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President W. M. Searby here resumed the chair and called for action on the minutes of the Council as presented. Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg moved to approve, except as to the resolution concerning the fixing of standards, which he considered too important a matter to pass over in this way, and thought it should come up for full discussion by the Association in general session later. Mr. Remington and others supported this view. and after some remarks by Messrs. Oldberg, of Chicago, Payne, of Georgia, Whelpley, of St. Louis, Walker, of Texas, and Sayre, of Kansas, the matter was made a special order for Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, for full discussion hy the Association. The minutes of the Council as presented were then approved, with this exception.

The secretary, Caspari, Jr., called the list of various standing and special committees, as notice to the chairmen to be ready with their reports for to-morrow morning's session.

J. W. England, chairman, presented the report of the Committee on Credentials, which, on motion was received and accepted.

A recess of five minutes was here declared, to give the delegates from the various states, territories and provinces of Canada, an opportunity to select their representatives upon the Nominating Committee.

The Following Were Elected to Constitute the Nominating Committee, which organized by the election of Harry B. Mason, chairman and Francis B. Hays, secretary: Arkansas-W. L. Dewoody. California-W. M. Searby, Mrs. Fletcher Howard. District of Columbia-M. G. Motter, L. F. Kebler. Florida-W. O. Richtmann. Georgia-W. S. Elkin, George F. Payne. Ilinois-Charles H. Avery, C. S. N. Hallberg. Indiana-Leo Eliel, F. W. Meissner. Iowa-5. M. Lindly, W. J. Teeters. Kansas-L. E. Sayre. Kentucky-J.0. Cook, C. Lewis Diehl. Louisiana-Philip Asher, F. C. Godbold. Maryland-Louis Schulze, H. A. B. Dunning. Massachusetts-F. A. Hubbard, E. O. Engstrom. Michigan-A, B. Stevens, H. B. Mason. Missouri-J. M. Good, C. E. Caspari. Nebraska-A. V. Pease, R. A. Lymau. New Jersey-Charles Holzhauer, George M. Beringer. New York-George C. Diekman, Ralph B. Gable. North Carolina-E. V. Howell, F. B. Hays. Ohio-Georgo B. Kauffman, W. F. Kaemmerer. Oklahoma-H. D. Koiseley, F. B. Lillie. Pennsylvania–J. P. Remington, M. I. Wilbert. South Dakota-R. M. Cotton, I. A. Keith. Tennessee-F. W. Ward, J. B. Burte. Texas-R. W. Walker, E. G. Eberle. Vermont-D. F. Davis, A, L. Cheney. Virginia–J. L. Avis, T. A. Miller. Washington-C. Osseward, C. W. Johnson. Wisconsin-H. G. Ruenzel. New Mexico-B. Ruppe.

Al Large-A. M. Roehrig, H. M. Whelpley, J. H. Beal, J. L. Lemberger, J. W. Forbes.

General Secretary Caspari, Jr., called the attention of the Nominating Committee to the peculiar nature of its duties this year in the selection of two tickets, one to be acted on by the Association at this meeting for officers for the ensuing year, and the other to be

submitted by mail later to the members of the Association at large, for the selection of officers to serve during the year 1909-10.

Thereupon, on motion, the Association adjourned to to-morrow morning, at 10 o'clock.

Second General Session of the A. Ph. A. Hot Springs, Ark., the second general session was called to order by President W. M. Searby at 10:20 a. m., on Tuesday, September 8, 1908.

General Secretary Caspari, Jr., read the minutes of the first session, which, on motion, were approved as read.

The chair called for the report of the nominating committee as the next order of business, and H. B. Mason, chairman, made report for the committee.

President-Prof. Oscar Oldberg, Chicago, Ill.
First Vice-President-Prof. E. G. Eberle, Dallas, Tex.
Second Vice-President-William Mittelbach, Boonville, Mo.
Third Vice-President-Dr. J. H. Beal, Scio, Ohio.

