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una preziosa guida al giardinaggio e al vivaismo.
Un vero peccato i troppi errori di scannerizzazione delle pagine che rendono inutilizzabile gran parte del testo
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Un vero peccato che google abbia tolto la possibilità di segnalare copie difettose

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Página 17 - The specific gravity of a soil, or the relation of its weight to that of water, may be ascertained by introducing into a phial, which will contain a known quantity of water, equal volumes of water and of soil ; and this may be easily done by pouring in water till it is half full, and then adding the soil till the fluid rises to the mouth ; the difference between the weight of the soil and that of the water will give the result.
Página 293 - In proportion as the scion and the stock approach each other closely in constitution, the less effect is produced by the latter ; and, on the contrary, in proportion to the constitutional difference between the stock and the scion is the effect of the former important. Thus, when pears are grafted or budded on the wild species ; apples upon crabs, plums upon plums, and peaches upon peaches or almonds, the scion is, in regard to fertility, exactly in the same state as if it had not been grafted at...
Página 307 - The power of procuring intermediate varieties by the intermixture of the pollen and stigma of two different parents is, however, that which most deserves consideration. We all know that hybrid plants are constantly produced in every garden, and that improvements of the most remarkable kind are yearly occurring in consequence.
Página 288 - ... longitudinally, about two inches upwards from its lower end, into two unequal divisions, by passing the knife upwards, just in contact with one side of the medulla. The stronger division of the graft is then to be pared thin at its lower extremity, and introduced, as in crown-grafting, between the bark and wood of the stock ; and the more slender division is fitted to the stock upon the opposite side. The...
Página 313 - ... establishes a communication between the general system of the cutting and the medium from which its food is to be derived. The other buds, by pushing their stems upwards into light, attract the nutriment absorbed by the roots, and so stimulate the latter to increased action. Ultimately, the roots of all the buds descend between the bark and the wood until they reach the earth, into which they finally pass, like those of the first bud. There is another circumstance which renders the operation...
Página 306 - In sowing seeds for the purpose of procuring improved varieties, care should be had not only that the seeds be taken from the finest existing kinds, but also that the most handsome, the largest, and the most perfectly ripened specimens should be those that supply the seed. A seedling plant will always partake more or less of the character of its parent, the qualities of which are concentrated in the embryo when it has arrived at full maturity.
Página 38 - If the height does not exceed ten or twelve feet, these walls may be formed of bricks set on edge, each course or layer consisting of alternate series, of two bricks set edgeways and one set across, forming a thickness of nine inches, and a series of cells nine inches in the length of wall, by three inches broad. The second course being laid in the same way, but the bricks alternating or breaking joint with the first, the cells will of course communicate with the others.
Página 354 - Auch, are much subject, when cultivated in a cold and unfavourable climate, to crack before they become full grown upon the trees, and consequently to decay before their proper season, or state of maturity; and' those which present these defects in my garden are therefore always taken immediately from the trees to a vinery, in which a small fire is constantly kept in Winter, and they are there placed at a small distance over its flue. Thus circumstanced, a part of my crop of...
Página 387 - ... of its stem. No vine is taken cognizance of, until its stem measures three inches in girth, as under that size vines ought never to be suffered to ripen any fruit. This is a rule that should be strictly adhered to in the management of young vines, for it may be safely asserted, that for every pound...
Página 250 - In a flower-bud, the appendages or leaves are in that imperfectly formed, contracted state which we name "calyx," corolla, stamens, and pistils; and the central part around which they are arranged has itself no tendency to elongate under the influence of the usual stimulants. Hence, a flower-bud, or flower, is nothing but a contracted branch, as is proved by the occasional elongation of the axis in flowers that expand during unusually hot, damp weather late in the spring, becoming branches, bearing...

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