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was violating the bucketshop statute of Illinois. If he adheres to this view upon the final hearing soon to be had, the case will be appealed.

This decision of Judge Thompson was, in a suit brought by the Board against the Christie Grain & Stock Company in the Federal Court at Kansas City, repudiated by Judgo Hook, who decided that "the Board of Trade performs a most important function in the internal commerce of this country"; upheld our property right in our quotations, and enjoined the Christie concern from stealing or using them. This case has been appealed to the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis, whose decision, if favorable, will establish our property right in our quotations for all the Federal Courts between the Mississippi river and tho Rocky mountains.

The Supreme Court of Illinois has affirmed the decision of the Appellate Court reversing Judge Vail's decision in the Central Stock & Grain Exchange case, and thus has established for all time in this State the principle that bucket shops are not entitled to our quotations.

The campaign against bucket shops has been vigorously pressed during the last year, and injunctions have been obtained against the following persons:.

In Illinois:

Herbert B. Mason, Sycamore; Timothy F. McDermott and George E. Baker, De Kalb; Charles S. Battle and John L. Dickes. as Battle & Dickes, Aurora; Albert H. Babb, Peoria; Max P. Maas, Sterling; Robert S. Hook and James A. Condon, as R. S. Hook & Co., Galesburg; William B. Lloyd and Herbert B. Holland, as W. B. Lloyd & Co., Galesburg; William B. Lundy, Pontiac; Theodore R. Voorhees, Fairbury; Arthur Wolfe, Streator; J. W. Elliott and N. M. Biddle, as Biddle & Co., Wilmington; Robert J. Ried, Marseilles; Frank H. Holcomb, Rochelle; George T. Sullivan, Chicago; Charles O.Jones and William R. Lockridge, as Charles O. Jones & Co., R. V. Cleage, Springfield; Charles W. Slade and Roy Maddocks, Lexington; James F. Cooley, Colby; Harry Knapp, Lincoln; Samuel L. Weaver, John L. Keistcr and Peter Chase, as Decatur Grain & Commission Co., Decatur; Benjamin L. Taylor, John L. Schroll, Frank Dorwin, James H. Stafford, Samuel Durbin and Earl Rundell, as B. Z. Taylor & Co.; Decatur; John Richards and Louis McMillan, as Decatur Grain &

Commission Company, of Cerro Gordo; — McBride, as Decatur
Grain & Commission Co., Hement; William D. Mather, Virginia;
Oscar Weisenberg, Jacksonville; J. A. Joel, East St. Louis;
Robert A. Groch and William C. Applegate of Danville; K. J.
Hammond, Pana; Xcrxez Wallace and C. F. South, as Wallace &
South, Shelbyville; S Beem, Shelbyville; P. B. Hostrawser, as
Olney Grain & Slock Company, of Olney; Thomas A. Gassaway,
Charleston; James Moxam, Milford, George T. Ray and C. H.
Marshall, as Ray & Marshall, Ezra E. Staninger, Andrew J.
Mundy, H. A. Mundy, as Staninger & Co., of Hoopston; Eugene
Adler and A. H. Curtis, of Champaign.
In Milwaukee:

Wisconsin Grain Company; Cream City Commission Company, W. J. Cary, Joseph F. Cooke, A. L. Cary, Fred W. Upham, C. W. Hotchkin, E. J. Bradbury, Fred L. Rodeo, Ebenezer Hadden and Haddcn-Rodee Company.

In Kansas City:

C. C. Christie, Christie Grain & Stock Company, its officers and agents.

In nil seventy bucket shops.

The injunctions against the three last named persons have not yet become effective, owing to appeals.

The following other suits are pending in the Federal Courts:

At Indianapolis, three bills against the L. A. Kinsey Company and forty-four other bucket shops, constituting practically all the bucket shops in Indiana at the time the suits were commenced. The Master in Chancery has made a report, disagreeing with Judge Thompson, and recommending that injunctions issue against defendants.

