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3 grs.

Society consisting of three physicians and three phar- that they become familiar with our attitude and to macists with a pharmacist as chairman. This com- give such publicity when possible. mittee is known as the Council on Pharmacy and passes The discussion followed regarding the program for upon the formulas submitted by the members, also

the winter's meetings. Mr. Eliel suggested that so far develops new formulas where these are desired. In

as possible the program should be announced some this way, uniformity of medicinal preparations where time in advance for the benefit of the members who such preparations are not official is secured.

come from a distance and were not able to attend every Mr. Mills showed samples of Glycerite of Heroin evening. Comp. made according to the following formula: Prof. Oldberg discussed the arrangement of programs Each dram represents

for the coming meetings and it was moved that the Heroin....


officers present at the next meeting a tenative program Ammon. Hypopbos....

for the whole season.

This motion was carried. Fluidextract Henbane

* minim. Fluidextract White Pine.......

8 minim. President Oldberg referred to the need of a larger Soluble Tr, Tolu, N, F. to flavor......... 3 mipim. membership and urged the members to exert themGlycerine....

q. s.

selves to bring in new members and extend the useDissolve the Heroin in the Fluidextract White Pine

fulness of the branch. His appeal was warmly reby gentle heat and add a portion of the Glycerin, dis

sponded to and many of those present agreed to bring solve the Ammon. salt in the Sol. Tolu, with heat, mix

in applications for one or two members for the next with remainder of Glycerine. Mix the two solutions,

meeting add the Fluidextract Henbane, stir well.

Prof. Hallberg spoke of the desirability of securing Continuing his remarks Mr. Mills spoke of the official

a larger representation of prescription statistics from Elixir of Iron, Quinine and Strychnine and suggested Chicago druggists. There should be not less than improvements in the formula. First, to acidify the

50,000 prescriptions tabulated from Chicago and so far Elixir before mixing with alcoholic solution of the

only a few thousand have been received. alkaloids. Second, to dissolve the Iron Phosphates

Discussion then ersued regarding the place of the without heat. Tbird, to replace the Acetic Acid with one-half amount of Lactic Acid. The speaker showed

next annual meeting of the association, participated

in by President Oldberg, Messrs. Eliel, Hallberg, samples of this preparation which were of a bright color and of fine appearance. He made these sugges

Wooten and Potts. Mr. Wooten offered the following

resolutions which were adopted: tions to the Revision Committee but was not prepsred

WHEREAS, It is our confident belief that the best interests of to recommend the formula except tentatively as it had

the pharmacists of America, as a whole, will be served by the not yet been fully tried out.

two great national organizations representing the several

branches of the drug business, holding their meetings at the Prof. Hallberg reported for the Committee on Medi

same place and practically at the same time; therefore, by the cal Relations, referring to the fact that there was still

Chicago Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association be it seven district medical societies to which the Declara- Resolved, That the president of the association is instructed to tion on Prescriptions had not as yet been presented appoint a committee of three members to attend the next meet

ing of the Chicago Retail Druggists' Association for the purpose and that it was proposed to reach these medical so

of securing from that body the adoption of a resolution endorsing cieties during the coming winter. At these meetings

the holding of the conventions of the two national associations the local pharmacists will be invited to discuss with contemporaneously, it being our conviction that if the druggists their local physicians their attitude to the prescription of Chicago unitedly advocate the holding of concurrent meetings and such other subjects as may be of mutual interest,

of the American Pharmaceutical Association and the National

Association of Retail Druggists as nearly as may be possible, a It is expected that these meetings may be held jointly long step in the direction of accomplishing this desirable object with those ranged by the Committee on Nostrums of the Cbicago Medical Society. The interest of the President Yeomans, of the City Association, spoke medical profession in pharmacy is sbown by the an- of the deception practised upon the druggis s by dealnouncement recently issued by the committee on the ers in certain "topics" which were but thinly-veiled Pharmacopæia of the A. M. A. of which Dr. Reid substitutes for beer. Hunt, of Washington, D. C., is chairman.

Mr. Eysenbach announced that a company had been The work of the A. Ph. A. committees on Revision formed to engage in the cultivation of medicinal of the U. S. P. and the N. F., as considered at the an- plants in the Kankakee Valley. Mr. Eliel made an nual meeting was reported and the suggestion made interesting talk regarding the cultivation of golden that these reports afford ample material for discussion seal which he said was carried on in several places in for the branch meetings for the entire season.

