History of the Zulu War

Richardson, 1880 - 249 páginas
The salient features and the principal events of the Zulu war are referred to in this volume. Long and uninteresting details respecting minor operations are omitted, and an attempt is made to furnish a readable book, which gives a fair view of the causes, origin, and progress of the war. It must be borne in mind that South African Kafir wars constitute one tragedy in various acts. The Zulu campaigns are merely last links of a chain. The war with Cetywayo is identical in principle with those waged with Gaika, T'Slambie, Dingaan, Kreli, and Sandilli. The tide of savagery has been periodically rolled back, and it was either necessary that this should be done, or that white men should abandon Southern Africa. The fatuous policy of Lord Glenelg caused the wars of 1846 and 1852, and there is in essence no difference between it and the policy advocated by the opponents of Sir Bartle Frere.

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Página 230 - There methinks would be enjoyment more than in this march of mind, In the steamship, in the railway, in the thoughts that shake mankind.
Página 200 - The Queen has been graciously pleased to signify her intention to confer the decoration of the Victoria Cross...
Página 235 - Urged to revenge and desperation by the systematic injustice of which they had been the victims, I am compelled to embrace, however reluctantly, the conclusion that they had a perfect right to hazard the experiment, however hopeless, of extorting by force that redress which they could not expect otherwise to obtain.
Página 235 - In the conduct which was pursued towards the Kafir nation by the colonists and the public authorities of the colony, through a long series of years...
Página 124 - For having, on the 19th October, 1858, during action at Sindwaho, when in command of a troop of the 3rd Light Cavalry, attacked with much gallantry, almost single-handed, a body of rebels who had made a stand, whom he routed. Also, for having subsequently, near...
Página 187 - ... consent, pending negotiations, to halt on the further bank of the river, and will not burn any kraals until the 3rd of July, provided no opposition is made to my advance to the position on the Umvolosi, by which day, the 3rd of July, at noon, the conditions must be complied with. If my force is fired on, I shall consider negotiations are at an end, and to avoid any chance of this, it is best that Mundula come to my camp at daybreak or to-night, and that the Zulus, should withdraw from the neighbourhood...
Página 4 - Matabele lions raised the shout of death, and flew upon their victims. It was the shout of victory. Their hissing and hollow groans told their progress among the dead. A few moments laid hundreds on the ground. The clash of shields was the signal of triumph. Our people fled with their cattle to the top of yonder mount. The...
Página 195 - Qikarzi kraal, and that twelve regiments took part in it. If so, 20,000 men attacked us. " It is impossible to estimate with any correctness the loss of the enemy, owing to the extent of country over which they attacked and retreated, but it could not have been less, I consider, than 1000 killed.
Página 101 - I came before them and pushed them off the road. They fairly ran like bucks, but I was after them like the whirlwind, and shooting incessantly into the thick column, which could not have been less than -5,000 strong. They became exhausted, and shooting them down would have taken too much time ; so we took the assegais from the dead men, and rushed among the living ones, stabbing them right and left with fearful revenge for the murders of the 28th ult No quarter was given.
Página 195 - Cetchwayo, not having complied with my demands by noon yesterday, July 3, and having fired heavily on the troops at the water, I returned the 114 cattle he had sent in and ordered a reconnaissance to be made by the mounted force under Colonel Duller.

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