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Act No.

98. Authorizing state board of agriculture to convey certain land to the United

States government.

99. Amending judicature act; suits in superior court of Grand Rapids.

100. Accepting certain provisions of Act number 21 of the sixty-seventh congress

entitled "An act for the promotion of the welfare and hygiene of mater-

nity and infancy, etc.'

101. Prescribing powers and duties of director of conservation relative to en-

forcement of game and fish laws.

102. Amending judicature act; defendants in suits to quiet title to real estate.

Amending judicature act; consent in case of adoption, etc.

104. Defining, etc., powers of circuit judges.

105. Amending general village act of 1895; bonding for water works, etc.

106. State board of agriculture authorized to receive federal funds for benefit

of experiment station.

107. Amending marriage act; delivery of license.

108. Marking of public highways.

109. Amending act prohibiting driving of motor vehicles by intoxicated persons;


110. Authorizing legal representatives of deceased persons to adjudicate rights

of adverse claimants.

111. Amending inheritance tax law; non-resident property in Michigan.

112. Amending act relative to public instruction, etc.; sale of district library


113. Providing that state trunk line number 34 be named “Carleton road".

114. Separating grades at railroad crossings.

115. Authorizing autopsy on certain unclaimed dead human bodies.

116. Amending act increasing efficiency of military establishment; maximum

amount may expend for artillery company.

117. Amending act regulating treatment of dependent, etc., children,

Amending act relative to maintenance of illegitimate children.

119. Authorizing administrative board to construct, etc., certain building at

M. A. C.

120. Appropriations for department of labor and industry.

121. Appropriations for military establishment.

122. Providing for resignation or retirement of justices of supreme court.

Amending act regulating steam vessels, etc.; compensation of inspector.

124. Empowering justices of the peace to perform official acts, etc., in criminal

cases in any part of the county.

125. Regulating hours of labor of employes in fire departments in certain munici-


126. Providing for payment to survivor of husband and wife of land contracts,


127. Appropriations for department of public instruction.

128. Appropriations for Michigan securities commission.

129. Appropriations for insurance department.

130. Appropriations for state library.

131. Appropriations for Michigan historical commission.

132. Appropriations for Michigan public utilities commission.

133. Appropriations for board of registration of nurses, etc.

134. Appropriations for board of dental examiners.

135. Appropriations for commissioner of pardons and paroles.

Appropriations for department of health.

137. Appropriations for department of health; bureau of institutional health.

138. Appropriations for Michigan board of pharmacy.

139. Amending act providing for writs of error in certain criminal cases.

140. Amending act to fix term, etc., of police judge, etc., in certain cities; salaries.

141. Amending act relative to maintenance of illegitimate children; bond of

father to superintendents of the poor.

142. Making photostat copies of records, etc., evidence in court.

Amending general highway law; certain sections repealed.

144. Repealing Act 316 of 1919.

145. Providing for standard grades for grapes.

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Act No.

146. Revising, etc., laws relating to poor persons.

147. Amending act licensing, etc., sale of drugs, nostrums, etc.; title.

148. Amending act relative to cultivation, etc., of wild life; application to estab-

lish game refuge.

149. Appropriation for department of agriculture; eradication of bee diseases.

150. Appropriation to defray expense of collecting gasoline tax.

151. Amending act relative to county officers; insurance of buildings.

152. Apportionment of house of representatives.

153. Amending act relating to state agricultural college, etc.; change of name.

154. Amending judicature act; additional judge in seventh judicial district.

155. Creating state tax department.

156. Appropriations for department of agriculture.

157. Appropriations for state tax commissioners.

158. Appropriations for department of public safety.

159. Appropriations for superintendent of capitol.

160. Appropriations for supreme court.

161. Appropriations for circuit judges, etc., of Michigan.

162. Appropriations for military establishment and naval militia.

163. Appropriations for Newberry state hospital.

Appropriations for Pontiac state hospital.

Appropriations for Kalamazoo state hospital,

166. Appropriations for Michigan farm colony for epileptics.

167. Appropriations for state psychopathic hospital.

168. Appropriations for Traverse City State hospital.

169. Appropriations for Ionia state hospital.

170. Appropriations for Michigan home and training school.

171. Appropriations for state public school.

172. Appropriations for Michigan employment institution for the blind.

173. Appropriations for Michigan soldiers' home.

Appropriations for Michigan reformatory.

175. Appropriations for state house of correction and branch prison.

176. Gaming law.

177. Construction, etc., of hospitals, etc., for treatment of tuberculosis.

178. Amending act regulating common carriers, etc.; flagmen, etc., at crossings.

179. Prohibiting entering, etc., dwelling house, etc.

180. Authorizing expenditure by villages for sprinkling, etc., streets.

181. Amending act regulating making of loans of $300 or less.

182. Amending act to protect public health; branch bacteriological laboratories.

183. Establishing girls' training school.

184. Providing for establishment of sewage disposal systems.

185. Establishing boys' vocational school.

186. Appropriations for department of conservation.

187. Amending Covert highway law; applications for improvement, etc.

188. Amending act to prevent, etc., contagious, etc., diseases of live stock; quar-

antine, etc., regulations.

