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The Employment Bureau of the Alumni Association of given saffron tea to bleach it out. If the practice were the St. Louis College of Pharmacy reports a plentiful general throughout this city, just imagine the amount supply of clerks seeking positions but a scarcity of of saffron required to properly bleach the above vacancies.

number of babies. Emery Williams, for several years manager of the Glen Drug Co., has opened a strictly prescription drug store on the second floor of the Metropolitan Building, Olive Street and Grand Avenue.

As Predicted in These Columns a few months ago, Wm. Kahre piloted his Bowling Team, The Eli Lilly's, to victory in Druggists' Cocked Hat League, the first half of the series closing January 11.

Fred Hartman, one of the successful candidates before the recent State Board meeting, held in Jefferson City, is now manager of the Taylor Morgan Pharmacy, Taylor Avenue and Suburban car tracks. Otto Hanser, 2900 Chouteau Avenue, has installed a

George W. Steininger, Then And Now.-The above half tones complete set of floor cases and remodeled the interior

represent this popular pharmacist as he appeared on the day of of the store. Mr. Hanser belongs to that progressive graduation from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, March 4, class of pharmacists who believe that the best adver- 1883, and as he is seen today in charge of the Billing Department tisement of a good drug store is a good looking interior.

of the Meyer Brothers Drug Co. The West End Drug Club held their regular Decem

R. M. Johnson, the popular young druggist who ber meeting in Rose Hill hall, Hamilton and Maple opened a new store at Page and Walton Avenues a few Avenues, for the purpose of devising means of in- months ago, shouldered his trusty rifle and went huntcreasing the membership and creating interest in ing last week. From reports circulated around the things pertaining to the retail drug business.

neighborhood he evidently went “dear hunting,” beThe Sunday Closing Movement has not as yet developed

cause there is a very pretty young lady presiding over to any extent in St. Louis. Perhaps it will require the

a handsomely furnished home on Walton Avenue, Governor to place the lid on drug stores on Sunday.

who responds to the name of Mrs. Johnson. He, however, will have no occasion to do so on account The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Executive Board of liquor sales, as St. Louis drug stores are in no sense of the Alumni Association of the St. Louis College of akin to saloons.

Pharmacy, was held at Huegels drug store January 18, Professor J. M. Good is now fairly settled in his new and plans for the annual ball and entertainment were location at the northwest corner of Jefferson Avenue considered and from the reports of the entertainment and Olive Street, after having spent twenty-eigbt years committee, it is evident that the association will be in business at the southeast corner of these streets. compelled to forego the pleasure of the dramatic porHe has with him W. O. Luly, Ph. G., E. W. Diamond, tion of the program because of their inability to secure Ph. G., and J. B. Hicks, Ph. G.

a suitable hall. Gus H. J. Andreas, Ph. G., has a very handsome as L. C. Swinnen, secretary of the South Side Mortar and

well as prosperous drug Pestle Club reports a very enthusiastic meeting at business at Vandeventer Seeger's Hall, Jefferson and Allen Avenues, January 12. Avenue and Shenandoah Several new names were added to the roster, which inStreet. He is ex-president dicates that the committee on organization is busy. of the Alumni Association The question of "Empty Containers" came up for disof the St. Louis College of

cussion and a committee was appointed to take up the Pharmacy and interested in matter with the local jobbers and report the result of numerous other organiza- their conference to the members during the next tions,

meeting. The St.Louis Medical Society,

The Spatula Club composed of West End druggists at its recent election, se

held their regular monthly meeting January 14, at lected a number of officers

Rose Hill Hall, Hamilton and Maple Avenues. The with pharmaceutical train

following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

M. J. Noll, president; 0. J. Cloughly, vice president; G. V. ing, among them Dr. O. A.

Huesgen, secretary and treasurer.
Wall, Sr., Dr. Louis H. Beh-

The club as a body decided to discontinue receiving rens, Dr. Robt.E. Schlueter.

gas bills and handling books for the public library. The Number of Babies born in St. Louis during 1907 The question of issuing money orders was taken numbered 14,385. In some sections of the city and under advisement and will be reported by a committee many parts of the country, each new-born baby is next meeting.


