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that therefore it should not be necessary to dry the COMMERCIAL PHARMACY.

salt. He also suggested the possibilty that the ethyl

iodide found might be formed by the distillation as Watch Your Tincture of lodine.-It seems that this substance was not readily formed save in the tincture of iodine is a favorite article for examination presence of heat. by authorities who are examining drug stocks with a Doctor Diekman said that the manner in which the view of finding some substances not meeting with the New Jersey Board of Health had undertaken the enpharmacopæial requirements. At the January meet- forcement of this standard was an additional argument ing of the New York City A. Ph. A. Branch an inter- in favor of having the enforcement of drug standards esting discussion took place which we report, as in the hands of the Board of Pharmacy, the members follows:

of which all were, or bad been, pharmacists. Professor Prof. H. J. Lohman, of Jersey City, read a brief note Lohmann defended the accuracy of his observations. on the tincture of iodine U. S. P. VIII, based upon his J. C. Gallagher said that an officer of the New Jersey experiences in connection with the defense of pharma- Board of Health had informed him some months ago cists who have been charged by the New Jersey State that the majority of druggists in that state were still Board of Health with the sale of tincture of iodine using the 1890 formula for tincture of iodine. which failed to comply with the requirements of the Caswell A. Mayo said that several pharmacists had Pharmacopoeia. He pointed out that owing to the been arrested in Massachusetts by the State Board of hyroscopic character of potassium iodide, the pharma- Health on the charge of selling tincture of iodine becist should dry it at 100 degrees for half an hour below the required standard. He had corresponded with fore weighing it. It must be remembered also that the these druggists and been informed by one of them that salt is only slowly soluble, three days being required when the charge was brought against him in court he for solution at a temperature of seventy-seven degrees was merely informed that an inspector had on October F. The author gave the results of a number of ex- 11 purchased tincture of iodine which, upon examinaperiments which tended to show that notwithstanding tion by the chemist of the Board of Health was shown the presence of potassium iodide in the tincture, the to be deficient in strength. Not having in his possesamount of iodine and of the iodide also diminishes on sion any more of that particular batch of tincture of standing

iodine and not having been given a sample by the inAlfred Plaut said that he had had considerable spector who made the purchase, or warned that the difficulty with the tincture of the 1890 pharmacopoeia purchase was for the purpose of examination, the which deteriorated rapidly, but that his chemist had druggist was not in a position to furnish any legal found all the iodine present in the form of either evidence regarding the character of that particular hodriodic acid or of ethyl iodide. Dr. George C. paper and upon the advice of his council had submitted Diekman, of the Board of Pharmacy, said that it was a plea of “nolo contendere," but appealed the case to almost impossible to believe that so great a dete ora- a higher court. Mr. Mayo said that this method of tion as had been reported in some of the New Jersey taking samples left the druggist defenseless and was a cases could take place if the tincture was properly very important matter. made and that it seemed to him probable that the re

Professor Lohmann said that the methods of secursults obtained in the New Jersey cases were rather a ing samples followed by the New Je:sey Board of matter of bad analysis than of bad formula. His own

Health were such as to leave the way open for gross experience, which had been considerable, corroborated injustice. A purchase was first made by some agent, very closely the experience reported by Professor La frequently a child, and the representative of the board Wall in his paper on Tincture of Iodine at the last of health then came in took a sample and divided this meeting of the general association showing compara- with the pharmacist. Doctor Diekman explained the tively little deterioration. In Mr. Lohmann's paper methods pursued by the New York Board of Pharmacy. reference had been made to the production of color in The inspectors of which purchase and pay for a sample an alcoholic solution of potassium iodide. This was which they keep in the original bottle and then put a easily explained by the interaction of the excess of portion of this sample in a container furnished by the alkali present in the iodide with the aldehydes present board and then give this container properly sealed to in the alcohol.

the seller at the same time sealing up the sample taken Dr. Joseph Weinstein of the Board of Pharmacy said

for examination. that the statistics of the board showed that at least 92

Doctor Wm. Muir said that the real province of the per cent. of the tinctures examined were up to the re

board was to cure evils, not to catch offenders and this quired standard and it was interesting to note that the point of view was kept to by the board of pharmacy proportion of tinctures which fell short of the iodine but not always by others authorities. A vote of thanks contents had not been materially larger even prior to

was extended to Professor Lohmann for the paper. the introduction of the U. S. P. VIII formula. Mr. Dissosway said that the pharmacopoeia permitted the Miss Katharine. A cat has nine lives. presence of 1 per cent. of foreign matter in potassium Mr. Kidder. And at least eight of them are deiodide of which some portion might well be water and voted to vocal culture.



