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not necessary to leave the large cities of the United STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. States in order to find equally thaumaturgic therapeutic

measures in practice. Michigan Is An Important State in the Union and

Surgeon General Walter Wyman and the U.S. P. has a pharmaceutical organization in keeping with and N. F.—The Washington, D. C., correspondent of other features of that section of the country. E. E. the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, in an interview with Calkins of Ann Arbor is secretary and bas just issued a pharmacist of tbat city who is in close touch with a carefully prepared report of the 1908 meeting.

the United States Marine Hospital and Public Health All of the Drug Stores in Mississippi will be re

Service, sends us the following quotation from the quired to employ registered pharmacists or close their pharmacists remarks: shops. Such is the dictation of the state board of “I believe that the work at the Hygienic Laboratory pharmacy. It is the determination of the board that will not alone be interesting but also profitable. The the standard of pharmacy in Mississippi shall be sec- surgeon-general is anxious to co-operate with the pharond to no other state in the Union.

macopoeial authorities and with the A. Ph. A. in any Bismuth Subnitrate Poisoning.–From time to time, tions of the U.S. P. and the N. F.

way that will promise to be of advantage to future edicases are reported of poisoning and occasionally of death as a result of large doses of bismuth subnitrate The Hygienic Laboratory is particularly well being administered to children. It is probable that equipped for taking up and elaborating on many of the the juices of the stomach render the salt soluble and it questions that will devise in connection with these two has been snggested that bismuth subcarbonate will books and I believe that all of the officials are not alone make a safer remedy for infants.

willing but even anxious to assist in any way possible.” Which Would You Rather be, cigar clerk, grocery Beautiful Saffron Bed All In Purple Blooms.-In clerk or drug clerk? The following is from a Kansas the garden of Dr. Joseph L. Lemberger, Ph. M., may be City daily paper and seems to speak for itself:

seen at the present time a bed of saffron in full bloom. SITUATION WANTED-YOUNG MAR

Dr. Lemberger's plants are the true saffron, and are a ried man as clerk or relief clerk in drug

rarity in this locality.
store, grocery, cigar store, any hours 9 a.m.
to 5 p. m., city references; can do the work.

The flowers are purple in color, with elliptical seg-
Address A, 669 Star.

ments, and with a long white tube within. The stigThe Year Book for 1908 of the Washington State

mas, in which the coloring and medicinal virtues of Board of Pharmacy is the result of the love for the

the plant chiefly reside are deep orange in color.

The scientific name of the plant is crocus sativus, cause of pharmacy by the members of that board. As an example of this we quote the following announce

the plant taking its name from the youth Crocus, who, ment: “Before January 1, 1909 every county in the according to Greek mythology, offended a goddess and state must have a drugmen's club. You owe that to

was changed into this flower. The saffron bed is a your family and your profession. This is the year of

beautiful sight when in full bloom, and many callers reformation. Fall in line." W. P. Bonney, of

at the Lemberger and Gleim pharmacy in Market Tacoma is secretary of the Board.

Square have admired the plants. United States Pharmacopoeial Convention.—The

The plant commonly called saffron, or saff flower, Board of Trustees has requested the colleges of phar-has an orange colored flower. The plant's scientific macy, the medical colleges and pharmaceutical and

name is carthamus tinctorius. This grows in abundmedical organizations represented at the convention of

ance in this locality, if carefully cultivated. At this 1900 to furnish ander official seal the date of incorpora- Brickerville, Lexington and Brunnerville, towns just

season of the year the highways in the vicinity of tion and other data necessary for recognition at the convention of 1910. This will wonderfully facilitate

south of the Lebanon-Lancaster line where the plant the work of the committee on credentials at the next

is much grown, are strewn with the waste portions of

the plants. convention. Organizations which have received letters of inquiry should respond promptly to the corre- After the two or three stigmas, or delicate yellow spondence.

