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Página 109 - The available supply of sulphuric acid and lime is often insufficient ; hence one reason for the good effect so often observed from the application of lime, and of plaster, which is a compound of lime and sulphuric acid. The remaining substances, nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash, are the most important ingredients of our common commercial fertilizers, because of both their scarcity in the soil and their high cost. It is in supplying these that phosphates...
Página 127 - To entitle a new fruit to the award or commendation of the society, it must possess (at least for the locality for which it is recommended) some valuable or desirable quality or combination of qualities, in a higher degree than any previously known variety of its class and season.
Página 46 - ... which I still adhere and from which I have nothing to take back. The terms Pearmain, Pippin, Beurre, Doyenne, Bon Chretien, etc., applied to apples and pears, once described classes of fruit which are now so confused and blended that the names have lost their significance. The cases are very few where a single word will not form a better name for a fruit than two or more.
Página 8 - The object of the Society being to collect, condense, and collate information relative to all varieties of fruit, and dispense the same among the people ; every member shall pay into the treasury $1 a year for the purpose of publishing and other expenses.
Página 127 - The duplication of varieties in a collection will not be permitted. RULE 4. In all cases of fruits intended to be examined and reported by committees, the name of the exhibitor, together with a •complete list of the varieties exhibited by him, must be delivered to the Secretary of the society on or before the first day of the exhibition. RULE 5. The exhibitor will receive from the secretary an entry card which must be placed with the exhibit, when arranged for exhibition, for the guidance of committees.
Página 7 - The Treasurer shall collect and hold all funds of the Society, and pay •out the same only on the order of the Secretary, countersigned by the President.
Página 127 - These rules are as follows: 1. The originator or introducer (in the order named) has the prior right to bestow a name upon a new or unnamed fruit. 2. The society reserves the right, in case of long, inappropriate, or otherwise objectionable names, to shorten, modify, or wholly change the same when they shall occur in its discussions or reports, and also to recommend such names for general adoption.
Página 7 - Society, notices of horticultural and similar meetings of general interest, and report to the annual meeting of the Society an abstract of the matter that has come into his possession, which, with its approval, shall become part of its transactions of the current year.
Página 109 - ... to furnish what more is needed. It is not good economy to pay' high prices for materials which the soil may itself yield, but it is good economy to supply the lacking ones in the cheapest way. The rule in the purchase of costly commercial fertilizers should be to select those that supply, in the best forms and at the lowest cost, the plant-food which the crop needs and the soil fails to furnish.
Página 46 - Society has been foremost in the field of reform in this work, but there is much yet to be done. We should have a system of rules consistent with our science, regulated by common sense, and which shall avoid ostentatious, indecorous, inappropriate and superfluous names. Such a code your Committee have in hand, and I commend its adoption. Let us have no more Generals, Colonels, or Captains attached to the names of our fruits...

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