Members of the council for three years: S. A. D. Sheppard, Boston; Prof. W. M. Searby, San Francisco; Prof. H. P. Hynson, Baltimore. To fill a vacancy caused by the election of E. G. Eberle (a member of the council), to the office of first vice-president, the association elected F. W. Meissner, La Porte, Ind., to the council for the unexpired term.

The council at a subsequent session presented the name of S. A. D. Sheppard, Boston, for the office of honorary president, and he was daly elected.

The council, under the new rules, elects three of the officers who were selected by that body as follows: Treasurer-Dr. H.M. Whelpley, 2342 Albion Place, St. Louis, Mo.

General Secretary- Prof. Charles Caspari, Jr., University of Maryland, Baltimore, Md.

Reporter on Progress of Pharmacy-Prof. C. Lewis Diehl, Louisville, Ky.

For the first time the association presents the names of candidates for office to be installed at the following

annual meeting. The bylaws called for three nominations for each office. The committee reported as follows:

President-Prof. E. G. Eberle, Dallas, Tex.; Dr. H. H. Rusby, New York City; Prof.A.B.Stevens, Ann Arbor, Mich.

First Vice-President-Dr. C. B. Lowe, Philadelphia, Pa.; F. B. Lillie, Guthrie, Okla.; F. G. Schachleiter. Hot Springs, Ark.

Second Vice-President-Prof. C. W. Johnson, Seattle, Wash.; Francis B. Hays, New York City; Dr. Murray G. Motter, Washing


Third Vice-President-Prof. E

V.Howell,Chapel Hill, N. C.; Prof. W. B. Day, Chicago, Ill.; Dr. John B. Bond, Little Rock, Ark.




Members of the council to serve for three years (three to be seconded by A. M. Roehrig, moved his election by a elected): George M. Beringer, Newark, N. J.; Dr. Charles E.

rising vote. The motion was carried unanimously, Caspari, St. Louis: J. W. England, Philadelphia, Pa.; W. L. Dewoody, Pine Bluff, Ark.; H. M. Mason, Detroit, Mich.; Wm.

and the members heartily applauded the announceMittelbach, Boonville, MO.; Prof. Oscar Oldberg. Chicago, Ill.; ment of Mr. Sheppard's election by the chair. F. W. R. Perry, Detroit, Mich.; A. M. Roehrig, New York City.

Prof. J. P. Remington offered a formal resolution The names of the candidates for 1909-10 offices will

expressive of the association's regret and sense of be submitted for vote to the members of the associa

loss in the voluntary retirement of Treasurer Sheption. Ballots must be returned prior to October 20,

pard from active service with this association, which, and the result will be announced in the December

on motion of Prof. L. E. Sayre apd others, was A. Ph. A. Bulletin.

adopted unanimously. It was understood that these On motion of Chas. Caspari, Jr., it was ordered that resolutions were to be signed by each and every the association would proceed to the election of presi- member of the association present at this meeting, dent first, and then vote on the balance of the ticket

and the chair stated that Professor and Mrs. La Wall, presented. On motion of Leo Eliel, the secretary was of Philadelphia, had kindly undertaken to procure instructed to cast the ballot of the association for

these signatures. Prof. Oscar Oldberg, of Chicago, for president for the

On motion of Chairman Oldberg the report of the ensuing year, the secretary announced that he had

Committee on National and State Legislation was done so, and the chair declared Prof. Oldberg duly

referred to the Committee on Education and Legislaelected.

tion, to be read at one of the sessions of that section. On motion of M. I. Wilbert, the secretary was then J. W. England, chairman, presented the report of directed to cast the association's vote for the commit- the Committee on President's Address. On motion tee's nominees for first, second and third vice-presi

of L. F. Kraemer, seconded by M. I. Wilbert, the dent. He announced that he had performed his duty. recommendations of the committee were taken up

On motion of F. B. Hays, the committee's nominees seriatim for discussion and action. for members of the council for three years were elected On motion of C. A. Mayo, as ainended by M. I. in the same manner.

