Politics of Black Nationalism: From Harlem to Soweto

Africa World Press, 1991 - 292 páginas
A study that shows the interdependence, conflicts and collaboration of Black nationalism with different ideological forces

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Those of us proud of our Black history, legacy and lineage need apologize to no one. What we do need is...support. And like a Mau Mau Revolutionary giving vital, strategic battle plans to his Ashanti Warrior brother, Kinfe Abraham provides the documentations/ammunition needed to roll that Afrocentric bowling ball right down the middle and knock all the white propaganda/misinformation flat on its' face. As a matter of fact, the next time a sister, or brother approaches me with that "I'm confused, I don't know where in Africa my ancestors are from" diatribe, I am going to hand them a map of that continent, tell them to write all the countries in the West (where the majority of our fore-parents were captured), put them-balled- into a small brown bag, shake it and extract one. Trust me it's less expensive than paying Ancestry.Com. Let that be the guide. There are more cultural similarities than differences. Everything to gain. Nothing to lose. Plus, as an addendum, I would recommend this book as a road to closure. 

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The Roots of Black Consiousness
Black is Beautilful
The Rise of Black Militancy
Afrocentric and PanAfrican Strategies
TransAtlantic Ideological Collaboration
Black Cultural Expression between World Wars I II
Peter Abraham Ezekiel Mphahlele
The PostWorld War II Period
Black Nationalism vs the American
The RaceClass Equation
Bibliography and Notes
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