stamens in the heart of the flower, are picked out, the A New Cure for Cancer, which reminds one of the

rest of the plant and flower is discarded. It is always

thrown into the road, there being a superstition curearly ages, was practiced in St. Louis recently. The patient was caused to walk around a human bone hid

rent where the plant is grown, that to insure a good den under the carpet. This did not bring about a

crop the next season, the plant must be thrown into

the highway after the stigmas are picked out. prompt cure so the “doctor” prescribed that a dog be given dog flesh to eat in the presence of the patient. In a paper prepared for a pharmacists' gathering As soon as the dog became sick the patient would be- some years ago, Dr. Lemberger devoted much space to come well. We smile at the forms of medicine prac- this peculiar superstition.—[ Lebanon (Pa.) Evening ticed by savages and semi-civilized people, but it is Report.

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Do Pharmacists Make and Spend Their Share of STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. the Money?—The St. Louis Globe-Democrat of recent

date says: “Americans make and spend more money Seasonable Formula and Practical Hints. Now is than the people of any two or three other countries the season when some of the journals give particular

combined. Although the population of the United attention to preparations to cure prickly heat, to pre- States is only five per cent of the entire world, it provent mosquitoes from biting and for fourth of July duces twenty per cent of the world's wheat, twenty-five colored lights. Next summer they will publish prac. per cent of the world's gold, thirty-five per cent of the tical hints about handling the holiday trade.

world's coal, thirty-five per cent of its manufactures The Section on Pharmaceucial Chemistrty in the forty per cent of its pig iron, forty-two per cent of its

in the aggregate, thirty-eight per cent of its silver, American Chemical Society.-This has been estab

steel, fifty-five per cent of its petroleum, fifty-five per lished and will be maintained and developed in pro

cent of its copper, seventy per cent of its cotton, and portion to the interest which pharmaceutical chemists eighty per cent of its corn. At the rate of increase of of this country manifest in the organization. For

the past dozen years the wealth of the United States in detailed information, address Secretary Charles L.

1908 is about $120,000,000,000, which equals that of Parsons, Durham, N. H.

Great Britain and France combined.” The Pharmacist Not Liable For Illegible Prescrip

Fluidglycerates, is the title of a paper presented at tions.-Charles B. Whilden contributes to the Prac

the 1908 meeting of the A. Ph. A. by George M. tical Druggist and Review of Reviews, for November, Beringer and published in full in the American 1908, a number of recent decisions affecting pharmacy. Journal of Pharmacy for November. It gives a long Among them we find the following:

list of formulas for a new class of preparations pro"If the prescription of a physician is so illegibly written that a druggist, notwithstanding ordinary care, makes such a mistake posed by the author in 1907. The glycerates are of in mixing the ingredients as to cause or hasten the death of the the same drug strength as fluidextracts, that is, one patient who partook thereof, the druggist is not liable in dam

cubic centimeter represents the medicinal properities ages." (McClardy's Adm'x v. Chandler, 2 Kkly. Law Gaz, 1.)

of one gram of the drug. The finished product conWill You Assist in Preserving the American

tains approximately fifty per cent by volume of glyBison?—The American Bison Society is raising a fund cerin, while the remaining liquid is water. Mr. Berof $10,000 to fence the twenty square miles of choice inger has found a long list of drugs which yield all of grazing ground in Montana purchased by Congress for their medicinal value to these solvents. They keep $40,000 from Flat Head Indians and set apart as a

well and are useful in making infusions and other reservation for the preservation of the American bison,

aqueous preparations and are particularly valued by commonly called the buffalo. Of this $3,102 has

the physician who desires to avoid the use of alcohol been raised. Additional subscriptions should be sent

under certain conditions. direct to the president of the society, Dr. Wm. T.

Can You Get Rid of the Saline Taste of the Hornaday, Zological Park, New York City.

