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fifteen years. The original law took effect March 5, STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. 1885, but many failed to comply with its provisions

and register at that time. The board of pharmacy reChairs or no Chairs.--Is it best to have chairs in fused to recognize the new law until upheld by the the store for the convenience of ladies and sick per

Supreme Court. This decision places on the list of sons who have occasion to wait in your place of busi

registered pharmacists in Minnesota 193 new names. ness? Please give us your experience in this matter.

Pre-historic Man in America has been sought far The Right Kind of a Run.-A Brooklyn bank that

and wide as well as deep in the ground. On various was taken out of the hands of a receiver and resumed

occasions, scientists have announced the discovery of business was congratulated by a parade of depositors

a skull supposed to have belonged to a pre-bistoric headed by a brass band. The St. Louis Globe- race of mankind on this continent. The most notable Democrat says a demonstration of this kind is a long

skulls are the Calaveras, the Lansing and the Nebraska. way ahead of a run:

The Bureau of American Ethnology in Bulletin No. 33

announces that thus far no human bones of undisThe Oldest County Newspaper in Missouri pub- puted geological antiquity have been found in this lished continuously in the same family is the Specta- | continent. tor, at Palmyra. Frank H. and John M. Sosey are the

Ohio Pharmacists and the Dry Districts was a subpublishers. It was established by their father over a century ago. The Columbia Statesman. is one of the

ject discussed at the December six meeting of the

Northern Ohio Druggists' Association. Messrs. Benoldest newspapers in the state.

field, Reed, Tielke, Voss and Hopp expressed their Publishing the Formulas of Patent Medicines may views. We can sum up the matter by saying that a become the practice in Australia, for a law requiring United States Revenue Tax is demanded of all drugsuch publication is now under consideration. The ma- gists selling even alcoholic tinctures; that in dry disjority of patent medicine manufacturers in the United tricts, every liquor sale or prescription for liquor must States would object to such a law, but some of the be registered and that druggists who are upright and manufacturers of old and standard remedies have vol. who use judgement need not fear trouble. untarily published the formulas. It is evidently a

Harmonious Oklahoma.—Those who are following question on which there is a difference of opinion.

the newspaper reports are led to believe that much Is Linseed Oil Ever Substituted for Olive Oil?_ strife and contention exist in the new State of OklaThe Diatetic and Hygienic Gazette, for July, 1907, homa. This may be true in a political way but it is says, “Olive oil may not be olive oil at all, but only not the condition in pharmaceutical circles. A promlinseed oil which does not rub in so well.” The inent member of the profession writes us that the Journal of the American Medical Association pub- most notable feature of the meeting at Guthrie which lishes this quotation without question as to its cor- organized the new state pharmaceutical association rectness. Fine, indeed, must be the sample of linseed

was the general good will and harmony that prevailed oil and ignorant to marked degree the person who will and the evident desire on the part of all present to mistake it for olive oil.

raise the standard of pharmacy to a plane second to Not a Fish Story but reads like one when we read that in no other state. hat the silver bottom or blue whale is the largest liv The Western Commercial Travelers' Association ing animal the world has ever known. It reaches a

held its thirtieth annual meeting in St. Louis last weight of at least sixty-five tons, while the Dinosaur month. The following officers were elected: brontosaurus which was the largest of the antedeluvian

Wm. E. Hess, president; Joseph Weber, first vice-president; animals weighed only about thirty-eight tons. This W. E. Morgan, second vice-president; Walter P. Kennedy, third cannot be a fish story, because it is based upon scien-vice-president; R. B. Packett, fourth vice-president; W. A. tific investigation nor could it be a fish story for the

Goyer, fifth vice-president; Fred Woodcock, sixth vice-president; whale is not a fish but a mammal.

directors, P. A. Crawford, Edgar F. Shaw, Amedee Peting, Eugene

Stern, Thos. D. Wilcox and Adam Joerder. Prohibition Work by Kansas Pharmacists.—The The report of the treasurer showed that during the druggists of Topeka have conferred with the local au- thirty years the association had been in existence $3,thorities and will cooperate in carrying out the tem- 500,000 has been paid to widows and orphans of memperance laws. The druggist is most frequently given bers. There is a balance of $64,121.67, after paying out trouble by the man who buys liquors, making an $145,000 in death benefits during the past year. affidavit that he needs it for himself and then sells it to some one else. The authorities and the druggists H. F. Wagenen in the Popular Science Monthly for