Wilbert, the first recommendation, that a systematic The general secretary called attention to the fact

campaign be instituted by the Committee on Memthat the election of Prof. Eberle 19 the first vice

bership for new members, among the 50,000 eligibles presidency had created a vacancy in the council. in the United States, as stated by tbe President, was Thereupon, on motion of Dr. H. M. Whelpley, F. W.

adopted, coupled with a request of the council to Meissner, Jr., of La Porte, Ind., was put in nomination

make the nesessary appropriation to carry out the for the place. Nominations were ordered closed, and,

plan proposed. on motion of Leo Eliel, Mr. Meissner was duly elected

The second recommendation, to refer to the Comto fill the unexpired term of Prof. E. G. Eberle, by the

mittee on Reorganization the plan of making the deposit of the ballot of the association by the secretary.

State Pharmaceutical Associations an integral part of Dr. H. M. Whelpley, secretary of the council, read

this association, was adopted. the minutes of the fourth session of that body, held this day at the Hotel Eastman.

On motion of Prof. Philip Asher, the minutes were ordered approved as read.

Fourth Session of the Council. Retiring Treasurer, S. A. D. Sheppard was nominated as honorary president for the ensuing year. The motion before the council prevailed by a rising vote.

Messrs. Leo Eliel, J. L. Lemberger and Charles Caspari, Jr., were named by the chair as a committee of three to consider and report on further compensation for the chairman of the Committee on National Formulary, Prof. C. Lewis Diehl.

The Meyer Brothers Drug Co., was granted permission to use certain portions of the text of the National Formulary in a proposed booklet intended for the retail drug trade.

On motion, the council adjourned to 9 a. m., Wed- American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties.-Dr. J. T. nesday.

McGill, Department of Pharmacy, Vanderbilt University, PresiThis chair called attention to the fact that the dent, 1907-08; Professor J. A. Koch, Pittsburgh College of Pharnominating committee had named S. A. D. Sheppard,

macy, Member of Executive Committee; Professor W. A. Puck

ner, Department of Pharmacy, University of Illinois, Chairman of Boston, for honorary president and Dr. Hallberg,

Executive Committee, 1907-8.


The third item was simply an approval of the tabled, and the ninth and tenth items, which were principle of prerequisite laws, as advocated by the on motion postponed for further consideration-the president.

one, that the National Formulary does not assume Recommendation four, strongly condemping retail responsibility for the therapeutic value of any prepadruggists who sell drugs for illegitimate use, was, on

ration; the other, that suitable definitions for unoffimotion of C. A. Mayo, referred to the Section on cial ingredients may be inserted. Education and Legislation.

On motion of Prof. J. P. Remington it was ordered The fifth recommendation, as to parcels post legis- | that the matter of synonyms in the National Formu

lary would be considered at some future time. lation, advocating that the subject be referred to a

Committee on Non-official Drugs and Chemicals. special committee, was approved, on motion of Prof.

The hour of 12 having arrived, the time set for J. M. Good, of St. Louis, and the chair announced taking up as a special order the Beal resolutions ofthat the committee would be appointed later.

fered at Monday's session, to create a standing comRecommendation sixth, bearing upon the sugges- mittee of the council on standards for non-official tion of concentration of effort to secure a faithful drugs and chemical products, and outlining the duties carrying out of the pure food and drugs laws in force,

of said committee, Secretary Whelpley, of the counand suggesting the expediency of the issue by this cil, re-read the resolutions. An extended and lively association of a digest of such laws, together with discussion was at once precipitated as to the expedcourt decisions on the subject, was, on motion of M.

iency of the proposed action, and the make-up and I. Wilbert, referred to the council for consideration.

number of the proposed committee-a discussion led The seventh recommendation, that a committee be

off by C.S. N. Hallberg and participated in by Messrs, appointed to obtain additions to the endowment fund, Caspari, Jr., Beal, Asher, DeBarr, Remington, Berwas, after some discussion participated in by Messrs. inger, Stevens, Sayre, Vanderkleed, Hynson, Good, Hallberg, Caspari, Jr., Mayo, Good and Searby, and

Francis, Roehrig, Payne and Oldberg-with the final the voting down of a resolution by Prof. C. S. N.

