietors ber number and we commend the same to the careful express the opinion that women take more kindly to attention of our readers.

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longer eligible to join the Masonic Fraternity in MisSTRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. souri. Such is the decision of the Grand Lodge which

met in St. Louis in September. Saloon keepers have The Handling of Intoxicating Liquors in the drug for several years been on the list of ineligibles and the store is causing no end of trouble to the legitimate Grand Lodge did not hesitate in adding so-called pharmacists since the passage of prohibition and druggists who properly belong with the class of saloon local option laws. Those pharmacists who do not keepers. This action is in keeping with the resolupay the internal revenue tax as retail liquor dealers tion adopted at the Hot Springs meeting of the A. Ph. are congratulating themselves that they are out of A. and will receive the hearty endorsement of pharmatrouble and will remain so as long as they live up to

cists everywhere. their avowed policy.

Don't Be a Clam!—Don't breathe calamity! This Benzoate of Soda and Soda Water Syrups.-An injunction is sufficiently forcible to open up the shell effort is being made to educate pharmacists up to the of a bi-valve even if it cannot raise the dead. It is, point where they will observe pharmacopoeial pomen

however, tame, compared to some of the expressions clature. We suppose that one of our valued exchanges contained in the report of the Committee on Trade Inis excusable in using the term "benzoate of soda" be

terests submitted to the Illinois Pharmaceutical Ascause it is used in conjunction with “soda” water sociation by Chairman Wilhelm Bodemann, who syrups, otherwise there could be no excuse for ignor- thoroughly understands buman nature and realizes ing the pharmacopoeial “sodium benzoate."

that the same classes of humanity are found in phar

macy as in other walks in life. Mr. Bodemann closes Must Be Honest But Need Not Be a Pharmacist.

his report full of useful advice by saying: We have received a request for a young man to accept a position as druggist and sales clerk. It is specified neither be a good husband, father or citizen, and it is

A cooped up, imprisoned, bilious druggist can that he must be honest, truthful, industrious and will

your plain sacred duty to yourself, your family and ing to learn, but need not be experienced, as those

your state to help in the regeneration of pharmacy. with experience seem to be unwilling to adapt them

Don't be a clam-don't breathe calamity-get up and selves to the business as they find it in the west. Hon

out, and emancipate yourself! Don't sit in your store, esty is the first consideration, no matter what the call

studying the race cards or devouring yellow literature; ing may be.

read your drug journals, see what others are doing, Manufacturers Should Not Mix the Labels.-The and tell others what you are doing; help the editors, government recently prosecuted the manufacturer of these poor creatures, to make their columns good, a vanilla flavor for failing to place on it an honest lively reading, and you will help others as well.” label stating that it was made from vanillin and arti

Potassium Chlorate Explosion.-In reference to the ficially colored with caramel. The manufacturer

explosion of chlorate of potassium which occurred at pleaded guilty and stated that the labels were acci

our establishment recently; as the matter is of importdentally mixed in the labeling room, This should

ance to the many makers of chlorate tablets, we think be a warning to other manufacturers to use sufficient

it may serve a useful purpose to give the actual facts caution to prevent such accidents, as suits of this

of the case. kind are embarrassing as well as expensive.

The chlorate was of the kind usually known as The Pharmuceutical Press is Indebted to A. F. “santonin crystals.” It was tested for purity before

Sala, of Winchester, Ind., compressing and the quantity remaining was again Secretary of the National tested and found to be faultless and quite clear. It Association of Boards of was being compressed upon an ordinary rotary machine Pharmacy for a comprehen- of a type which we have used for several years with sive synopsis of the Hot perfectly satisfactory results, and similar to those which Springs meeting. Mr. Sala we have known to be used elsewhere for many years. is a very efficient officer and The machine after a thorough cleaning had been understands how to get at working on this particular lot for one whole day and the facts in the case.

for an hour and a half the next when a violent explosion

occurred. The machine was wrecked and a portion of it Still in the Pharmaceutical Eye.-When we pub

unfortunately struck the attendant on the head with

fatal result. The attendant had been engaged upon lished a half-tone of W. S. Elkin, Jr., in our February,

the work for ten years, was a thoroughly reliable man 1908, issue, announcing him as being in the pharma-chlorate.

and understood the necessity of caution in handling ceutical eye, we made a forecast of his election as

So far we have not been able by careful investigation president of the N. A. R. D. at Atlantic City last

to determine any reason for the explosion, nor to find month.

that any conditions were different from those under The Proprietors of So-Called Drug Stores where which many hundreds of tons have been successfully intoxicating liquors are dispensed as such are no handled.—[SHARP & Dohme, Baltimore, Md.



[blocks in formation]

A Portion of the Mo. Ph. A. Delegation in Front of Minnewawa Hotel, June, 1908. (Photo by Stone, Warrensburg.

Now is the time to plan for the 1909 meeting.

Now is the Time to plan on attending the Joplin

The Missouri Board of Pharmacy will meet at Jop-
lin, Monday, June 14.

Visitors from other states have promised to at-
tend the 1909 meeting.

The Proceedings of the 1908 meeting have been
mailed to all members who have paid their dues
for 1908.

The Local Secretary for the Joplin meeting will
be selected by the council.

June 15, 16, 17 and 18 is the date of the 1909

The Mo. Ph. Travelers' A. will, of course, meet
with the Mo. Ph. A. at Joplin.

