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dinner at the Jefferson Hotel, October 8, in celebration ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

of his semi-centennial.

F. A. Moses, of the Wellston Pharmacy, 6201 Easton A. Schirenberg, Twenty-tbird Street and Cass Avenue,

Avenue, goes out on a fishing reports business fair and increasing.

trip every week and always

has a few fish for his friends. Wm. Brauch, manager of the Carey Pharmacy, Twenty-second Street and Cass . Avenue, says business is

C. G. Arras, 6125 Bartmer very good.

Avenue, bas one of the finest Wm. Cummins, 3062 Cass Avenue, says business is

and best arranged stores in fair, with prospects of getting better. He has been in

that part of the city. He says business at this corner for twenty-three years.

business is fair and consider

ably better than it has been. Manning Waldeck always has his fishing outfit ready so that he can go fishing at a moment's notice. He

C. J. Haeberle, owner of the usually brings home some fish for his friends.

Hodiamont Pharmacy, Maple

and Hodiamont Avenues, says S. A. Lavine, a graduate of the St. Louis College of

business is fair and increasing Pharmacy, '03, is owner of the Labadie, Euclid and St. Louis Avenues. He reports business good.

right along. C. Norford, with the Stoermer Drug Co., Sarah and

Edgar N. Sanders, a graduate of the St. Louis College Olive Streets, is a graduate of the Philadelphia College

of Pharmacy, Class of '84, quit the drug business some of Pharmacy, '04. He reports business fair and im

years ago and is now engaged in the automobile busiproving

ness, but he still has a soft spot in his heart for his

old college friends and would like to meet them all F. C. Pauley, Jr., proprietor of the Hamilton Phar

again. macy at 924 Hamilton Avenue, is a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, '07, and says business

Charles Renner, who attended the meeting of the is fair and getting better right along.

N. A. R. D. at Atlantic City, N. J., says “Next to

Chicago, St. Louis had the largest number of delegates Dr. A. H. Juengel, a graduate of the St. Louis College of at the meeting. The members attended the sessions Pharmacy, '02, is now interne

very diligently so as to be able to report fully to those at the City Hospital.

members who were unable to attend.” As a whole, E. M. Norton, formerly doing

he said that the St. Louis delegation had a very fine relief work, accepted a position

trip. as prescription clerk with the

H. W. Friedewald, Page and Goodfellow Avenues, has Judge & Dolph Pharmacal Co.,

one of the finest stores in on Olive Street.

that portion of the city and Dr. F. E. Meyer, formerly at

reports business fair. Ste. Genevieve, is now pro

R. G. Houghland, with the prietor of the Cottage Phar

Clara-Etzel Pharmacy, says macy, Spring and Cottage Ave

business is fair, but could nues, and reports business very

still be much better. good, in fact, so far every month DR. A. H. JUENGEL,

A. J. Temm, North Market this year has been better than

Street and Clara Avenue, the corresponding month last year.

says he is doing a nice busiA. Stetzlini, 3501 Cass Avenue, reports business fair ness and is well satisfied and increasing. He is one of the great fishermen since he opened his store on and manages to bring home a nice lot of bass and the above corner croppie after his weekly fishing trips.

0. J. Cloughly, 5601 Easton W. M. A. Smith, Boonville, Mo., lately in the drug Avenue, reports business business at McAlester, Okla., is permanently located fair. He is a great admirer of fine dogs. He has as prescription clerk with Ambrose Mueller, at Web- some of the finest breed of bull terriers in the city. ster Groves, and is well satisfied with his change.

1. M. Clark, after leaving the public schools of Upper J. Oldakowski, a graduate of the St. Louis College of

Alton, entered the drug business of the W. A. Clark Pharmacy, bought the drug store on Elliot and Gam

Drug Co., owned by his brother, at Upper Alton, reble Streets some time ago and says business is fair, maining for a few years. He then attended the St. and that he is well satisfied for the time he has been Louis College of Pharmacy, graduating in 1907. Soon there.

after graduating he entered into partnership with F. Dr. George A. Bowman, president of the St. Louis So- W. Runde, Ph. G., under the firm name of the Tower ciety of Dental Science and for fifty years a practi- Drug Co., 2100 East Grand Avenue. He reports busi. tioner of dentistry in St. Louis, was honored with a

ness fair,



[blocks in formation]

A tripled advertising campaign (giving prescription) has just been resumed on Toris Compound and Concentrated Pine Compound.

Every druggist knows that these goods are money makers for the trade, should keep a liberal stock on hand and give us his hearty co-operation. Both of these products can well be considered as staples; wherever they have been established, they continue to repeat with amazing regularity which is the best evidence of their intrinsic merit,

Globe Pharmaceutical Company




MO. PH. A.

