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Bullock.—Broad, smooth leaf, with no raffle on stem; yellow wrappers and plug fillers. North Carolina

Scarlet, White.—Long, broad leaf, white in appearance while growing; grows flat, with points of leaves hanging down, and often touches the ground; fancy wrappers, plug fillers, and for cutting purposes. Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana. Plates VII, VIII. There is another variety of the White Burley with narrow leaf, twisted bud, nof so tender, and the ends of the leaves do not touch the ground. Plate IX.

Clardy.—Large, smooth, heavy leaf, extremely broad; stalks long; common plug, exported for Swiss wrappers and consumption in the Regie countries. Kentucky, Tennessee.

Connecticut Seedleaf.—Broad leaf, strong, thin, elastic, silky, small fibers, sweetish taste, light in color; cigar wrappers, lower grades for binders and fillers. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, also in Indiana, Illinois and Florida.

Connecticut Broadleaf (East Hartford Broadleaf).—Modification of above; leaves broader in proportion to length; fibers more at right angles to midrib; same as above. Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin. Plates I, II.

Cuba.—Small leaf, grown from imported seed; retains much of the aroma of Cuba-grown tobacco; cigar wrappers, fillers and binders, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Florida and Louisiana.

Cunningham.—Short, broad leaf, thick and stalky growth; fillers and smokers. North Carolina.

Duck Island.—Broad leaf, fine appearance, full grower; originated from Havana seed; cigar work New York, Pennsylvania.

PLATE v. Plant Topped. PLATE vi. Plant In Flower.

SUMATRA SEEDLEAF. From a photograph taken in August, 1896, of a field in Columbia county, northern Florida. Hight of plant, 6 to 8 feet when topped, or 8 to 10 feet when in flower. Length of longest leaf, when eured,18to 20inches; length of shortest leaf, 7 to 8 inches; average length, 14 inches. Width of longest leaf, 10 to 12 inches in the middle; width of shortest leaf, 5 to 6 inches; average width, 8 inches. Greatest number of leaves on best plant, 40; lowest, 20; average, 30.

Flanagan. — Similar to Little Orinoco, but broader leaf, finer fiber, silky and tough; fancy wrappers, plug fillers. Virginia.

Florida.—Fine texture, silky, thick and elastic; becomes spotted when grown upon certain soils, with white specks when ripening; cigar wrappers, binders and fillers.

Frederick.—Akin to White Stem; rough leaf, heavy and rich, stands up well; mainly for export to Europe. Virginia and Tennessee.

Glessner.—Large, handsome leaf, fine texture, soft and elastic; cigar wrappers and fillers, smokers. Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin.

Gooch.—Broad, round leaf; leaves thick on stalk; yellows on hill when ripe; cures easily; fancy, bright export, and domestic wrappers and smokers. Virginia, North Carolina. A favorite variety in North and South Carolina.

Gourd Leaf.—Broad, short, fine and silky leaf, yellows on hill; plug wrappers and fillers, smokers. Virginia.

Governor Jones.—Long, narrow leaf, of good body; plug wrappers and fillers, and for common smoking. Kentucky.

Havana Seed.—Very thin, fine leaf, fine texture, delicate flavor; cigar wrappers. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio. Plates III, IV.

Hester.—Broad-shouldered, heart-shaped leaf, fine fiber, silky, cures very bright; plug wrappers, fillers and smokers. A great favorite in North and South Carolina for yellow tobacco.

Hickory Leaf.—Fine fiber and texture, cures up very bright; plug work, smokers and shipping. West Virginia.

Johnson Queen.—Said to be a cross of Orinoco and White Stem; large, heavy leaf, strong flavor; strips and shipping leaf. Virginia.

Kite-foot.—Rather short, wide leaf, thin, apt to cure a greenish color unless fully ripe; for very common cigars; culture decreasing. Indiana.

Lacks.—Heavy weight on strong soils; used for making yellow tobacco in Virginia, and heavy tobacco in Kentucky; well colored, broad leaf, fine fiber; a strong grower. Kentucky, Virginia. Plate XIV.

Little Dutch.—Very narrow leaf, small, thick and short, in flavor resembling Yara tobacco; for binders and fillers for cigars; once very popular in the Miami Valley of Ohio, but now discarded, along with seedleaf, and Zimmer's Spanish is mainly grown.

Long Green.—Coarse and heavy, vigorous grower; heavy shipping leaf. Virginia

Lancaster Broadleaf.—Upright grower, delicate, silky fiber; cigar wrappers, binders and fillers, smokers. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

Lovelady.—Long, dark, narrow leaf, very heavy; export, grown for African shippers. Virginia, Tennes* see, Indiana.

Mann.—Leaf of good body, heavy and gummy; plug wrappers and fillers, export. North Carolina.

Orinoco, Short.—Broad leaf, upright growth and open habit, light colored, much ruffled; plug wrappers and fillers, for strips and for export leaves Virginia, Missouri.

Orinoco, Big.—Short, broad leaf, doubtless originally same as last named; sweet plug wrappers and fillers, export. Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia.

Orinoco, Yellow.—Long, narrow, tapering leaf, fine texture, stands up well; principally for plug work and smokers; sweetest variety grown. Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri.

Pennsylvania Seedleaf. — Coarser and darker than Connecticut seedleaf; used for some purposes and grown in same States.

Perique.—Medium-sized leaf, fine fiber, small stem, tough, gummy and glossy; smoking, chewing, cigars and cigarettes, for mixing with other kinds. Louisiana.

Pittsylvania, Yellow. — Medium size, leaves elongated, good distance apart, fine texture, small, tough stems; fine wrappers and fillers, good export variety. West Virginia.

Pryor, Bram —Large, fine leaf, long, and well proportioned, good color, slightly ruffled; cigar and plug fillers; stemmers for export. Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana.

Pkyok, Silky.—Long, sharp-pointed leaf, grows thin on the stalk, with a leaf very tough and pliant when cured; plug wrappers and fillers. North Carolina and Virginia. See Plates XII and XIII.

Pryob, Yellow.—Heavy, wide leaf, fine texture, fine, bright color, tough, weighs well; cigar and plug wrappers and fillers; stemmers for export. Same as last.

Pryor, White (or Medley Pryor).—Very broad leaf, soft and silky texture and tough fiber; a beautiful grower; plug wrappers and fillers. Virginia.

Shoestring.—Heavy leaf, rather narrow, long and large stem; dark navy plug; good shipping leaf. Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia.

Sleek Stem.—Large, long leaf, heavy weigher, no ruffles; heavy, dark fillers, shipping leaf. Tennessee.

Spanish Seed.—Uniform, dark color, medium size leaf, ripens ten days earlier than other varieties;

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