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of the quantity or proportion of any alcohol contained therein."

STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. On investigation of labels that are found on “bitters" it has been discovered that in most cases they are

Do You Handle a Good Grade of Spices?—Judging recommended for various ailments. For example, they from the correspondence received at this office, the are said to "aid digestion,” “allay irritation of the druggists of the country are awaking to the fact that nerves," "excite the appetite to a marvelous degree," money can be made out of handling a full line of good "prolong life.” Again, labels bear the statements is spices. We shall be pleased to hear from additional not only a delicious beverage, but also a wonderful

readers who have had experience in this line. tonic," "valuable in intermittent fever, illness due to

The Chicago Chapter of the W.0. N. A. R. D. the spleen, stomach catarrh, diarrhea, colic, cramps, gave its second annual ball January 29. It was an vomiting, hypochondria, etc.” These are examples informal affair, giving an opportunity for a very pleasof common phrases found on labels. “Bitters” are fre-ant, restful and harmonious evening. Mặs. Thomas quently prescribed in the same manner as medicines in V. Wooten, chairman of the Committee on Publicity general. For example, "to be taken in tablespoonfuls and Promotion, says: “Furti nore, we are confievery hour," "increase the dose if the effect is not dent the good resulting from the praiseworthy examimmediate," etc.

ple it has set will reach far beyond the boundaries of It is well known that certain substances may be used

its home city as the succeeding years give further both as foods and as drugs. It is claimed by some that

evidence of its growth and usefulness in the direccertain products advertised as medicinal products are

tion of the great object aimed at: To add somewhat not sold and consumed on account of their medicinal

to the happiness of the wives and daughters of retail

druggists." properties, but merely as alcoholic beverages. This, however, does not seem to be consistent with the in- Don't Let Fear Ruin Business.-By Ernest Keith formation found on some of the labels.

Heily in Chicago Tribune.-Of what earthly use is a In a case of this kind the classification will be made soldier who drops his musket and takes to his heels from a study of the literature published in connection

at the first onslaught of the enemy? Where would a with the article and by ascertaining the uses to which nation end with an army of such soldiers? Where a

business. it is put. When a "bitters” is described on the carton or label attached to the bottle, or any advertising mat

At present this country stands face to face with a ter accompanying the package, as possessing any

most absurd enemy, who came like a bolt from a medicinal or tonic properties, or if in fact it does pos

clear sky and wholly without cause. sess such value, it must of necessity be classed as a

That enemy is Fear.

Are you a good fighter or are you a coward? Are drug product, and, in consequence of this classification, bear a statement of the quantity or proportion of any

you going to lay down arms before this imaginary alcohol contained therein. The method of stating the

fictitious apparition, or are you going to “march

breast forward” and help break down this fear in the proportion of alcohol is that of per cent by volume, as suggested in Regulation 28 of Circular 21 of the Office

minds of your customers? of the Secretary. In Food Inspection Decision 52 is the

There is no reason why merchants or any one else suggested order in which the statements required by this nation is its integrity and natural resources,

should be alarmed. The backbone and foundation of law should occur on a label. This food inspection decision is promulgated so that

which are in most superb condition. In fact, the

land “flows with milk and honey." The only those interested in the importation of “bitters' may understand how the Department is obliged to rule in such

trouble is the people (some of them) are scared stiff.

And about what? Absolutely nothing. It's just cases, the decision as to whether a product be a food or a

like a cry of fire in an opera house where no fire drug depending not only upon what claims are made for

exists. it, but also upon the uses to which it is put. This same

Fear is no person, place or thing. It has no actual principle must guide the Department in its interpreta

cause—no real power. In the presence of confidence tion of the law governing similar products which have

it becomes absolute nothingness and vanishes as darkthe dual function of serving as both foods and drugs.

ness before the light. W. H. WILEY, F. L. DUNLAP, Geo. P. McCABE, Board

When a spag is blown out of a river by dynamite of Food and Drug Inspection. Approved: JAMES the noise creates excitement, but the snag being reWILSON, Secretary of Agriculture. Washington, D.C., moved leaves the river clear. Several snags are beFebruary 3, 1908.

ing removed from the “financial river," but the explosions should cause no alarm.