Rheumatism No More.-Serial No 9846 is the trade Mo, Ph. A. Committees for 1908-1909. mark of a rheumatic cure made by E. F. Davis, a

Deceased Members.-Fred R. Dimmitt, Chairman, Kansas City: druggist at 916 North Kingsbighway, who reports P. H. Franklin, Marshall; A. S. Ludwig, St. Louis; F. L. Barnes that he is having many calls for the remedy.

Kansas City; W. B. Kerns, Bunceton.

Drug Adulterations.-Dr. Chas. E. Caspari, Chairman, St.Louis; The Coca-Cola Company has won its suit in the Mrs. D. V. Whitney, Kansas City; Wm. K. Ilhart, St. Louis; H. United States Circuit Court against Max Jacobs and the 1. Llewellyn, Mexico; A. Brandenberger, Jefferson City. Western Bottling Works, and the court has issued a Exhibits.-H. J. Nie, Chairman, Kansas City; C. E. Zion, Kan. decree that forbids the defendants to make or sell or sas City; F. W. Robinson, Warrensburg; E. L. Rhodes, Lincoln; advertise that they have for sale, either in bottles or Geo. L Parsons, Kansas City. by the glass, any beverage, as "Kos-Kola,” “Cold. Entertainment.-J. C. Wirthman, Vice-Chairman, Kansas City. Cola” or by any other name so similar in sound or ap- Chairman and members will be named when location of 1909 pearance as to lead customers to believe that they are meeting is decided. buying the drink known as Coca-Cola. This decree Ladies Entertainment Committee.- Mrs. H M. Whelpley, also forbids them infringing on the trade name “Coca- Chairman; Mrs. Otto F. Claus, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. J. C. WirthCola" or trying to sell any other drink in place of Coca- man, Mrs. Wm. Mittelbach; Mrs. Oscar H. Ott; Mrs. L. A. Seitz; Cola and thereby deceiving the public. The court has Mrs. C. W. Loomis; Mrs. E. C. Hamill; Mrs. D. V. Whitney; Mrs. made this decree perpetual and final.-[Chicago Even- T. T. Duncan; Mrs. H. J. Stolle; Mrs. W. H. Lamont; Mrs. A. C. ing American, October 10, 1908.

Meyer; Mrs. Dan Liddy; Mrs. Ed. Hunter.

Legislation.-Charles L. Wright, Chairman, Webb City; Henry Hesse Envelope Company Makes Important Addi

0. A. Huegel, St. Louis; Dr. A. H. P. Bohning, New Hampton; tion.—The Hesse Envelope Company, manufacturers Louis Grother, Warsaw; P. H. Franklin, Marshall. of envelopes, St. Louis, Mo., have just installed a National Formulary.-Mrs. D. V. Whitney, Chairman, Kansas lithograph department with an equipment the best City; W.C. Knight, Columbia; Ambrose Mueller, Webster Groves; that money can buy. The concern will not only litho- C. H. Cleeton, Higbee; Leo Suppan, St. Louis. graph envelopes but will do a general line of com- Membership and Attendance.-E.H.Dudley, Chairman, Kansas mercial work. The addition of this plant means that City; W. R. Scheldrup, Pierce City; H. P. Sum, St. Louis; H. W. this is the only concern in this great country which Servant, Sedalia; Ed. G. Orear, Maryville. manufactures a complete line of regular size envelopes Papers and Queries.-Prof. Francis Hemm, Chairman, St. Louis; and lithographs them in its own establishment. They H. M. Pettit, Carrolltop; J. F. Llewellyn, Mexico; C. E. Meyers, take the order for lithographing envelopes and turn it St. Charles; F. G. Uhlich, St. Louis. out complete. Other concerns either farm out the Trade Interests.-Wm. F. Ittner, Chairman, St. Louis; F. C. lithographing or the making of the envelopes. Orders Whitman, Warrensburg; R. B. Tilley, Columbia; A. Nicholas, for all kinds of commercial lithography are now coming Trenton; W. D. Webb, St. Joseph. in from the South and West and the new department Transportation.-W. B. Kerns, Chairman, Buoceton; s. J. is already quite busy. The company have adopted the Althoff, Higginsville; W. E. Bard, Sedalia; J. J. Frey, St. Louis; Off-Set press which not only permits of a higher class T. B. Montgomery, Warrensburg of work, but also gives a capacity of six or eight times United States Pharmacopoeia.-Wm. Mittelbach, Chairman, as much work within a given time.

Boonville; Francis Hemm, St. Louis; O. W. Smith, Sedalia; H. The company operate a branch house in Dallas, M. Pettit, Carrollton; Otto F. Claus, St. Louis. Texas, and is one of the leading houses in the South- Auxiliary Committee of Jobbers.-(To solicit new members.) west in their line.

Judge W. T. Bland, chairman, McPike Drug Co., Kansas City.

