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24. The Chelsea and Winchester historical pageants were opened.

26. The following particulars were published of the pensions granted during the year ended March 31, 1908, under the Civil List Act, 1901 :Sir Edwin Ray Lankester, K.C.B.-In consideration of his eminent services

to science, 2501. Mr. William Lilly.-In recognition of his attainments in literature, 1501. Dr. John Hall Edwards.-In recognition of his devotion to the furtherance

of radiography in its application of medical and surgical science, 1201. Dr. Bernard Pyne Grenfell.-In recognition of his researches and discoveries

as an archæologist and classical scholar, 1001. (A note stated that he had relinquished the pension on becoming Professor of Papyrology at

Oxford.) Mr. William Ashton Ellis.-In consideration of his contributions to literature

in biography and music, 801. Mrs. Ellen Agnes Charles.-In recognition of the merits of her husband, the

late James Charles, as a painter, 701. Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Tichborne.-In consideration of the useful discoveries

of her husband, the late Dr. C. R. C. Tichborne, in chemistry and pharma

cology, and of her inadequate means of support, 601. Mrs. Theodora Copeland.-In recognition of the services rendered to astro

nomical science by her husband, the late Dr. Ralph Copeland, and of her

inadequate means of support, 601. Mrs. Jessie Wilhelmina Blyth.-In consideration of the eminent attainments

of her husband, the late Professor James Blyth, in physical science, 601. Miss Emily Katherine Head and Miss Julia Maria Head. - In recognition of

the services of their father, the late Lieutenant-Colonel Head, as a

pioneer of the steamship route to India by way of the Red Sea, 501. each. Miss Sarah Eliza Thring, Miss Margaret Susan Thring, Miss Marie Grace

Thring.--Jointly and to the survivors or survivor of them in recognition of the services of their father, the late Rev. Edward Thring, of Upping

ham, to the art and science of education, 1001. Mr. Paul Fountain (a naturalist and traveller).-In consideration of his

contributions to literature and of his straitened circumstances, 501. - At the Holland picture sale at Christie's, a view of Heidelberg by J. W. M. Turner realised 4,200 guineas; and “Marlow Ferry," by Frederick Walker, 2,700 guineas. The sale (concluded on June 29) realised 138,1181., the largest amount ever realised at a picture sale in Great Britain except the Gillott sale in 1872.

27. It was announced that the Marquess of Northampton had been made a Knight of the Garter in the place of the Earl of Derby, deceased.

- At St. Andrews University Professor A. E. Taylor, of McGill University, Montreal, was appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy vice Bosanquet, resigned.

– An amateur long distance swimming contest in the Thames, from Richmond Lock to a point near Blackfriars Bridge, was won by J. A. Jarvis, whose time over the 143 miles was 3 hrs. 36 min. 24 sec. Seventeen competitors, including two ladies, completed the distance.

30. Suffragist disturbances in Parliament Square. (See English History, Chapter IV.)

- The first volume of the Report of the Police Commission appointed in May, 1906, was issued. It declared the general arrangements for the maintenance of order and the apprehension of offenders to be excellent, and the Metropolitan Police to be entitled to the confidence of all classes. In the special case of Madame d'Angely, which had been one of the causes of the Commission, the action of the police was fully vindicated.

30. Mr. Montague Holbein swam fifty miles in the Thames (up and down with the tide between Blackwall and Gravesend) in 13 hrs. 47 min.

JULY. 1. The fiftieth anniversary of the joint announcement by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace of their separate discovery of the variation of species under natural selection was celebrated by the presentation of Darwin-Wallace commemorative medals to Mr. Wallace, Sir Joseph Hooker, and other eminent men of science at a special meeting of the Linnean Society.

2. At Oxford, the Rev. G. A. Cooke, Magdalen, was elected to the Oriel Professorship of Exegesis vice the Rev. Canon T. K. Cheyne, resigned.

3. At Henley Regatta, the Stewards and Visitors' Challenge Cups were won by Magdalen College, Oxford ; the Grand Challenge Cup by Christ Church, Oxford; the Ladies' Challenge Plate by Jesus College, Cambridge; the Diamond Sculls by Mr. A. McCulloch (Leander Club) against Mr. A. A. Stuart (Kingston Rowing Club).

- At Lords' Cricket Ground, the Players beat the Gentlemen with seven wickets to fall.

4. The Queen, accompanied by the King, opened the new buildings in Buckingham Street, Strand, of the Nurses' Royal National Pension Fund.

– The fifth Pan-Anglican Episcopal Conference opened with services at Canterbury Cathedral. About 250 English, Colonial and American Archbishops and Bishops were present. The proceedings of the Conference began on Monday, July 6, at Lambeth Palace.

