Profitable Dairying: A Pracitical Guide to Successful Dairy Management

O. Judd Company, 1906 - 174 páginas

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Página x - To make two blades of grass grow where but one grew before is the secret of agricultural wealth.
Página 100 - ... from the bowels ; this is sent by the doctor to the State Board of Health or to the State laboratory, where it is examined to see whether it contains hookworm eggs (fig. 3). If these eggs are found, the person should be treated for hookworms. Question 27. Can these eggs be seen by the naked eye? No ; they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. But when the specimen is looked at under a strong magnifying glass (called a microscope, because it aids us to see small things) the doctors can see...
Página 76 - ... and we need not concern ourselves regarding it. Occasionally, especially in feeding young animals or in cases where the ration consists very largely of grain, it is desirable to add precipitated chalk, wood ashes, or precipitated phosphate of lime to the ration. Protein. The protein of the food is used to build up and keep in repair the working tissues of the body, which, as we have seen, consist very largely of protein. In other words, we may say that protein supplies material for the growth...
Página 153 - To pour the acid into the test bottle, the bottle should be placed in an inclined position so that the acid will flow down the side of the test bottle and not drop through the body of the milk in the bottle.
Página 1 - Never, perhaps, has the description of any farm caused a more profound sensation in the agricultural world than did this series of articles.

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