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two months ago. He also serves light lunches and hot Smith Drug Co., at Kansas City, Mo., about two years drinks, which he added to the business.

ago, has returned to St. Louis to engage in the brokerA. N. Ritter, a graduate of the St. Louis College of age business. He will be pleased to see all his old

friends. Pharmacy, 1906, is manager of Wm.-Kuhlniey's South Broad- Burglary.-On November 19, the residence of C. W. way store.

Harrison, druggist, at 502 South Jackson Street, BelleR. C. Ritter, the popular sales-ville, I11., was entered by burglars, while Mr. Harriman for the J. S. Merrill Drug son and family spent the evening in St. Louis with Co., in North St. Louis, spent a

friends. When they returned home they found everyfew days out fishing, last month. thing topsy-turvy.

Mr. Koeberlin, on Twentieth H. H. Reuter has bought the drug store of Mr. Seegall, and Sidney Streets, takes great at 399 N. Euclid Avenue, about two months ago. It is pleasure and delight in spinn

one of the best equipped drug stores in the West End. ing through the parks and He also has his old store on Easton Avenue, of which country with his automobile. William Rudolph is manager. Mr. Reuter puts in his Dr. J. Robinson moved his

time at the Euclid Avenue store. store, the President Pharmacy, from 3562 South Broad- B. J. Herman, of 4700 Virginia Auenue, met with way, to Gravois Avenue and Kingshighway.

quite a serious accident last month.

While cleaning show windows, he J. F. Reuter, proprietor of the Lee Avenue Pharmacy,

fell aud fractured several ribs. 4100 A Lee Avenue, always has an attractive and ap

He was confined to his bed for a propriate window display. At present, it consists of

few weeks but is now able to be drugs, chemicals and chemical apparatus.

up again. Henry Boardman is the new president of the St. Louis

L. A. Philibert, a graduate of the Oil, Paint and Drug Club. He is an experienced

St. Louis College of Pharmacy, is presiding officer and a man of exceptional executive

now permanently located with ability, and the club will undoubtedly prosper under

William K. Ilhardt, Euclid and his direction.

Delmar Avenues. H. R. Smarr opened his new store, at Sutton and The St. Louis Medical History Club at its November Manchester Avenue, in Maplewood, on Friday, No- meeting had the following program: vember 13. He does not believe it is a hoodoo, is not 1. A Day in Leyden, by Dr. F. J. Lutz. in any way suspicious, and says business has been II. The Brunonian System, Dr. James Moore Ball. very good since he opened up the store.

Jas. Garrett, Ph. G., St. Louis College Pharmacy,

class '85, will open a new drug store soon, at the corF. W. Grabenschroer, Tower Grove and Hunt Avenues,

ner of Ewing and Olive Street. spent several days at Willow

Theodore F. Hagenow, Ph. G., '84, is, as predicted by Springs, Mo., last month, hunt

the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, a member of the ting. He reports plenty of quail

house of representatives from St. Louis. He is thorand rabbits.

oughly in touch with pharmaceutical affairs, and will Henry Schaefer, a graduate of the

look particularly after the interests of his calling. His St. Louis College of Pharmacy, is

busy drug store, at Fifteenth and Chouteau Avenue, now employed in the office of the

will remain in charge of competent hands while he is Laclede Gas Light Co.

at Jefferson City. Christ Schaefer, 4230 Folsom Ave

Dr F. J. Lutz, on the evening of October 30, received que, is slowly recovering from the

an ivory cane, with his own signature engraved on the operation which was performed on his eyes a few

silver knob. It was presented by several doctors who months ago.

were pupils under him at the college: Those present R. Thebus, the druggist, at Jefferson and Lafayette

Dr. H. Kneedler, from Manila; Dr. Porter avenues, has entered the theatrical business, and

Williams, superintendent of the State Insane Asylum, opened a nickelodeon with Dr. Pfaff, at 2703 Lafayette Fulton; Dr. J. P. Hennerich; Dr. D. F. Hochdoerfer; Avenue. He invites all his friends to his theater and Dr. O. L. Von der Au and Mike Arendes. promises them a refined and up-to-date show.

