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J. P. Huhn, of the J. P. Huhn Drug Co., Grand and Washington Avenue, is a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, 1880. He reports business fair and prescriptions to which he caters occasionally, very good.

Carl Grotefend, clerk for Wm. K. Ilhardt, at 4836 Delmar Avenue, caught two boys, one evening last week, wrecking the slot machine in front of the store. After searching the boys and finding only fifty cents between them, he released them. Later, it was discovered that they had done damages amounting to more than $50.00 but, by that time, the boys had disappeared and could not be found.

The Selling Qualities of the
Usona Self-Closing

Tobacco Pouch
are unequaled. The biggest,
fastest and most profitable
seller of any similar device on
the market. Operated with

one hand; opens by a simple thumb pressure; closes automatically; prevents waste and annoy: ance and will not leak. A staple novelty, extensively advertised and immensely popular.

Retail Prices No. 1-Small size, Imt. Leather, 25c. No. 2-Large size, Leather, 50c. No. 3-Special finish Grain Seal or Snake, packed

in individual white, enamel boxes.... $1.00.

Discounts to Trade Dozen lots, any assortment, 30%. Gross lots, any assortment, 40%. Three display easels packed with each gross lot. All express and mailing charges prepaid on cash or C. 0. D. orders. .

paid Leather, , dozen Leather. 1-6 dozen Seal Grain and 1-6 dozen Snake Skin Pouches, with two handsome display cards. This is less than our gross discount price. If you are not handling these pouches we give you this unusual opportunity to test their wonderful selle ing power. The Self-Closing Pouch Company :: 532 :: Culver Way, St. Louis, Mo.

Our Special One-Time Cash Offer Forgas. we will send pre

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Nat. Tel. 6846.

After we


J. W. Lauer is a thoroughly up-to-date pharmacist, at NEWS FROM HERE AND THERE. Winona, Minn:

J. H. Cole, formerly of Indianapolis, is now living at Secretary Thomas H. Potts, of the N. A. R. D., Ft. Wayne, Ind. and his good wife were tendered an enjoyable reception at Masonic Temple, Chicago. The occasion was

W. C. Bastin is a physician and surgeon interested in largely attended by the pharmacists of the city, and pharmacy at Mulkeytown, Ill. an interesting program was carried out. It was strictly W. W. Griffin is a chemist and druggist doing a prosa pharmaceutical affair.

perous business at Pelzer, S. C. The Meyer Brothers Druggist Brings Returns to Waldo Keister, formerly of St. Johns, O., is now with its advertisers as well as furnishes interesting reading the Bailey Drug Co., Zanesville, 0. matter for the subscribers. The following letter is a A. W. Smith is a registered pharmacist well estabgood example of the interest shown in our columns lished in business at Wetunka, Okla. by our subscribers in foreign countries:

B.A. Root is a dealer in drugs and medicines, paints,

oils, glass and wall paper, at Murray, Neb. Memo. from The Kingston Drug Co.,

W. S. Roberts, of Huntsville, Mo., is now in charge 23 Albemarle Street,

Hull, England, October 31, 1908. of prescription department of A. B. Young, Perry, Mo. Messrs. Cleaner Mfg. Co.,

The Denver Drug Co., located at Denver, Mo., is do. St. Louis, Mo.

ing a prosperous business, with T. R. Burns as proGentlemen:

Seeing your ad in MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST for this month prietor. will you please send us samples and wholesale prices in bulk,

The Cassville Drug Co. is a prosperous firm at Cassand as you pack your goods. We should want goods delivered

ville, Mo. The members are S. W. Chandler and G. free nearest port for Hull-say New York or Boston. have tried samples of your goods we will write further.

R. McClure. Awaiting your favor. Yours truly,

The Fry Hodge Drug Co. has a store at Marshall, Tex. THE KINGSTON DRUG Co.

It is one of the most up-to-date and prosperous drug W. J.

stores in the state. Board of Pharmacy Examinations have been con

H. A. Littlefieid is now located with the Denver Drug sidered in the columns of the MEYER BROTHERS

Co., at Denver, Mo., where prescriptions are accurDRUGGIST as follows:

ately compounded.

The University of Michigan School of Pharmacy has re

cently been incorporated into the university as a fullArk..

fledged department.