Auxiliary Committee on Membership and Legislation. Druggists Have Been Deceived So Many Times in


the past with new dyes that they are naturally very 1st ....W. D. Powell..... . Excelle, Macon Co.
skeptical when another dye is offered as “One Dye for 2nd .. Alison Nicholas.. Trenton, Gruody Co..
all Fabrics."

3rd....G. W. Carmack .Plattsburg, Clinton Co. The Rainbow Dye Company, however, hold them

4th ....Ed. G. Orear...... Marysville, Nodaway Co. selves in readiness to challenge this skepticism. They

5th....W. M. Federmann....... Kansas City. are willing to guarantee that every one of the eighteen

.T. B. Montgomery...... Warrensburg, Johnson Co. standard Rainbow colors will dye cotton, wool, silk,

7th ...W.E. Bard........ .Sedalia, Pettis Co. linen and mixed fabrics at the same time, with the

8th....W.C. Kuight... ..... Columbia. same dye and in the same bath, if their simple direc

9th ... J. F. Llewellyn..... Mexico. tions are carefully followed, or they will authorize the

10th ... Ambrose Mueller. .... Webster Groves, Mo. dealer to refund the money to his customer, and will

11th....Dr. O. F. Claus.... 3513 Hebert St., St. Louis. in turn refund the amount to the dealer.

12th....Dr. Charles Herbert..... Jefferson and Park Avs., St. Louis. The Rainbow Dye Company are offering to the trade

13th....Murray C. Kalis. .Desloge, St. Francois Co. the smallest and most unique cabinet, at the smallest

14th ....I. Ben Miller

Cape Girardeau. investment, of any cabinet now offered on the market.

15th....W. T. Ballagh. .Nevada, Mo. It is given with orders for one gross of the goods, and

16th .... Sam Farrar . ..Lebanon, Laclede Co. includes twelve packages free, thus affording the

Delegates. dealer an unusually large profit for a very widely ad

American Pharmaceutical Association.-Charles Gietner, St. vertised and guaranteed product.

Louis; Wm. Mittelbach, Boonville; A. Brandenberger, H. M. The Rainbow Dye Company, New York City, will be Petiit, Carrollton. glad to forward to any dealer, on application, a coloro N. A. R. D.-Charles L. Wright, Chairman, W. M. Federmann, card of Rainbow Dyes showing a sample of cotton, Kansas City, Alterpate. wool, silk and mixed goods sewn together and dyed at Illinois Pharmaceutical Association.-Dr. H. M. Whelpley, the same time, in the same bath and with the same

Chairman, St. Louis; Leo Suppan, St. Louis. dye, together with literature giving a full description chairman, Kansas City, Kan.; T. A. Musely, Kansas City, Kan!

Kansas Pharmaceutical Association.-A. F. Zimmerschied, of their unique cabinet and their various propositions

Missouri Medical Association --Same Committee as on Legisto dealers.





The World Takes Off Its Hat

to Oliver Number 5


It is impossible in the limited space of this announcement to adequately describe the new

machine. A brief resume of its commanding The World loves advantages must suffice. a winner.

The Oliver Disappearing Indicator is the Here's one that only device on any typewriter for indicating won over every type- the exact visible printing point at time of writer under the sun. stroke. It's the new Oliver The Oliver Balance Shift Mechanism

gives the new model a fifty per cent advantage Hats off to the victor

over all other shift key machines. ious Oliver !

The new Oliver is the first to reach the goal of typewriter perfection.

While other typewriter makers rested on their laurels, the Oliver Typewriter Company's corps

of mechanical experts were bending every energy to the task of making a new world's record.

The splendid result, the wonderful new The Oliver Line Ruling Device, the Oliver Model No. 5, represents the highest Oliver Non-Vibrating Base, the Oliver achievement of typewriter invention.

Automatic Paper Feed, and scores of addiSpeed possibilities have been vastly increased. tional improvements that make for accuracy Time and labor-saving features hitherto un- and speed, are found on Model No. 5 and known have been perfected. Years of dura- nowhere else. bility have been added.

Every employer, every operator, every busiSimplicity has been reduced to its lowest ness executive interested in raising the standterms.

ard of efficiency in all departments, should Efficiency has reached its utmost limits. write for catalogue giving full details of this

Not until Oliver Model No. 5 was absolutely wonderful typewriter. perfect down to the minutest detail-not until


we were fully prepared by increasing our

fac- Extra Men Wanted At Once!

tory capacity to meet the enormous demand Unprecedented demand for the new model for it—was news of the coming wonder per- necessitates the employment of extra salesmen mitted to reach the outside world.

immediately. This is the first public announcement of Oliver Good salaries and permanent positions to Model No. 5, and it will go down in history as men of character and ability. We train our marking a new epoch in the typewriter in- men FREE in The Oliver School of Practical dustry.

Salesmanship. Address at once,

The Oliver Typewriter Co., 117 No. 8th St., St. Louis, Mo.


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