result of the adoption of the resolution as a whole, Hallberg to limit the proposed committee to a mem

with the membership of the committee fixed at fifbership of fifteen, adopted, along with a resolution teen, instead of ten as originally proposed—the numoffered by C. A. Mayo, that the president be author- ber of retail druggists to be five, and of the pharmaized to appoint a conimittee having a representative ceutical faculties four. from each state or territory or section where the asso

C. Lewis Diebl presented his reportas reporter on the ciation has membership. The chair stated that these Progress of Pharmacy, which, on motion of Charles appointments would be made by the incoming presi- Caspari, Jr., was received and referred for publication. dent. Item eight was an endorsement of the president's Committee on Status of Pharmacists in the Public

Dr. George F. Payne presented the report on the position as to pharmacists in the government service, Service, accompanied by a set of resolutions designed without specific recommendation, but the general

to advance the grade of pharmacists in the public recommendation that in all legislation regarding such matters the cooperation of the government de service, both of which, on motion of Prof. J. P. Rem

ington, were adopted as read. partments should be secured, if possible. No formal

On motion of Prof. H. P. Hynson the report of the action was taken on this item, and this concluded

Committee on the Bulletin was read by title and reconsideration of the report of the committee.

ferred to the council. W. L. Scoville presented the report of the Commit

Also on motion of Professor Hynson the by-laws mittee on National Formulary, and took occasion to pay a handsome compliment to Chairman C. Lewis proposed yesterday, making the editor of the Bulletin

a member of the council, was adopted. Diehl for the thorough and practical manner in which

Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg presented a communication he had planned the work of the committee when it met at Hct Springs three days in advance of the would be some $5,000 of the Ebert fund, and moved

from the trustees of the Ebert estate, showing there meeting of the association.

its reference to the council. So ordered. Prof. Henry Kraemer moved to take up the recom

Thereupon, on motion of Prof. J. P. Remington, an mendations of the report seriatim, and Prof. Oscar adjournment of this session was taken, subject to call Oldberg in seconding this motion took occasion to

of the president. point out at some length, the proper line of demarcation, as he understood it, betweeu the U. S. Pharma- Adjourned Session of the Second A. Ph. A. copæia and the National Formulary. The motion of

General Session. Professor Kraemer prevailed and Prof. H. P. Hynson, The adjourned session of the Second General Seswbo had prepared a summary of the committee's sion of Tuesday morning, was held upon call of Presirecommendations, presented the items seriatim for dent Searby, on Friday evening, September 11, at action. All of the twenty recommendations made 8:30 o'clock. by the committee were thus adopted, except the As the first order of business, Secretary Whelpley, fourth, as to continuing the present scope of the of the council, read the minutes of the fifth session of Formulary, which, on motion of C. A. Mayo, was that body, held September 9.

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Fifth Session of the Council.

grave, and set apart $300 as a special fund for that The council elected the following officers:

purpose. Treasurer-Henry M. Whelpley, St. Louis, Mo.

The A. Ph. A. Bulletin has been edited since the General Secretary-Charles Caspari, Jr., Baltimore, Md.

initial number by Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg. · A commitReporter on Progress of Pharmacy-C. Lewis Diehl, Louisville, Ky.

tee of five members of the association is advisory in Use the U. S. P., and N. F.—The following motion was the management of the publication. The expense for unanimously adopted:

twelve months is about $1,500.00. The association Moved by J. H. Beal, seconded by M. I. Wilbut, that it be the has not as yet caught the fever of a "greater Bulletin.” sense of the council that every pharmacy, drug store, public Advertisements are not accepted and the Bulletin is hospital, or infirmary, or other public institution where drugs

without subscription price to the members. The comand medicines are prepared or dispensed should be provided

mittee submitted a full report. with a copy of the latest edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary, and that all State Pharmacy Laws The A. Ph. A. to Publish a Medical Journal.-This will should contain a requirement to that effect.

not be in competition with the Journal of the AmeriOn motion, the council adjourned to 9 a. m., Thurs

can Medical Association nor with any other medical day.

journal, for that matter. It will be a quarterly about On motion of Philip Asher, the minutes were ap

the size and style of the A. Ph. A. Bulletin and deproved as read.