Bromides?-If send your formula to Dr. W. P. Where Are the Advertisements?_We have just re

Spratling, Sonyea, N. Y., who is superintendent of ceived the annual report of the Wisconsin Pharma- the Craig Colony for epileptics. The medical proceutical Association and note the absence of advertise-fession has not as yet succeeded in finding any remedy ments. Such a volume is neat and pleasing in appear

to replace the bromides in the treatment of epilepsy. ance and this particular one is full of interesting in- The saline taste is exceedingly objectionable and formation. We also note that the word state is omitted Superintendent Spratling offers $25.00 in cash to the from the official title. Sometime ago an effort was

person first sending him a satisfactory formula for a made to bring all of the state associations in line with preparation of potassium bromide or sodium bromide a simple name and Missouri was the first to set this containing at least ten grains of the salt in a teaspoongood example. Of course, New York state has an ful of the preparation and so disguised that it will excuse for using the word state to distinguish it from meet with the doctor's approval. The result of this a New York City Association.

offer will be exceedingly interesting to pharmacists The Japanese Like Saccharin but the government who have long realized that syrup of lemon, syrup of of that country discourages its use in competition with ginger and other liquids ordinarily employed for this cane sugar. The government duty on the importation purpose are by no means satisfactory. A patient can of saccharin is exceedingly high but manufacturers in tolerate the saline taste of bromides for a few days but Japan import the crude materials which come into the when it is remembered that epileptic patients must take country, duty free, and then manufacture the saccharin the bromides constantly for months or perbaps years, on Japanese soil. The fact that the material used in we can realize that the saline taste becomes intolermanufacturing saccharin is also used to a far greater able. It is like the old story of eating thirty quails in extent in other industries causes the government to thirty days. The first quail may be relished but we hesitate in placing a duty on these articles. Meantime, believe no one has succeeded in continuing the exthe Japanese eat food sweetened with saccharin and periment for a sufficiently long time to tell just how smack their lips and say it is good.

the thirtieth quail tastes.


with the perfumery, and then mixed with the pumice QUIZ DEPARTMENT.

stone and chalk.

The white is made as the above without the carmine. Read This Before You Ask a Question.

Sometimes the oleate of tin is colored with carmine Many questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on and used. The oxide of tin has also been perfumed account of the correspondents failing to give name and address. The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques

and colored for the same purpose. tions on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every “Arbor Dianae” or Silver Tree (107).-Dissolve word; never abbreviate the names of medicines.

two (2) ten-cent pieces in two (2) Auidrams of concen

trated Nitric Acid, applying heat if necessary; evapoCream Colored Lace Curtains (100).-We cannot

rate nearly to dryness to drive off any large excess of tell you what powder to use for this purpose. Per- acid; cool and dissolve resulting crystalline salts in haps some of our readers can help you out.

sufficient water (distilled preferably), to make a Saccharii or Sacchari (101).—The Latin word "sac-saturated solution. The solution will be blue on accharum” is a second declension noun and the genitive count of Copper Nitrate formed from the copper in the singular as used in a prescription is "sacchari." See alloy from which the coins were made, but this will Wall's Lessons in Latin or any work on prescription not interfere. A saturated solution of commercial writing.

Silver Nitrate may be used, if preferred, and made

acid before use by the addition of two or three drops Oleum White (102).—This is said to be zinc sul

of strong Nitric Acid. Dilute this solution with seven phide, placed on the market by a paint manufacturer. It is used in the manufacture of enamels for white and

or eight parts of water and put it into a glass vessel, the tinted paints. It is not, as you surmise, a medicinal deepest part; add a drop of Mercury (Quick-silver) the

bottom of which is curved so that the center is the preparation.

size of a large pea and set the vessel in a place where An Amateur Tanner (103).—I have been trying to it will not be disturbed for twenty-four hours or so. find a small but comprehensive work on tanning of An arborescent (tree-like) growth of a Mercury and skins. A work that would allow me to do some amateur Silver amalgam will form in the bottom of the vessel, work, but so far have been unable to find anything and may be kept indefinitely. satisfactory. Can any of our readers give advice based

Representation at the U. S. P. C., 1910 (108).on experience?