With the snags Once Upon a Time opportunity failed to knock at a

removed, the country's prosperity will flow on greater wise man's door. But he advertised for her and she

and more powerful than ever. came and stayed.-[POOR RICHARD, JUNIOR.

Which side are you fighting on-fear or confidence?

Every word you speak, every thought you think, has Money makes the mare go and marriage makes the

power for good or evil. Think it over and be an money go.



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12.-Criticise the following prescription and state how you would com pound it: R Qiun. Sulph...

dr. i Ars. Triox...

.....gre. x
Ferri Sul. Ex

..grs. IXX
M. ft. pills No. XXX.

Sig. Take one three times a day. 13.-Criticise the following prescription, state how you would compound it, and translate its weights and measures into the metric system: R Acetanilid...

..drs. i
Cod. Sulph.
Caf. Citrate.

..grs. XXX
Elix. simp....

. A. oz. ii Syr. prun. virg...

f. oz, i M. ft. sol.

Sig. A teaspoonful for headache. 14.-How would you compound the following prescription: R Pot. Chloras..

....grs. XXX
Tr. Myrrh.

.A. drs. iv

...A. oz. i
Aqua, q. S.......

A. oz. iii
M. It. sol.

Sig. Use as a gargle. 15.-What is the dose of

a. Mercurous chloride.
b. Mercuric chloride.
c. Mercurous iodide.
d. Mercuric iodide.

e. Tartar emetic. 16.-What antidote would you give for poisoning by: a. Phenol, b. Corrosive sublimate, c. Chloroform, d. Opium.

17.-What two official preparations are antidotes for poisoning by arsenic?

18.-A mixture of what two official preparations forms the best antidote for poisoning by oxalic acid?

Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 1.-a. What do you understand by chemical action? b. Give the functions of a chemical formula?

What is a chemical antidote? b. What salt of mercury will form a double salt when added in excess to iodide of potassium?

3.-a. Give names of three acids containing hydrogen, sulphur and oxygen?

b. State difference between ethylic and methylic alcohol?

c. What acid will create a distinction between morphine and brucine?

4.-a. State difference between organic and inorganic chemistry.

b. What acid will precipitate most alkaloids? c. State incompatabilities of chromic acid?

d. By what reagents may bromides be distinguished from chlorides.

3.-a. State impurities of sulphuric acid?
6.–Balance the following:

a. CaO x SO2.
b. Cao x Co2.
c. Fex Hcl.
d. Ag NO3 x Hcl.

e. Fc 203 , H2 SO4.
7.-a. What definite weight does a symbol represent?
b. What is a chemical formula?

c. Why is a solution of silver nitrate usually milky when made with ordinary water?

d. Define efflorescence.
e. Define specific gravity?
8.-a. Give test for silver salts?
b. Give test for copper salts.
c. Give test for lead salts?
d. Give test for sugar in urine?

Give test for albumen in urine?
9.-a. What is an incombustible?
b. What are alkaloids?
c. What element do we find in all organic compounds.

Texas Board of Pharmacy.-(San Antonio, Texas, January 21, 1908.

Theoretical and Practical Pharmacy. 1.-a. What are the requirements of the State Pure Food and Drug Law relating to the sale of crude and manufactured drugs and package goods.

b. What are the requirements of the law regulating the sale of cocaine, etc.?

What is the status, officially, of the National Formulary preparations?

2.-a. What is the unit of the official system of weights and measures?

b. Give the rule for converting metric weights and measures into those in ordinary use?

c. How is the following read, and what is its equivalent in grains, 0.065?

3.-a. How much alcohol, 95 per cent., and water would be required to make one pint of 70 per cent. alcohol?

b. Given one pint of a solution of phenol containing 25 per cent. of water, how much phenol would you add to bring it up to a solution containing 10 per cent. of water?

c. How many grains of Argyrol are required to make seven drams of an 8 per cent. solution?

d. If iodine costs $3.20 per 1b. what would be the cost of the iodine in one pint tincture of iodine?

4.--a. In manipulations requiring the application of heat, what methods are employed to control the heat?

b. In preparing drugs for percolation, what is meant by the terms: Powder No. 20, 40, 50?

c. Illustrate the method of determining the boiling point of liquids.

d. What are the chief objects of the process of crystalization?

3.-A. Name ten classes of official preparations giving official title? b. Name five volatile and five fixed oils?