are for sale therein a pharmacy, and subject to the proPUBLIC EXPRESSIONS.

visions of the pharmacy law, and another bill tbat will

provide that general merchants or dealers cannot sell Read This Before You Write.

proprietory medicines without first obtaining a perContributions on subjects of interest to the pharmaceutical mit from the board of pharmacy, and such permit not profession are always welcome. Write upon but one side of the

to be issued to general dealers in towns or neighborsheet and spell out in full the names of medicines; never use

hoods where there are one or more drug stores. abbreviations. The editor pays no attention to anonymous com

My dear reader I trust that these few lines on this

finitive question will inspire others who are robbed of Enforce the Missouri Pharmacy Law.-I fail to

their sales and profits day after day and month after see why we cannot better enforce our pharmacy law

month by the general merchants, who could not tell you now that we are experiencing a wave of reform. An effort is being made to enforce all laws as well as the mel, to take hold of this much needed law and present

intelligently the difference between quinine and calolocal option law. I would gladly give my share to de.

it to the secretary of the board of pharmacy, and by fray the expense of enforcing the Missouri Pharmacy

so doing we as retail druggists may receive the benefits Law, be it $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00. How many will

thereof.-[K. C. GARNER, M. D., Crosstown, Mo. join me in this proposition? If we can have the pharmacy law enforced, we can stand the local option Pharmacian.-Anent the word “pharmacian” relaw.-(W. E. WHITSITT, Strasburg, Mo.

cently discussed in the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST.

The dictionaries, it is true, do not mention such a Do Not Amend the Pure Food and Drugs Act of

term, yet if I am not very much mistaken, I have, June 30, 1906. The law as a whole is proving to be a

sometime, somewhere, seen in pharmaceutical (not timely regulation and an opportunity should be offered


” mind you!) literature this form. Nor to demonstrate all of the strong points in the law and

would I be inclined to condemn it, considering it lay bare any faults that it has before an attempt is

rather better-derived than the modern American made to amend the act. It seems as if a large propor. pharmacist,” which I think is quite improperly contion of the American citizens take it for granted that

structed, having no true anology that now occurs to every law should be amended whenever congress

“Pharmacian," however, I would not connect meets. We hope the Pure Food Law will escape

with the French pharmacien, but look upon it as what is likely to be mutilation if the law-makers are

analogous to (and similarly pronounced) as physician, given a free hand. We fully agree with Frank A.

optician, magician, practician, and so on. Ruf, Ph. G., who has written the Missouri congress

That a certain word is not recorded by lexicographers men, as follows:

by no means rules it out of the language; it merely While I fully realize that every Congressman's constituency

shows that it has not found general acceptance in apparently requires him to prove his energy by the introduction of some certain bill or bills, will it be impertinent of me to sug

literature, but may later. The main point is that a gest that there are already enough laws to make this a most ex, word to be correct be constructed in conformity with cellent time to do nothing in this line, but to let the other the spirit of the language, else how could the latter branches of the Goveroment put into effect the laws already on

grow at all? Thus many excellent new words conthe statutes? I consider this particularly true as to laws which have been untried, and to which I understand many amendments tinually appear sporadically in print, well understood and additions will soon be proposed. Especially does this apply by the reader but for some reason fail of popular apto the Food and Drugs Act of June 30, 1906. I do not believe that proval and so die abornin'. (In living speech likewise the business of the country is in such a flourishing state at pres

new words are daily coined which do not survive.) But ent, that further interference with old customs and methods is

as to the dictionaries once more. Numerous good desirable, but on the contrary, I believe that it would be the part of wisdom to allow present laws to be thoroughly tried before words are in common use, known by everybody, and changing them. I trust that you also feel this way and that you yet these reference-books have not as yet considered will not encourage or support such measures as will tend to upset

them of sufficient hoary respectability to incorporate or make still more upcertaio, present business affairs.

