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of the syllabus committee which was considered at A. C. P. F.

length. The report was one of progress.

The following was presented by H. M. Whelpley and The ninth annual meeting of the American Confer

the resolution adopted: ence of Pharmaceutical Faculties held two sessions at

Modern Pharmaceutical Nomenclature. Hot Springs during the week of the A. Ph. A., Sep. The members of this Conference realize the advantages of uni. tember 7-12. Dr. J. T. McGill, of Vanderbilt Uniformity in nomenclature and in their teaching and writing conversity presided, and in the absence of the secretary

form to Pharmacopæial and National Formulary standards. The

students who come to our colleges of pharmacy direct from the treasurer, J. O. Schlotterbeck, of the University of

public schools escape tutorage in ancient and vulgar pharmaMichigan, J. A. Koch, of the Pittsburg College of ceutical nomenclature, but the vast majority of those who elect Pharmacy, served as secretary pro tem.

to enter pharmacy labor industriously to learn pharmaceutical names and synonyms which they must unlearn before graduating in pharmacy.

This condition leads me to suggest that we elicit the cooperation of the boards of pharmacy, the manufacturers, the jobbers and the publishers of price lists in an effort to make correct pharmaceutical nomenclature, the nomenclature of the retail pharmacist, I therefore offer the following:

Resolved, that the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties urge the boards of pharmacy to follow Pharmacopæial and National Formulary nomenclature in their examination questions. That drug manufacturers, jobbers and others using drug labels or issuing price lists be requested to consult the legal standards of the federal food and drugs act and give prominence to the correct titles on their labels and to correct names in the price lists.

I move the adoption of the above resolution and that the secretary of the Conference be instructed to send a copy of the above resolution to the secretary of each board of pharmacy and the editor of each drug journal in the United States.

The following officers were unanimously elected:

President, H. P. Hyoson, Baltimore; vice-president, A. B. Stevens, Ann Arbor; secretary-treasurer, George C. Diekman, New York; chairman of executive committee, J. A. Koch, Pittsburg; members of the executive committee, C. W. Johnson Seattle; F. J. Wulling, Minneapolis.

Colleges Represented at the A. C. P. F.

The roll call by Acting Secretary Koch showed that DR. J. T. MCGILL.

the following twenty-one institutions were repre

sented: The president's address was referred to a committee

University of Buffalo, Department of Pharmacy, Buffalo, N. Y.; consisting of J. H. Beal, C. E. Caspari and George C.

California College of Pharmacy, Department of University of Diekman. The committee did not concur with the California, San Francisco, Cal.; Cleveland School of Pharmacy, president's recommendation to abolish the differential Cleveland, Ohio; University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, Jowa requirements for admission of students to schools of City, Iowa; University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, Lawrence,

Kan.; Louisville College of Pharmacy, Louisville, Ky.; Uni., pharmacy, but the committee did approve of the es

versity of Maryland College of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Md.; Massa tablishment of a committee on general educational

chusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass.; University of facilities of the various states, the committee to re- Michigan School of Pharmacy, Ann Arbor, Mich.; National Col. port to the executive committee of the Conference and lege of Pharmacy, Washington, D. C.; New Orleans College of

Pharmacy, New Orleans, La.; New York College of Pharmacy to investigate the schools of pharmacy in the United

Department of Columbia University, New York, N. Y.; NorthStates. This committee will also report at the annual

western University School Pharmacy, Chicago, Ill.; Ohio State meeting of the Conference, specifying the names of all University College of Pharmacy, Columbus, Ohio; University of schools which are considered qualified for member- Oklahoma, Department of Pharmacy, Norman, Okla.; Philadelship in the Conference and is expected to notify the phia College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pa.; Pittsburgh College

of Pharmacy, Department of Western University of Pennsylother schools of the manner in which they lack quali-vania, Pittsburgh, Pa.; St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis, fications.

Mo.; Vanderbilt University Department of Pharmacy, Nashville, W. A. Puckner, chairman of the executive com- Teno.; University of Washington School of Pharmacy, Seattle, mittee, presented a report, and several applicants for

Wash.; University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy, Madison,

Wis. membership were voted upon in executive session. As there were not a sufficient number of colleges repre.