What are the chief characteristics of the two classes? 6.-Describe the method of preparing the following:

a. Camphor water.
b. Syrup of wild cherry.
c. Emulsion of chloroform.
d. Glycerite of starch.

Aromatic sulphuric acid. 7.-a. Name the official spirits made by solution with maceration? b. What official spirit is made by chemical reaction?

What is the difference in process of making infusions and decoctions.

d. What are the methods employed in making tinctures?

8.-a. Name the ingredients and method of preparing compound effervesciog powder?

b. What precaution should be taken in preparing dovers powder, and how many grains of opium are there in 12 grains of the powder?

What is the process of making suppositories having a base of oil of theobroma?

9.-a. How do cerates and ointments differ?

b. Name the mercurial salts and the official ointments in which they are used?

What is the method of preparing oxide of zinc ointment, d. What official ointments contain one of the halogens? 10.-a. For what are the volumetric solutions used? b. What is the necessity for assaying drugs?

In alkaloidal assay what is meant by immissible solvents? d. In analysis, what is meant by the te qualitative and quantitative?

Prescriptions, Posology and Toxicology. 11.-a. Name the Classes of incompatibilities usually met with in compounding prescriptions?

b. Give an illustration of each class? c. Name the parts of a prescription?

d. What is meant by gravimetric and volumetric prescriptions?






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10.--a. Meption substances that may be recognized by smell? b. Mention precautions to be taken in keeping phosphorous?

EDITOR'S TABLE. And why it should be done? d. Give chemical formula of mercurous chloride? e. Give test for mercuric chloride. Botany and Materia Medica. 1.-a. Give botanical name of

A. C. P. F. Proceedings.-Secretary J. O. Schlotbelladonda?

terbeck, of Ann Arbor, Mich., has issued the Eighth b. What part of the plant is used?

Annual Proceedings of the American Conference of c. State active principles of same? d. To what family does hyoscyamus belong?

Pharmaceutical Faculties. It is a neat pamphlet of And what are the medical properties of the leaves?

sixty-six pages and must prove of interest to every 2.-a. Give botanical name of joborandi?

college of pharmacy, each board of pharmacy and to b. What important alkaloid do we obtain from same?

others especially interested in pharmaceutical educa3.-a. Give medical properties of cannabis indica? b. To what family does opium belong?

tion. A limited number of copies can be obtained by How many alkaloids do we obtain from same?

applying to the secretary. The following is a list of d. How do we obtain opium from the plant and from what the twenty-nine colleges belonging to the conference: part of the plant? 4.-a. State medical properties of coco leaves?

Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Department of Pharmacy, Aub. What is the botanical name of same?

burn, Ala. How do we obtain pepsin?

Alabama College of Pharmacy, Department of Union Univerd. And what are its properties?

sity, Albany, N. Y. 5.-a. To what family does lobelia belong?

Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, Brooklyn, N. Y. b. What part of the plant is used?

Buffalo College of Pharmacy, Buffalo, N. Y. 6.-a. How do we obtain camphor?

California College of Pharmacy, Department of University of b. What important acid do we obtain from amygdala amra?

California, San Francisco, Cal. What is rhubarb?

Chicago College of Pharmacy, Department of University of Ild. To wbat family does it belong.

linois, Chicago, Ill. 7.-a. What is ergot?

Cleveland School of Pharmacy, Cleveland, Ohio. b. Give official preparations of ergot?

University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, Iowa City, Iowa. Give botanical vame of jalap?

University of Kansas, School of Pharmacy, Lawrence, Kaos. d. What percentage of strychnine should nux vomica contain? Louisville College of Pharmacy, Louisville, Ky.

8.-a. From what part of the plant do we obtain resin podo- Maryland College of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Md. phyllin?

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass. b. Give dose of resin podophyllin?

University of Michigan, School of Pharmacy, Ann Arbor, Mich. What is the physiological antidote for aconite?

University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, Minneapolis, d. What is the physiological antidote for strychnine?

Minn. Give dose of tinct. digitalis?

National College of Pharmacy, Washington, D. C. 9.-a. State medical properties of digitalis?

New Orleans College of Pharmacy, New Orleans, La. b. Give medical properties of gelsemium?

New York College of Pharmacy, Department of Columbia Unic. And official preparations and doses of same?

versity, New York, N. Y. d. What are glucosides?