Opium-Reacted sharply to a higher level due to the MARKET REVIEW.

report of unfavorable weather in growing districts, and

that the crop was in a serious condition. Gum The First Month of the New Year proved to be, all things quotable at $4.90; powdered or granular, M. B., $5.85. considered, a more satisfactory one than had been an- Morphine.—This staple is firmly held at $3.30 for ticipated, and while we hear of some complaints in 3-oz. vials in 21-oz. boxes; $3.10 for 1-oz. vials; in 10-oz. other lines of trade, such complaints are not general lots at 10c per oz. less, with the drug trade, and the prevailing opinion is that Alcohol, Grain.--Quotably higher; though we learn there will be a continued gradual improvement in the that local houses have withdrawn their requirement volume of business.

for currency in advance, with which to pay the revenue There is no reason for predicting a "bad year” tax. though it is true that there is some likelihood of not The usual credit extension is now given on sales of equaling the enormous volume that was enjoyed for this item. The basis in this market for barrels is $2.77; the first ten months of 1907.

} bbls., $2.80; 10-gal. cans, $2.93; 5-gal. cans, $3.01 There seems to be a downward tendency to values with an allowance of 10c per gallon for cash in ten though this is not of a serious character. It is not days. precipitous, any downward tendency is likely to be Denatured.--Quotable in barrels, 40c; $ bbls., 44c; checked by fairly good buying, for the reason that 10-gal, cans, 57c. stocks are low. We append below a list of items Wood, 95%.-Barrels, 42c; } bbls. 47c; 10-gal. cans, chiefly affected during the past thirty days, together 57c; 5-gal. cans, 62c. with the current local values thereon.

Acetone, Technical.-Quantity lots are quotably Advanced.

lower, being on the basis of $1.00 per gal, to 30 to 35c Acid Oxalic, Oil, Benne,

per lb. in a small way. Alcohol, Cedar Leaf,

Acid, Boric.-Both crystals and powdered in bulk, Aloin,

Spearmint, Ammonium Carbonate,

declined to 124 to 17c as to quantity.

Tansy, Cocoa Butter, fingers, Opium,

Citric.Declined; quotable in kegs 35 to 55c as Copaiba, Polassium Dichromate,

wanted. In sympathy with the lower market for citGum Chicle, Rosin,

ric acid the following citrates are lower:
Hydrastinine Hydrochloride, Seed, Caraway,
Iron Sulphate Ferrous, Silver Nitrate,

Iron and Ammonium Citrate, 53 to 61c.
Sodium Phosphate,

Iron Phosphate, scales U. S. P. 61c.
Oil Colors,

Iron Pyrophosphate, 6lc.

Potassium Citrate, 54c.
Acetone, Technical,
Leaves Uva Ursi,

Sodium Citrate, 55 to 56c.
Acid, Boric,

Acetic.-Declined; U. S. P. 36%, 8 to 10c; Pure, No. Tartaric,

Manna, small flake,

8, 8 to 10c.
Oil, Bergamot,

Glacial, U. S. P.-24 to 30c.
Iron & Ammonium Citrate, Cassia,

Oxalic.-Declined; bbls. 84 to 14c as wanted.
Iron Phosphate,

Tartaric.--Declined; bbls., 293 to 37c.
Iron Pyrophosphate,

Potassium, Citrate,

Aloin.--Quotably higher; $1.25 to $1.45.
Sodium Citrate,

Ammonium Carbonate.- Advanced to 11 to 15c; in Arsenic,

Orange, sweet,

cans, 15 to 18c. • Balsam Peru,

Olive, Malaga, yellow,

Arsenic.—Declined to 104 to 15c as to quantity. Borax,

Worm Seed,
Blue Vitriol,
Potassium, Ferrocyanide, Com'l.

Balsam Peru.-Quotably lower; $2.35 to 2.55.
Cerium Oxalate,
Root, Belladonna,

Borax.-Quotably lower; bbls. 54c; 6 to 10c as to Cocaine,


Cream Tartar,

Blue Vitriol.-Declined; bbls. 61 to 10 to 12c.
Gum Gambier,
Seed, worm, Levant,

Cerium Oxalate.-Declined to 42c.

Sodium Benzoate,

Cocoa Butter, Fingers.-Advanced to 55 to 76c as to Isinglass, Russian,

quantity. Quinine.---This staple is locally a trifle firmer, there Cocaine.- Quotably lower; ounce vials, $2.55; As, having been a slight revision in schedules. The last $2.75. bark sale was at a lower unit, and the situation in this Copaiba, U. S. P.-Advanced to 70 to 80c as to respect is such that higher prices do not seem probable. quantity. Still the bark situation is closely controlled, supplies Cream Tartar.- Quotably lower; 27 to 32c as to are in strong hands and for this reason there may be quantity. somewhat higher quotations on quinine. At present Gum, Chicle.--Advanced; bags 52 to 65 to 70c in a writing the following quotations are ruling in this small way. market; P & W., on the basis of 100-oz, cans, 17c; Gambier.-Declined to 94 to 15c as to quantity. M. B., 164c; 25-oz. cans, 19c; 5-oz. cans, 23c; 1-oz. Guaiac.-Quotably lower; 30 to 35c. vials, 28c.