189. Amending act to protect the public health; diphtheria antitoxin.

190. Establishing state normal school in northern part of lower peninsula.

191. Amending general highway law; determination of court commissioners as

to necessity of road, etc.

192. Licensing of private trade schools.

193. Amending general tax law; personal property, what to include.

194. Regulating fishing in Soo Rapids, St. Mary's river.

195. Amending act regulating business of canning, etc.

196. Suppression, etc., of European corn borer.

197. Amending act relative to powers, etc., of township officers; compensation.

198. Amending act relative to specific tax upon secured debts.

Amending act relative to offenses against sovereignty of state.

200. Restoring certain powers, etc., to Michigan public utilities commission.

201. Amending act for conservation of natural resources of state; purchase, etc.,

of lands.

202. Construction, etc., of township roads by county road commissioners.

203. Amending act providing uniform system of probation, etc.; conditions of


199. Ameno

Act No.

204. Regulating buying, etc., of stocks, bonds, etc.

205. Providing for disposition of property of persons absent for certain period.

206. Defraying expenses of encampments of G. A. R.

207. Amending act regulating building and loan associations.

208. Amending act for care, etc., of cemetery lots.

209. Authorizing villages to build, etc., court house, etc.

210. Bonding of persons soliciting accounts.

211. Authorizing establishing of Michigan training school for police.

212. Regulating use of public streets, etc., by vehicles; light.

213. Maintenance of libraries for public use, owned by individuals, etc.

Amending general village act of 1895; bonding for lights, etc. .

215. Authorizing purchase, etc., of property for rights-of-way.

216. Amending act defining powers, etc., of local health officers, etc., relative

to tuberculosis; physicians' reports.

217. Expenditures for highway purposes in platted portions of unincorporated


218. Amending judicature act; jurors' lists.

219. Amending act relative to dividing city school districts into election pre-

cincts, etc.

220. Providing for expenditure on township roads of certain unexpended balances

of money raised for state rewarded roads.

221. Deficiency appropriation for department of agriculture-slaughtered animals.

222. Amending judicature act; certain weather reports received in evidence.

223. Amending corporation fee act; basis of franchise fee, etc.

224. Amending home rule act for cities; rapid transit systems.

225. Amending fourth class city act; estimate of school funds.

226. Providing for employment bureau at Michigan employment institution for

the blind.

227. Issuing and recording certificates of survivorship, etc.

228. Authorizing assignment of rents and profits of certain mortgaged property.

229. Appropriations for Michigan school for the blind.

230. Providing for better protection, etc., of fish and game, etc.

231. Providing for repression of prostitution in certain cases.

Amending general corporation act; condemning property for highway bridge.

233. Providing punishment for removal of certain automobiles.

Authorizing establishment of port districts.

235. Appropriations for state industrial home for girls,

236. Appropriations for state sanatorium.

237. Appropriations for Mackinac Island state park commission.

238. Amending act to fix leave of absence, etc., in police departments of cer.

tain cities.

239. Appropriations for Michigan naval militia.

240. Appropriations for state administrative board.

241. ' Appropriations for state banking department.

242. Appropriations for board of osteopathic registration.

243. Appropriations for state board of examiners in optometry.

244. Appropriations for Mackinac Island state park commission.

245. Appropriations for state welfare department.

246. Appropriations for state department of agriculture.

247. Apron

Appropriations for board of examiners of barbers.

248. Appropriations for board of registration in medicine.

249. Appropriation for Roosevelt American legion hospital at Camp Custer.

250. Appropriations for Michigan state horticultural society.

251. Amending act for payment of transportation of certain children who have

completed eighth grade; high school defined, etc.

252. Appropriations for various state institutions.

253. Appropriations for industrial school for boys.

254. Appropriation for securing, etc., war devices and trophies.

255. Licensing and regulation of private employment agencies.

256. Amending title of act authorizing cities, etc., to take private property.

257. Amending judicature act; service of summons, etc.

258. Providing for sale of certain lands conveyed for religious, etc., purposes, etc.

Act No.

259. Amending act regulating treatment of dependent, etc., children; salary of

judge of probate.

260. Amending act providing for presiding circuit judge; election.

Authorizing fourth and fifth class villages and cities to sell, etc., gas, etc.,


Amending act to define powers, etc., of supervisors; payment of rewards for


263. Amending act authorizing township improvement of streets, etc.; platted

lands outside of incorporated villages.

264. Authorizing sale of certain primary school lands in the city of Lansing.

265. Amending act authorizing home for disabled soldiers, etc.; compensation

of board members.

266. Repealing act protecting fish in Lakes Pleasant and Elk, Lapeer county.

Amending act authorizing formation of health districts; powers, etc., of

district board of health.

268. Amending act establishing county normal training classes.

269. Providing for protection of homing pigeons.

270. Repealing act providing for collection of statistics relative to insane, etc.

271. Commitment to state institutions of certain children.

272. Amending act regulating practice of dentistry, etc.; creating Michigan state

board of dentistry.