The Eagle Pass Drug Co. is a prosperous drug firm at Colo..

Eagle Pass, Tex., with Charles F. Carson and R. F. Colo.. College

Tarver as proprietors. D. C....

N. C....

0. E. Bramblett is pleasantly located with W. W. Mo... Okla..

Griffin, at Pelzer, S. C., and takes much interest in

pharmaceutical affairs. Oreg..

P. J. Garvin is a prescription druggist at Bethel, Mo.. 277 1906 Oreg...

Conn., and gives special attention to that department La.....

1906 Quebec.

of pharmaceutical work. 1907 s. D...

C. D. Kerlagon, Ph. G., '08, formerly of Farmington, Mass

Mo., is now pleasantly located with George H. Sommers, at 4900 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis.

The Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium, of Dallas, has Wash.

received a handsome gift from Mrs. Ramsuer, of Paris, Tex. It consists of 9,000 acres of land and $15,000 in

cash. The charge for above copies is twenty-five cents each.

Threde's Pharmacy, on the northeast corner of Second E. Kinnett is a prosperous pharmacist at Pierce City, and Market Streets, Alton, Ill., is a prosperous place Mo.

of business with the motto, “It pleases us to please Open All Night is the Capitol Pharmacy, at Houston, Тех.

Frank A. Druehl, of Salt Lake City, visited New York Sullivan Pharmacy succeeds Dr. T. B. Duemler at Sul-City recently, stopping over a few days at Chicago, livan, Mo.

where he was in the drug business from 1867 to 1892. The Red Cross Pharmacy, of Leslie, Ark., is owned by Mr. Druehl, like other Salt Lake City pharmacists, is John R. Clay.

anxious to see the A. Ph. A. visit the coast in 1909.







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1898 1908 1897 1896 1896 1907 1902 1901 1892 1903 1907 1898 1907 1906 1897 1900 1904 1908 1904 1904 1904 1904 1905 1905 1905 1905 1906 1905

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88 1896 862 1901

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1896 210 1893 327 1897 401 1907 286 1697 130 1897

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86 1897 838 1900 519 1907 82 1908 82 1908 52 1892 825 1896 76

1899 882 1892 128 1901 89 1892

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bookkeeping, stenography and typewriting, algebra, geometry, ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

physics, chemistry, United States history, general history, civil government, literature, Latin, French, German, Spanish.

Upon passing a satisfactory examination on any study, a stuThe Missouri Retail Merchants' Association now dent will be entitled to a credit for the same. Credits for three includes the St. Louis R. D. A., which has joined on a

of the first four subjects named will entitle a student to a com

mercial diploma. basis of fifty members. The state association has

Students who have passed a satisfactory examination upon a taken a decided stand against trading stamps, dis- sufficient number of the high school studies will be entitled to honest advertising and illegitimate proprietary goods. an evening high school diploma.

For admission to the evening high schools a certificate of Political.-Among those present at the grand repub- 1 graduation from the district evening schools or other evidence lican love feast and banquet on November 14, at the of sufficient preparation is required. new Coliseum, were noticeable a number of our retail Time of the Evening Schools.-The cvening schools begin druggists, especially Theodore F. Hagenow, L. A.

early in October and continue in session for twenty weeks, on

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from seven to pine o'clock. Seitz, Mr. Bryant, Otto Ude, J. P. Methudy, Dr. J. L.

Students can be admitted to an evening school at any time of Boehm, C. Stoermer, Robert Thebus and Chas. Renner.

the course by applying to the principal. Punctual attendance St. Louis Public Evening Schools.-In the MEYER

is required. BROTHERS DRUGGIST, for November, we called the at

Location of Evening Schools.—The evening grammar schools

are located in the following buildings: tention of drug clerks to the public evening schools,

Northern part of the city-Eliot School, 4250 Grove Street; and advised them to take advantage of this oppor

Jackson School, Madison and Hogan Streets. tunity of preparing for the college of pharmacy. We Southern part of the city-Blow School, Virginia and Loughhave received a number of inquiries about the schools borough Avenues; Lafayette School, Apn Avenue, near Ninth

Street; Shepard School, Wisconsin Avenue and Potomac Street; and are pleased to give the following information, fur

some school pear the McKinley, it a sufficient pumber apply at nished us by the superintendent of instruction, Ben

the McKinley High. Blewett.