them. My work in these lines often demonstrates this Amend the Missouri Pharmacy Law.-Why have fact, and more than once have I sent memoranda to a pharmacy law, if everybody that takes out a mer

publishers on this score. Of unrecorded words let me chant license can sell and dispense all patent and mention for instance, "pharmic,” as formerly seen in proprietory preparations, also such as carbolic acid,

print occasionally, and “just as good" as the ancient paregoric, calomel and laudanum, and in fact keep “medic;" while the now very common "pharmacist” and sell every thing that the druggist keeps? Now has not yet been honored with an independent place this leaves the druggist nothing but the prescription

in lexicographic order, in the Standard Dictionary at work for his remuneration, and don't you think that least, but is to be discovered under the head of phara druggist in a small country town would have rather maceutist, and marked "obsolescent.” “Practician” a dark brown taste in his mouth “when the rent comes

has not as yet a place in Gould's and Dunglison's around?”

medical dictionaries, although enumerated in the Now I, for one, am in favor of bringing a bill before Standard and Webster. Really Mr. Editor, “pharmathe Missouri Legislature that will make a general store cian” does not seem half-bad.—[ADOLF G. Vogeler, displaying a sign indicating that drugs and medicines Ph. G., '73, Chicago, Ill., Jan. 1908.

year 1908:

Stangl; Second Vice-President, D. Lucio Alcantara; Secretary, STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. D. Luis Dizon; Treasurer, D. Manuel Reyes.

New York City A. Ph. A. Branch.—The following

are the officers elected at the January meeting for the The Colorado Ph. A. will again meet at Glenwood Springs. This has been officially announced by Presi- President, Professor Herman J. Lohmann, Jersey City. dent Charles M. Ford, of Denver.

Vice-president, Jacob Diner, New York.

Secretary, Hugh Craig, New York. The Denver Ph. A. at its annual meeting, January Treasurer, Dr. Joseph Weinstein, New York. 14, elected the following officers: H. B. Secheverell, Chairman of the Committee on Membership, John C. Gallagher, president; E. C. Soetje, vice-president; Chas. J. Clay- Jersey City.

Chairman of the Committee on Professional Relations, Otto ton, secretary-treasurer; H. F. McCrea, F. J. Lord and

Raubenheimer. C. K. Brower, trustees.

Chairman of the Committee on Practical Pharmacy, Dr. George

C. Diekman. The Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition is scheduled

Chairman of the Committee on Education and Legislation, for Seattle in 1909. It is for the purpose of exploiting Thomas P. Cook, Alaska and the countries bordering on the Pacific The Chicago Veteran Druggists' Association has Ocean. The enterprise is receiving much favorable

an informal luncheon each comment throughout the country. Pharmacists will

Friday afternoon, at No. 111 take due interest and be well represented in the ex

Randolph Street. The memhibits and at the opening June 1, 1909.

bers of the Bodemann Club Maryland is likely to have a pure food and drugs

were invited to attend this law before the general assembly adjourns. The drug

luncheon during the N. A. gists of the state will do all in their power to give

R. D. week, and a number proper shape and scope to the law. Dr. J. F. Han

of them accepted and encock, of Baltimore, is chairman of the committee on

joyed a social hour. Presi. legislation of the state association. It will be de

dent O.F. Fuller was at the manded that the state board of pharmacy be equally

head of the table and wel. recognized with the state board of health in the en

comed the visitors. forcement of the law.

The patron of the society,

Dr. G. N. Jamison, was at The Northwestern Branch of the A. Ph. A. held

time a Chicago drug its largest meeting January 22, one hundred and seven

clerk and has a heart full of were in attendance and a dinner was served for the oc

sympathy for the clerks as well as proprietors. casion. Many of the guests were physicians and the discussion of the evening was U. S. P., N. F. and the

Living Beyond Means.-Few indeed are the famimutual relation of physicians and pharmacists. The

lies keeping systematic accounts of their expenditures utmost good feeling prevailed. The speakers were,

in good, bad or indifferent times. Therefore the opPresident F. J. Wulling, Vice-President W. A. Frost,

position to answering the questions to be asked by Charles H. Huhn and Doctor F. A. Knights, president

the canvassers of the Sage foundation may not much of the Hennepin County Medical Association.