273. Regulating issue of bonds, etc., by municipalities.

274. Appropriations for Michigan school for the deaf.

275. Prohibiting fishing with gill nets, etc., in certain part of straits of Mackinac.

276. Prohibiting taking of perch with nets in Suttons Bay.

277. Regulating fishing with nets in Northport harbor, etc.

278. Regulating fishing in certain portions of Keweenaw bay.

Regulating fishing in certain portions of Huron bay.

280. Prohibiting soliciting of personal injury claims, etc.

281. Preventing bartering in stolen copper and silver ore, etc.

282. Amending act classifying certain school districts; referendum.

283. Amending act revising, etc., laws organizing hospitals for insane, etc.

284. Prohibiting certain persons, etc., from engaging in banking business.

285. Providing for organization, etc., of credit unions.

286. Amending act establishing municipal court in Grand Rapids; appointment

of court stenographer.

287. Amending motor vehicle act.

288. Amending general drain law; petition for widening, etc.

289. Creating bureau of criminal identification, etc.

290. Appropriations for special state purposes.

291. Division of state into senatorial districts.

292. Appropriation for maintaining, etc., homes for dependents of former service


293. Appropriations for Michigan state prison.

294. Appropriations for Michigan state normal college.

295. Appropriations for northern state normal college.

296. Appropriations for central Michigan normal school.

297. Appropriations for western state normal school.

298. Appropriations for industrial school for boys and the state industrial home

for girls.

299. Appropriations for Michigan college of mines

300. Amending act regulating operation, etc., of vehicles on highways.

301. Amending law relating to primary schools, etc.; census.

302. Amending act relative to arrest, etc., of offenders, etc.; recognizance, etc.

303. Amending village home rule act: powers inhibited.

304. Amending act to establish, etc., rights of mechanics, etc.; filing of statement.

305. Amending judicature act; actions arising upon contract, etc.

306. Providing for deer licenses, etc.

307. Licensing and regulating finance companies.

308. Providing for assignment clerks in certain circuit courts.

309. Amending act protecting fish in trout streams; trout stream defined.

310. Amending insurance code; agents' licenses.

Act No.

311. Amending act relative to indecent and improper liberties with female child

under fourteen.

312. Amending act to create department of labor, etc.; regulating employment

of children.

313. Regulating possession and sale of pistols, etc.

314. Amending act extending aid to university of Michigan; mill tax.

Amending act relative to municipal courts of record; board of jury com-


316. Authorizing sale of certain lands in Jackson city by state prison commission.

317. Authorizing sale of certain lands in Jackson city by state prison commission.

318. Amending judicature act; constables' fees.

319. Prohibiting false, etc., advertising.

320. Sanitary regulation of shipment, etc., of baked goods.

321. Amending act relative to rabies among dogs.

322. Amending act relating to dogs, etc.

323. Appropriations for Michigan state college of agriculture and applied science;

co-operative extension work, etc.

324. Appropriations for Michigan state college of agriculture and applied science;

chemistry building, etc.

325. Amending insurance code; mutual fire, etc., companies, liabilities of mem-

bers, etc.

326. Authorizing county school commissioners to recommend teachers necessary

for certain school districts, etc.

327. Amending act relating to dogs; listing.

328. Amending act providing for justice courts in certain cities; salaries, juris-

diction, etc.

329. Authorizing boards of supervisors to fix number of assistant prosecuting

attorneys, etc.


Amending act relating to pandering.

331. Amending act protecting interests of state in escheated estates; reports

of deposits by banks, etc.

332. Repealing act authorizing circuit court for Kalamazoo county to appoint

a crier.

333. Authorizing sale of certain lands in Kalamazoo county owned by the state.

334. Amending act relating to public instruction, etc.; designating, etc., sites.

335. Appropriations for university of Michigan; school of architecture building,


Permitting taking speckled bass, etc., from certain waters of Muskegon and

Ottawa counties.

337. Amending home rule act for cities; annexation, etc., of territory.

338. Establishing normal school in Gogebic county.

339. Amending act relative to board of county auditors for Wayne county;



Amending act relative to county officers; notaries public.

341. Amending act for preservation of forests, etc.; setting of fires.

342. Amending general corporation law; incorporation of foundations for cer-

tain purposes.

343. Providing for registration of births and deaths.

344. Amending act supplementing laws providing for municipal courts of record,

etc.; oath, clerk, etc., may administer, etc.

345. Defining crime of breaking and entering, etc.

346. Amending act providing for appointment, etc., of circuit court stenographers;

salaries in certain circuits.

347. Amending act to regulate billiard and pool rooms outside of cities and vil-


348. Fixing limitations on revocations, etc., of payment of checks, etc.

349. Notice of adverse claim to a bank deposit.

350. Appropriation for the building of armories.

351. General election law.

352. Purchase and condemnation of private property for highway purposes.

353. Establishing Michigan board of accountancy.

354. Providing for construction, etc., of bridges, etc.

355. Regulating sale, etc., of fireworks.

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