Central part of the city-Cart Lane School, Twenty-tbird and The Board of Education maintains free public evening schools Carr Streets; Franklin School, 1633 Lucas Avenue; Patrick for the benefit young men and women between the ages of Henry School, Teoth and Biddle Streets; Dumas School (colfourteen and twenty, who follow some industrial calling and ored), 1413 Lucas Avenue. have po opportunity to avail themselves of the day schools

Western part of the city-Marshall School, Lucky Street, beA nominal tuition (one dollar for the session of twenty weeks) tween Newstead and Pendleton Avenues; L'Ouverture School is charged for students who are twenty years of age and over. (colored), 2612 Papin Street; Simmons School (colored), 4234 St.

Any child who bas been exempted from attendance in the day Louis Avenue. schools for the reason that his labor is absolutely necessary for

Evening High Schools.-Public evening high schools are the support of the family, is required to attend some evening maintained in the Central High School Building, on Grand Aveschool, unless exemption from such attendance is granted by

pue, near Finney Avenue, and in the McKinley High School, the attendance officer.

Missouri and Russell Avenues. In the McKinley High School, To an earnest student the evening schools offer a good chance in addition to the high school work, there will be classes of for obtaining a fair English education or for making up deficien- adult foreigners studying English, and classes in grammar eies of earlier school training. Many of the best teachers of

school work with a view to opening a grammar school in the the day schools teach in evening schools.

neighborhood. The Studies of the Evening Schools.-The full course of even- Evening High School for Colored People.-Whenever as many ing school training, which is open to the students, covers five

as twenty pupils that are qualified by the completion of the eleyears, namely, three years of elementary school instruction and

mentary school course shall apply for instruction in high school two years high school work.

studies, such as algebra, physics, modern language, bookkeepThe studies of the elementary public evening schools are:

ing or mechanical drawing, classes in such studies will be orReading and writing the English language, arithmetic; the

ganized in the L'Ouverture evening school. elements of geography and History of the United States. In

During the fall the St. Louis public evening schools most of the evening schools there are classes in drawing for me. chanics, and classes in bookkeeping. A class in cooking will conducted a series of illustrated science lectures covbe conducted at the Patrick Henry School. When a sufficient ering chemistry by Chester B. Curtis, principal Cennumber of applicants present themselves, classes are formed for

tral High School, and physics by W. M. Butler, asforeigners who desire instruction in the English language.

sistant principal Yeatman High School. This series Drawing Classes.-Classes in drawing are maintained in those

closed December 1, but new series will be opened and evening schools in which a sufficient number of qualified pupils apply for this branch of study.

information about them can be obtained by addressThe lessons in drawing include both free hand and mechani- ing Mr. Blewett. We again suggest that proprietors cal, or instrumental drawing and architectural drawing, and the

as well as clerks take an interest in the evening school work has been so planned as to meet the needs of the workers in

work and see to it that their clerks are competent to the various trades.

There are lessons in constructive design, such as the design- pass a preliminary examination before matriculating ing of articles in wrought and bent iron, furniture, etc.

at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. This instituLessons in decorative designs will be given, and their applica- tion found it necessary to return the fees to eleven stution to various textiles and materials, such as leather, copper,

dents who had paid but were unable to come up to the brass, lineps, etc.

Free hand drawing from objects and nature is also made a sub- requirements at the preliminary examination, last ject of iostruction, and the lessons are so arraoged as to be of September. practical use.

P. A. Kuehnemann, formerly of Kansas City, Mo., is The Studies of the Evening High Schools.-Upon application of a sufficient number to form a class, the following studies will be

now with the Stegner Drug Co., Grand and Easton taught: English language and composition, higher arithmetic, Avenues.


C. F. Miller, a graduate of the Albany (N. Y.) College ST. LOUIS LOCALS.

of Pharmacy, is prescription clerk at Stoermer's Drug

Store, King's Highway and Delmar Avenue. E. Kilgore is with C. H. Magruder, at 5001 Delmar Theodore Engelskind, a graduate of the St. Louis ColAvenue.

lege of Pharmacy, 1900, finds Dr. B. J. Ludwig, 4143 Lee Avenue, reports business

business better than it was very good.

six months ago. C. W.J. H. Hahn, 2301 Salisbury Street, says business

F. P. Schaum, with F. W. is very good.

Barkhoefer, 4201 N. Eleventh H. Kienker, with J. J. Mueller, 3901 Lee Avenue, says

Street, a graduate of the St. business is very good.

