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SEC. 10.

All such companies, regiments, and batteries, How, armed when organized, shall be armed and drilled, as near as and drilled.

practicable, in accordance with the system of the United States army for like organizations; and, while in actual service, shall be governed by the principles of the military laws of Montana, and rules and articles of war of the United States.

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Public parade SEC. II. Every such company, regiment, or battery and exercise. shall, immediately upon its organization, fix certain days,

not less than three in number, upon which, in each and every year, and at such hours as may be specified, it shall meet for public parade and military exercise, and for drill at such other times as may be provided by the rules and by-laws of such organization.


SEC. 12. Such companies and batteries shall be entitled to use the public arms and ammunition of Montana,

to be drawn upon the requisition of the commanding offigiven Bendor tarme cer upon the adjutaut general of Montana : Provided,

however, that there shall be no arms issued except a bond in twice the full value of such arms be deposited with the adjutant general of Montana, which said bond shall be conditioned upon the return of such arms when demanded by the governor or adjutant general of Montana, and secured by at least two good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the governor.


SEC. 13. That each and every member of such organ

izations shall receive one dollar and fifty cents per day, Compensation. one dollar and fifty cents per night, or three dollars for

each day and night together, and the usual United States army rations, when serving under the order of the governor to suppress riots, or to enforce the civil law, to be paid out of the county treasury, on the order of the county commissioners, if such service is requested by the county officers; and when called into active service by the governor, in case of invasion, riot, or insurrection, they shall receive a like compensation, to be paid out of the treasury of Montana, on the order of the governor. .

SEC. 14. That whenever any portion of the National Compensation for use of neces. Guard organized under this act shall be called out to aid sary animals. the civil authorities, as provided in section 9 of this act,

they shall be allowed a fair and reasonable compensation


for the use and keep of any animals necessarily used by them during such time, to be paid as prescribed in said section 13.

SEC. 15. Any person found guilty of selling, disposing „Penalty for of, secreting, detaining, or refusing to give up any of the tion of public arms, accoutrements, ordnance stores, camp or garrison property. equipage, or munitions of war belonging to Montana, or who shall in any way injure any of the same, or any arsenal or armory belonging to or rented by Montana, or rented by any company, regiment, or battery organized under this act, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or shall be imprisoned in the county jail for the term of not more than three months, or both, at the discretion of the court.

SEC. 16. The uniform of such organizations may be such as each company may select; but the uniform of the staff shall be that of the United States army officers Uniform. of like grade, with the exception that the buttons worn shall bear the coat of arms of Montana.

Governor to

certain exman- penses.


SEC. 17. That the governor shall draw his warrant upon

the territorial treasurer for such sums as are necessary for the care and transportation of the territorial draw warrant arms, ammunition, and ordnance stores, for the printing treasury, for of such blanks

be necessary

for the

proper agement of the National Guard, and for the necessary traveling expenses of the officers of the general staff when detailed for special service, which sums shall not exceed five hundred dollars per annum; all such accounts to be sworn to by adjutant general of Montana as correct and necessary.

Fines and

SEC. 18. That the fines and dues imposed by the organizations hereinbefore mentioned may be collected by dues, how colprocess of law, as other debts are collected.


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SEC. 19. No member of the National Guard shall be dishonorably discharged, unless he has been tried by a discharged.

Members, how court martial constituted as prescribed by the constitution and by-laws of the company of which he is a member, or by the United States army regulations, and the sentence has been approved by the commander-in-chief.


SEC. 20.

All resignations must be approved by the Resignations. adjutant general, after having been accepted by the

organization of which the resigning officer or soldier is a member.

suitable form,

SEC. 21. Any commissioned officer or member of the

National Guard of Montana, refusing or neglecting to not providing provide himself with a suitable uniform, shall forfeit, if

unl- an officer, his commission; if a non-commissioned officer

or private, the sum of ten dollars, to be collected by the
adjutant general, and paid into the company treasury of


persons are members. SEC. 22. The commander-in-chief shall once in each Inspection of year cause an inspection to be made by the inspecting companies.

officer of his staff of each infantry company, and if duly organized and found on examination of the rolls and report by the inspecting officer to be fully up to the standard of numbers, drill and discipline, shall receive, directly from the public treasury, upon a warrant drawn

by the commander-in-chief to the order of the company be received by commander, the sum of three hundred dollars per

annum; and each artillery and cavalry company, upon
like condition, the sum of four hundred dollars per annum;
and the
company commander shall


the same to the company treasurer, taking his receipt therefor in duplicate, and a copy of which shall be returned to the adjutant general within twenty days after the receipt by him of said warrant.