affect the total of exact information secured. Living

from hand to mouth, or from hand to back, is unforIs Re-registration Wrong in Principle or a Hard

tunately the condition of the great majority. They ship in Fact?–J. T. Davison, of Pueblo, is advocating

know how their money comes; not how it goes. This an amendment of the Colorado Law, which will do

is true not only of what are called the working classes, away with re-registration. This news will encourage

but of what is called the middle class. The recent Missouri pharmacists who are opposed to re-registra

stoppage of cash payments of salaries and wages retion; but as long as the states in general have such

vealed a woeful condition of thriftlessness in all of the laws it will be looked upon by the majority as just and

great cities of the country. Families thought to be, proper as a means of keeping track of the registered

from their style of living, in possession of means to pharmacists and as an aid in supporting the Board of

tide them safely over transienc difficulties of that kind, Pharmacy.

were found to have nothing but heavily paneled storm The Association Pharmaceutica de Fillipinas held doors between them and the wolf on their wide stone the annual election in December, and elected Filipinos steps. Their pay checks had to be cashed at their to all of the offices with the exception of first vice- tradesmen's stores in exchange for necessaries, or by president, which was given to Dr. P. L. Stangl, Dean landlords in payment of rents, the heads of such of the College of Pharmacy. The doctor was formerly households being unable to draw checks of their own a resident of Philadelphia, but is in full sympathy which would be honored in any bank. Such a woeful with the Filipino cause. The president was secretary pinch could be explained in some cases, by the fact of of the Filipino Commission to the St. Louis World's unavoidable deposits bearing interest, but in the great Fair, and is a member of the A. Ph. A. The officers majority of cases it could be explained only as an eviare:

dence of living beyond means.—[St. Louis GlobePresident, D. Leon M. Guerrero; First Vice-President, P. L.





part of glycerin, which is put up in the form of pastils, NEW REMEDIES.

intended as a harmless substitute for bismuth sub

nitrate for forming a protective layer on the coats of A committee of the New York State Ph. A., consist- the stomach in gastric ulcer and similar affections. ing of Thos. J. Keenan, Willis P. Gregory and Geo. C. Each pastil contains about three grains of aluminum. Diekman, submitted the following at the 1907 meeting:

Eston is the name given to a basic acetate of alumi(Continued from page 14.)

which forms a fine white powder of difficult

num, Chelafrin is the latest of the lengthening list of sup

solubility. It is used as a dusting powder combined

with talc and starch and also in ointment form. Made rarenal preparations. A 1 to 1,000 solution of so

by Fritz, Friedlander's Chemical Works, Berlin, Gercalled chelafrin muriate has been placed on the Ger

many. man market by Koeckert & Michalowsky, Berlin,

Estoral is a compound of menthol and boric acid, Germany.

which forms a colorless, tasteless, crystalline powder, Chirosoter is a solution of various waxes and balsamic

insoluble in water and alcohol and only slightly solbodies in carbon tetrachloride, which is intended for

uble in ether, chloroform and benzin. It has the use as an antiseptic protective dressing for the field of chemical characteristics of a mentholester of boric acid operations in surgery. Made by Krewel & Co., Cologne,

and when applied to mucous membranes in the treatGermany.

ment of catarrh, the mucous secretions split it up into Corona is the name given by a Leipzig apothecary to

its constituents, making it possible to apply menthol a local anæsthetic for the alleviation of toothache. It

and boric acid in this way to surfaces affected with is said to consist of a 1 per cent. solution of cocaine in

catarrh. Made by Zimmer & Co., Frankfort-on-Main, combination with nitric acid, picric acid, potassium Germany. hydroxide, gaultheria, baptisia, thyme, mint, eucalyp- Ethoxyacetylmenthol is a colorless liquid obtained by tus, benzoic acid and boric acid, the quantities of the action of ethoxyacetylchloride ou menthol. It is which are not stated.

soluble in alcohol and ether. Patented by FarbenCorrosol is a compound of mercuric succinate, mer- fabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer, Elberfeld, Germany. curic cacodylate and novocaine, which is used hypo

Eucolom is the brand name of the acetic acid anhydermically in the treatment of syphilis.

dride of guaiacol, which it is asserted, has advantages Coryfin is the menthol ester of ethylglycolic acid. It over many other forms of guaiacol salts in the treatforms a colorless, odorless, oily solution, soluble only

ment of phthisis, etc. Manufactured by Carlo Erba, to a limited extent in water, but it is easily souble in Milan, Italy alcobol, ether and chloroform. Warmed in contact

Eupherin is a new guaiacolsulphonic acid mixture. with alkalies, it splits up, the menthol separating out.