Gold is the subject of a very interesting article by will make an effort to place in safe keeping customers January. The following paragraph is of general inof this kind wherever they can be convicted.

terest: “So far as words and terms go, an ounce of The Minnesota Fifteen Year Law has been upheld fine gold has been worth among civilized people, and by the Supreme Court of that state. It provided for at any time during the last one hundred years, just the registration of those who had been in business $20.67, or its equivalent in English, German or French

money, and no less, though at times a little more. No Tincture of Cudbear, N. F., was discussed by Mr. other substance that the reader can mention has ac- Hankey at the Northern Ohio Branch of the A. Ph. A., quired this characteristic. Violent fluctuations have December 20. He finds that the recipe of the National occurred in the price of every commodity or product. Formulary is impracticable; that percolation consumes Wheat has ranged from $1.00 to $3.00 per quarter, a large amount of time; that maceration yields a wool from 4 cents to 20 cents per pound, copper from product as highly colored as that obtained by percola$200 to $600 per ton, etc. Even diamonds have ranged tion, while the process consumes much less time. He from $10 to $50 per carat."

carried out the following experiments with a view of

finding what menstruum was best adapted for extracting H. C. Jeffries, representing John Wyeth & Bro., of

the tinctorial power of cudbear, macerating differeut Philadelphia, is a popular batches of the same drug with water, 10 per cent alcoand familiar salesman in

hol, 20 per cent alcohol, 25 per cent alcohol, 33} per Missouri. He is already

cent alcohol (the N. F. strength of mepstruum), 50 talking about the June meet

per cent alcohol, 60 per cent alcohol, 75 per cent alcoing of the Missouri Pharma

hol, 85 per cent alcohol and . U. S. P. alcohol. He ceutical Travelers' Associa

tested the tinctorial strength of each of these products, tion which occurs at Pertle

by mixing the same definite quantity of each tincture Springs, during the Mo. Ph.

with the same quantity of water, these diluted watery A. convention, the second

preparations being exhibited at the meeting. From week in June.

these dilutions, it was clearly shown that 75 per cent The Chicago Chapter of alcohol (alcohol U. S. P., 75 Cc. water 25 Cc.) shows the W. 0. N. A. R. D. met the maximum tinctorial power. All these tinctures

December 3, and enjoyed experienced a decided change of color when acids H. C. JEFFRIES.

an entertainment program. were added to them. Then followed a paper by Mrs. Louise M. Berger, The Compound Solution of Cresol was discussed Pb., G., giving her experiences in the field of phar- at the Chicago Branch of the A. Ph. A., December 17. macy. Mrs. Berger was the first woman student to

Mr. Nitardy said that his experiments show that volamatriculate in Northwestern University School of tile oils and glycerin added to the U.S. P. preparation Pharmacy, and it required a brave heart and deter

will not make it more miscible with water, although mined will to finish the course in the face of the open alcohol will do so if enough is added. Twelve per cent antagonism of most of the men who were her fellow alcohol added will make the solution miscible with students. The fact that Mrs. Berger finished the an equal volume of water or with ten times its volume course in two years, while at the same time looking

or more of water, but not with amounts of water between after her household interests and caring for her two these proportions, while fifteen per cent alcohol will wee children, speaks volumes in behalf of what may make the solution miscible with water in almost any be accomplished when one is in earnest. Our chapter proportion. Among the volatile oils and related subis proud to number such women among its members. stances which Mr. Nitardy had used in his experiments This was followed by other discussions, and arrange- were Oil of Turpentine, Benzaldehyde, Eugenol and ments were made for an interesting program in 1908. Eucalyptol. It is his experience that cotton seed oil Current Political History of the United States as

was more difficult to saponify than linseed oil, though recorded by the Pharmaceutical Journal of London is

it produced a little lighter colored solution, but this is an example of the manner in which the English are

of no special advantage. He thought it not advisable giving information about certain affairs in this coun

to reduce the amount of soap in the solution as had try. No doubt the press of the United States makes

been suggested by some as the effect is to render the fully as amusing errors when recording English af

solution more caustic. Professor Hallberg suggested fairs. The above named journal for December 28, the use of oleic acid to effect complete solution. Mr. 1907, makes editorial mention of John Johnson, of