All the Way From Idaho comes the following yell, sented at Hot Springs to secure an election, the col. leges not represented will be called upon to vote by originated by a local paper, during the meeting of the

Idaho A. Ph. A., at Boise: mail upon the applicants recommended by the execu

Epsom Salts and Syrup of Squillstive committee. The result of this election will be

We're the boys who roll the pills. announced later.

Kich-a-berry horse, kick-a-berry cow; Willis G. Gregory, of Buffalo, presented the report

Cut rate drug store-Bow, wow, wow.




Los Angeles, Cal., May Capture the 1909 Convention.

The Fifty-sixth Annual Meeting of the A. Ph. A. at Hot Springs, September 7-12, Registered 185 Actual Members, Representing Thirty-six States and Territories from Maine to California

and Washington to Florida. Many Visiting Pharmacists

and Ladies were also in Attendance.

The Condemnation of Saloon Drug Stores was an Important and Somewhat Sensational Feature of the Convention. Resolutions Were Adopted Urging Pharmacists Everywhere to Maintain a Professional and Ethical Standing. The Prohibition Movement Gives Opportunity for Many Dram-Shops to Adopt the Guise of Drug Stores

and Cast Discredit Upon the Calling of Pharmacy.

Many Practical Papers and Discussions Characterized the Convention. Retail Pharmacists Were Much in Evidence. Two

Hundred and Sixty-five New Members Were Elected. Re-Organization was Discussed at Length, But
Action Postponed for at Least Another Year. Three of the so-called "Permanent Offices"
Were Made Vacant by Resignations, and a New Treasurer, a New Chairman

and a New Secretary of the Council Elected.

First General Session.

of Baltimore, responded to the address of welcome on Hot SPRINGS, ARK.—The first general session of the

behalf of the municipality, and Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg, fifty-sixth annual meeting of the American Pharma- of Chicago, to that on behalf of the Arkansas drugceutical Association, held at Hot Springs, Ark., was

gists. called to order at 3:30 p. m., on Monday, September Local Secretary Martin A. Eisele introduced Miss 7, 1908, in the dining hall of the Hotel Eastman, with Mary A. Fein, secretary and treasurer of the Arkansas President W. M. Searby, of San Francisco, in the State Association of Pharmacists, who, in brief but chair.

graceful words, presented the president with a wreath of beautiful white roses, fifty-six in number, symbolic of the fifty-six years of the life of the Association, and extended the glad hand of welcome on behalf of the Arkansas State Association to this picturesque little valley in the mountains. This pleasant innovation brought forth a rising vote of thanks to the fair sponsor, as well as a happy little speech of personal appreciation by the president.

Reception of Delegates.-At request of the chair, Alrik Hammar addressed the Association as the accredited representative of the United States Navy, and A. M. Roehrig as the representative of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. Lyman F.

Kebler, chief of the drug laboratory in the department of agriculture, charged with the enforcement of the new pure food aud drugs


the government service. Addresses of Welcome and Responses.- In the absence

F. M. Apple, of Philadelof the mayor of Hot Springs, Hon. W. H. Martin, of

phia, addressed the AssoHot Springs, extended a hearty and felicitous wel

ciation as the representacome to the Association in behalf of the municipality.

tive of the N. A. R. D., and Francis G. Schachleiter, of Hot Springs, presi

W. L. Dewoody, of Pine dent of the State Association, and member of tbe local

Bluff, Ark., as representing committee of arrangements followed with a cordial

the National Association of address of welcome on behalf of the Arkansas Associa

Wholesale Druggists. tion of Pharmacists and the druggists of the state. No one was present to represent the American Med

At request of the president, Prof. Henry P. Hynson, | ical Association, but it was understood that when the



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chairman of that delegation, who was expected, should Army pharmacists there. He was requested to make arrive the Association would be glad to hear from suitable acknowledgment. him.

The following were among those signing the teleFirst Vice President Oscar Oldberg, of Chicago, was

gram from Cuba: Gerado Fercalled to the chair, while the president read his ad.

nandez Abreu, Jose P. Alacan, dress.

