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Copyright, 1887,

Printed In U. S. A.


The object of the authors of this work is to give a comprehensive account of the tobacco industry in the United States, and its relations to other countries. Great efforts have been put forth to make exactand complete the directions for the culture, curing and marketing of the different kinds of leaf. The aim has been to make every chapter in the first three parts of the work essentially complete, though it has Lewis R. Clark. M. H. Clark. not been possible,

in our limited space, to undertake a technical description of all the intricate and manifold processes of manufacturing tobacco. The chapter on manures and fertilizers has been prepared with extraordinary care and fullness, owing to prevailing misconceptions upon this subject among both growers and the trade.

The senior author has devoted years to the collection of facts and methods pertaining to the Heavy Shipping, Bright, Burley and Perique tobaccos, and has carefully verified disputed points by experimenting on his own plantation. The junior author has compiled and verified the experience of the most successful growers of cigar-leaf tobacco in all parts of America.


The authors have travelled more than ten thousand miles in pursuit of trustworthy information for this book, while thousands of circulars have been used for securing original data and practical experience, and hundreds of letters written to insure accuracy, to the end that the work might stand for years as an authoritative manual. No pains have been too severe, no distance has been too far, no expense has been too great, to make the work one

that will commend itself to all classes of persons who grow, sell, buy, manufacture, retail, export, import, or consume, tobacco.

Co-authors with us in the preparation of this work, have been the closest investigators into the complex scientific problems involved in the tobacco industry; many of them the most observant growers of the leaf, and expert planters of long and successful experience in the field and curing barn; while in preparing the very important portions relating to the marketing of the leaf and the manufacture of tobacco, we have enjoyed the invaluable




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