voted to acquainting the physician with the official Dr. H. M. Whelpley read the minutes of the sixth pharmacy, that is the preparations of ihe U. S. P. and session of the council, held September 10, which the chair stated would stand approved, without objection, of ten copies for 35.00 or twenty-five copies for $10.00 per

of the N.F. The quarterly will be supplied at the price and it was so ordered.

year. The plan contemplates pharmacists' purchasing Sixth Session of the Council.

the quarterly and distributing it among the physicians A. Ph. A. Fraternal Relations.-Vice-Chairman, A. M. in their locality. Editor Hallberg, of the Bulletin, Roehrig occupied the chair while Dr. J. H. Beal pre- will also edit this medical quarterly. The plan was sented the following seconded by Dr. H. M. Whelpley: reported by the Committee on Bulletin.

1. That we extend fraternal greetings to the National Asso- The election of a Committee on Non-Official Food ciation of Retail Druggists shortly to conveye at Atlantic City,

and Drugs Standards was made a special order for 9 N. J., and wish that organization abundant success in every effort which it may make to elevate the dignity and honor of American pharmacy and to secure for those who follow that calling a degree of commercial prosperity and financial reward that shall be proportionate to their educational acquirements and to their moral and legal responsibilities.

2. That there be appointed a special committee on Relations with thé National Association of Retail Druggists, said committee to consist of three members, and to take into consideration the means whereby each association may strengthen the hands of the other in its special lines of activity, and to render more fruitful the measures of reform and progress which are common to the purposes of both organizations.

3. That it is suggested to said committee that it consider the advisability of selecting a common meeting place for the annual conventions of both associations, and the selection of such date For the same as will permit, at least, the sessions of the commercial section of this association to be contemporaneous with the first general session of the National Association of Retail Druggists.

4. That all determinations and recommendations of the said committee shall be reported to the council for consideration and disposal.

5. That a copy of these resolutions shall be forthwith transmitted to the executive officers of the Natioual Association of Re. tail Druggists.

The Ebert Estate.-As is now generally known, the late Albert E. Ebert, of Chicago, ex-president of the A. Ph. A., left to the association that portion of his estate not distributed prior to his death. Thomas N.

Prominent Pharmacists Visit Happy Hollow. During the Hot Jamieson and C. S. N. Hallberg, of Chicago, were ap- Springs, Ark., meeting of the A. Ph. A. many snap-shots were pointed executors and a report submitted at the sixth taken. The above represents M. I. Wilbert, recently pharmasession and of the A. Ph. A. Council indicates that the

cist of the German Hospital, Philadelphia, and now with the

Public Health and Marine Hospital Service at Washington, and association will receive about $5,000.00 from the estate.

standing to the right is E. J. Kennedy, editor-in-chief of the The Ebert Monument.—The Chicago V. D. A. and the Pharmaceutical Era. We consider the picture a very good one, A. Ph. A. will unite in erecting a monument at the

but the third party, standing between the gentlemen, with the

stubbornness true to the nature of his kind, objected to the grave of the late Albert E. Ebert. The A. Ph. A. was

picture and ate up the first dozen prints from the negative requested to provide for the permanent care of the which he found where the photographer had placed them to dry.



a. m., Friday. Messrs. J. H. Beal, Oscar Oldberg and range the details of transfer of treasurership. Dr. Charles Caspari, Jr., were named as a committee to Beal was authorized to visit Boston for the purpose of bring in recommendations for membership on the carrying out the work of the committee. committee.