Northwestern University, School of Pharmacy, Chicago, Ill. And pame five of them?

Notre Dame University, Department of Pharmacy, Notre Dame, 10.-a, What acids do we get from fruits?

Ind. b. Name some?

Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy, Columbus, Ohio. How do we obtain potassium bitrate?

University of Oklahoma, Department of Pharmacy, Norman, d. Give medical properties of veratrum viride?

Okla. e. Give dose of tinct. veratrum viride?

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pa.

Pittsburg College of Pharmacy, Department of Western UniDeath To Chicken Lice.-By accident I discovered versity of Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, Pa. a method last year of destroying chicken lice in

Purdue University, School of Pharmacy, Lafayette, Ind.

Scio College of Pharmacy, Scio, Ohio. hen-houses, and it acted also as a preventive.

St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis, Mo. A large can

of crude carbolic acid sprung Vanderbilt University, Department of Pharmacy, Nashville, leak in our wareroom. I covered it with sawdust Tenn. and left it for several hours. When I took up

University of Washington, School of Pharmacy, Seattle, Wash.

University of Wisconsin, School of Pharmacy, Madison, Wis. the sawdust I found it thoroughly saturated, and this

(Total 29.) gave me an idea. I first mixed about one pint of carbolic acid, one ounce of carbon disulphide, one ounce of oil of tar, and four ounces of coal oil; this I stirred All Seeds do not spring up, and all your instrucwith all of the fresh sawdust that it would saturate.

tions are not productive of good results. It would be Being interested in chicken raising, and also suffering foolish for the farmer to fret himself because some from the presence of lice in my chicken house, I seeds go to waste; and why should the teacher be less sprinkled a small quantity of the sawdust mixture in

wise and reasonable ? the bottom of the nests and covered it in each instance with fresh straw. Strange to say, my hen-house was free from this pest all the season. Since then I have

"Life is too short to waste been selling the product in pint cans at 25 cents and

In critic peep or cynic bark, have found it a winner. I find that the sawdust keep

Quarrel or reprimand:

'Twill soon be dark; the acid and the other substances from evaporating

Up, mind thise own aim, and much longer than anything else does.-[M. R. Shot

Good speed the mark!” WELL, Sterling, Colorado, in Bulletin of Pharmacy.



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sealed hermetically with a very gentle Fire for twenty FROM A DRUG CLERK'S DIARY.

Days, till they become a transparent Water, which some correct, by often drawing off of it fresh S. V. but I think to a disadvantage.

It is a powerful Sudorifick and Anodyne, and eases Pharmacopæia Londinensis, MDCCXVI. Pain by external Application : It opens all obstruc

tions of the Bowels and Mesentery, cures the Scurvy, (Continued from page 39.)

Cachexy, Dropsy, Jaundice, hypochondriack, Melan

choly, breaks and dissolves the Stone in the Reins 10. Urina, Urine. It is hot, dry, discussive, ab

and Bladder, and expels it. It is Diuretick, purifies stersive, and resisting Putrefaction; it opens Obstruc

the Blood, provokes the Terms, helps Fits of the tions of Liver, Spleen and Gall; is good against the

Mother, and cures Fevers Quotidian, Tertian and Dropsy and Jaundice, and causeth easy Delivery to

Quartan: Dissolved in Spirit of Vitriol, and distilled Women in Travail. Outwardly it discusses Tumors, again, it cures Epilepsies. Dose is from gr. x. to hi. cleanses Wounds, dries up moist Humors, cures Gan

in any convenient Vehicle. Externally, it abates all grenes and the Itch, and in Clysters loosens the Belly; Inflammations, cures Gouts, Gangrenes and Toothache. Boys Urine dropt into the Ears cures their soreness,

14. Magisterium Urinæ, Magistery or Salt of and opens Obstructions there: Mixt with Rose Water

Urine. and dropt into the eyes, it cures Redness there. In a

R desecated Urine putrified, as in the last, distil Gargle, it helps the Swelling of the Uvulva. Of Mans Urine there are many singular Preparations off; rectify the Spirit in a Glass with a long wide

with a gentle Fire in B. M. till the Flegm is drawn made, the chief of which follow:

Neck, so have you the volatile Salt, which take, and 11. Spiritus Urina, Spirit of Urine.