The United States Pharmacopoeial Convention of 1900 Tincture of Aconite, U. S. P., VII and VIII (104). provided for the convention of 1910. We quote from -If you will consult the U. S. P. VIII, page 73, you the constitution of the convention as follows: will find that the tincture of aconite of the previous

Membership. pharmacopoeia contained one gm. of aconite in 2.85

Section 1. The members of the United States Pharmacopæial Cc. of tincture of aconite. The present pharmaco- Convention, in addition to the incorporators and their associates, pæia calls for one gm. of aconite in 10 Cc. of the shall be delegates elected by the following organizations in the tincture of aconite.

manner they shall respectively provide: Incorporated medical

colleges and medical schools connected with incorporated colDo Not Use the Red Cross (105).-We have re- leges and universities; incorporated colleges of pharmacy, and cently purchased a store and have given it the name pharmaceutical schools connected with incorporated universiof 'The Red Cross Pharmacy. The nurses in this city ties; incorporated state medical associations; incorporated state have objected to our doing this. Can you inform me

pharmaceutical associations; the American Medical Association,

the American Pharmaceutical Association, and the American if there is a law probibiting the use of same?

Chemical Society; provided that no such organization shall be Answer.—The nurses are correct. We have pointed entitled to representation unless it shall have been incorporated out in previous issues of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUG

within and shall have been in continuous operation in the United

States for at least five years before the time fixed for the decenGist that no one has the right to use the Red Cross

nial meeting of this corporation. for business purposes without the permission from

Section 2. Delegates appointed by the surgeon-general of the the Red Cross Society, which has its headquarters at United States Army, the surgeon-general of the United States Washington, D. C. Those firms who are now using Navy, and the surgeon-general of the United States Marine Hosthe Red Cross, and were doing so before the law

pital Service, and by the organizations not hereinbefore named

which were admitted to representation in the convention of 1900, passed, consequently have the right to continue in

shall also be members of the corporation. Each body and each the practice.

branch of the United States Government above mentioned shall

be entitled to the meetings of this corporation. But no such Finger Nail or Manicure Powder (106) is a cos- delegates as are provided for in this article shall be members metic preparation employed with a piece of soft until their credentials shall have been examined and acted upon chamois or pounce to rub down the finger nails and as provided for by the by-laws. Delegates admitted as members beautify them. The flesh-colored preparation is made

at any decennial meeting shall continue to be members of the

United States Pharmacopæial Convention until their successors as follows:

shall have been appointed and admitted as delegates to the enPowdered pumice stone.... .8 troy ozs.

suing convention and no longer. Powdered French chalk..

.8 troy ozs. Carmine ..

.1 troy dr. Perfume to suit

..ta fl oz.

When the Average Man fails to make good he beThe carmine should be finely powdered to a paste gins to look around for someone to blame it on.

Statements like these are repeated from time to time PUBLIC EXPRESSIONS.

in the supposedly technical literature of the country

every year, apparently entirely oblivious of the fact, Read This Before You Write.

that if the natural color and delicate veining of the Contributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical wood is to be preserved there is no more effectual way profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the to defeat this end than to treat the wood with linseed sheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use oil. Abbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous com

It is high time that some one took the initiative, and munications.

told the truth about the results of such treatment, so Pharmacy in the Government has only its profes

as to avoid the disappointments which are continually sional side, and if it is desired to secure the best edu- occurring from the adoption of this treatment as the recated men to occupy these posts of responsibility, sult of these recommendations in journals upon which

Painters themgreater encouragement should be offered as to official people rely for correct information. rank and salary. The standard of education for the

selves are often no better informed than their empharmacist is growing more exacting each year, and ployers. in the reputable schools, the time required to complete

The oxidizing qualities of linseed oil produce the the course, falls little short of that required for the

effect of carbonizing the surface of the wood, and every physician.