Sass thought the pharmacopoeial preparation conMinnesota, who was at one time a drug clerk and has

tained too much oil. Mr. Hager reported excellent rebeen mentioned among the many possible presidential

sults using the official formula. Professor Clark candidates in 1908. This is very well and good, but

called attention to the fact that the commercial cresols our worthy exchange goes on to say that Mr. Johnson

differ greatly in antiseptic value according to the followed Mr. Roosevelt as governor of the state of

amounts of ortho-, meta-, and para-cresol present. He Minnesota. This mixing of our states reminds us of

also suggested using a portion of an old preparation a cablegram published by a London daily the morning to bring about a more rapid saponification of the newly after the great St. Louis cyclone. The head lines read

made solution. Mr. Becker said that there was apsomewhat as follows: "St. Louis, Mass., blown seven

parently no relation between the colors of the cresols miles into the country.” These mistakes, however, do

and the color of the finished product. He had known not prevent Mr. Martin, Mr. Wellcome and other

a dark colored cresol to make as light a finished soluEnglish friends from finding us when they visit this

tion as a much lighter colored cresol would give. country.

A. Ph. A., Hot Springs, Arkansas, September 7, 1908. are sent from Tripolitza alone each year. England, STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. France, Austria and Italy take most of the Greek

hashish. The Drug Division of the Bureau of Chemistry of

This drug has the power of inducing sleep and prothe Department of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C., ducing pleasant and fantastic dreams, but continual is the result of the growing importance in the work of

use renders the devotee wild and restless, resulting in examining drugs. This raising of the rank carries a complete wreck of the mind and body. Egypt, in with it a promotion of its chief, Dr. Lyman F. Kebler. which country are the greatest number of hashish The division will, among other things, vigorously slaves, endeavors to prohibit the importation of the prosecute its work of cooperating with the Post-Office drug. Department in cutting off fraudulent patent medicine S. D. State Price Mark.-At the annual meeting firms that have been using the mails.

held in Canton, 1903, the secretary was instructed to Pharmacists are Liberal when it comes to educa- prepare a price mark that might be used by our memtional matters in Maryland. A pharmaceutical fund

bers in marking prescriptions and family recipes when of about $1000.00 has been subscribed for use in secur

copies are given, etc. Below is the word adopted, and ing pharmaceutical recognition in the new Medical you are urged to use the letters, that there may be a and Chirurgical faculty building to be erected in the uniformity of price:

Price Mark near future. When completed, the pharmaceutical bodies will have a room for their future meetings

COPYRIGHTS Z and maintain a permanent pharmaceutical exhibit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Repeater somewhat similar to the one maintained by the St.

The N. A. R. D. Price Word is Louis pharmacists in the auditorium of the St. Louis

PHARM OCI S T Medical Society.

Schedule of Prices.-At the last annual meeting of the A Display of Roots.—The following description, by Association the secretary was instructed to prepare a

schedule of pescription prices and mail to members J. F. Hostelley, tells the reader that the show window

for general use. These of course, do not apply to can advertise professional as well as commercial phar

towns and cities in the Black Hills, nor are they arbimacy: “This is to be a display of medicinal roots. Let the

trary in any locality, but simply as a guide that prices floor of the window be covered with green sawdust.

may be uniform as far as possible. The secretary conIn the foreground place two baskets, one apparently the state, and the following are thought to be fair and

ferred with a number of leading prescription stores in filled with ginger root, the other with snake root. Between these baskets and at each side of them dis


1 ounce mixture... play roots on small wooden picnic plates, each kind

2 ounce mixture.. labeled with common name and synonyms.

3 ounce mixture.

4 ounce mixture.... "In the rear lay one long or two short logs, on which

6 ounce mixture..