cast away the Flegm; distil what remains in Sand, R fresh or new made Boys Urine that drinks Wine,

and a more volatile Salt arises; of the Caput Mort. distil by an Alembick in B. M. cohobate it, and you

make a fixt Salt, which mix with thrice as much have Flegm and Spirit, which separate, and elevate

Clay; form it into Balls, dry them, and distil by a the Spirit in a Glass Body, so shall it be


Retort, so have you the Spirit of the fixed Salt, into and white, but exceeding stinking.

which drop the former Spirit or volatile Salt, till the It may be used as it is against the Stone, in a proper

Noise ceases, then sublime in Sand, so have you a Vehicle; but Libavius rectifies it, and then uses it in

fine, pleasant, and delectable Salt of Urine. Gouts, Asthma's, and Stone, mixt with the Essence of

This is much stronger than the former, and cuts and Lithontripticks, and so with a proper Syringe inject it

dissolves the tartarous Coagulum in the whole Body, into the Bladder: It is a specifick in the Cure of

performing all that the former does, expelling ill Pleurisies, Stitches, Coughs, Colds, &c.

Humors by Stool, Sweat and Urine. It preserves from 12. Sal Urinæ Volatile, Volatile Salt of Urine. R Boys Urine, Spirit of Wine, A. mix and evaporate and cures consumptions wonderfully. Dose gr. s.

the Stone, taken once a Month before the New Moon; to the consistency of new Honey; put it into a long neck'd Glass, and distil it with so small a heat in

15. Oleum Urinæ, Oil of Urine. Take of that ashes or sand, that it may condense. in the Alembick, gritty or tartarous Matter which sticks to the bottom and there will come forth in the Alembick a white

and sides of the Chamber Pot, calcine, dissolve, coSpirit like Snow, which in the cold will coagulate. Ifagulate, and then dissolve again per deliquium. this spirit be joined with the salt of the Fæces, and

If it be given Di at any time in a convenient vehicle, valatilized by often Cohobations, it will be a notable

it perfectly dissolves the Stone. Menstruum to draw the Vitriol of Metals, chiefly 16. Sanguis, Blood. Some say that Blood drank of Silver; if yet it be digested with common Salt, and hot, cures Epilepsies, if violent Exercise be used after purified by often Solutions and Coagulations for about it; but is very dangerous, for oftentimes it causeth ten Days and Nights in Balneo Vaporis, it will re- Epilepsies, and brings great Tremblings upon them solve; and by the addition of rectified S. V. and ten that take it: The Pouder or Ashes of it applied to any Days Digestion, it will be a good Menstruum to dis- Flux of Blood, stops it. solve Gold.

17. Mumia ex Sanguine, Mummy of Blood. 13. Essentia Urinæ. Essence of Urine.

R Blood of a found Man, gently dry it, impregnate Digest Boys Urine in a Glass Body in B. M. or in it with Juice of Limons, or Spirit of Vitriol; and with Horse Dung for 40 Days that it may putrify; decant Myrrh make it into Troches. from the faeces, and distil in Sand till all the Humid. It stops Bleeding, is good against Epilepsies, and ity is gone; cohobate from the Caput Mort. thrice, and cures Carbuncles, if zss. be given at a time in a Morndistil in a Gourd with a long' and wide neck (that the ing fasting in Cinnamon Water or other antileptick volatile Salt may not stop it), but with so gentle a fire, Vehicle. that the Glass Body may be always cold, and there will

(To be continued.) ascend a Spirit like Crystal, without Humidity; dissolve these Crystals in Rain Water rectified, and re- Possession is nine points of the law; self-possession peat six times; then digest the Crystals in a Glass is the tenth.-[POOR RICHARD, JUNIOR.


given by the attending physician. The clerk who LEGAL PHARMACY.

filled the prescription testified that he filled it in the

usual course of business and put the prescription on Notes of Recent. Decisions of Interest to Druggists

file. The physician testified that the prescription and Physicians.

was a proper one for the child and that it was needed. The prescription, however, called for two ounces of whisky and the proof showed that the defendant sold

half a pint, or eight ounces, of whisky or brandy. Mississippi.-Selling Liquor by the Quart Held an Of.

