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IF the thanks of the Conductors of (this Work were due to its supporters, ten or twenty years ago as was acknowledged, they must be more than doubly so at the present period. This Magazine once stood almost alone; scarcely another work of the same kind then existing; but the success with which it was crowned, with the wish perhaps of particular Denominations to obtain a share of the patronage which we received from all, gave rise to a variety of other Publications, adapted, in various degrees, to instruct and edify religious readers, who have happily very much increased in the course of the last thirty years. We complain of none; but we have a right to rejoice and be thankful, that, notwithstanding all competition, we still retain so large a portion of public favour—that we maintain a sale nearly equal to that of any former period—and are enabled to continue, undiminished, our usual aid to the distressed Widows of Gospel Ministers deceased, as well as occasionally contribute to other objects of like importance.

Our general plan of Catholicism, though censured by all partisans, has recommended our Work to Christians of all Denominations, whose object is to promote the cause of God and truth throughout the world ; and we hope to be enabled to proceed in the same spirit with the New Series, as that in which we commenced the old; and with the like kind assistance from our Correspondents, our aim will be, under the divine blessing, still by the same means to promote the glory of God, and the interests of Evangelical Religion.

As to our former series, though the volumes included much temporary matter, which greatly contributed to their interest at the moment, they also contain many articles of permanent utility, and will, we hope, long be to their pious readers a treasury of religious knowledge. In our BiogRAPHICAL SKETCHES and OBITUARIES, will not only be found instructive Memorials of many deceased Ministers and pious Laymen, “whose praise

is in all the Churches;” but Memorials also of the Lord's goodness to his departed saints in the hour of trial, which are eminently calculated to encourage others in the like circumstances.

Among our Essays, which have necessarily decreased in number as our Missionary Intelligence has increased, will be found many from the pens of our deceased Editors, Messrs. Eyre and Fuller,* Doctors Haweis, and Ed. Williams; to whose names we are sorry to add, within the current year, that of Mr. GREATHEED, who had been a constant and valuable contributor from the beginning of our Work. Our REVIEWS, though necessarily brief, have given, we believe, a fair and impartial ‘account of the greater part of religious publications: and if they have not been equally critical with those of larger works, we hope they have generally been candid; commending where we could conscientiously commend, and never censuring where the cause of truth did not appear to require it. We could, however, refer to many articles by the contributors above named, which, for discrimination and acuteness, would bear comparison with those of any other similar publication.

In the article of RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE, we have the satisfaction to know that our MONTHLY MISSIONARY CHRONICLE is of increasing interest, and looked for by many withi as much anxiety, and read with as great pleasure, as the National Gazettes, which record sanguinary battles and dear-bought victories, are sought and perused by the most eager politicians.

To conclude--while we feel grateful both to our Readers and Correspondents for encouragement and assistance, we desire above all to render Glory to Him, who alone, while he blesses us, can render us instruments of blessing to our fellow men-to Him therefore be all the praise. Amen.

# Dr. Ryland reckons sixty-three pieces by Mr. F, within our first ftrenty volumes.-Life of Mr. Fuller, p. 235.

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