piece of wood treated with linseed oil will in the course I feel that persistent agitation and influence brought of time, varying, according to the kind of wood, from a to bear through the proper channels will certainly few weeks to a year or 'two, turn a brown black in bring about our advancement. And, it appears to me,

which no trace of the original beauty of the wood is to judging from the transactions of the last session of be found. The worst of it is, that the damage is irrecongress, in increasing rank, salaries, etc., in the parable, as the carbonization extends below the surface army, navy, and revenue cutter service, that something

so that nothing but resurfacing with a plane or scraper will be done at the coming session for the members of will restore the surface of the wood. the pharmacists corps in the Public Health and Marine I know of one case among many others in which an Hospital Service.—[PHARMACIST, U. S. P. H. and M. employer who understood the subject came to inspect H. S.

one of his buildings in which he was very desirous to American Chemical Society (A new section on

have a fine natural finish and found his painter had

begun to treat a floor with linsced oil, and discharged pharmaceutical chemistry). — According to the ap

him on the spot. Although every effort was used to nouncement recently issued by Secretary Parsons, the

prevent the injurious action of the oil, that part treated American Chemical Society is about to close a very

was never restored. prosperous year. Its membership has increased be

The fine French polish which is the most perfect yond expectation, so that the early numbers of the

finish for preserving the natural beauty of the wood Journal for 1908 can no longer be supplied to new members. With this increase in membership, the ex

that can be obtained is made entirely, or almost entension of its activities has been going hand in hand. tirely with spirit varnishes, and these are the only It is the aim of the association ultimately to cover

mediums which will retain perfectly the wood

structure. all branches of chemistry, pure and applied. As a

Very many good floor waxes are made now, in phase of this general plan, the pharmaceutical chem

which there is no oil that will injure the wood, and ists of the A. C. S. have been invited to form a di

also any good spirit varnish or turpentine varnish will vision at the Baltimore meeting during the Christmas give a good finish, without darkening the wood more holidays. It now rests with the pharmaceutical chem than is necessary to bring out its structure. ists to show that they merit such distinction at this

Of course the action of linseed oil combined with time. Those who are members of the association are

pigments is entirely different as regards color effects. requested to send papers and, if possible, to be present

Here the wood is entirely hidden under the pigment, in order that permanent organizations may be affected.

which gives the color, though even here the future Those chemists interested in pharmaceutical problems darkening must be reckoned with, as shown by the who are not yet members are hereby invited to join. observation in Church's "Chemistry of Paints and The undersigned will be glad to learn of their inten- Painting,” page 51, "another cause is at work darkention to become members, also to be advised whether ing and modifying the color; this is the yellowing of they will have any papers to present or not.—[ED- the oil itself.” WARD KREMERS, Madison, Wis.

All the beautiful effects which are now made by stains Linseed Oil Destroys the Natural Color of Wood. in furniture, etc., depend on thin mixtures of color -I have just received MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST which are either themselves transparent, or if opaque, for October, and on page 304, I find under “Waxes for are used in such small quantity as to only be held in Floor, Furniture, etc,” statements as follows: "Give the cells of the wood below or on a level with the surthe article a good coat of linseed oil before beginning face and thus modify but not entirely destroy the color work."

“Here a plain dosage with linseed oil is of the wood itself. Respectfully.- (WM. H. SEAMAN, sufficient.”

M. D., Washington, D. C., October 16, 1908.


line of goods is the jobber so well equipped to supply TRADE INTEREST.

the entire demands of his customers. The wholesale

druggist accommodates his patrons better than any Buying Off the Middleman.

other wholesaler. He enables them to concentrate in one shipment the goods of more different manufacturers than the wholesale grocer, hardware dealer or

other line. A great deal has been said and written of the de

A few large drug stores might get along without the sirability of buying direct from the manufacturer. The lower prices, the greater variety, the sentimental | jobber, though it would be a great hardship. The

small stores could not do business and buy everything direct-contact-with-the-maker idea and many other

direct. The clerical work of tbe ordering and the points have been brought forth in due season and ex

transportation charges would eat up every vestige of ploited to their fullest value.

profit and the retailer would be compelled to give up What is there about the jobber anyway? Is he a

business. Only the large stores could exist, and they robber? Is he charging the retailer too much? Is he

would be unable to fill orders for specialties not in the means of cutting the latter off from any of the ad

stock, in a length of time acceptable to patrons. vantages that go with direct buying?