Amount to

for expenses.

SEO. 23. All acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.

Approved March 10, 1885.


AN ACT relating to notaries public.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

of Montana :

Sec. I. That sections 909 and 916 of the fifth division of the revised statutes of Montana be amended to read as follows:

Governor to

for the county

Term of office.



Sec. 909. The governor shall appoint one or more persons in each county in the territory notaries public for sppoint. such county, whose official acts shall be confined to the Appointed county in which he is appointed, and whose term of office only. shall continue for the period of three years from the date of appointment, unless such appointment is sooner revoked by the governor.

SEC. 916. If a notarý "public removes his residence Remova from the county for which he was appointed such removal shall be taken as a resignation. SEC. 2.

Any notary public appointed under the laws May file his of this territory may file his commission in the office of with derk of the clerk of the district court in the courty-for which he was appointed, or in the county in which he resides, if appointed before the passage of this act, and thereafter the court may au

thenticate. clerk of the court may certify to the official character of such notary public.

ccomm i ssion

the court.

Clerk of the

SEC. 3. The clerk of the district court shall receive

Fee of clerk for filing the commission of any notary public the sum of of court for filfifty cents, and for each certificate of official character, with seal attached, issued, the further sum of fifty cents.



commission, &c.

SEC. 4. Any notary public heretofore appointed under Notaries prethe laws of this territory, and whose commission has not pointed many expired at the date of the passage of this act, may continue to act in such official capacity throughout the entire territory, until the expiration of the time for which he was appointed, with all the power and authority conferred by law on such notary, and as fully as if this act had not been passed.

Approved March 12, 1885.


AN ACT to regulate the use of oleomargarine, butterine, suine, or any sub

stance or article which may or can be used as a substitute for butter or cheese, and to prevent any such substance or article bcing sold, disposed of, or used, except by its true name.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory

of Montana :

SEC. I. Any person or persons who shall offer, expose, or have for sale, or give or offer to give away, or in any

manner dispose of, oleomargarine, butterine, suine, or any Sale regulated article, substance, or preparation, intended to be used, or

which can be used, sold, given away, or disposed of, as a substitute for butter or cheese, or for any of the purposes for which butter and cheese are used, by whatever name the same may be designated, shall, in addition to the requirements now made by law as to notice, etc., post at least four notices, printed in plain Roman type, of at least

one inch in length, three of sard notices to be in the EngNotices to be lish and one in the German language, in four conspicuous posted.

places in each sales room, store, office, place or places, where said substanoe, article, or preparation is so kept or offered for sale or disposed of, said notices to contain the true name of such article, substance, or preparation, over the. words "for sale here," and no other words whatsoever.

SEC. 2. Any person or persons keeping, conducting,

funning, or being the proprietor or proprietors of any Hotels, etc., hotel, inn, restaurant, boarding house, lunch room, place

, using to post or places where reals are sold, [who] shall use, cause or

allow to be used, or furnished in such hotel, inn, restaurant, boarding house, lunch room, place or places where meals are sold, any oleomargarine, butterine, suine, or any article or substance as a substitute for, or in the place of butter or cheese, shall post four notices, three in the English and one in the German language, printed in plain Roman type, of at least one inch in length, in five [four] conspicuous places in the room or rooms where said meals are furnished or sold, said notices to contain the true or common name of any such article or substance, over the words "used here instead of butter," and no other words whatsoever.

Butter and cheese adulteration defined.

SEC. 3. The addition to butter or cheese, by any process whatsoever, of the oil, fat, or lard of animals, not produced from milk or cream, or of any vegetable oil or substance, is hereby declared an adulteration.

infraction this act.

SEC. 4. Any person or persons violating any of the Penalty for

of provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misde

meanor, and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty dollars, and not more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than ten days, nor more than thirty days, or

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