Guarana.-Declined to 13£c; powdered, 5c'higher.

Hydrastinine Hydrochloride.- Advanced; 5-gr. vials, $1.10.

PRACTICAL PHARMACY. Iron Sulphate, Ferrous.-Advanced; bbls. 34 to 7 to 12c in a small way.

Cleaning Bottles.-An easy way of introducing imIsinglass, Russian.-Quotably lower, $3.85.

purity into a solution is to put it into a dirty bottle;

yet it is not easy to be quite sure that the interior is Leaves, Uva Ursi.-Declined; 8 to 12c as to quantity.

clean. Mere rinsing out, however thoroughly perLycopodium.- Declined; 22-1b, bundles 59 to 79c as

formed, is only effective when the bottle has been used wanted.

for something easily soluble in water. Solutions of Naphthalin.-Advanced; bbls., 2 to 45 to 5c. caustic potash or of caustic soda, it may be noted, and Oil, Benne.-Advanced; bbls., 93c to $1.13 to $1.20. to a less degree of the carbonates of those alkalies, alBergamot, Reina.-Declined to $4.25 to $4.45. though soluble, almost always leave their traces on Cassia.- Declined to $1.45 to $1.65 as to quantity.

the bottle that has held them. This is not so much Citronella.- Quotably lower; 1000-1b. drums, 32 to

due to impurity, although from outside it will look 52 to 60c.

like it, but to an actual damage or corroding of the Cedar Leaf.-Advanced to 82% to 90c.

surface of the glass. It may be quite clean, even if it Cloves.-Declined to $1.10 to $1.25.

does not look it, but as the destruction of the surface Oil, Cocoanut.-Declined to 16 to 20c.

gives it a tooth that would retain impurities, it is Lemon, Reina.-Declined; 1-1b. coppers, $1.80. best not to use such a bottle for anything else. One Orange, Sweet, Reina.Declined; 1-1b. coppers,

secret of cleansing a bottle is never to let anything dry $3.40.

in it, but to wash it out thoroughly directly it is done Olive, Malaga, Yellow.-Quotably lower; bbls., 75

with. For bottles that are to hold solutions, it is an to 95c as wanted.

excellent plan to put them away, after washing, full Spearmint.--Advanced to $4.50.

of clean water. Any dirt that cannot be removed by Tansy.-Advanced to $5.75.

rinsing may perhaps be got off by the aid of a bottle Worm Seed.—Declined to $3.00 to $3.25.

brush. A pint of strong hydrochloric acid may be Linseed.-Quotably unchanged; raw, bbls., 40c; kept for cleaning purposes; it will last a long time, as boiled, 41c; with the usual advances for smaller after use it may be poured back into the bottle, but, packages.

of course, it is contaminated and must not be used for Potassium Ferrocyanide, Commercial.-Declined; anything else. The dirty bottle may be filled with it, bbls., 18 to 25 to 29c in a small way.

and put away for a day or two; even if after this the

dirt is still visible, the acid has probably loosened it, Potassium Dichromate.-Advanced; bbls. 104 to

and some tea leaves and a little water, well shaking 14 to 15c.

the bottle for a minute or two, will then do what is Root, Belladonna.-Declined to 22 to 30c.

needed. Two old-fashioned methods of bottle cleanIpecac, Carthagena.-Declined to $2.20 to $2.40.

ing which should never be used when the bottles are Rio.-$2.35 to $2.55.

to hold chemicals are shaking sand and shaking shot Rosin.--Quotably higher; E grade, $5.25 per bbl. of in the bottles. The former damages the glass; the 280 lbs.

latter may leave the bottle, from a chemical point of Santonin.-A further material decline is noted. view, dirtier than before, being contaminated with Crystals, lb. bottles, $5.50. oz. 47c; powd., 25c higher. lead.--[Canadian Druggist.

Seed, Caraway.-Advanced; bags, 124 to 17 to 20c in a small way.