Louis College of Pharmacy,

of 1905, reports business fair A. S. Ludwig, 2901 N. Newstead Avenue, reports busi

and increasing right along. ness fair and increasing.

A, Ramer is now with F. A. J. W. Schneider has quit the drug business and is now

Ulrich, Twentieth and Salislooking after life insurance.

bury Streets, as prescription A. Vogelsang, Glasgow and St. Louis Avenues, reports

clerk. He was formerly business fair and increasing.

with R. T. Hill. H. S. Konetzy, 2300 Salisbury Street, reports business

A. W. Klosterman has charge of the store of his brother, all right and is well satisfied.

W.J. A. Klosterman at Elliott and St. Louis Avenues, J. H. Sewing, Twenty-Fifth Street and St. Louis while the latter is away on his wedding trip. Avenue, reports business good.

Peter Eck, with J. A. Pfunder, 4701 St. Louis Avenue, Geo. Burckhardt, formerly with C. W. Smith, is now

is attending the St. Louis College of Physicians and permanently located with A. W. Pauley.

Surgeons, Jefferson Avenue and Gamble Street.
H. C. French and brother bought the store of J. R.
Strite, 4201 Olive Street, about two months ago.

Dr. L. C. Haagen, a graduate of the St. Louis College of

Pharmacy, 1884, is always willing to help out his friend, 0. A. Grote, 4400 Natural Bridge Road, reports busi- J. B. Higgins. The doctor would like to hear from or ness fair and considerably better than it has been.

meet some of his classmates of the St. Louis College W. Reuter, formerly with the Chenoweth Drug Co., of Pharmacy. is now with H. S. Konetzky, Tenth and Wright Streets. C. E. Musick, 4267 Olive Street, is one of the St. Louis

druggists who is the owner of an
automobile. He takes a spin
through the county every time he
can get away from the store.

J. J. Kane is with C. E. Musick.

W. Friesz is manager of the C. W. J. H. Hahn drug store at 4401 Olive Street.

A. Hansen, with B. J. Ludwig,

918 N. Taylor Avenue, has been seriously ill, but is back in business again.

A. J. Hoenny, Grand Avenue and Natural Bridge Road, says business has been fair and it is increasing right along

F. Rosenberg is now with H. S. Konetzky, at TwentyThird and Salisbury Streets. He was formerly with C. Stoermer.

A. Lieberstein, has been traveling the last few months through California, Arizona and New Mexico, on account of his health.

C. L. Jones had full charge of A. W. Pauley's store, Grand Avenue and Hebert Street, while Mr. Pauley was touring Yellowstone Park.

Eugene H. Kurtz, Ph. G., of 2000 South Broadway, is PresiJ. A. Sanger, proprietor of the Lindell Pharmacy,

dent of the St. Louis Drug Clerks' Society for 1908-09. He is also Sarah Street and St. Louis Avenue, reports business prominent in the Alumni Association of the St. Louis College of considerably better than it has been.




But widely as Zymole Trokeys are known, knowlTRADE NOTES

edge of them is still being more extensively spread by the advertising in the street cars which is being car

ried on in all the principal cities of the United States The Course in Pharmacy Given by the Ohio Insti. and many of the smaller towns. Do not fail to put in tute Pharmacy, Columbus, Ohio, will elevate the pro- a generous stock if you have not already done so, and fessional standard of any young man. Write for in- keep a box prominently displayed on your show-case. formation. Their Latest Production.—The Abbott Alkaloidal

A New Industry That Will Rival Petroleum, is that Co., Ravenswood Station, Chicago, Ills., have just

of producing denatured alcohol for light, heat and completed a new and enlarged trade price-list, which

power. Denatured alcohol is now being used by every contains a number of improved and distinctive features;

navy in the world, nearly every city in France and also a valuable amount of useful information, and Germany, and in few American cities. There are no druggists will do well to cooperate with them by mak

speculative features, no prospecting for an unknown,

för denatured alcohol is a necessity in every coming requests for a copy of this new price-list.