.750 lay wooden plates displaying roots. Stand a

8 ounce mixture..

..$1.00 shovel in one corner of the window, a hoe in the

12 ounce mixture..

$1.00 to $1.25 other.

16 ounce mixture.... “Support a frame of boards in the background, cov

Capsules, Pills (freshly made), and Powders ered with white paper, on which fasten several dozen

1 dozen or less......

250 to 350

2 dozen.... roots with pins or slender wire nails, the name of each

3 to 4 dozen. root written beneath it on the background.

75 to 100....

.$1.00 to $1.50 “Over the display swing a sign made by nailing

Ointments roots to a smooth board painted white, to read,

1 ounce or less..... 'Roots.'”—[N. A. R. D. Notes. Greek Hashish is the Subject of a very interest

Suppositories (freshly made) ing report from Consul Nathan, of Patras. This

.400 to 50c strange drug, which has given our language the word

2 dozen.

60c to 75C assassin, and which is used by the Persians, Turks and Egyptians in a manner similar to the use of

Jones—I saw your light pretty late last night; were opium by the Chinese, is the product of a plant grown in large quantities in southern Greece. The plant

Brown-No; I couldn't sleep, so I was reading to grows to a height of about 4 feet and its branches are

take my mind off my thoughts. thickly covered with small leaves and studded with tiny seeds. The entire plant is cut and laid out in the

The Millionaire's Lament. sun to dry. The branches are then rubbed, to sepa

Wives and relatives remind us, rate the seeds, and these in turn are ground to a fine

We must gather up a pile, powder, this being the drug. It is estimated that

And departing leave behind us, about 265,000 pounds of this drug, valued at $350,000,

Coin for them to live in style.

.25c 250 to 350

350 to 40c ........500 to 60c



... 400 to 50c

...500 to 75C

2 ounces.......
3 to 4 ounces........

.25c 350 to 40c


1 dozen

you ill?


cility of the Instruments of Generation: And some FROM A DRUG CLERK'S DIARY. use it to make a magnetic Mummy of, to serve as a

Philtron to cause Love.

8. Calculus, Stone taken from the Kidneys or Bladder. It dissolves and expels the Stone and

Gravel from all Parts, and opens Obstructions, being Pharmacopæia Londinensis, MDCCXVI.

given zi. at a time in Pouder. Sal Calculi Crystal

linum, or the Crystal Salt. Calcine the stone, and (Continued from page 9.)

boil it in Water; filter, evaporate, and you have a 2. Ungues, the Nails. In Pouder or Infusion they Salt: Calcine that Salt, dissolve it in hot water, and cause Vomiting, great Sickness at Stomach, and Gid

set it to crystallize; but you may first calcine it with diness in the Head; the Pouder laid to the Navel in Sal Nitre, or Sulphur and Sal Nitre, or a double Dropsies, is said to cure them.

quantity of Beech Tree Coals. Sennertus first calcines R of the Pouder of the parings Zi. Wine a Pint, digest till it with a circular Fire, then reverberates with Beech turn to 'Slime, filter, and add Spirit of Wine Zii. of which give

Tree Coals. Oleum Calculi per deliquium. It is from gi. to 3i. to the uses aforesaid.

made by Dissolution of the Salt in a moist Air; of Where note, that some to cure Consumptions, take the Hair and Nails of the Patient, cut them small, and put

either you may give in the cases aforesaid, from gr. v. them in a Hole in the Root of a Cherry Tree, and then

to oss. Elixir Calculi Humani. Volatilize the Crystal

Salt thereof with S. V. then with a gentle Heat draw stop it with Clay: Others, to cure Quartans and the

off the Spirit, and there remains an Oil or Elixir. Gout, take the said Hair and Nails cut small, and either give them to Birds in a roasted Egg, or put them

The Virtues, Use and Dose, are the same with the

former. into a Hole bored into the Body of an Oak Tree or Plum

9. Stercus, Dung. It is Emollient, Anodyne, and Tree, stopping up the Hole with a Peg of the same Tree, or else mix them with Wax, and stitch it to a live

Maturative; it ripens Plague Sores being applied; and

dried, poudred, and mixt with Honey, it cures inCrab, casting it into the River again.