Jose Carpote, Julio Hernandez President W. M. Searby's Address.

Cartaya, Antonio Gonzales This document exceeded in scope and interest the

Curquejo, Jose Guilermo Diaz,

Francisco Remirez Estenoz, expectation of even the many warm admirers of Presi. dent Searby, who have learned to realize his ability

Manuel Johnson, Alfred Mar

tinez, Celestino Garcia Moand his constant work for the betterment of pharmacy. It was a comprehensive document of greater length

rales, Carlos A. Moya. Prof.

Diaz is the translator of the than any president's address since the one of the semi-centennial year at Philadelphia. The reading was

U.S. P. into Spavish. listened to with intense interest, and frequent applause

A Testimonial to Retiring Treas. indicated how carefully the members followed the

urer Sheppard. — Dr. H. M. thoughts of the president.

JOSE GOILERMO DIAZ. Whelpley, of St. Louis, ofThe standard of education and the relation between

ferred a motion that the sectrade and professional pharmacy was discussed at retary be instructed to send a telegram of greeting on length and President Searby emphasized the fact that behalf of the Association to Treasurer S. A. D. Shepdrug store experience is of prime importance and pard, of Boston, expressing regret that his health pointed out that many of the best pharmacists of this would not permit of his being present at this meeting, country never enjoyed the privilege of college training. and the motion was carried by A new argument in favor of U. S. P. and N. F. pro

a unanimous rising vote. The paganda was set forth when the president referred to

secretary announced in this prayer cures and various other forms of drugless

connection the receipt of a lettherapy which are gaining ground on account of loss ter from Mr. Sheppard, exof confidence on the part of the public and physicians pressing his deep regret at not in unreliable materia medica which should be replaced ing, and enclosing his check

being able to come to the meetby U. S. P. and N. F. medicines.

for $1,000 as a contribution to The physicians and pharmacists of the United

the Sheppard-Beal endowment States' employ were not overlooked and the A. Ph. A.

fund of the Association. He urged to continue its good work in behalf of such

also read a letter to the presipharmacists.

dent from the treasurer adThe membership was carefully analyzed, attention dressed also to the members of called to the comparatively large number which now

the Association, enclosing a belong to the A. Ph. A. and the statement made that letter from his physician peremtorily forbidding Mr. this is small compared to the number who should join. Sheppard's attendance at this meeting, giving in brief

Shorter days of work for pharmacists and more rest some views entertained by him upon the subject of reon Sunday was advised. The honest label as set forth organization of the Association. On motion of Prof. by the Food and Drugs Laws was commended. "The H. P. Hynson, the secretary was instructed to have an hope was expressed that pharmacists would soon re- abstract of these views made and furnished the comceive higher social and professional recognition and more adequate compensation for services.

The chair appointed as a committee on president's address, Messrs. J. W. England, of Philadelphia; Wm. Mittelbach, of Booneville, Mo.; Chas. W. Jobnson, of Seattle; John B. Baird, of Little Rock, and H. V. Arny, of Cleveland.

The general secretary read a proposed amendment to the by-laws, chapter 7, article 3, making the editor of the Bulletin, an ex-officio member of the council. Also an amendment adding a new clause to article 7, authorizing the appointment of a committee of fifteen on revision of the National Formulary, said committee to report annually, or as often as required by the council.

The secretary read a telegram of greeting from
Cuba, signed by some fifteen members of the Associa-J. B. Bond. Little Rock; w. L. Dewoody, Pine Bluff. (The other

Arkansas Board of Pharmacy.-J. F. Dowdy, Little Rock; Dr. tion, and a message from the Philippines, from the members of the board escaped the photographer.)



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mittee on reorganization. Prof. J. P. Remington, of offered by the association to prize students and candi-
Philadelphia, moved the adoption of a formal resolu- dates for registration. Such parties are officially
tion expressive of the regret of the Association of the known as “ Certificate Prize Members.”
enforced withdrawal of Mr. Sheppard from its active The council adopted a motion instructing the nomi-
affairs and his inability to to be present at this meet- nating committee to bring in names for two sets of
ing, the same to be signed by each individual member officers, one for the present year and the other, next
present, as a personal expression of feeling on their year. This was made necessary by the change in the
part, the same to be forwarded to Mr. Sheppard and constitution providing for each member of the asso-
entered of record in the minutes. This motion was

ciation to vote by mail upon candidates for office. adopted unanimously.