St. Joseph County, Ind. These resolutions pertaining to advertisements of The secretary reported the applications of six new fraudulent medicines in the newspapers and also that members. protesting against the illegitimate sale of liquors by The attendance was fairly good, comprising six druggists in prohibition districts, were discussed. officers of the A. Ph. A., including a former president Chairman Wooten, of the committee on Public Rela- and the president-elect. tions, was instructed to present the cause of the mem- The meeting adjourned to meet Tuesday, November bers and other reputable pharmacists to the newspapers 17.-[W. B. Day, Secretary.

will have been taken.

pard personally, we commend the words of Harry B. A. PH. A.

Mason, editor of the Bulletin of Pharmacy, when he

said: “There is about Mr. Sheppard a mellow charm, The Northwestern Branch of he A. Ph. A. held a lofty rectitude, a self-sacrificing altruism which an interesting meeting October 19 with the Hennepin almost defy embodiment in cold type, and which County Medical Society. Dean F. J. Wulling reports

make one pause in any attempt to render justice to that U. S. P. and N. F. propaganda occupied the at- his personality and character.” tention of the members, and that the physicians are Co-operation or Consolidation, which shall it be? heartily in accord with the pharmacists in this work. Dr. James H. Beal editor of the Midland Druggist, A. Ph. A, Officers for 1909-10 Elected by Mail.

has the following to say in that journal for October The result of the ballot which closed October 20 will under the heading, “The Aphanard." be apnounced in the A. Ph. A. Bulletin for December. “This somewhat strange looking caption is neither The official list of nominees is as follows:

the designation of a new arrival at the zoo, nor the For president-Eugene G. Eberle, Dallas, Tex.; Henry H. coined name of a St. Louis synthetic, nor even the Rusby, New York City; A. B. Stevens, Ann Arbor, Mich.

scientific title of a lately discovered bacillus, but a For first vice-president-Clement B. Lowe, Philadelphia, Pa.; combination of the abbreviated titles of the American Foress B. Lillie, Guthrie, Okla.; F. C. Schachleiter, Hot Springs,

Pharmaceutical Association and of the National AssoArk.

ciation of Retail Druggists, and is a hint of future For second vice-president-Charles W. Johoson, Seattle, Wash.;

possibilities, should these two associations fall in with Francis B. Hays, New York City; Murray G. Motter, Washington, DC,

the views of some of their enthusiastic members and For third vice-president-Edward V. Howell, Chapel Hill, N.

combine their resources and membership into a new C.; William B. Day, Chicago, Ill.; John B. Bond, Little Rock, Ark, and greater organization. For three members of the council-Oscar Oldberg, Chicago,

“That such an organization would be immensely 111.; George M. Beringer, Camden, N. J.; Charles E. Caspari, St.

larger and stronger than either of the two associations Louis, Mo.; Albert M. Roehrig, Stapleton, N. Y.; Joseph W. England, Philadelphia, Pa.; F, W. R Perry, Detroit, Mich.;

is likely to become independently, is indisputable, but it William Mittelbach, Boonville, Mo.; Harry B. Mason, Detroit, should not be forgotten that there may be other worthy Mich.; William L. Dewoody, Pine Bluff, Ark.