A Long List of new members are promised from
Joplin and that section of Missouri.

Joplin Has Been Selected by the Committee on
Time and Place for the 1909 meeting.

A Complete File of the proceedings of the Mo.
Ph. A. is a valuable library.

The Missouri Board of Pharmacy meets at the St.
Louis College of Pharmacy at 9 a. m. Monday,
October 12.

Twenty-five Years of membership in the Mo. Ph.
A. entitles holder to life membership without
further payment of dues.

The Entertainment Feature of the 1909 meeting
will be along new lines (See paper of William H.
Lamont on page 107 of the proceedings for 1908.)



III, White castile soap.... .....5 parts.

.16 parts.

Rose water.....

.16 parts.

Waxes for Floor, Furniture, Etc. (96).-Henley's Read This Betore You Ask a Question.

Twentieth Century Book of Receipts contains the folKany questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on Account of the correspondents failing

to give name and address. lowing: The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques

1.-White beeswax..

16 parts. tions on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every


4 parts. word; never abbreviate the names o! medicines.

Venice turpentine....

1 part.

Melt the articles together over a gentle fire, and when A Missouri Physician (90) cannot fill his own completely melted and homogeneous, pour into a sizawhiskey prescription, nor can he have them filled in ble earthenware vessel, and stir in, while still warm 6 a drug store which he is running, or in which he is parts of the best French turpentine. Cool for twentyinterested.

four hours, by which time the mass has acquired the

consistence of soft butter, and is ready for use. Its Membership in the A. C. P. F. (91).-An institu

method of use is very simple. It is smeared in small tion must have been in continuous operation for five years before it is eligible for membership in the Ameri- quantities, on woolen cloths, and with these is rub

bed into the wood. can Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties.

This is the best preparation, but one in which the Enforce the Missouri Pharmacy Law (92).—The beeswax is merely dissolved in the turpentine in such prosecuting attorney is the party charged with the a way as to have the consistence of a not too thin oil duty of enforcing the pharmacy law. The secretary color, will answer. The wood is treated with this, of the board of pharmacy is Charles Gietner, 203 taking care that the surface is evenly covered with the South Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.

mixture, and that it does not sink too deeply in the To Silver Horn (93).-The Scientific American says:

ornaments, corners, etc., of the woodwork. This is

the best achieved by taking care to scrape off from the “The horn perfectly freed from oil is painted with a

cloths all excess of the wax. saturated solution of gallic acid and then with a solu

If, in the course of twenty-four hours, the surface is tion of 20 parts of nitrate of silver in 100 parts of water. Repeat the coatings alternately until the black color hard, then with a stiff brush go over it, much after the is replaced by a slight silver tint, then paint once

way of polishing a boot. For the corners and angles

smaller brushes are used; when necessary, stiff penmore with the silver solution. Rubbing down with cream of tartar solution completes the silvering."

cils may be employed. Finally, the whole is polished

with plush, or velvet rags, in order not to injure the Sold a Liniment Containing Denatured Alcohol original polish. Give the article a good coat of lin(94).–We do not know what we can advise that will

seed oil or a washing with petroleum before beginning help you out of your difficulty. If you really sold a work. liquid containing denatured alcohol and the govern- II.-Articles that are always exposed to the water, ment inspector has a sample, he will be able to detect foors, doors, especially of oak, should, from time to the same on account of the kerosene and wood alcohol time, be saturated with oil or wax. A house door, used to denature the grain alcohol. Our advice is to plentifully decorated with wood carving, will not make the best terms you can with the government

shrink or warp, even where the sun shines hottest on official and be careful in the future to avoid legal en

it, when it is frequently treated to saturation with wax tanglements.

and oil. Here a plain dosage with linseed oil is suffiShaving Soaps (95).

cient. Varnish, without the addition of turpentine, I. Palm Oil Soap....

5 pounds.

should never be used, or if used it should be followed
Oil of cinnamon
..... 10 drachms.

by a coat of wax.
Oil of caraway.
Oil of lavender..

III.-A good floor wax is composed of 2 parts of wax
Oil of thyme..

and 3 parts of Venice turpentine, melted on the water Oil of peppermint

45 minims.

bath, and the mixture applied while still hot, using a Oil of bergamot....

.2% drachms.

pencil, or brush, for the application, and when it has Melt the soap, color if desired, and incorporate the become solid and dry, diligently rubbed, or polished oils.

down with a woolen cloth, or with a floor brush, esII. Soap

10 pounds.

pecially made for the purpose. Alcohol.

IV.-An emulsion of 5 parts of yellow wax, 2 parts Oil of bitter almond.. .1% ounces.

of crude potassium carbonate, and 12 parts of water, Oil of bergamot.....

4 ounce. Oil of mace ......

3 drachms.

boiled together until they assume a milky color and Oil of cloves.....

the solids are dissolved, used cold, makes an excellent Melt the soap with just enough water to convert it composition for floors. Any desired color may be into a soft paste when cold; dissolve the oils in the given this dressing by stirring in the powdered coloralcohol, mix with the paste, and rub up in a mortar, ing matter. Use it exactly as described for the first or pass several times through a kneading machine.

2 drachms.
2 drachms.
i drachm

1 ounce.

X ounce.


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