flamed Wounds, and the Quinsie: The Ashes given 3. Saliva Sputum, Spittle, Fasting Spittle. Rubbed on oftentimes cures Pimples, and breakings out on the

zii. at a time in Agues, cures them. Paracelsus calls Skin, making the Skin clear, as also the Stinging of

it Carbon Humanum; and it is reported that it takes

Pains away caused by Witchcraft. Aqua and Oleum Serpents, and Biting of Mad Dogs. 4. Lac, Milk. It is emollient, and cools and cures

Sterci Humani. Take Mans Dung; let it putrify till red Eyes simply of itself; but a Grain or two of white

it be full of small Animals, and be almost dry; distil Vitriol being dissolved in it, it is more effectual. Or

it in a Retort with a gentle Fire, so have you both

Water and Oil, the fetid Scent of which you may take thus, R Womans Milk and White Vitriol; and draw off only the

away by often Rectifications, Cohobations and DigesFlegm, for the purposes aforesaid, in a Glass Still in Balneo tions. The Water dropt into sore Eyes cures them, Mariae.

cures Baldness, corroding Ulcers and Fistula's. In5. Menstrua, Sanguis Menstrualis, Menstrual Blood. wardly given, it is found very profitable against the Taken from Virgins and dried, given inwardly it is Stone and Gravel in the Reins and Bladder, Bitings of prevalent against the Falling-sickness and Stone; out

Mad Dogs, and other venomous Beasts. It helps wardly, a Clout dipt in the liquid Blood, with Vinegar Dropsies, and is very effectual in the Cure of the and Rose Water, and applied, cures the Gout, cleanses Falling-sickness. The Oil outwardly cures Scald the Skin from Deformities, is good against Carbuncles Heads, Gouts, Cancers, Mortifications, and an ulcerand Apostemes; and worn as an Amulet, is good againstated Erysipela’s. Inwardly, Libavious says it cures the Plague.

the Jaundice. Zebethum Occidentale; Occidental 6. Secundina, the Secundine and the Navel String. Civet is made hereof, being nothing but the true esA Drop or two of the Blood of the Navel String being

sence of Mans Dung: It may be made so like the true first given to a new Born Child in a little Breast Milk,

Civet that it shall be difficult to discern the difference. prevents the Falling-sickness, Convulsions and all

See Agricola. other Fits; and very wonderfully revives it, if almost

(To be continued.) dead. Hartman says, it is very strong against the Cholick. The Secundine calcin'd and given in South- Trimming Corks. It is very often necessary in a ern-wood Water (but Experience commends Rosemary country drug store to trim corks, for under such ciror Celandine Water for the better) every Day half an cumstances, an elaborate supply is not always availOunce, while the Moon decreases in Light (and if | able. This is particularly true of the larger sizes. If possible in Motion too) wonderfully cures Struma's, this trimming is done with a knife the cork will have or the Kings-Evil, and the falling-sickness. It causes a haggled appearance suggestive of carelessness. But also the dead Child to come away; as also Mola, or if the cut surface is given a few strokes over a piece of false conception.

fine sandpaper the cork may be made to look as good 7. Sperma, Semen, the Seed. Of this Parcelsus as new. When it is necessary to cut a large cork in makes his Homunculus, or little Man. Experience two in order to shorten it, the best method is to use a has found it good against Witchcraft, and the Imbe- fine saw.-[Bulletin of Pharmacy.


Answer.-Zinc sulphate is ordinarily known as white QUIZ DEPARTMENT.

vitriol, on account of being made by action of sul

phuric acid, formerly known as oil of vitriol, and on Read This Before You Ask a Question.

account of its being of white color. Copper sulphate Many questions are thrown in the waste basket each month on is blue vitriol and iron sulphate, green vitriol. account of the correspondents failing to give name and address. The editor has a large basket for such questions. Write ques- Blue Powder (21). –We fail to see why there tions on separate sheets and on but one side of the paper. No questions will be answered by mail. Spell out in full every

should be any question about dispensing powdered word; never abbreviate the names of medicines.