ideals of association work than mere strength and bigRetiring Treasurer Sheppard. - Mr. S. A. D. ness, and such ideals should not be sacrificed unless Sheppard gradually gave up one interest after an- there is good assurance of corresponding benefits. other before finally deciding to resign as treasurer of “Any reputable person connected with any branch the A. Ph. A. He has for a few years past been spends of the science and art of preparing and dispensing ing his winters in his cottage near Asheville, N. C., | medicines, whether as manufacturer, wholesaler or and his summer in the family cottage at Amesbury, retailer, or as a professor of pharmacy or of its included Mass., near Boston. At this writing Mr. Sheppard is sciences, or as an editor of a pharmaceutical journal, visiting with his son at Swarthmore, Pa., and will is eligible to election to membership in the American soon, in company with Mrs. Sheppard, journey south Pharmaceutical Association. to Asheville. He continues to keep in close touch “Its meetings and those of its branches furnish an with the A. Ph. A, and renders the treasurer-elect open forum for the discussion of any phase of pharevery possible aid in the new duties which go with macy or medicine, or of any scientific, educational, that office. Mr. Sheppard had during twenty-two legal, or commercial question connected therewith. years built up a system for the conduct of the affairs “Any one who believes he has a message to pharof the treasurer, which is as near perfect as good macy is invited to proclaim it, and the single question judgment and faithful service can render it. The asked is not, “What is the source of the message?" books and records are so complete and explicit that but “Is it true?! they constitute an exceedingly valuable contribution “The Association relies solely upon the potency of to the history of the association and cover fully the truth to make itself effective, and addresses itself to the financial feature of the great organization. Mr. Shep-work of discovering and proclaiming the truth, rather pard is now honorary president of the A. Ph. A., a than upon the force of collective effort, other than member of the council and a member of the board of that which naturally results when a large number of trustees of the U. S. P. convention, as well as a trus- individuals see the same things in the same way. tee of the Endowment Fund of the Massachusetts “In other words, the A. Ph. A. seeks to accomplish College of Pharmacy. These are certainly responsi- its ends through education rather than by compulsion, bilities for a man who feels that he has practically and in its plan of organization, its method of working, retired from the activities of life, and indicate in a and in its ideals is scientific and ethical rather than way the wonderful amount of work the retiring treas-commercial and economic, though most of its work urer has carried during a long life of activities. He makes for commercial and economic betterment. is certainly entitled to the comparatively quiet life "The N. A. R. D., on the other hand, is the militant which he proposes to lead and which his friends de organization of pharmacy, and aims not merely to lead sire to see extended for many pleasant years to come. the pharmaceutical steed to the fountain of commercial To those of our readers who have not met Mr. Shep-truth, but also to make him drink. Its first and prin

cipal object is the improvement of the pharmacist com- The Committee which audited the treasurer's armercially, and it deals with scientific, educational and counts consists of Louis Emanuel and J. A. Koch, ethical questions only incidentally.

both of Pittsburgh. “The purposes of the two associations are perhaps The Hot Springs Meeting was wo lots to me.

I equally worthy, but the same thiogs are not equally shall be more useful on account of attending it.important with each; the things which are the main

[JOHN B. BOND, Little Rock, Ark. issues with one, are side issues with the other.

Foress Ball Lillie, Jr., arrived at the home of Mr. and "In short, the two associations are like the two

Mrs. F. B. Lillie, Guthrie, Okla., September 15. He halves of a sphere, each with a side peculiarly its own,

promises to attend the Los Angeles meeting of the A. but uniting in a common zoue at the equator.

Ph. A. in 1909. “Each association has its own special work, and by virtue of the method of its organization and the charac

C. Whorton, of Whorton Sons Drug Co., Gadsden, ter of its membership is able to do that work better

Ala., was the only representative from Alabama at than it could be done by the other.

the Hot Springs meeting of the A. Ph. A. He has

already decided to attend the 1909 convention. "The question to be answered, then, is whether the two hy their union would be likely to strengthen each

To Date, eighteen colleges and boards of pharmacy other in their special lines of work or to interfere have taken advantage of the offer of the A. Ph. A. to therein; whether the professors would insist in having present nominations for membership aud one year's their say in the policy to be adopted in the regulation dues and special certificate of membership to prize of trade matters, and the retailers insist in prescribing students and candidates for registration. the curriculum for the colleges of pharmacy, or The Nominating Committee presented the names for whether they would leave the work of regulating these two sets of officers, one to serve for 1908-9, and they matters to those most intimately connected therewith,

were duly elected; the other set is to be voted upon as is now done by the separate associations.

by mail by the members of the association, and the “It would seem necessary therefore in case of a officers elected to serve for 1909-10. This is in acconsolidation, to provide some sort of working agree cordance with new by-laws adopted at New York City ment whereby the dictation of the policies of the as- in 1907. sociation regarding scientific, educational and ethical

The Hot Springs Meeting was Certainly a Good One.questions, and those regarding purely trade and commercial questions should be left in pretty much the

The papers presented were all of a high order and same hands as at present. In the absence of such an

just of the right nature to retain the general interest understanding the retailers being in the majority, always that the retail pharmacist can listen to the

and attention of the pharmacists present. It is not would be able to dominate at all points.