It is a fluid containing in each teaspoonful sodium It is used among other things for the relief of head-guaiacolsulphonate Gm.0.4; sodium glycerophosphate, ache, migraine, etc., by a light application to the 50 per cent. Gm. 0.4; thyme extract, Gm. 0.6 cinnamyforehead. It is also used in nasal catarrh and in

lic acid, Gm. 0.0075; arsenic, Gm. 0.0025; aromatic catarrhal inflammation of the throat as a gargle with

sgrup, Gm. 3.06. It is also marketed without the lukewarm water. Manufactured by Farbenfabriken arsenic. Should not be confounded with the euphrin vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld, Germany.

(phenylurethane). Made by M. Friedr. Koltscharsch Cystopurin is represented to be a compound of hex-& Co., Wiener-Neustadt, Germany. amethylenamine and sodium acetate, which forms Euscopol is the trade-mark name for a chemically long, transparent, spear-like crystals, freely soluble in

pure scopolaminehydrobromide, which is asserted to cold water and more so in warm water. The solutions

be entirely free from related alkaloids and impurities. in water have a pronounced salty taste. It is used

For the production of scopolamine-morphine narcosis, in the same indications as urotropin, etc., as a urinary 0.0012 Gm. of euscopol and 0.03 Gm. morphine hydroantiseptic, in doses of 10 grains three times a day in chloride are dissolved in 2 Cc, of water. A solution of water. Manufactured by Johann A. Wülfling, Berlin,

this strength is now marketed under the name of Germany.

scopomorphine. Made by J. D. Riedel, Berlin, GerDiphenylamine Thymo-Benzoate is the name of a sub

many. stitute for arhovin made by Höckert & Michalowsky, Feston is an analogous compound to eston, it being a Berlin, Germany.

a salt of aluminum and acetoformic acid. It is used Emanysal is a German radioactive preparation which in the same w.y as eston, which see. is put up in bath tablets weighing 30 grammes, each of Forgenine formic acid tetramethylammonium, forms which is said to give off electrical discharges of about a tasteless white crystalline powder very hygroscopic 50,000 volts force. The tablets are used in rheumatic and soluble in water. It is given subcutaneously and and gouty affections.

by the mouth in the treatment of pneumonia, pleurisy, Epileptol, an amido-formic acid compound, has been uræmia, arteriosclerosis, alcoholism and neurasthenia. introduced as a remedy for epilepsy. It is given in It is also used as a substitute for digitalis in certain doses of from 20 to 50 drops three times daily.

affections of the heart. It is given hypodermically in Escalin is a preparation of 2 parts of metallic alumi- doses of from 0.01 Gm. to 0.02 Gm., and up to 0.04 num in a state of extremely fine division mixed with 1 Gm. daily. It is easily affected by light and the moisture of the air should be kept in carefully closed proteid combination to the extent of 21.5 per cent. of nonactinic containers. Manufactured by Carlo Erba, iodine, soluble in alkaline solutions only; insoluble in Milan, Italy.

water, acids or alcohol. Used for same purposes as Formidine, described as methylene disalicylic acid potassium iodide, being alterative, resolvent and iodide, forms a reddish-yellow powder, insoluble in eliminative. Dose: 5 grains, repeated as desired; 1 oz. water, acids or alcohol, but dissolving readily in alka- bottle 90 cents; 5 grain capsules, bottle of 100, $1.00. line solutions. It is recommended as a substitute for Made and marketed by Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, iodoform, being antiseptic and germicidal in action. Mich. Also used internally in doses of 1 to 5 grains, repeated lodofan, a brick-red powder, is a condensation proas required. Made and marketed by Parke, Davis & duct of formaldehyde and iodoresorcin, having the Co., Detroit, Mich.