It was decided to make October 1 the date of trans-
Honorary President Candidus.—Dr. H. M. Whelpley fer of the books, cash, etc., from the old to the new

read a communication re- treasurer.
ceived from Honorary Presi-

The A. Ph. A. Charter.—On motion by Dr. J. H. Beal,
dent P. C. Candidus, of Mo-

the general secretary was instructed to take the necesbile, conveying kindly

sary legal steps for the renewal of the corporate existgreetings and expressing re

ence of the A. Ph. A. for the greatest length of time
gret that his state of health permissable. He was also authorized to join with
would not permit of his at-

himself in such action such other officials and mem-
tepdance. On motion of J. bers as may be necessary for compliance with the re-
L. Lemberger, the secretary quirement of the law.
was instructed to make suit-

A. M. Roehrig, of the council, called attention to the
able acknowledgment, and

by-law providing for a majority vote of the members that both communications

of the association to elect new officers. He pointed be embodied in the minutes.

out that it would be quite impossible to procure a maDr. H. M. Whelpley, sec

jority vote. On his motion, the by-law was changed retary of the council, gave to "plurality of the votes cast." a verbal abstract of the extended minutes of the third

Committee on Standards of Nonsession of that body, held at the Arlington Hotel, Hot Official Drugs and Chemical ProdSprings this day.

ucts. — Dr. James H. Beal preThird Session of the Council.

sented to the council the folThe minutes of the council by correspondence from lowing communication and resOctober 4. 1907, to August 21, 1908, were approved. olution. The resolution was

The report of Council Chairman J. H. Beal on the seconded by Dr. H. M. Whelpsavings account and bonds was approved. The report ley: showed a total savings and invested fund of $21,670.46. “The present nation-wide The report of Charles Cas

movement for certainty of qual. pari, Jr., chairman Committee

ity and the honest labeling of on Publication, showed a net

products which by their nature expense of $4,244.67 on 2,000

are subject to adulteration and copies of the proceedings. This

sophistication is not temporary DR. JAMES H. BEAL. included salaries, telegrams,

or spasmodic, but is the result of slow accumulation journals, illustrations, express

of sentiment during the past half century or more. age and postage.

“Originally limited principally to foods and drugs, The report of the Committee

its scope has been widened so as to include numerous on Publication also showed that

technical products which have no relation to diet or 29,000 copies of the National

medicine, and it is not likely to reach high tide until Formulary had been printed. CHARLES CASPARI, JR. practically every article used in the arts or in the daily The expense of publishing, advertising and deliver- life of the community has been provided with an aping the third edition amounted to $9,699.06.

propriate standard, and bears a truthful label. J. W. England (chairman), E. G. Eberle and F. C. “ The selection and determination of practicable Godbold were named by Chairman Beal as a Commit- standards of strength and purity, and the adoption of tee on Credentials.

an appropriate nomenclature to correspond thereto, is Louis Emanuel and Prof. J. A. Koch reported to the therefore quite as important a matter as the prohibicouncil as a committee appointed to audit the accounts tion of adulteration and misbranding itself, and is in of the treasurer which were found correct.

fact an essential part of such prohibition, and one of The secretary of the council reported fifteen council the most important topics just now engaging the attenletters and thirty-nine motions by correspondence. tion ot Food and Dairy officials. Eighteen colleges and boards of pharmacy have taken “For the commonly used drugs and medicinal chemiadvantage of the nomination for membership and one cals we have the United States Pharmacopoeia and the year's dues and a special certificate of membership National Formulary, though both of these labor under


the disadvantage of having been prepared primarily be under the auspices of such a body as the American as professional guides rather than as legal standards, Pharmaceutical Association. and being afterwards adopted by the Federal Food and “The fitness of this association to inaugurate such Drugs Act, do not always perfectly fit the task some- an undertaking, and the importance of the work itself, what suddenly imposed upon them. So also there is a are so palpably evident that to enlarge upon these class of preparations that might be coosidered a third topics seems surperfluous. list of standards of medicinal chemicals, being those “As a tentative scheme for the inauguration of such determined by Council of Pharmacy and Materia a work, the following is offered:” Medica of the American Medical Association.