E. J. Shanley is the chemist in charge of the New Food Thomas Layton has retired from the drug business on account of poor health. He has been confined to his Chemistry of the United States Government which has

and Drug Inspection Laboratory of the Bureau of home for about six months but is now able to be out again. His store is incorporated under the name of Building. This is the twenty-sixth laboratory of the

been opened on the eighteenth floor of the Wright Layton Drug Co., and is looked after by his two sons.

kind in the United States. Manufacturers of patent J. W. Hocken, with Meyer Brothers Drug Co. for medicines are among the concerns to be particularly eighteen years, accepted a position with the Evans, | interested in the work of the laboratory.




U. S. P., 190° is offered at an advance of 5c over the MARKET REVIEW.


Denatured.-- Quotably unchanged; bbls., 50c; 3-bbls., It is very Generally Reported Throughout the Central West 54c; 4-gal. cans, 72c, containers inclusive. that business is decidedly more satisfactory since the

Wood, 95o.--Unchanged; bbls., 50c; $-bbls., 54c; 10election, than it was during any previous months in gal. cans, 64c; 5-gal. cans, 69c, containers inclusive. the year. Then too, we are now making comparisons

Acid, Acetic.--Quotably lower. with the first months and very worst period of the

Commercial, No. 8.—28%, bbls., $2.00 each, 24 to 5 panic of 1907 and these comparisons are not as odius

to 7c in a small way; 56%, 58c; 70%, 6%c. as they were a year ago, for increases in sales are now

Re-distilled, No. 8.—28%, 3 c; 56%, 6 c; 80%, 8fc. noted, whereas, such was not the case during Novem

Pure, No. 8.-30%, 4% to 10c. ber and December, 1907.

U.S. P.-36%, 53 to 84 to 12c. We are approaching the holiday season and it is Glacial, U.S. P.-Carboys, 164c; 24 to 30c, as wanted. with predictions of better business, and normal condi

Arsenic, White.-Declined; kegs, 5 to 10 to 12c in

small lots. tions, that commercial interests await the turn of the

Camphor, Monobromated.-Declined to $1.85; ozs., year.

23c; powd., 5c higher. May the depression of 1907 never be repeated is the

Cinnamon, Ceylon.-Advanced; bales, 31 to 37 to 40c. ardent wish of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST to its

Cocaine.-Advanced to $2.80 per oz.; $3.00 in șs. readers, to whom we also extend greetings, and best

Cocoa Butter.-Advanced; M. B., 1-1b. cakes, 12-1b. wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a happy and boxes, 43 to 50c; Fingers, 26 to 1b., 12-1b. boxes 72 to prosperous New Year..

80c, as to quantity. Changes during the past month in the drug and chemical markets have been rather interesting, par- quantity.

Copaiba, U. S. P.-Advanced to 69 to 75c as to ticularly the advances in glycerin, santonin, Malaga Formaldehyde.-Advanced; quotable in 90-1b. kegs olive oil and linseed oil and the continued decline in

at 15$c; gal. jugs, 18$c; 5-1b. bottles, 28c; 1-1b. botopium and its weakness at the lower level, also declinestles, 33c. on strychnine, fish oil, acetic acid and window glass.

Gambir.-Advanced; bales, 84 to 14 to 16c in a small We set forth below a list of items chiefly affected way. since our last issue, together with current local quota- Glycerin.-Materially higher. There is a scarcity tions thereon.

and it is impossible to enter contracts. The firmness Advanced.

of the present market indicates higher prices. There Chrysarobin, Mercury,

has been an advance of 2c in local quotations and the Cinnamon, Ceylon, Oil Cake,

present basis for 50-1b. cases is 18c. Cocaine, Cubebs,

Aloes, Cape.Declined to 16 to 20c. Cocoa Butter,


Benzoin.-Declined to 45 to 50c.
Copaiba, U.S. P.,

Olive, Malaga,
Creosote, Morson's,
Potassium, Permanganate,

Guaiac.-Declined to 30 to 350.
Root, Jalap,

Tragacanth.- Quotably lower; No. 1 Ribbon in

Aakes, $1.05 to $1.15; powd., U. S. P., 75 to 80c; sorts Glycerin,

Seed, Quince,
Iron by Hydrogen,

in case lots, 29 to 37 to 45c.
Silver, Nitrate,
Soap, Castile.