This condition is a sufficient preventative of the The jobbers as we know them are a pretty square

discontinuance of the middleman. If those in the toed lot of fellows. They aren't as a class getting business should get out, others would take their rich with startling rapidity. The Schieffins seem to

places, for there is an absolute demand for the jobber. be the only ones on the list of New York's “400.” Per

The attitude of a good many retailers toward the haps, after all, this go-between man has his good wholesaler is one of constant antagonism. Some merpoints and can continue to be of service to the retail

chants seem to have an idea that the man from whom druggist.

they buy goods is a natural ememy. That idea is a The main pull that has been exerted in the past to relic of a bygone day and it is fast disappearing with get the retailer to buy direct has been the “quantity the realization that no merchant, wholesale or retail, discount” and many a small dealer today has this can expect to make a success of his business except ephemeral thing to thank for eleven-twelfths of a gross by treating his customers as he would be treated. of somebody's bitters or cough cure or other dope that There is in business such a thing, too, as friendship. is lingering disconsolately in the original packages in A man who has served another well for years, either his back room or basement. Such stock is an invest.

as a customer or as a seller of goods, has a right to ment that is making no money for its owner. Its

expect fair treatment and a little additional courtesy dividends are in the nature of assessment; since in- from the other party of the trausaction. Friendship of surance, interest and storage room are constantly be- this sort is a common thing and the right thing being piled up on stock that will never sell for its origi-tween a druggist and the wholesaler whom he favors nal cost, let alone pay the assessments.

with the bulk of his business. Friendship between a The “quantity price” is a very alluring thing when its dealer and a manufacturer has to go too far around and advantages are presented by a silver-tongued represen- through the hands of too many office employees to tative from the "house" with the power to run advertis- amount to much when it reaches its destination. ing over your name and do countless other things that Since, then, the jobber is personally friendly to the sound better in advance than in arrears. There are dealer, and since the manufacturer is, at least, friendly comparatively few druggists who can use the "quan- only in the abstract, this ought to constitute an addi. tity" of more than one or two proprietaries to any ad- tional reason for buying from the middleman. To vantage. The flat gain in cost is easily offset by possi- him you are an individual. To the manufacturer you bilities of loss from breakage, soiled packages and de- are generally a mere account on the books. creased demand. Let the dealer figure out how many To whom can you turn when it is desirable to secure packages of the article in question amount to the longer time on your purchases? To the manufacturer, saving in quantity buying and then consider carefully with his iron clad rules and bis inviolable "terms?” whether the possibilities of loss are not such as to en- Never. The fact that a man wants more time is to tail a deficiency when the goods are finally all sold. him reason enough for closing right down on him.

What has all this to do with the jobber? Every- The jobber is the man who is called upon for acthing. No one thinks of buying direct in the quanti- commodation, and he is the man who is willing to ties as wanted. It is the jobber alone from whom one give it. He has faith in his customers, and more than can buy small amounts advantageously, and when all that, he is willing to take a chance. is said and done that is the way to buy just about These things constitute reasons why the retail drugeverything the average drug store uses.

gist should favor the jobber whenever practicable. It Scarcely any class of store sells as great a variety of is more than business, it is humanity to treat right the goods as the drug store. Grocers, dry goods men,

man who treats you right. But on a straight money clothing merchants, all may make larger sales, but they basis it pays, and after all that's the thing that apdo not sell the variety that the druggist sells. In nopeals to most of us.

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