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vice and immorality. It is full “ of farewells to the dying, and mournings for the dead.” Come out and breathe the pure healthful air of the country, ye denizens of a Babel of woes!

One whose spiritual ear is attuned to the sweet converse of nature, need never be lonely in the country. Earth, air, sea and sky are to such most eloquent companions, suited to the varying mood of the most cultured and refined, alike sympathetic to the careworn and weary, the joyous and free. Even the shadows that flit across the meadows are a relief to the restless heart; a gentle soothing lullaby of her weary children by the maternal nurse.

How eloquent the autumnal forest; sublime, the moaning of the sea ; beautiful, the summer landscape; tender, the purple hue of the dissolving sun-set; melancholy, the sighing of the wind among the leafless branches of the trees, “ the tender grace of a day that is dead.”

The expectant silence before church service is like that of nature upon the descending shower, each awaiting a refreshing from the Lord of nature and of grace.

God is in all things, and all things are in and through Him," therefore, we need not fear, though the earth be removed."

How eloquent is the silent sympathy of the flowers, how sweet and hopeful the fragrant expression of the

humble, little wayside blossoms, the violet, the daisy, and even the unappreciated dandelion, all pure, and shining by the dusty road, teaching us the valuable lesson of wayside service for the Master, for

“In the world is darkness,

So we must shine,
You in your little corner,

And I in mine.”

Nature is a faithful confidant. She never discloses our secrets, and is also a most inspiring medium of thought; her variable moods answering to those of the human mind, in sympathy with its importunate yearnings for the Divine.

Persons are often eulogized for growth in grace in their declining years; but is not high spiritual attainment in youth or middle age, when the individual is susceptible of worldly enjoyment, and is keenly alive to temptations from without and within, a more convincing testimony of a healthful condition of the soul ?

As we advance in life we should cultivate the social graces, that we may preserve our influence over the young, and in their fresh and healthful society renew our age and enjoy the pleasant retrospect of our own youthful days. “ Thus may our sun on the hills forget to die, And the lilies revive, and the dragon-fly

Come back to dream on the river again."

The receding echo of the reserberating thunder is suggestive of the awful sublimity of the Infinite Creator of the universe. « Tremble, oh ! earth, in the presence of His power.”

We are ever ready to perceive the changes of time : upon persons and things related to us, but question a change in ourselves.

“ Is it changed, or am I changed ?

Ab! the oaks are fresh and green ;
But the friends with whon I ranged
Through those thickets are estranged

By the years that intervene.
Bright as ever flows the sea, ...

Bright as ever shines the sun ;
But, alas ! they seem to me
Not the sun that used to be,
Nor the tides that used to run."

Longfellow. As the bright beams of the sun can beautify the most gloomy winter landscape, so the sunshine of God's love can cheer and brighten the most cheerless old age.

“ This is God, He moves us so to take of Him what lacks. Our want is His desire to give. He yearns to add Himself to life, and so (for aye) make it erough.”

Poverty is no less a temptation to sin than wealth, One tempts through the gratification of our desires, the other through the want of it.

: Our conscientious balances of right and wrong are adjusted by the temperature of our moral atmosphere, consequently are not an infallible guide.

Our decisions at the tribunal of conscience will be tested at the supreme court of Heaven.

The perversity of the human will is such that only the Divine can comprehend or direct it.

The waywardness of children, their ingratitude to parents, is a faint illustration of our position towards our Heavenly Father.

We should think it very strange and foolish for children, who are the daily recipients of the loving care of their kind and indulgent parents, to be continually questioning and distrustful of their love, and willingness to continue their favors. Equally inconsistent is our distrust of our Heavenly Parent.

God is love, therefore love is immortal.

Resignation is the soul's yes to sorrow, until the Master says vo.

“Let nothing make thee sad or fretful,
Or too regretful ;

Be still.
What God has ordered must be right,
Then find it in thine own delight,

My will.

Why should'st thou fill to-day with sorrow
About to-morrow,

My heart ?
One watches all with care most true,
Doubt not that He will give thee, too,

Thy part.

Only be steadfast; never waver,
Nor seek earth’s favor,

But rest.
Thou knowest what God wills must be,
For all his creatures, so for thee,
The best.

Paul Fleming.

When we deplore the usages of society, we should remember that we are one in it, and so far responsible for its condition. Were each individual faithful in the performance of his duties, society would right itself.

We can bear the contempt of others more complacently than our own.

The fear of criticism is the death-blow to eloquence.

It is the unseen daggers thrust by society that pierce most keenly. He is most happy who dwells in an atmosphere above their reach.

The soul touched by God may be separate but not solitary.

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