munity on land and sea. The automobiles and the The Best of All, and, for over sixty years, an old

navies of the world consume millions of barrels of it. and well-tried remedy. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing The market awaits the product. Syrup bas been used for over sixty years by millions The Continental Natural Gas Alcohol Co., whose of mothers for their children while teething, with advertisement appears elsewhere in this publication, perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, are ready to negotiate with commercial associations or allays the pain, cures colic, and is the best remedy for

local individuals for this new manufacturing industry diarrhea. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. at your locality if near gas belt. If interested you will

do well to write tbem. Important Notice to Druggists. We wish to call attention to the fact that Butler Brothers have ready ducing their product in this city and state, now appear

The Bromo-Lithia Chemical Co., at present introfor mailing a special catalogue for druggists. It con

to have perfected a plan that will insure a proper distains a very comprehensive list of sundries and a most complete list of their holiday wares. You should

tribution of the full cash paid shares of stock in their make request for a copy of this special edition at once.

company to the five clerks who sell the most BromoDruggists contiguous to their St. Louis branch should

Lithia within three months of the receipt of the Intro

ductory Quantity. make request for catalogue No. 696.

This they are enabled to do because of the serial Dr. Kline's Remedies.

number upon every bottle and the placing by the clerk

of the number of the bottle on every coupon returned. Nerve Restorer, large....

per doz $16 00 Nerve Restorer, small

Only five clerks in each state can receive the shares Anti-Bilious Elixir and Blood Purifier.... ......

8 00 of stock, but every clerk who enters the competition is Throat and Lung Cure...

800 Antiseptic Tonic..

promised a valuable remembrance or consolation prize,

per doz. 8 00 Invigorating Tonic.......

and as the Bromo-Lithia Company has built up an enLadies' Elixir..

8.00 viable reputation of doing exactly as they promise, we Rheumatic and Neuralgia Specific.... Catarrh Specific.

8 00

advise all who have an opp tunity to enter this comBon-Ton Skin Bath, large.......

8 00 petition.

8 00

...... per doz

. per doz
per doz

8 00

...per doz

. Per doz • Per doz .. per doz per doz

8 00

If You Have Never Handled Rudy's Pile Supposi- The New Usona Self-Closing Tobacco Pouch offers tories and desire to do so, it will pay you to write at an opportunity to up-to-date retailers for the installaonce and send me the name of your jobbing house, tion of a most unique and attractive as well as profitand I will send to you in their care, free of all charges, able holiday display feature. The pouch was designed two (2) boxes Rudy's Pile Suppositories, which retail to meet a long felt want of the pipe and cigarette #t 50 cents each, with free samples, a neat metal sign, smoker who has had to undergo the inconvience of a etc. They are now sold and recommended by over leaky pouch or bag which it was impossible to close 5,000 druggists in this country, so you need not hesi. without the use of both hands and the loss of much tate to place confidence in them. Manufactured by temper, time and tobacco. In this regard it seems to Martin Rudy (registered pharmacist), Lancaster, Pa. have fully met expectations as the improved pouch is

rapidly coming into general use. It is guaranteed not Brown's Bronchial Troches do not contain opium or

to leak and its simple though ingenious automatic any injurious substance whatever, the use of which

closing feature appeals at once to the smoker. The would require a special label on the package.

pouch is neatly and substantially made and on account Known throughout the world for fifty years as a

of its possibilities as an appropriate and inexpensive preparation of superior merit. Dealers in medicines gift is especially salable among all classes in the holi

day season. The manufacturer is offering liberal disand proprietary goods can confidently recommend this article as an efficacious remedy for coughs, hoarseness,

counts to the trade and is advertising extensively in

the leading periodicals. bronchial and lung troubles. Imitations and inferior preparations represented to

Every first class store will undoubtedly receive be the same as “Brown's Bronchial Troches" should many inquiries as to this pouch, and it therefore seems be avoided.

that it should be given a leading place among the many interesting and useful novelties which are so

essential to the Christmas trade. Seems to Us That Zșmole Trokeys ought to be a mighty good thing for druggists to turn their selling attention to. There is probably no other throat The Eminent Lawyer.- My young friend, you specialty now on the market that is so well known to

should profit by advice. the general public, and every live druggist should strive to pull to his store part of the constantly in- The young lawyer-I might if I got as much for givcreasing demand for them.

ing it as you do.-[Syracuse Herald.

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