One hundred dollars was appropriated for the use J. W. England, chairman of the Section on Educa- of the Committee on United States Pharmacopæia. tion and Legislation, presented a request from that A committee consisting of Dr. J. H. Beal, J. L. section that the report of the chairman of the Commit- Lemberger and Prof. Joseph P. Remington, was tee on National and State Legislation be printed in

named to draft a rule of finance governing the infull in the Bulletin and a copy of the report sent to

vested funds. each pharmacist in the United States. The council,

The council adjourned to meet for re-organization on motion, instructed the Committee on Publication to Saturday at 9 a. m. have a suitable number of reprints made from the type

The minutes of the council were approved by the

association. set up for the publication of the report of the A. Ph. A. proceedings and to see to the judicious distribution of The report of the treasurer was called for, and Gensaid copies.

eral Secretary Caspari arose to present it, saying that The sum of $750.00 was ordered paid to the chairman

the retiring treasurer had forwarded his report to him

with the request to read the same to the association. of the Committee on National Formulary for services

He presented the report in abstract, it being too volrendered since the Kansas City meeting of the A. Ph. A. The sum of $240.00 was appropriated for the use of

uminous to present in detail. The secretary also read

an addendum to the treasurer's report, which it has the Committee on Membership and the editor of the

been customary to make for the past few years. Bulletin in carrying out a systematic campaign for

On motion of Mr. Sayre both report and addendum new members, this amount to be used for stenographic

were ordered received and filed. services. On motion the council adjourned.

Abstract of A. Ph. A. Treasurer's Report. The minutes of tbe sixth session of the council were

July 1, 1907 to July 1, 1308. approved by the association and the secretary of the

Cash on hand July 1, 1907.....

$ 8,855 75 council.

Received from sale of certificates..

73 50 The minutes of the seventh (and last) session of the

Received from sale of proceedings..

96 43

Received from sale of badges and bars......... 50 25 council, held this day, were also read by the secretary,

Received from sale of National Formulary...... 6,016 88 and, on motion of Dr. J. H. Beal, were approved as Received from sale of semi.centennial index .... read.

Received from interest on deposit, New England
Trust Co., Boston, Mass...

211 (8 Seventh Session of the A. Ph. A. Council.

Received from annual dues.

6,525 00

Received from Ebert fund. Dr. J. H. Beal, chairman of the committee ap

Received from life membership fees....

250 00 pointed to submit names for the Committee on Un

Received for endowment fund.

2,189 50 official Standards for Pharmaceutical Products, re

$26,325 97 ported the following: Manufacturing Chemists—Thomas P. Cook and Edward Mal- Proceedings...

$ 4,022 18 linckrodt.

Stenographers... Manufacturiug Pharmacists-John M. Francis and C. E. Van- Journals for Reporter on Progress of Pharmacy derkleed.


2,800 00

Traveling expenses.. Wholesale Druggists-George B, Kauffman and M. N. Kline.

Section on Practical Pharmacy and Dispensing. 23 57 Retail Druggists-H. P. Hyoson, George M. Beringer, O. Rau

Section on Education and Legislation...

21 41 benheimer, J. M. Good an i Leo Eliel.

Section on Commercial Interests Pharmaceutical Faculties--Richard Fischer, Charles E. Cas- Section on Scientific papers..

8 17 pari, W. A. Puckner and J. A. Koch.

Section on Historical Pharmacy

38 19 The secretary of the council was instructed to notify Committee on Membership

65 00 the members of the committee of their appointments Committee on Prize Certificates and request acceptance of the appointments.

Printing and stationery...

31 00 The Committee on Publication was instructed to

Badges and bars.........

76 66 resume the practice of publishing the list of past Certificates.......

68 60 officers in the proceedings of the association.

Miscellaneous expenses...

227 62 On motion by Dr. J. H. Beal the by-laws were

National Formulary..

1.880 06

Semi-Centennial index. amended so that the salary of the general secretary

A. Ph. A. Bulletin

1,309 30 was increased from $1,000 to $1,200 per year.

Ebert Memorial Volume..
The general secretary was instructed to turn over Balance of salaries for the fiscal years 1904, 1900

and 1906.................

840 00 to the treasurer-elect, H. M. Whelpley, a check for

Ebert prize..... $1,000 contributed to the endowment fund by the re

Life Membership fund..

250 00 tiring treasurer, S. A. D. Sheppard.

Endowment fund..

2,189 00 Messrs. J. H. Beal (chairman), J. G. Godding and Cash to new account..

11,231 20 Linville H. Smith were appointed a committee to ar

$26,325 97

28 08

30 00


269 25 31 14

96 69

3 17

10 00 310 46


508 04

30 00

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