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NOTE.—The words and sentences inclosed in brackets in the following acts and resolutions were in the bills and resolutions as passed by the Legislature, but not in the enrolled copy as approved by the Governor. It should, however, be borne in mind that under a decision of the Supreme Court, 57 Mich. 128, “Bracketed words, which were not in the law as approved by the Governor, have no proper place in the statute."


Act No.

1. Amending motor vehicle act; weight tax.

2. Specific tax upon gasoline.

3. Amending act relating to municipal courts of record; determining number

of judges, etc.

4. Amending judicature act; time for taking appeal.

5. Authorizing purchase of M. A. C. union bonds.

6. Amending act providing for sinking fund in certain school districts; pro-

viding for payment of interest on bonds.

7. Authorizing employment of public health nurses by counties.

Prohibiting hunting on Sunday in Macomb county.

9. Amending act regulating sale, etc., of habit forming drugs; penalty.

10. Amending act making uniform the law of transfer of shares of corpora-

tion stock; liens or restrictions.

Amending act establishing mining school in upper peninsula; course of


12. Providing for additional trunk line mileage.

13. Amending act providing for filing notice of federal tax liens.

14. Amending act relative to use of fraternal, etc., emblems; display of, on

motor vehicles.

15. Amending act authorizing supervisors to borrow money for fairs; improve-

ment, etc., of buildings.

16. Amending judicature act; petitions for appointment of guardians.

Providing for construction, etc., of trunk line highways.

18. Appropriations for public administrator.

19. Appropriations for state board of accountancy.

20. Appropriations for department of state.

21. Appropriations for board of state auditors,

22. Appropriations for state treasury department.

23. Appropriations for board of examiners of architects, etc.

24. Obtaining money, etc., from coin box, etc.; penalty.

Amending act providing for extension of life of partnership associations,

limited; extension after expiration.

26. Appropriations for attorney general's department.

27. Appropriations for board of law examiners.

28. Appropriations for executive office.

Amending act creating board of jury commissioners in Wayne county; com-

pensation and meetings.

30. Amending act regulating fishing in certain townships, etc., of St. Joseph


31. Amending act relating to dogs; payment of damages.

32. Amending act authorizing rural cemetery corporations; condemnation of


33. Appropriations for auditor general's department.

34. Appropriations for uniform accounting division, auditor general's depart-


35. Authorizing auditor general to cancel certain taxes on land in Presque Isle


36. Amending act for prevention, etc., of diseases of live stock; appraisal, etc.

37. Amending act for condemnation of private property by public corporations.

38. Requiring municipalities owning, etc., public utilities to keep uniform sys-

tem of accounts, etc.

39. Amending act for lighting highways in unincorporated villages; defraying


40. Amending home rule act for villages; petition.

41. Authorizing rural agricultural districts to issue bonds.

42. Amending act for incorporating railroad bridge and tunnel companies;

corporate powers.

Act No.

43. Amending general village act of 1895; publication of council proceedings.

44. Amending judicature act; county law library fund.

Prescribing duties of secretary of senate and clerk of house during interim

of sessions.

46. Authorizing boards of supervisors to subsidize certain private institutions,


Amending Covert highway act; roads to close gaps.

Amending act to prohibit adulteration of drugs, etc.; enforcement.

Amending act to prevent sale of impure, etc., swill milk; adulteration.

50. Amending act to provide uniform system of probation, etc.; "Friend of

the Court".

51. Regulating business of transient merchants.

52. Amending general highway act; highway improvement fund.

53. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; apportionment of primary

school interest fund.

54. Amending general tax law; accounts between state and county, etc.

Amending general tax law; real property exemption.

56. Amending insurance code; holding of real estate.

57. Establishing standard grades of naval stores.

58. Amending act regulating practice of pharmacy.

59. Amending act providing for weight of grain, etc.

Amending act to prevent trusts, etc.

Appropriations for state highway department.

62. Regulo

Regulating payment of wages to employees, etc.

Providing protection for bear.

Amending act relative to estates in dower.

65. Amending act regulating sale, etc., of soft drinks, etc.

66. Amending act relating to fraudulent conveyances, etc.

67. Amending act relative to offenses against public justice; false impersona-


68. Amending judicature act; civil actions.

69. Amending act relative to powers, etc., of supervisors.

70. Amending act relative to powers, etc., of supervisors; meetings.

Amending act authorizing sterilization of mentally defective persons.

72. Amending act regulating certain charitable organizations, etc.; filing state-


73. Appropriations for legislature.

74. Appropriations for department of agriculture; slaughtered animals.

75. Amending act establishing deep-water connections between great lakes and

Atlantic ocean.

76. Regulating sale of potatoes.

Amending gasoline tax act; examination of books, etc., of dealers.

Prohibiting adulteration, etc., of butter and cream.

79. Regulating use of certain fruit and vegetable containers,

80. Creating "Pine lake wild life sanctuary".

Providing for certain public improvements by adjoining municipalities.

Fixing standard grades for apples.

Amending act relative to offenses against lives and persons of individuals.

84. Fixing jurisdiction of certain justices in replevin and attachment cases.

85. Amending general tax law; equalization of assessment rolls.

86. Amending act providing for non-resident angler's license.

87. Regulating carrying of hunting arms.

88. Amending act regulating hunting, etc., of wild animals, etc.; licenses.

89. Amending act prohibiting killing, etc., of fur-bearing animals; closed season.

90. Amending home rule act for villages.

91. Taxation of state game reserves, etc.

92. Providing for protection of human life at crossings.

93. Amending act relative to maintenance of illegitimate children.

94. Establishing commercial forest reserves.

95. Prohibiting use of nets, etc., within certain portions of Tawas Bay, Lake


96. Amending judicature act; conveyance of real estate by guardians.
97. Amending judicature act; appeals from probate court.

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