Iron by Hydrogen, 80 to 85%.—Advanced to 56c;

90% U. S. P., 63c.
Acid, Acetic,
Oil, Betula,

Lodestone.-Materially higher; quotable at 55 to 65c.
Arsenic, White,

Menthol.-Declined $2.95; ozs., 28c. Camphor, Monobrated,


Mercury.-Advanced and firm at the higher market; Gum, Aloes, Cape, Opium,

flasks, 72c; 5-1b. lots, $3 to 87c. Bezoin, Potassium, Chlorate,

Methyl Salicylate.-Declined; 63-1b. bottles, 45 to Guaiac, Quinidine, Alkaloid,

55c, as wanted. Tragacanth,

Soda, Bicarb.,

Oil, Betula.-Declined to $2.60 to $2.85.
Methyl Salicylate,
Window Glass.

Oil Cake.-Advanced; ton lots, $33.00; }-ton, $33.50;
Quinine is in steady request but unchanged in price; | x-ton, $34.00; 100-1b. bags, $1.75.
P. & W., quotable in 100-oz. cans at 16c; M. B., 15c; Cocoanut.- Declined; bbls., 94 to 15 to 20c in a small
25-oz. cans, 18c; 5-oz. cans, 22c; 1-oz, vials, 27c.

way. Opium.—Tending downward and devoid of any par

Cubebs.-Advanced to $2.50 to $2.75. ticular strength we note lower quotation as follows: Fish, Pure.-Declined 35 to 50c as wanted; No. 2, $4.40 powd., M. B., $5.35; powd., P. & W., $6.40. bbls., 294 to 45c, as wanted.

Morphine.-Unchanged, quotable in $-oz. vials, 24- Linseed.-Materially higher. Note a net advance of oz. boxes at $3.10; oz. vials, 20c per oz. less.

4c since our last issue; raw, bbls., 47c; boiled, 48c, with Alcohol, Grain, 188°:--Quotably unchanged; bbls., the usual advances for small lots. $2.79; 3-bbl., $2.82; cans, $2.99; 5-gal.cans, $3.03, Olive, Malaga.—Materially higher and tending upcontainers inclusive, with the usual allowance of 10c ward; green, bbls., $1.15 to $1.40; yellow, bbls., $1.45 per gallon for cash in ten days.

to $1.70.

Potassium, Chlorate.-Declined; crystals, kegs, 107 to 15c; powd., kegs, 11} to loc, as wanted.

MATRIMONIAL. Permanganate.-Advanced; small crystal, kegs, 131 to 18 to 22c, as wanted.

Reiff-Lee.-On October 25, L. Reiff, clerk at A. Quinidine, Alkaloid.--Declined to 60 to 85c, as to

Mueller's store at Webster Groves, was married to Miss quantity and packing.

Blanche Lee, one of the belles of Webster Groves. Root, Jalap.-Advanced 52 to 55c; powd., 5c higher. Santonin.-Advanced; supplies are not readily ob

Rettberg-Fauser.-Anton Rettberg, of 1001 Hurltainable from the usual sources, and we note sharp ad

burt Street, Chicago, and Miss Elsia Fauser, also of vances, nominally $5.00; ozs., 42c; powd., 20c higher.

Chicago, were married early in the fall and are now Seed, Quince.—Advanced. Supplies seem closely enjoying their home at 1508 First Avenue. held and the high basis of $1.35 to $1.50 is maintained. Layton Manning.—Thomas A. Layton was married

Silver, Nitrate.- Advanced; P. & W., $7.26; M. B., November 28, to Miss Theckla Manning. The mar$6.92; ozs., 50 and 48c, respectively.

riage ceremony was performed at St. Teresa's Church, Soap, Castile.-Advanced; in sympathy with the on Grand Avenue, St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Layton movement on olive oil following the failure of olive will reside at 2307 Benton Street. crops abroad all brands are higher. La Tosca white,

McIntyre-Wheeler.-A. R. McIntyre, a graduate of in boxes (bars) 12 to 14 to 15c; powd., white, M. B., 34

the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, '03, formerly of to 40c; ordinary mottled, 8 to 10c.

