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The Bye-elections, [82]. The Contest at Manchester, [82]. Attitude of the Irish,

[83]. Defeat of Mr. Churchill, [84]. The Dewsbury and Kincardineshire

Elections, [84]. Death of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman,[85]. The Licensing

Bill ; Debate on the Second Reading, [85-90). Meeting of the Liberal Party

at the Reform Club, [90]. Education (Scotland) Bill, [91]. Port of London Bill,

Second Reading, [92]. East Wolverhampton Election, [92]. Social Reform

Proposals; Shop Hours Bill; the Opium Traffic, [93]. Naval Disasters, [93).

Civil Service Estimates, [94). The Budget Introduced, [95]. Its Reception,

[99]. Dundee Election, [100]. The Government and Home Rule, [100].

Crimes Act Repeal Bill, [101]. Irish Universities Bill, Second Reading, [101].

Housing and Town Planning Bill, (102). The Lords Transform the Land

Values Bill, [104]. Temperance Demonstration at the Albert Hall, (105).

Hop Trade Demonstration, (105). Debate on South African Federation, (105).

Parliamentary Reporting, (106). Importation of Plumage Bill and other

Measures, [106]. Second Reading of the Education Bill, [107]. Memorial to

the Late Premier; Debate, [109]. The Government Plan of Franchise

Reform, [110]. Mr. Asquith at the Reform Club, [110]. Women Suffragists

and Ministers, [111]. Stirling Election, [111]. Shipbuilders' Strike, [111].

Debate on Colonial Preference in the House of Lords, [112]. The Irish
Land Question, [115]. Scottish Local Option Bill, [115). Minor Social Re.
form Proposals, (115). Debate on the Budget Resolutions, [116]. Scottish

Home Rule Bill, [118]. British Opinion and the Empire, [119]. Foreign

Affairs; Royal Visit to Scandinavia, (120). President Fallières' Visit to

London, (120). German Visitors, [121]. Impending Royal Visit to the Tsar,

[121]. Mr. Balfour at the Liberal Union Club, [122]. Fiscal Reform Amend-

ment to the Finance Bill, [122]. Lord Cromer on Free Trade, [126]. Debate

on the Sugar Convention, [126]; on the State of Natal and other Colonial

Problems, [127]; on Factory Accidents, [128]; on the King's Visit to the Tsar,

[128). Adjournment for Whitsuntide and Position of the Government, [130].

The King Visits the Tsar, (131). The Labour Members and the Royal Garden

Party, [131]. Congresses at Whitsuntide, [132]. Lord Morley of Blackbum on
India, [132). Parliament Reassembles ; Small Holdings; Prevention of Crime
Bill, [133]. Mr. Asquith at the National Liberal Club, (134). Women's Suffrage
Procession to the Albert Hall, [131]. Old Age Pensions Bill; Second Reading
Debate, [135]; Arrangements for Committee, (137). National Liberal Federa-

tion at Birmingham ; Mr. Asquith's Speech, [139). Pudsey Election, (140).

Pan-Anglican Congress, [141]. Thanksgiving Service, [143]. Debate on the

Territorial Army, (144). Compulsory Service Bill Refused, (145). Coal Mines

(Eight Hours) Bill, [145). Old Age Pensions Bill in Committee, [147]. Albert

Hall Demonstration against the Licensing Bill, [148]. Vatersay Crofters, (149].

The House of Lords and Local Taxation, [149]; and the Evicted Tenants,

(150); on Indian Unrest, (150). Extensions in the Old Age Pensions Bill, [152].

Protest against the Bill, [154]. Women Suffragists again Assail Parliament,

(154). Metropolitan Police Report, [155]. Daylight Saving Bill, [155]. Mr.

Lloyd-George on the Demands on the Treasury, [155]. Coal Mines and Old Age

Pensions Bills ; Second Readings, (157). Scale of Pensions, [159]. Land Values

(Scotland) Bill, [159). Dissension in the Navy, (159). Shipbuilding Vote,[160].