At Omaha, against the Boyd Commission Company, H. R. Penney & Company, Frank H. Pierson and Sewell Sleuman. The court has this case under advisement.

At St. Paul, against the Coe Commission Company and its officers.

At St. Louis, two suits against the Donovan Commission Company, the Cella Commission Company, and their officers. These suits are ripe for hearing, and an early hearing is anticipated.

A suit was commenced by Messrs. Portus B. and Charles AWeare, in the Circuit Court, to enjoin the Board from proceeding to try them on charges filed for misconduct as members, and Judge Chytraus issued an ex parte injunction against the Board and also against Mr. McNeil, who preferred the charges. Subsequently this judge dissolved the injunction as to the Board, but let it stand to enjoin Mr. McNeil from pressing his charges, or testifying before the Board of Directors, thus indirectly stopping the disciplinary proceedings. The case was appealed by the Board, and the Appellate Court reversed Judge Chytraus and dissolved the injunction in toto.

In August numerous suits were commenced against sundry members and the President of the Board to enjoin the signing down of margins put up on July oats, and Judge Chytraus granted injunctions, holding that the controversy over the right to the margins should be decided by the courts, instead of a committoe of the Board, whenever either party insisted upon it. The Apellate Court, upon appeals, affirmed all but one of the cases. The result of this decision is that neither party can be compelled to accept the decision of the Margin Committee as to the right to the margins, but may, in case of a dispute, have the matter adjudicated by the courts. The Board of Directors may, however, suspend or expel the objecting member if found guilty of bad faith or dishonest conduct in violating the agreement involved in the putting up of the margins. So much of this decision as is adverse to the Board will be appealed to the Supreme Court, as the question of charter power involved is an important one.

Mr. Woods, of Minneapolis, upon being expelled, commence in the Federal Court an action against the Board for $400,000 damges. We have no fear as to the outcome of this.

In fllpemortem.

Members of the Board of Trade who died during 1902. Dighton II. Wiuans, January 10. Ralph H. Hunt, May 15.

Morris Rosenbaum, January 15. James M. Love, May 15.

James A. Sibley, January 21. Samuel H. Richardson, May 24.

James H. Dole, February 16. Alexander Geddes, July 2.

William H. Lane, February 17. Barton S. Tyler, July 27.

J. Frank Wheeler, March 9. John C. Cantner, July 30.

John S. Carpenter, March 10. Henry P. Wadhams, August 23.

Jacob Spielman, Jr., May 2. James R. Willard, September 6.

Gerald P. Stockdale, May 5.

and on December 19th, Sylvanus H. Stevens, Chief Inspector and Registrar of Flaxseed. Mr. Stevens enlisted as a private in the Chicago Board of Trade Battery on July 21, 1862, and was discharged as Junior First Lieutenant on June 30, 1865. He joined the Geo. H. Thomas Post No. 5, Department of Illinois, Grand Army of the Republic, on February 23, 1897.

Mr. Stevens was a conscientious and painstaking officer of the Board, peculiarly qualified to perform the duties of Chief Inspector and Registrar of Flaxseed. He was uniformly gentlemanly in the discharge of his duties, and will be remembered with pride as a representative of the Board in the Great Army that fought for and preserved the union of these States.


To Ike President and Board of Directors of the Board of Trade of the City of Chicago:

Gentlemen: As Treasurer of the Board of Trade, of the City of Chicago, from the 7th day of January, 1902, I beg to report that—

I had on hand January 7, 1902 $ 9,354 43

I have received in sundry deposits from the Secretary of the
Board from January 7, 1902, to the close of the fiscal year,
January 5, 1903, both inclusive 285.964 03

$295,318 46

I have paid 822 checks drawn by the Secretary and duly

countersigned, amounting to $278,451 50

Leaving a balance on hand at this date of. $ 16,866 96

Respectfully submitted,



January 6, 1903.

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