6. At Cheltenham, the Gloucestershire historical pageant was opened by Earl Roberts.

7. The new University buildings at Leeds were formally opened by the King and Queen.

- The new Town Hall at Stockport was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

8. At Lords’ Cricket Ground, the Oxford and Cambridge match, after some interruption by rain, was won by Oxford by two wickets.

- The report of the committee appointed by the Treasury to consider the question of a national guarantee for shipping risks in war time (chairman, Mr. Austen Chamberlain, M.P.), stated that the evidence was very conflicting, but that they were of opinion that such a guarantee was unnecessary.

9. The King and Queen visited Bristol and opened a new dock at Avonmouth.

– Lord Morley of Blackburn was installed as Chancellor of the University of Manchester and delivered an address laying stress on the claims of the classical and literary elements in education. Honorary Degrees were conferred on Lord Curzon of Kedleston, Lord Courtney of Penwith, Mr. Balfour, Mr. Haldane and others.

10. At the Denver (Colorado) National Democratic Convention, Mr. W. J. Bryan was nominated at the first ballot as Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States and Mr. John W. Kern of Indiana for the Vice-Presidency.

11. At Lords' Cricket Ground, Harrow beat Eton with ten wickets to fall.–At the Oval, the Gentlemen beat the Players by six wickets.

13. The King formally opened the Olympic Games of London in the Stadium adjoining the Franco-British Exhibition, Shepherd's Bush, West London. The following are some of the principal results :




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M. W. Sheppard, U.S.A. 4 min. 3 sec.
G. E. Larner, U.K. 14 min. 55 sec.
| C. B. Kingsbury, U.K. 34 min. 13), sec.
U.K. Team.
V. L. Johnson, U.K. 511 sec.
J. J. Flanagan, U.S.A. 170 ft. 44 in.
R. Rose, U.S.A.

46 ft. 71 in.
H. Taylor, U.K.

5 min. 36 sec.

438 points.
G. E. Larner, U.K. 75 min. 57 sec.
A. Russell, U.K. | 10 min. 47 sec.
E. R. Voigt, U.K. 25 min. 11į sec.
B. Jones, U.K.

10 min. 361 sec.
R. C. Ewry, U.S.A. 10 ft. 77 in.

F. C. Rous, U.S.A. 24 ft. 64 in.
| W. F. Porter, U.S.A. 6 ft. 3 in.
. R. C. Ewry, U.S.A. 5 ft. 2 in.
ISA. C. Gilbert, U.S.AT
E. T. Cooke, U.S.A.

12 ft. 2 in.
. W. Halswell, U.K. (Foul, followed by

walk over). |J. J. Hayes, U.S.A. 2 hrs. 55 min. 18 sec.

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Marathon race, 26 miles

Contests also took place in diving, archery, fencing, wrestling, polo, tennis, etc., and later in the year in hockey and football. Of the total wins at the Stadium and elsewhere, except at Henley, the United Kingdom stood first with 38 and the United States second with 22. In the Marathon race Durando Pietri (popularly known as Dorando), an Italian, arrived first in 2 hours 54 minutes 46 seconds, but fell within the Stadium from exhaustion, and was disqualified for receiving assistance. A special gold cup was presented to him by the Queen. The course was from Windsor to the goal at the Stadium, via Slough, Uxbridge and Harrow.

– The National Rifle Association began its annual meeting at Bisley. Appended is the usual list of results of some among the more important competitions :





Total scores.








Humphry Challenge Cup

800, 900, 1,000 (M.R.) Halford' Memorial Chal

900, 1,000 lenge Cup (M.R.) Astor County Champion.

200, 500 ship Challenge Cup (Š.R.) / Wimbledon Cup (M.R.) . 1,100 Ashburton Challenge Shield (S.R.)

200, 500 Spencer Cup (S.R.) . . 500 Elcho Challenge Shield 800, 900, 1,000

(M.R.) Kolapore Imperial Chal- í

200, 500, 600 lenge Cup (S.R.) United Service Challenge Cup (S.R.)

300, 500, 600 Chancellor's Challenge

200, 500, 600
Plate (S.R.)
China Challenge Cup (S.R.) | 600
Houses of Parliament

Match Vizianagram | 500, 600
Challenge Cup] (8.R.)

Cambridge . . 818
Mr. F. W. Jones,
* N.R.A.
Capt. R. Ff. Davies.

Stock Exchange Rifle
Club - .

387 s Capt. J. H. D. Savile, 1 late R.B. • .