“A second important question which would need to reading of papers and follow the discussions intellibe solved would be the finding of sufficient time for the gently. The 1908 meeting was just the kind of a joint program. The A. Ph. A. now finds it impossible meeting that we need.—[LEO ELIEL, South Bend, Ind. to give proper consideration to all of the questions Many Drug Stores are Without Either the Pharmacopoeia which comes before it at its annual convention while the or the National Formulary.-Dr. J. H. Beal believes that N. A. R. D. program is equally crowded. Would not each drug store in the country should have the Pharthis difficulty be doubled if the associations should macopoeia and the National Formulary. His recent unite in a joint program?

experience as food and drugs inspector for the State “In view of these and of some even more serious of Ohio convinces him that room exists for propaquestions which would have to be solved before there ganda work in this direction. This led him to introcould be a permanently satisfactory merging of the duce a motion at a council meeting of the A. Ph. A., two associations, would it not be wiser, for the present at Hot Springs, and the motion was approved, first by at least, to give consideration only to methods of co- the council and then by the association at large. operation rather than to consolidation, leaving the lat- Weimar's Welcome.-Henry Weimar, Ph. G., of Hot ter problem to be determined by the exigencies of the Springs, extended the following welcome to some of future?”

his pharmaceutical friends invited for the A. Ph. A. Hot Springs Vapor.

convention: The National Formulary has sold to the extent of 29,000

We've got water that comes bilin'

Right outen th' ol' groun' copies since the last revision.

And goes a-runnin' down the hillside During the Past Year the council considered fifteen

A-slashin' all aroun'. letters and thirty-nine motions.

We ain't quite shore who heats hit,

Or whur the fire comes frum, The Committee on Credentials consists of J. W. En

Some think hits ol' Nick hissell gland (chairman), E. G. Eberle and F. C. Godbold.

An' some thinks hits this ray-de-yum, About $10,000 have been expended in publishing, ad

But we 'low hit don't matter

If "Nick” heats hit or not vertising and lelivering the third edition of the Na

When you fellows take a swim in it, you'll think tional Formulary.

she's mighty hot.


....1 dr.

posed when brought into contact with organic matter; PRESCRIPTION CASE DEPARTMENT.

glycerol and other alcohols are in the class of substances so designated. It is this ready liberation of

oxygen which makes it valuable antiseptic and CIPLES OF PHARMACY, ST. LOUIS COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. deodorant. Solutions of it applied locally destroy the

fetor of gangrenous ulcers, and wounds. “Condy's Correspondence for this department is solicited.

Fluid,” of which it is an important ingredient, has Borax and Glycerin.-"Why does a mixture of

been used as a disinfecting fluid, for many years. sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate and glycerin effer- A Simple and Convenient Antidote to Morphine.vesce? Will this action occur if the glycerin is pure?” Drug clerk writes: “Would you dispense the follow

Answer.-Glycerin (pure or impure with water) de- ing prescription: composes borax, giving, ultimately, free boric acid.

Morphine sulphate....

6 grs. The free acid re-acts with the sodium bicarbonate lib

Sugar of milk. erating carbon dioxide, hence the effervescence.

Mix and make four powders.

Directions: Take one powder every three hours. Protargol Solution.-Subscriber asks: “How can

The above question was asked by the board of pharthis be quickly made? The stuff foams and cakes."

macy examination. I was marked “O” for saying Answer.-Put the required amount of water into a

that I would not fill it. The examiner claims that the graduate, sprinkle the protargol upon the surface of

sugar of milk counteracts the action of morphine. I the liquid and stir the mixture gently with a glass rod

differ with him. Which is correct?until solution is effected. As protargol is a silver and albumin compound coagulation is prevented by using inert and harmless vehicle for potent remedies. Until

Answer.—Sugar of milk has long been regarded as an cold water.

it has been indisputably established that it “counterPll Tr. Warburg. ex-Aloes.-Student asks: “What

acts the action of morphine" we would decline to disshould be dispensed when this is called for in a pre- pense the above prescription. scription?"