Resolved: 1.-There shall be a standing committee of the “While these three authoritative works cover their

Council to be known as the Committee on Standards of Non

Official Drugs and Chemical Products, consisting of fifteen memrespective fields in a fairly satisfactory manner, they

bers elected by the Council, but the members of such committee leave uncovei ed the broader field which includes need not be members of the Council. the substances used in the arts and technical indus- Resolved: 2.—The first committee shall be constituted as foltries, and also a large number of drugs and combina

lows: Two representatives from firms engaged in the manufac

ture of chemicals, two representatives from firms engaged in the tions which, though they have not attained the honor

manufacture of pharmaceuticals, two representatives from firmus of recognition by any of the foregoing authorities, are engaged in the wholesaling of drugs and chemicals, five retail yet important articles of daily drug commerce.

druggists, and four representatives from the faculties of colleges

of pharmacy, “For all of this large number of substances there

Resolved: 3.- The committee shall prepare from existing must and will be standards adopted, and it is a matter sources of information, a tentative list, subject to revisión, corof prime importance to the industries concerned that rection and extenison by this association of the principal drugs, the source from which these standards emanate should

chemicals and medicinal preparations not recognized by the

United States Pharmacopeia, with a suitable system of nomenbe fully competent to deal with the subject.

clature for the same, and shall adopt suitable limits of strength “If their creation is left to the Federal and State and purity therefor. departments which are charged with the enforcement

Resolved: 4.-The chairman of said committee shall be desig

nated by the Council and the committee shall report progress of the labeling and anti-adulteration laws, they will

annually. be created piecemeal, as the exigencies of the depart- Resolved: 6.—The committee first chosen shall serve for one ments require, will be as numerous as the authorities year, and at the next annual meeting of the Council shall report creating them, and will be brought into interstate uni

upon a plan for the permanent organization of the committee,

and also upon a plan for the permanent continuance of the work. formity only after a long and painful struggle. They

On motion the Council adjourned to meet Tuesday, will frequently be determined by men who, however competent in their own lines of work, will have no

at 9 a. m. technical knowledge of the manufacture and use of the articles for which they undertake to set the limits of strength and purity, as was the case during the past year where a food and dairy chemist was called upon to establish, and did establish the standards which were subsequently enacted a part of a paint law.

“So also if these standards have political origin they will almost certainly,like the oleomargarine standards, be tinctured with politics, and will almost always be composed with one prime object in view, namely to convict the accused as easily and as speedily as possible.

“ Another source for the creation and promulgation of such a body of standards would be some great national association of sufficient dignity and influence to be sure that its resolutions would be given respectful consideration by courts and law-making bodies.

“It should be an association whose membership embraces representatives of every interest concerned with the production, distribution and use either in a commercial or scientific way of the substances with which such a system of standards must deal. It should be an association in which political influence can not

A Group of A. Ph. A. Ladies in attendance at the Hot Springs

meeting, September. 1908. find place or support, and one which is wholly ethical

Third Row-Mesdames G, A. Gorgas, Harrisburg, Pa.; W. L. in its purpose, but which follows practical rather than Dewoody, Pine Bluff, Ark.; A. M. Roehrig, New York City; A. V. utopian ideals, ir. short, the inauguration of a system Pease, Fairbury, Neb. of nomenclature for products not covered by the ex

Second Row-Mesdames H. M. Whelpley, St. Louis, Mo.; J. G.

Godding, Boston, Mass.; J. L. Lemberger, Lebanon, Pa.; F. C. isting recognized standards, and for the setting of the

Godbold, New Orleans, La. limits of strength and purity for such products should Front Row-Miss Gorgas, Harrisburg, Pa.

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