75 Harrow . . 498 Bradfield

483 Berkhamsted . Private J. P. C. Done,

Glenalmond Void. Mother Country · .. Volunteers . . . | Cambridge . . í Oxford City of London . Commons · .. 399 (England . . . 1,367

Scotland . . . 1,340 B{Ireland

. 1.307 Canada

- 1,258 (Malay States Guides · 1,154 Scotland . . . 1,944



840 500


[blocks in formation]

1 The English team obtained 1,689 marks, but were eventually disqualified owing to the inadvertent use by one of them of a rifle which did not comply with the regulations. Subsequently Scotland (1,673 marks) was disqualified for a like reason, and the contest was declared void at the request of the Irish team (1,600).



Highest possible score.


[blocks in formation]

Waldegrave (M.R.)·

800, 900 Albert (M.R.). . . 800, 900, 1,000 Wimbledon Cup (S.R.)

600 Prince of Wales (S.R.) - 300, 600 Alexandra (S.R.) . L 200, 600 Duke of Cambridge (S.R.) | 900 King's (S.R.), 1st stage, 200, 500, 600

Bronze Medal
Do., 2nd stage, Silver

600 Do., 3rd stage, Gold |

800, 900, 1,000 Medal St. George's Challenge

Vase (Š.R.), Dragon 500, 600, 900

Cup and Gold Cross Do., Silver Cross .. 500, 600, 900 Grand Aggregate (S.R.) Volunteer Aggregate (S.R.)

Mr. C. J. Woodrow, Salis

bury R.C. . . . . 100 Mr. M. Blood, Irish R.A. - 173 Capt. P. Godsal, 4th Ox

ford L.I. . Ar.-Sgt. J. H. Scott, late

Border Rifles - - Pte. J. McCall, 5th A. & S.

Highrs. · · · · 69 W. O. F. P. Hart, R.N. - 48 (2nd Lieut. H. Le M. Brock, 1 Royal Guernsey Militia Gr. D. R. Paterson 3rd Low

land R.F.A. . . . 195 | Pte. G. Gray, 5th Scot. 1 Rifles · . - 325

Sgt. W. M. Foster, 6th i Hants - - - - 138 Cpl. Henderson, 6th Gor

don Highrs. - - - 138 Sgt. F. Ħ. Morris, Canada 330 Sgt. S. H. Grist, 5th Glou

cester · · · · 170





350 175

14. It was announced that Sir J. B. Dougherty was appointed Under-Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, vice Lord Macdonnell of Swinford (Sir Antony Macdonnell) retired.

- While H.M. submarine A8 was proceeding from Portland to Dover, six men out of eleven aboard were rendered unconscious by an escape of gasoline. Lieutenants Warren and Graves courageously forced their way through the fumes, and the latter checked them.

16. In an interim report the Royal Commission on Whisky advised that no restriction should be placed on the apparatus or processes used in distilling any spirit hitherto described as whisky, and that the name should not be denied to spirit manufactured from malt, or malt and grain.

- At the bye-election for Pembrokeshire, Mr. Wynford Phillips (L.) having been raised to the Peerage, Mr. W. F. Roch (L.) was returned by 5,465 votes, Mr. Lort Williams (U.) receiving 3,293.

16-30. Tercentenary festivities commemorating the foundation of Quebec. (See Foreign and Colonial History, Chapter VIII.)

19-24. A party of about eighty French senators and deputies arrived in London for the opening of the economic section of the Franco-British Exhibition.

20. Definitive announcement of the liquefaction of helium by Professor Onnes of Leiden.

– The Pevensey Historical Pageant was opened.

22. At Bombay, Mr. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Indian National leader, was convicted of sedition and sentenced to six years' transportation and a fine of 661. (See Foreign and Colonial History, Chapter V.)

23. The Dean of Arches, Sir Lewis Dibdin, gave judgment in a suit promoted by Mr. A. N. Banister and his wife against the Rev. H. Thompson, Vicar of Eaton, Norfolk, who had refused to admit them to the Communion, Mr. Banister having married his deceased wife's sister in Canada shortly before the passing of the Act of 1907. The defendant was admonished and required not to repeat his act.

- At the Cork Assizes, in an action for slander brought by Mr. A. B. Roche against Sir Timothy O'Brien (formerly a well-known cricketer), the jury was discharged owing to a complaint by one of them that the defendant had endeavoured to influence his decision, and the defend. ant was summoned for contempt of court. On November 6, after apologising, he was fined £300 and costs.

24. The Constitution granted to the Turkish Empire in December, 1876, and “suspended” in 1877, was again granted by the Sultan Abdul Hamid. (See Foreign History, Chapter III.)

– At Quebec the Plains of Abraham were dedicated by the Prince of Wales as a national memorial. At the same time a service in memory of General Wolfe, the victor on the battlefield, was held in the Church of St. Alphege, Greenwich, in which he was buried.

- The Rev. William Moore Ede, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge, appointed Dean of Worcester vice the Very Rev. R. W. Forrest, deceased,

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