Do Not Expect the Laws of Chemistry and NatAnswer.—The ready-made pill, “without aloes"

ural Philosophy to be Suspended.—Inquirer writes: should be dispensed. The Latin prefix "ex" means “out." The above expression can scarcely be con- How would you compound the following prescrip

tion so that it will be a perfectly dry powder when put sidered conventional, and we rather prefer, in this

into capsules? instance, the plain English.

R. Caffeine... A Prescription Problem.-Druggist says: “I wish

Camphor.. you would tell me how to make a mass of the follow

Phenacetin.. ing prescription:


124 drops.

60 grains.

Fiat capsule No. 20.
Powdered Pepsin....

40 grains.

Answer.-Camphor and salol triturated together form Powdered Nux Vomica...

6 grains.

a liquid. One of these two ingredients might be A very good mass may be made of the above by first

omitted from the mixture and dispensed separately; triturating the creosote with one hundred and twenty

or with a proper vehicle of a viscid character, a mixfour grains of powdered soap. Then add Fairchild's

ture of the entire prescription might be made and dispowdered pepsin, which is insoluble, and finally the pensed with a “shake the bottle” label. other ingredients. The whole will work up into a tolerably firm adhesive mass.

Tincture Simulo.- What is the formula?

Answer.-We have not met with a published formula Chloral Hydrate and Camphor.-"A mixture of

for tincture of simulo. these substances turns dark if kept on hand. What

The name is a coined one and is applied to the fruit is the explanation?" Answer. We do not know that the question can be family. A number of the species of the genus capparis

of Capparis coriacea, of the capparidaceae or caper answered in a manner to satisfy the most exacting.

possess pungent properties and are used as substitutes We venture the guess that it is due to what is termed

for pepper. This would suggest the proper menstruum "carbonization," as camphor and chloral hydrate are

for exhausting the drug to be alcohol. In the absence both organic compounds. A familiar example of car

of an authoritative formula we would suggest the bonization is given in Syrup of Squill. The recent

making of a twenty per cent tincture. The drug is syrup is nearly colorless, but owing to the action of the acid upon the sugar it gradually acquires a deep $3.50 to $5.00 a pound; the drug at practically the

rare and expensive, tbe tincture being quoted at from brown color; a tint that would be imparted to it by the

same prices. To be consistent the tincture should be addition of caramel.

a very strong one. It is used as a "nervine" or antiPotassium Permanganate and Glycerin.-Why do spasmodic in epilepsy. It has been but little used and they explode when mixed?

its value in the treatment of this malady remains to Answer.—Potassium permanganate is always decom- be established.


grs. x grs. xx

grs. XV .......grs. XXX

Some of the Ladies and Gentlemen Comprising the Kansas City, Mo. Ph. A. Delegation, June, 1908.-[Photo by Stone, Warrensbuig.

next year.

Joplin is the location for the 1909 Mo. Ph. A. the meeting of the Missouri Medical Association It Will Seem Strange after eleren years at Pertle

Springs to head in any other direction for the 1909
June 15, 16, 17 and 18, is the date of the next Drug Adulterations should be reported to Dr. convention, but the attendance will undoubtedly

Charles E. Caspari, St. Louis, chairman of the be a record breaker.
A Local Secretary for the Joplin meeting will be committee.

The Committee which decided the location of the
selected by the council.

The 1909 Report was sent to all members of the

1909 meeting, consisted of Francis Hemm (chair,
A Unanimous Report was made by the Committee

Mo. Ph A. who had paid their dues for the year man), William Mittelbach, D. V. Whitney, Louis

within thirty days of the meeting. on Time and Place of Meeting.

Grother and A. H. P. Bohning.

There Is No Initiation Fee required of applicants
If You Desire to make an exhibit at the Joplin for membership in the Mo. Ph. A. A certificate Judge. W. T. Bland, of the McPike Drug Co.,
meeting, correspond with H. J. Nie, Kansas City of membership costs one dollar.

Kansas City, promises to add materially to the
If You Have Suggestions in regard to legislation,

Deceased among Mo. Ph. A. members should be membersbip before the 1909 mec ting. He is chair-
write to Chairman Charles L. Wright, Webb City. reported to Fred. R. Dimmitt, Kansas City, chair- man of a committee appointed to secure the ser-

The Committee on Legislation is expected to attend man of the Committee on Deceased Members. vices of the wholesalers of Missouri.

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