The prescription also failed to show the name of the fense in a Prohibition County.— Jake Irby was convicted

person for whom the liquor was prescribed and the date. of selling liquor in a prohibition county on an affidavit

The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of the which stated that the defendant on or about a certain

lower court, holding that “A prescription to authorize a

sale, must in all things conform to the statute." day did engage in selling whisky in the town of Sardis

Hatson v. Commonwealth 105 S. W. (Ky.) 955. contrary to the peace and dignity of the state. The defendant appealed, claiming the affidavit was in

Minnesota.-Time Limitation for Registration Held Not sufficient because it did not allege that the sale was

to Apply to Those Taking Examination. As the law stood unlawful. It is said that the acts of 1896 make it law

before the law of 1907 was passed, “to be entitled to ful for wholesale druggists domiciled and doing busi- examination by the Board of Pharmacy, the applicant ness in the State of Mississippi to sell alcohol to retail

must be twenty-one years old and have had four years druggists and physicians in any quantity not less than experience in drug stores where physicians' prescripone gallon in counties in which an election has been

tions are usually compounded. If he be a graduate of held on the subject of the sale of liquors, and which a school of pharmacy whose course includes twelve resulted against the sale. It was held by the Supreme months of laboratory work, two years of such experCourt that this could not help the appellant and that ience shall be required. If upon examination the it was not necessary to allege that the sale was unlaw

board finds him qualified he shall be entitled to such ful since the sale of any whisky by the quart in the registration as a pharmacist.” This law was reenacted county was illegal.

in 1907 with a provision to the effect that if anyone had Irby v. State, 44 Southern Rep. (Miss.) 801.

had fifteen years of such experience he might, upon South Dakota.-Druggist not Classed With Dispensers the payment of $10.00, be registered as a pharmacist of Food.-One R. F. Brown, a druggist of Sioux Falls, and receive a certificate entitling him to practice as a was detained under a complaint sworn to by the food registered pharmacist. Then came the following proand dairy commissioner, charging him with willfully vision: “Provided, however, that application for and wrongfully exposing for sale and selling drugs registration under the provisions of this act sball be and medicines which were misbranded in that the said made to such board within ten days from and after the drugs and medicines did not bear a qualitative state- enactment of the law.” In the District Court the orment of what they were composed. A section of the der to show cause why examination should be granted statute reads as follows: "The possession by any inn- after the expiration of the ten days, issued against the keeper, hotel keeper, restaurant keeper, or boarding- State Board of Pharmacy, was vacated and the temhouse keeper of any food or drug which is adultered porary injunction discharged. The Supreme Court shall be deemed keeping the same for sale.” Neither affirmed this order of the trial court on the ground the term “druggist” nor “medicine” was employed by that the last proviso related only to those seeking the legislature in this provision, and the court held that registration by virtue of the fifteen years' experience the unlawful possession of the adulterated or mis- and not to those taking the examination. branded “drug' is unaccountably limited to the dis

Minnesota State Pharmaceutical Association v. State Board of pensers of food, and that a class of persons whose Pharmacy, et al., 114 N. W. (Minn.) 245. business was distinctively different from those enumerated could not be said to be included in the statute.

The Pure Food Inspector. The application for a discharge of the prisoner on a writ of habeas corpus was granted.

The chile raised its fur and yowled, the sausage yelped with

glee, Ex parte Brown, 114 N. W. (S. D.) 303.

The potted game did much the same, as joyous as could be, Kentucky.—Prescriptions Must Comply with Statute.

For came a man of lofty mien, and mean also of face, James Hutson was indicted in the Carlisle Circuit To make report to Uncle Sam on pure food in the place. Court for violating the local option law in force in He came and shook the chile can, and just to make it sure, . On the trial

He read the label carefully before he stamped it “Pure."

He poked the sausage with his cane, and led some to the cat, Lucian Carter, to whom it was charged he sold the

Which threw a fit, so he also as pure food labeled that. liquor, testified that he bougbt at the drug store of For everybody knows that food when packed in little pots,

Or cans or skins or other things to keep it, never rots. Hutson a half pint of whisky or brandy; that his boy

While no one making things to eat would ever think to rob, was sick and that when he purchased the whisky he

Or falsify-but this is mum-a man must hold his job. presented to the clerk at the drug store a prescription

-[Dallas News.

and ined $60.00. He appealed from this judgment. H

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