blue mass when blue powder is called for. The name

"blue mass” and also that of "blue pill” certainly Seneca Oil (11).—This is an old name for the pe- suggest blue powder even though the powder is not troleum found on the borders of Seneca Lake, N. Y. very blue. It is, however, as near blue as is mercury

with chalk which you suggest may be wanted under Eremer's Elixir of Hydrastis (12).—This is a pro- the name of blue powder. Mercury with chalk is prietary preparation of which we are unable to give commonly known as gray powder, the name being the formula.

sometimes spelled "grey" and at other times ''gray." The Corrections to the U. S. P. (13) can be ob

For further information about blue powder see the tained by sending a two cent stamp to the authorized

MEYER BROTHERS DRUGgist for 1905, page 114. agent, P. Blakiston's Sons & Company, 1012 Walnut P. & S. Licorice (22).-For what firm do these Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

initials stand ?

Answer.-Although P. & S. is very familiar as Oil of Laudanum (14).-Judging from the other in

brand of licorice, we experience considerable diffigredients in the prescription this can be nothing else

culty in finding an explanation for the use of these than tincture of opium. The prescription was evi

letters. Fuller & Gallenkamp, of New York City, dently written by a non-professional.

kindly contribute the following explanation: Missouri Certificates Continue in Force (15).-If “Regarding the brand (P. & S.) you refer to, a long you registered in 1891, your certificate is evidently still story could be written about it, as the initials P. S. in force and you are qualified to practice as a pharma- have been in use for nearly a century, and originally cist in Missouri. This state does not have provision stood for ‘Prince Starace', one of the old nobilities of for re-registration.


“After his death in the early 60's his estates passed Derby Cream (16) is prepared by agitating well in

into the hands of executors who turned the licorice in a suitable vessel twelve ounces raw linseed oil and product of the estate over to an old English banking six ounces acetic acid. When a thorough emulsion

house in Naples and they, for some reasons best has formed, add one ounce of antimony tri-chloride and

known to themselves, changed the trade-mark P. S. six ounces of alcohol.

to P. & S., by which it has since been known.” A Veterinarian is not a Pracʻicing Physician (17) Perhaps some of the readers of the MFYER BROTHas we have pointed out on more occasions than one. ERS DRUGGIST can furnish further information on this The question is important at this time when many

subject. local option sections of the country require the pre- Charcoal Black (23).—The best charcoal is that scription of a practicing physician in order to permit procured by subjecting wood, enclosed in a cast iron of the sale of intoxicating liquor.

cylinder and wholly excluded from the action of the Prizes for Work on Tuberculosis (18) have been

air, to a strong fire till the cylinder is red hot. The offered by various organizations at different times.

whole of the gaseous ingredients being then disenThe international Congress of Tuberculosis to be held gaged, the fire is extinguished, and the charcoal in Washington, D. C., September 21 to October 12, allowed to cool in the cylinder. The woods that fur1908, has offered such prizes. We suggest that you

nish the best charcoal for painters are the beech and correspond with the secretary general, Dr. John S.

vine; the former yielding a black of a bluish, and the Fulton, 714 Colorado Building, Washington, D. C.

latter one of a grayish cast. Wine Lees, after being

calcined, washed several times in boiling water, and White Ink For Leather (19).-I desire a formula for a durable white ink which can be used with a rub- ground to a fine powder, yield a fine velvety black,

which, however, is chiefly used by copper-plate printber stamp on the inside of shoes. The leather is

Peach stones, burned in a close vessel, yield a black, so perhaps, a yellow ink would answer the purcharcoal wbich, after being ground, may be successpose. We suggest that you experiment with some of fully used for that kind of black generally known by the yellow aniline dyes which are soluble in glycerin. the name of raven gray. A very pure charcoal is also Ordinary rubber stamp ink is made by dissolving an obtained by exposing white sugar candy to a red heat aniline in whiskey.

in an earthenware retort. When the charcoal obWhite Vitriol (20).—I had a call for white vitriol. tained from any of these sources is employed in paintI thought that the customer meant sulphuric acid, but ing, it should be mixed with a very small portion of he tells me that it is a white powder. What is wanted? | white lead, and made up for use with drying oil.


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