constitution of a mono-iodo-dioxy-benzene. It is inFulgural is the name of a German proprietary altera- tended for use as a substitute for iodoform and has the tive stomachic and laxative preparation, which is advantage over iodoform of being without taste or stated to be composed of buckthorn bark, 10 parts; odor. It contains 36.14 per cent of iodine and leaves ononis spinosa (rest harrow), 10 parts; senna, 10 parts; 0.21 per cent. of ash on incineration. Made by Dr. A. sassafras, 10 parts; guaiac, 10 parts; centaury, 10 parts; Horowitz, Berlin, Germany. peppermint, 10 parts; sarsaparilla, 10 parts; magnes- Kaliol.-See Xyol. ium sulphate, 100 parts; extract of trifolium, 5 parts; Korysan is the name given to a carbonated hæmatoextract of English cowslip, 5 parts; extract of juniper, gen, made by the firm of Homeyer & Co., Schöneberg, 5 parts; extract of licorice, 5 parts; sugar, 50 parts; al- Berlin, Germany. A similar preparation of hæmatocohol, 100 parts; wine enough to make 1,000 parts. gen, preserved with carbon dioxide is already on the

Guaiacol-Somatose is a solution put up by Farben- market under the name of eubiose. fabriken vorm. Fried. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld, Ger- Kurin is one of the newest of the phenolphthalein many, which contains 5 per cent. of calcium guaiacol laxative preparations and consists of a mixture of sulphonate.

compound licorice powder and pnenolphthalein put Hæmotrophine Arsenate is a hæmoglobin preparation up in tablet form. containing 0.005 per cent. of arsenic. Made by C. Fr. Laxinconfect has been applied to a compound of apple Hausmann, St. Gall, Switzerland.

pulp and phenolphthalein, which is recommended as Helgotan Bromate is a brom-tannin-methylene com- a laxative. Phenolpthalein has come largely into use pound containing 20 per cent. of bromine; it forms a

of recent years as the active laxative principle of a yellowish-brown, tasteless and odorless powder, and is number of preparations advertised as laxatives. The used in the same way as bromocoll.

average dose is from to 3 grains, and the action is Hermesyl is the name applied to a calomel-lanolin said to be prompt. ointment intended for use in the mercurial treatment

Lysan is an antiseptic and germicidal application for of syphilis by inunction.

wounds and disinfection of the bands and surgical inHygiopon is the name of a new fluid iron preparation struments, which is of alkaline reaction and mixes to obtained by an electrolytic process. The iron is said

a clear solution with water, glycerin and alcohol. It to exist in the solution in a very finely divided con

is understood to contain formaldeyde, in combination dition (colloidal?) and yields a light brown colored

with eucalyptol, menthol, eugenol and other alcoholic solution. It is miscible with water, though some drops solvents. remain at the bottom of the container before passing Lytrol has been named as a substitute for lysol. It is into solution. Hygiopon is chemically and physically said to consist of 20 per cent. of betanaphthol in an incompatible with alcohol and it is decomposed by alcoholic solution of potassium soap. milk. The specific gravity of the solution is 1.205. Maukalan is an ointment-like substance used in vetOne drop weighs 37.6 Mg. and 1 gramme contains erinary practice, which contains thigenol as its active about 27 drops. The preparation must be kept away ingredient. It is recommended in the treatment of from light and too warm places. It is recommended saddle gall, inflammations and especially in malanders. as a tonic and appetizer in drop doses. The inventor Mercurial Embrocine consists of one-third part of metalof hygiopon is said to be a mechanic in a Berlin electro- lic mercury and two-third parts of a mixture of bezointechnical factory.

ated lard and soap. Made by P. Beiersdorf & Co., Hypnogen is the name given to a new hypnotic which Hamburg, Germany. is described as a diethyl barbituric acid. Barbituric Ouabain Amorphous has been isolated from the East acid is a synonym for malonylurea, and diethyl | African plant Acocanthera Schimperi, one of tbe most malonyl-urea is the chemical description of veronal. important and most productive sources of arrow poison. Hy gen, therefore, chemically speaking, is veronal It resembles in its chemical and toxicological properunder a new name.

ties the crystalline ouabain formerly known. The Ichthynat is an organic sulphur preparation intended action of amorphous ouabain is to slow the pulse, as a substitute for ichthyol in all cases in which ich- strengthen the systolic action of the heart and increase thyol is used. Marketed by the Heyden Chemical the blood pressure. Works, New York.

Pararegulin is an emulsionized mixture of liquid lodalbin is a reddish powder, consisting of iodine in paraffin, combined with 10 per cent. of aqueous extract

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