Kirkwood, Mo., was married on November 25, to Miss Sodium, Bicarbonate.-Natrona, quotably lower;

Helen C. Wheeler, of St. Joseph, Mo. Mr. McIntyre kegs, 24 to 5c; Crown brand, kegs, $1.75 to öc. Strychnine.—Declined; Alkaloid Crystals, $1.10; }s,

is now proprietor of the Vadconis Pharmacy, one of $1.30; Sulphate Crystals, ozs., $1.05; }s, $1.25.

the largest stores in Ogden, Utab. Glassware.-High class ware is firmly held; Pearl Hunt-Taylor.-Invitations are out to the wedding prescription bottles in case lots, quotable at 75 & 5%; reception given by Mr. and Mrs. Hannis Taylor on the 5-case lots, 75 & 10%; lots, 75, 10 & 5%; Balti- occasion of the marriage of their daughter, Mary Lillie, more ovals, brandy finish, 80% ; 5-case lots, 80 & 5%; to Dr. Reid Hunt, Washington, D.C. Dr. Hunt is chief 25-case lots, 80 & 10%; Comet ovals or flasks, 80 & 20%; of the Hygienic Laboratory Department of the Marine 25-case lots, 85 & 10%; 50-case lots, 85 & 20%.

Hospital and Public Health Service and is an active Window Glass has been very much unsettled and member of the A. Ph. A. net prices are lower than they were thirty days ago,

Hess-Dierks.-Paul L. Hess and Miss Rose Dierks, offered in this market on the basis of 90 & 30% for all of Kansas City, were married November 18, and are single; 90 & 35% for all double.

now at home in that city. Mr. Hess is one of the Turpentine.-An advance of 4c is noted since our

prominent pharmacists of the west, and proprietor of last issue; bbls., 46c; 10-gal. cans, 58c; 5-gal. cans, 62c,

two large stores in Kansas City. He served two terms packages, inclusive.

as a member of the State Board of Pharmacy, and has

a host of friends to extend congratulations. To Neglect to Advertise is like resolving never to

Malone-Williams.—Mary Ola Williams, daughter travel by steam or to communicate by telegraph.”

of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson Williams, of Wal(HORACE GREELEY.

dron, Ark., was married October 27, to Mr. Freeman Malone, Jr., a prominent pharmacist. Mr. Malone graduated at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and his classmates join his many friends in extending congratulations. The couple are now at home at Chyenne, Wyo.


A. Ph. A. Officers for 1909-10 have been elected by ballot taken by mail. The result is annouced just as we go to press and is as follows:

Henry H. Rusby, of New York City, president; Clement B. Lowe, of Philadelphia, Pa., first vice-president; Charles W. Johnson, of Seattle, Wash., second vice-president; William B. Day, of Chicago, Ill., third vice-president; Oscar Oldberg, Chicago, Ill., George M. Beringer, of Camden, N. J., and Charles E. Caspari, of St. Louis, Mo., members of the council.

Holen Turner

Jerry S. Dorsey, of the firm of Gilman & Dorsey, Columbia, Mo., died at St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis, December 4, following an operation for gall stones. A sketch of Mr. Dorsey's life appeared on page 7 of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGgist for January, 1908.

An Official Salt.

macy, at Denver, Colo., and S. L. Bresler, Denver, NEWS FROM HERE AND THERE,

Colo., is secretary of the State Board of Pharmacy.

Morgenthaler & Williams have succeeded George GunSunday Closing.–At a meeting of the students of drum in the drug business at Ionia, Mich. The mem the Northwestern University School of Pharmacy, held bers of the firm are L. H. Morgenthaler and F. A. Thursday evening, November 19, 1908, at the University Williams. Building, Lake and Dearborn Streets, Chicago, there was organized under the most favorable auspices the

E. F. Klein is president of the Hot Springs School Northwestern University Pharmaceutical Association.

Board, and is justly proud of the new school building The meetings of the association are to be held, for the just finished. It is one of the finest and best equipped

in the south. present at least, on the third evening in each month.