A Rare Collection of Jewels.-An inventory of the

jewel treasure left by the Shah of Persia shows that Worm, Levant.-Declined; bags, 9 to 16 to 20c.

the precious stones collected by him are valued at Silver Nitrate.-Advanced; P. & W. bottles, $6.68; about $50,000,000. This collection contains a number M. B., $6.08; oz. 48c.

of diamonds unrivaled, and other stones. The old Shellac, T. N.-Declined; case lots, 30.4 to 36.4 to 39c.

crown of the Persian dynasty holds a ruby as big as a Sodium Benzoate.-Declined to 41 to 52c.

hen's egg. A belt studded with diamonds, worn only Sodium Phosphate.-Advanced; 6} to llc as to

on great state occasions, weighs eighteen pounds and quantity.

is valued at millions of dollars. A wonderful silver Glassware.- Quotable discounts unchanged. Pearl

vase is decorated with a hundred emeralds, one of Ovals, case lots, 75%; 5 case lots, 75%; larger quanti- which was so large it was possible to engrave on it the ties, 75 and 5%; Baltimore Ovals, brandy finish, 75

Shah's numberless titles. A sword with a diamond and 10%; 5 case lots, 75, 10 and 5%; larger quan- covered scabbard is valued at $120,000. A remarkable tities, 80%; Comet Ovals, 80 and 15%; 25 case lots,

feature of the collection is a square block of amber of 85%; 50 case lots, 85 and 5%.

400 cubic inches, which the Persians say dropped from Window Glass.—Unchanged; single strength, 90 the skies in the time of Mahomet.—[Philatelic West. and 20%; double strength, 90 and 25%.

Turpentine.-Advanced; bbls., 60c; 10-gal. cans, If You Want to buy a paying drug business, sub71c; 5-gal. cans, 75c, packages inclusive.



Mo. Ph. A. Snap Shots, taken by the Meyer Brothers Druggist.–1. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. and Miss Federmann, Kansas City.

2. Mrs. and Mr. William Mittelbach, Boonville, Mrs. and Mr. R. L. Hope, Centralia.
3. Mrs. and Dr. Otto F. Claus, Mrs. and Mr. L. A. Seitz, St. Louis
4. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. H. Arendes, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Stolle, St. Louis:

Meyer Brothers Druggist




No. 3.

Entered at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo., as second-class

Often do the spirits matter in January, 1896.

of great events stride on before tbe events,

And in to-day already walks to-morrow.
Dr. Harvey Washington Wiley, of Washington,
D. C., chief of the Division of Chemistry of the De-

partment of Agriculture and chairman of the comC.F. G. MEYER, PUBLISHER.

mission entrusted with the enforcement of the federal

Pure Food and Drugs Law, is represented on the M, M. WHELPLEY, Ph. G., M. D.,

Editor. frontispiece of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for


Meyer Brothers Druggist



TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: United States, per year......

.$1 00 Foreign and Canada (Postal Union), per year....

50 Single Copies.......

10 Sample copies sent free on application. Please remit in funds that are bankable in St. Louis.

To discontinue a subscription, notice must be sent to office of publication and all arrears paid.


(WE HAVE BUT ONE PRICE.) One-fourth page, 3 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 6 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 9 months (2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-fourth page, 1 year

(2 5-6x4 1-4 inches). One-half page,

3 months (4 1-4x6 inches). One-half page, 6 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page,

9 months (4 1-4x6 inches) One-half page,

(4 1-4x6 inches) One page, 6 months (6 X81-2 inches). One page, 1 year


x8 1-2 inches)

$ 27 00

45 00 65 00 82 50 51 00 87 00 125 00 157 60 160 00 300 00

1 year





In the Pharmaceutical Eye is Martin A. Eisele, of
Hot Springs, Ark., local

Frank Koss, of Fremont, the new member of the secretary of the A. Ph. A., Nebraska Board of examiners, was represented on the and chairman of the com

cover of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for February. mittee on arrangements for If You Want a Position consult page 1. the September, 1908, meet

ing. He is a young man but
an old, experienced pharma- A Complete Price List of about ninety pages will
cist and for several years in be found by consulting the January and February
charge of the government issues of the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST. Keep
reservation. His executive these two numbers convenient for consultation.
ability is equaled only by
his affability. He will meet

Bulletin for Buyers, Page 4.
you with an open hand and
a welcome expression when

Want Advertisements, Page 1.
you register at the Arling-

Index to Advertisements, Page 2. ton Hotel for the meeting.

Price List, Drugs, Page 13; Sundries, Page 30.



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