Shipping Risks in War Time, (161). Naval Mancouvres, (162). Royal Visits

to Leeds and Bristol,[162]. Lord Morley of Blackburn at Manchester Univer-

sity, (162). Dinners to Mr. Asquith, (163). Olympic Games, (163). Visit of

Members of French Chambers, (163). Programme for Autumn Session, (163).

Agitation Outside, (164). The Sugar Convention and the Liberal Party, [165].

Finance Bill in Committee, (165). Pembrokeshire Election, [166]. Postal

Reforms, [166]. Licensing Bill Guillotine, [167]; Committee, [168]. Hyde

Park Demonstration, (170). Old Age Pensions Bill in the Lords, [171]. Indian

Budget, (173). Irish University Bill, [174-6). Old Age Pensions Bill in Com.

mittee in the Lords, (176). The Lords and the Finance Bill, [178], and National

Defence, (179). Mr. Haldane again Defends his Plan, [180]. Foreign Office

Vote; Sir Edward Grey on our Foreign Relations, (180). Colonial Office Vote :

Ceylon, South Africa, (182). Local Government Board; the Motor Nuisance,

[183]. Tuberculosis, (183). The Appropriation Bill; Debate on Ireland, [184].

International Peace Congress, (186). Adjournment; the Haggerston Election,


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Voyage of H.M.S. Indomitable, (188). International Free Trade Congress, (188).

Other International Congresses, [189]. Episcopal Conference, (189); Encycli-

cal, (190). The King's Visit to the German and Austrian Emperors, [191].

Anglo-German Relations; Mr. Winston Churchill at Swansea, [191); Mr.

Lloyd-George in Germany, [192]. The Territorial Forces in Camp, [192].

British and Foreign Navies; Political Speeches ; Trade Union Congress, [193].

Engineering and Cotton Trades Disputes; New Conciliation Tribunal, (194).

Unemployed Disturbances, (195). Eucharistic Congress, [195]. Newcastle

Election, (197). Hyde Park Demonstration against the Licensing Bill, (197).

Old Age Pension Applications, [198]. End of the Recess Campaign, [198-202].

Further Unemployed Disturbances, [202]. Church Congress, [202]. Attitude

of Labour Organisations; Tariff Reform Programme, [203]. Parliament Re-

assembles ; Near Eastern Crisis, [203]. Further Labour Troubles ; Mr. Grayson

Suspended, [204]. Suffragists Attempt to Storm the Commons, [205].

Suffragist Declaration, [205]. Ministerial Changes, [206]. Children Bill,

(206). Licensing Bill in Committee, (207). The Government and Unemploy-

ment, [210). Debate, [212]. Suffragists in the Ladies' Gallery, (215). Lords'
Debate on Ireland, [215]; Law of Distress Amendment Bill, [216]; Nurses'
Registration Bill, [216]. Licensing Bill, Clause 12 to end, [216]. Municipal
Elections, [217]. The German Emperor's “Interview," [218]. Iinperial Mes-
sage to India, [218). Ministers at the Guildhall, (218]. The Two-Power Stand-
ard, [219]. Visit of King and Queen of Sweden, [219]. . Cotton Trade Dispute
Settled, (220). Proposed Reforms in Voting, [220]. Unionists and the Govern-

ment, [220]. Home Rule and Disestablishment Agitations, [221]. Women at

Municipal Elections, [221]. Lord Ashtown a Representative Peer, [221]. Chil-

dren Bill in the Lords, (221). Port of London Bill and Licensing Bill on

Report, [222]. Licensing Bill, Third Reading, [223]. Conservative Conference

at Cardiff, (224). Sir Edward Grey at Scarborough, [225). Unionist Con-

ference at Manchester, [225]. New Education Bill, (226). Earl Roberts

on a German Invasion, [228). Earl Cawdor on the Two-Power Stand-

ard, [229]. Mr. Asquith's and Lord Rosebery's Declarations, [230].
Naval Conference, [230]. New Irish Land Bill, (230). Scottish Education

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