The meeting of Thursday evening was a largely at- Charles L. Wright, of Webb City, has been confined to tended, enthusiastic one, being participated in by a his bed, but only for a short time. He is not a man considerable portion of the student body. The main who enjoys being sick, or losing the opportunity of topic for discussion was the following resolution: service in his busy drug store. Resolved, that the highest welfare of the pharma

Henry S. Mayer, doing business at Marshalltown, Ia., ceutical profession and of the public demands that recently passed the Missouri Board of Pharmacy. He every drug store shall be closed all day on Sunday. After an animated debate, in which a large number of ordeal and came out with flying colors.

was in St. Louis at the time and decided to try the students took part, a vote on the resolution was taken and resulted in its being adopted by a small majority,

The Mortar and Pestle Society, of the Department of the two sides being quite evenly divided as to numbers. Pharmacy, of the University of Iowa, at Iowa City,

held an interesting meeting in October, in which Charles H. Davis is proprietor of the East Side Phar- Messrs. Palmer, Gibbs, Miss Harden and Dean Teetmacy Co., at Bangor, Me.

ers took part. The Big Brick Drug Store is owned by Dr. F. M. S. G. Sager, who recently purchased a stock of drugs Smith, of Holyoke, Colo.

at Siloam Springs, Ark., will move the goods to B. Larson & Co., 268 Grand Avenue, Chicago, 11., Rogers, Ark., where he will again serve his old cushave given up the drug business.

tomers, having formerly been engaged in the drug

business in Rogers. Doing Business for Your Health, is the way that the Norris Drug Co., of Texas,

Dr. James H. Beal has been elected vice-dean of the expresses it.

Pittsburg College of Pharmacy. This is a new office M. H. Scrutchfield, Ph. G., formerly of Longmont, recently created. Professor Beal is perfectly comColo., is now a resident of Wellsville, Mo.

petent to fill any office, new or old, which can be tenJames S. Hollopeter is a physician and surgeon at dered him in American pharmacy. Houston, O., who is also interested in pharmacy.

Ed. Hindberg, salesman for Eli-Lilly & Co., of KanJudge A. S. Kyle, of the Kansas City, Mo., Police sas City, is secretary of the Kansas City Salesmen's Court, fined a druggist of that city $5,000 for selling Association, which was organized by the salesmen of cocaine.

Kansas City who were calling on the druggists. It is Eisele & Hunt Drug Co. is one of the prosperous firms for sociability and to get better acquainted with each of Hot Springs, Ark., and is proprietor of the Arling- other. ton Pharmacy.

The Medical Library and Historical Journal, edited by “He Puts Up the Prescription.”—Thus announces H.

Mr. Wilbert Tracy Huntington, and published at C. Barnes, who is doing a retail and wholesale drug Brooklyn, N. Y., is sent on subscription at $2.00 per business at Roanoke, Va.

year. Those who are interested in the historical sec

tion of the A. Ph. A. will find much of interest in this L. L. McGuire, proprietor of the Greenwood Pharmacy, at Greenwood, Mo., spent a week hunting and

periodical. fishing near Texarkana, Ark.

Henry Bordeaux, of Dermott, Ark., and first vice-presiThe Pioneer Drug Store does a wholesale and retail dent of the State Association, has leased the corner business at San Angelo, Tex. The members of the store in the new Capitol Hotel, at Little Rock, for a firm are S. L. S. Smith and George Keene.

term of five years, and will open up about January 15

one of the most complete prescription drug stores in M. D. Simmons, after an absence of twelve months,

the state. Mr. Bordeaux bas many friends throughspent in the west, has returned to Harrisburg, Ark.,

out the state who will be pleased to hear of his new and has taken charge of the Simmons Drug Co.

store. Mr. Bordeaux will have associated with him Hutchings' Drug Store, at Bancroft, Mich., is a busy his brother Carl, who has been with F. W. McClukin place, and the proprietor is a careful student of the for some time as prescription clerk. The new store pharmaceutical conditions throughout the country. will be known as the New Capitol Hotel Pharmacy,

Charles J. Clayton is proprietor of the Acme Phar- Bordeaux Brothers, proprietors.

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